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January 2017
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News and changes for January 4-31, 2017
announced January 4, 2017
No changes for January interest rates despite the Fed's slight rate hike and a lack of Subaru inventory after December's booming sales
new Subaru is promoting l
eases on the Forester 2.5 Limited, Impreza Sport 4 door and 5 door, and all Legacy models
2016 leases ended

Dealers are motivated to move...
Leases... Forester 2.5 Limited, Impreza Sport 4 door and 5 door, and all Legacy models
Any Legacy. Though the supply has dropped as planned, there's still 0%x60 months and dealer incentives (NW area) for low priced leases

Supply is tight on 2017 Crosstreks, Foresters with Eyesight, and Forester and Outback Touring

Finance rates, NW area, on approval of credit
2017 models
Outback 0%x24-36-48 months, .90%x60-63, 1.90%x72 months
Forester 0%x24-36-48 months, .90%x60-63, 1.90%x72 months
Crosstrek 1.90%x24-36-48 months, 2.90%x60-63-72 months
Impreza  1.90%x24-36-48 months, 2.49%x60-63-72 months
Legacy 0%x24-36-48-60-63 months, 1.90%x72 months
WRX, STI  2.90% x 24-36-48-60-63 months
BRZ  1.90%x 24-36-48 mos, 2.49%x60-63-72 months

2016 models (if any are still available)
Forester 0% x 24-36-48,mos .90% x60-63 mos, 1.90%x72 mos
Outback 0% x 24-36-48, mos, .90% x60-63 mos, 1.90%x72 mos
Legacy  0% x 24-36-48-60-63 mos, 1.90%x72 mos
WRX, STI  2.90% x 24-36-48-60-63 months
Crosstrek 1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% x 60-63 mos, 2.49%x72mos
Impreza  1.49% 24-36-48mos, 1.90% x 60-63-72mos
BRZ  1.49% 24-36-48mos, 1.90%x60-63-72 mos 

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1/4/17  132 cars. That's the number of cars Subaru beat their 2016 goal of 615,000 for the year by.
2016 total 615,132. 9th year of year-over-year increase
2015 total 582,675
2016 was a huge year for Subaru. Their best year ever. 615,132 is an increase of 32,457 cars (6%) over 2015's total 582,675
How do they do it?
Crossovers are very popular and that's what Subaru is known for- Outback, Forester, Crosstrek, and 5 door Imprezas.
And emotion based marketing (dogs, children growing up, fond memories etc), aggressive finance rates (0%) and lease programs, and dealer's discounting prices...

December sales total 63,177, a new one month record, and the 6th month in a row over 50,000
Outback 20,695 cars, a new single month record for any model. Up 4628 cars (29%) over 16,067 Dec 2015
Forester 18,015 cars, Up 1218 cars (7%) over 16,797 dec 2015
Crosstrek 10,299 cars, A Crosstrek monthly sales record. Up 2139 cars (26%) over 8090 Dec 2015
Legacy  5960, up 201 cars (3%) over 5759 Dec 2015
Impreza 5126 cars, down 933 cars (-15%) from 6059 Dec 2-15
WRX, STI 2938 cars, down 151 cars (-5%) under 3080 Dec 2015
BRZ 214 cars, down 199 cars (-48%) under 413 Dec 2015

2016 sales totals
Outback  182,898 cars, up 30,604 cars (+20%) over 152,294 cars 2015
Forester 178,593 cars. Up 3401 cars (2%) over 175,192 cars 2015
Crosstrek 95,677 cars. Up 6750 (+8%) over 88927 2015
Legacy 65,30, up 4859 cars (8%) over 60447 2015
Impreza 55,238, down 11,547 (-17%) under 66785 2016
WRX, STI 33279, down 455 cars (-1%) under 33734 2015
BRZ 4141, down 1155 cars (-22%) under 5296 2015

The top seller for the year is the Outback with 182,898 cars, which is 4305 more than the Forester (178,593). The Forester might have sold more but with so many models, Option Packages, and colors (117 choices), inventory is a problem.
Coming in behind the Outback and Forester is the Crosstrek. Look for increased sales when the upgraded 2018 model is available late this Summer or early Fall.
The redesigned 2017 Impreza is now available with Android Auto and Apple Carplay audio systems (look for that on many, but not all, 2018 models).

The Share the Love Event ends on January 3, 2017

12/23/16  on 12/21 Subaru broke the 600,000 mark and passed 2015's total sales total with another 11 days to go in the calendar year

"Subaru announced that is has set its eighth consecutive sales record ahead of the year-end close on January 3 by selling 582,675 vehicles as of December 21.
The automaker has been on a long streak of sales success with consecutive sales increases dating back to 2009."
With the all new 2017 upgraded Impreza creating buzz, 0% financing on it's most popular models (Outback and Forester), and extremely aggressive under-invoice prices, Subaru is riding 2016 to yet another record.

12/8/16 2017 full color Impreza brochures arriving at dealers. 25pgs

12/2/16 November sales

51308 for the month
an increase of 5,238 cars (11%) more than November 2015
60th month of monthly sales increases over the same month the previous year. That's 5 years of improved monthly sales!
33rd month of sales over 40,000 cars and 5th consecutive month with sales over 50,000
YTD 551,955, an increase of 25,554 cars (5%) over 526,401 YTD 2015
That means Subaru wants to sell 63,045 car December to reach their goal of 615,000 cars for the year!
November 2016 sales
Outback is the top seller for the month and for the year with 162,203 YTD
The Forester is #2 for the month and for the year with 160,578 YTD
Crosstreks continues to gain fans as a good urban sized car though its rounded rear and tight cargo space make it too small for families, big dog owners, and active users
The 2016 Impreza is pretty much sold out, with the all new, US assembled (Lafayette) 2017s due this month and expected to sell around 6000-8000 per month once production is up to speed.
The BRZ limps along with almost no availability. The Performance Package (available March 2017) will help sustain the model for another 6 months.
Outback  17,769, +4690 cars (+36%) over 13,079  Nov. 2015. YTD 162,203, up 25976 cars (+19%) over YTD 2015 137,227
Forester 14,596, + 941 cars (+7%) over 13,655 Nov 2015. YTD 160.578, up 2183 cars (+1%) over YTD 2015 158,395
Crosstrek 8,271, +1485 cars (+22%) over 6786 Nov 2015. YTD 85,448, up 4611 cars (+6%) over YTD 2015 80837 
Impreza 2,032, -2892 (-59%) under 4924 Nov 2015. YTD 50112, down 10,614 cars (-17) under YTD 2015 60726
Legacy 5,814, +1045 cars (+22%) over 4769 Nov 2015. YTD 59,346, up 4658 cars (+9%) over YTD 2015 52688
BRZ 235, -141 cars (-38%) under 376 Nov 2015. YTD 3927, down 956 cars (-20%) under YTD 2015 4883

12/1/16 December special interest rates are the same as November, no change, through 1/3/16

11/28/16 1998 Impreza 2.5RS photo page

photos of a exceptionally clean and original Rally Blue Pearl 1998 Impreza 2.5RS 2 door with only 21,800 miles
1998 Impreza 2.5RS  photo page

11/23/16 Crosstrek Premium with Option Pkg #15 Special Edition production has ended.
Subaru confirms that the production of the pure red or crystal black Premium Pkg #15 Special Edition has ended and no more will be produced. They are available at dealers.
Reportedly it was only 2000 cars total of the red and black colors. Last year it was 1500, all pure red. This is only the Premium Pkg #15 Special Edition, all other Crosstreks continue.

11/21/16 2017 Impreza rates announced

1.90%x24-36-48 months, 2.49%x60-63-72 months
cars still expected December

11/14/16 2017 Impreza manual transmissions can now be ordered for February delivery
The manual models are the Impreza 2.0i base 4 door and 5 door and the all new Impreza Sport 4 door and 5 door that comes with factory short throw shifter, sport tuned suspension, 18" alloys, led fog lights etc.
This is a new Sport 5 door model and not to be confused with the 2016 and previous Sports, and does not come with roof rails. And is the first 4 door Sport model.

11/10- 11/13 2016 Seattle Auto Coupon, and test drive a 2017 Impreza

Buying a new Subaru in the next 90 days? Go to the Seattle Auto Show on yesterday through this Sunday 11/13 and enter your name and info at the kiosk in the Subaru display and Subaru will send you a discount coupon. I understand its for $500- but no promises on the amount. And for some reason its not valid on the 2017 Impreza but is valid on all other models. The expiration on the coupon is 90 days (3 months)  so its definitely worth doing to save $500. When you enter your info, check the 'do not contact' box or you'll get emails.
And there is a 2017 Impreza available to test drive at the auto show, so if you're considering getting one here's an opportunity to drive one a month before they arrive at dealers.
The person who sent me the top of their coupon (the lower coupon part is not shown here) is interested in a Crosstrek, but it would be for the model you selected except the 17 Impreza. Be sure to print and bring entire coupon to the dealer when you get your car.

11/7 Seattle Auto Show is November 10-13 at Century Link Field

11/5 The latest issue of Consumer Reports (December issue) has the annual auto manufacturer reliability study and Subaru drops from 5th down to 11th place just under Honda (#10). 
At the top is Lexus and Toyota, then surprisingly Buick is #3, followed by Audi, Kia, and Mazda...
Note that CR is using a new scoring system with graphics and colors which are a bit harder to decipher and see compared to the old ones.
The December issue also reviews a whole lot of Christmas gift ideas, and kitchen, house, tech tools and electronic gadgets.
Its always good information for shoppers and researchers and you can buy the magazine at your local bookstore, or subscribe online at

11/3/16 November finance rates remain the same as October with 0% continuing on 2017 Outback, Forester and Legacy.
The 2017 Crosstreks expected this month (November)
October sales total 53,760, a 4% increase over 51,629 October 2015
Subaru's top #3 is the Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek, and yes they're all wagon models.
Outback is the big seller this month with an increase of 22% over 2015 to 18,008.
Forester is #2 and has been in tight supply since their huge August sales of 19,658.
Crosstreks continue to pretty much sell out...
Subaru is counting on the 2017 Impreza to do well next year. The 5 door will be popular but they're hoping the sedan gains ground. Subaru has never had a high volume sedan. For now, the supply of 2016 Imprezas is very low.
YTD total is 500,647, which leaves the goal of 615,000 within reach.
October sales by model
Outback 18,008, an increase of 3279 cars (+22%) over 14729 10/15. YTD 144,434 (2015 YTD 123,148)
Forester 15330, an increase of 158 cars (1%) over 15172 10/15. YTD 145,982  (2015 YTD 144,470)
Crosstrek 8367, an increase of 1054 cars (14%) over 7313 1/15. YTD 77,177 (2015 YTD 74,051)
Legacy 6137, an increase of 448 cars (8%) over 5688 10/15. YTD 53,532  (2015 YTD 49,919)
Impreza 3010, a decline of 2300 cars (-44%) from 5340 10/15. YTD 48,080  (2015 YTD 55,802)
WRX, STI 2579, a decline of 434 cars (-14%) from 3013 10/15. YTD 27,750 (2015 YTD 28,164)
BRZ  330, a decline of 44 cars (-12%) from 374 10/15. YTD 3,692 (2015 YTD 28,164)

10/18 2017 Impreza specs and details available

Factory orders will be accepted starting Monday 10/24/16 for delivery in December 2016.
Manual transmission orders will start in December with deliveries in February 2017,  and manuals are even available with optional moonroof, upgraded Harman/Kardon audio, and Blind Spot Detection packages!
There are many changes and new features including standard Android Auto and Apple Carplay on all models, a completely redone Sport hatchback and sedan model with manual transmission short throw shifter, 18" wheels, and upgraded suspension available in February. 
Other new features include power drivers seat on Limiteds, a power window off-delay function so the power windows work briefly after the engine is turned off, new 8" audio system with new Starlink smartphone app that has a navigation function, Yelp and more.
Full details and mechanical specs aren't available yet but here's the page with early information

2017 Impreza page
(and if you're in the Seattle area and want to order one, please call....)

10/8/16 2017 Crosstrek brochures now arriving at dealers. 25 pages
Note: the brochure doesn't include specs or photos of the Premium Option Package #15 Special Edition available in Pure Red or Crystal black with metal gas and brake pedal covers, rear spoiler, gloss black front grill, gray and silver 5 spoke alloy wheels, black rear badging, Moonroof, Pushbutton Start, Blind Spot Detection/Cross traffic alert, Front footwell and front console storage bin Red LED lighting, Turn signal outside mirrors, 6.2" audio system with 6 speakers, bluetooth, Sirius/XM etc (its the standard Premium audio system).

10/4/16 September sales total 54,918, an increase of 1848 cars on Sept 2015

YTD total 446,887. The sprint is on to go to reach the stated 615,000 goal. The final 3 months of the year are typically very strong for Subaru (fall and winter weather), and 615,000 cars for the year is within reach. Subaru would be pleased with the bragging rights that comes when they break 600,000 barrier, and that should be easy. But the hoped for goal is 615,000 and expect to see a lot of 'please love us' advertising, internet, and email activity, and of course for the incentivized low finance rates (0%) to continue. Online researchers have even been getting website popup offers for a free Starbucks mug if they go for a test drive (not sure how that translates to sales though).
Subaru volume has always been utility based-  Outback, Forester,  Crosstrek and the Outback Sport before the Crosstrek
The Outback and Forester are consistently the top 2 sellers and have been forever.
In August, the upgraded 2017 Forester exploded all previous single model monthly totals with a stunning 19,658. With depleted inventory,  Forester sales in September fell to 15883, and is #2 for the month behind the Outback 16978
Year to Date 2016
#1 Forester 130,652
#2 Outback 126,426
#3 Crosstrek 68,810
Subaru is hoping the new Impreza due in December will lift that model's volume, especially the sedan which has always been a slow mover.
The 2017 BRZ is a big improvement over the 2016- the LED lights and the new rear spoiler are good looking and standard on all models, the new steering wheel audio and bluetooth controls are long overdue, the Limited's digital gauge is fun and has good info (ok, so maybe gimmicky but I like it) and the big draw will be the Performance Package which can now be ordered on the Limiteds. Yes its still a rear wheel drive Subaru.
sales by model
Forester 15883, up 519 cars (+35) over 15364 9/15
Outback 16978, up 1852 cars (=12%) over 15126 9/15
Crosstrek 8261, up 847 cars (+11%) over 7414 9/15
Legacy 6027, down 250 cars (-4%) from 6277 9/15
Impreza 4786, down 769 cars (-14%) from 5555 9/15
WRX, STI 2682, down 350 cars (-12%) from 3033 9/15
BRZ 300, down 1 car from 301 9/15

9/30 Subaru updates the wiper motor casing recall inspection first announced in 2011, now including some 2010 through 2014 Outback and Legacy. #WTK71

9/22/17 2017 Crosstrek specs, features and prices announced.
Orders available today 9/22/17
Deliveries expected starting late October.
No changes for the 2017 models except a few minor features added to the Premium Package #15 Special Edition
Hybrid models have been dropped (they were dropped mid 2016 model)
Premium Special Edition (SE) is now fully available. Price increase for the package is $100.  Its now available in Black as well as Pure Red. The 2017 SE gets a rear spoiler, metal pedals, black rear Crosstrek badge, redesigned gray/silver alloys, gloss black grill. The 2016 version was limited to only 1500 models.
MSRP prices increased $100 on all models.
Destination increased $25 from $850 to $875 (to ak $1025)
The total price increase is $125.

2017 Crosstrek specs
9/20/16  2017 BRZ- the optional Performance Package is now available to order.

If you want a BRZ, the Performance Package is worth getting and MSRP is only $1195.
Its available on the Limited with manual transmission only, model code HZE pkg#02. Its not available on the Premium or Limited automatic.
The ETA (estimated time of arrival) given for cars ordered now will be January with delivery in late Dec 2016 or Jan 2017
The Performance Package includes Brembo brakes with red calipers, SACHS shocks, and wider 17x7.5" black alloys.
The Performance Package is standard on the 500 Limited Series.Yellow models expected March 2017

9/15/15 2017  The Outback  2.5 and 3.6 Touring in the brilliant brown color has been discontinued after a total of 2000 car have been made.
Apparently brilliant brown was always planned as a short run of only 2000 cars.
This was also true of the original brilliant brown 2013 Outback Special Appearance package which was also a limited production run.
There is a still a good selection of the brilliant brown 2017 Outback Tourings available nationally and some are still being shipped, but they wont be available for long....

9/13/15 Forester's optional wheel arch moldings have been dropped.
Due to unspecified production issues, wheel arch moldings are no longer available.
I'm not sure they were ever actually available or put on a 2017 Forester.  Its probably related to adhesion, to them staying on the car.
This also happened on the 2014 Foresters - wheel arch molding were presumably available but were dropped before they were ever put on cars.

9/7/16 2016 Impreza and Crosstrek orders shut off.

No advance warning and the actual cut-off was probably on 9/1

9/3 August 2016 soars to new heights with a record 60,418 cars sold in one month!

What a month August 2016 was...  an increase of 15% over the 52,697 sold August 2015,  a new top total monthly record,  the best month ever for both Forester and Outback models,  plus it breaks the 60,000 barrier.
60,418 cars is more than Subaru of America sold in any of its first 9 years, through 1976. It was 1977 when Subaru sold 80,826 in a year.
The previous best month was December 2015 with 56,274 sold.
August 2016 numbers were done with exceptional Forester, Outback and Crosstrek volume (again, a record month for Forester and Outback models), and a tight supply of  Impreza, WRX STI, and BRZ.
The new 2017 Forester with blind spot detection, reverse auto braking, and Eyesight v3 is basically selling as fast it rolls off the delivery trucks. With a model best record of 19,658 sold in August, the Forester should be the first model to break the 20,000 in a month.
Outback was the big gainer for the month due to increased supply, with 17,358 representing an whopping increase of 56% over 8/15 sales, and its best month ever.
The Crosstrek continues to move quickly, and with better supply expected as 2017 Impreza production moves to Lafayette, its numbers should increase.
Legacy sales are increasing with August sales of 5800, which is a very strong 35% increase over 8/15 sales, but this pales next to the Toyota Camry for example, with 32,864 sold in August, so there is a lot of room for growth.
Imprezas are in very short supply as the 2016 sell down continues. There are still some 2016s coming in (not many), and the 16s can no longer be ordered (ended August 31), and the anticipated, redesigned 2017s are ETA late November.
There are a few of the upgraded 2017 BRZs starting to arrive nationally, but the desirable Performance Package is due in December (winter) and yes, worth waiting for.
August sales by model
Forester 19,658, up 2093 cars (+12%) over 17,565 8/15
Outback 17,355, up 6245 cars (+56%) more than 11,113 8/15
Crosstrek 8,787, down 12 cars from 8,799 8/15
Legacy 5,800, up 1519 cars (+35%) over 4,281 8/15
Impreza  5,319, down 1755 (-25%) from 7,074 8/15
WRX, STI 3194, down 173 cars (-5%) from 3,367 8/15
BRZ 302, which is 196 fewer (-39%) than 498 sold 8/15

9/2 September finance rates-  0% continues on 2017s
Outback and Forester 0% to 48 mos continues, Legacy 0% extended to 60/63 months

Navigation map updates
2012 and newer models with navigation can get map updates
2016 and 2017 navigation models can get the 3 years of free updates when available

7/31/16 July sales totals 52,093, an increase of 1576 cars (3%) over July 2015
July 16 YTD is 331,551, an increase of 8616 cars (or 3%) over 322,925 YTD 2015, and puts Subaru on track to come very close to 600,000 for the year.
Looking at July numbers, the top volume Outback and Forester are doing well. The Outback is up substantially and the Forester is steady though down for the month. As more upgraded Foresters with the new Eyesight and Blind spot detection etc become available, its numbers should increase.
And to help that, Subaru has 0% financing on 17 Outback, Forester, and Legacy (check your local dealer for rates in your area). And Subaru is planning to make more Outbacks and Legacys that ever, so dealers should have a supply.
Subaru has been talking up the massively all new 17 Impreza due later this fall (with Carplay and Android Auto), and that's not helping current 16 model sales. But the supply of 16s is already a bit low and that's according to Subaru's plans.
As for the BRZ, the 17 model should motivate some people who aren't excited by the current version.
And the WRX and STI are low production cars- one month sales are up, the next down, but there is always strong interest.
July sales by model
Outback 14,704 cars, which is up 3841 (or +35%) more than 10863 July 2015
Forester 14,856 cars, which is down 955 (or -6%) below 15811 July 2015
Crosstrek 8,480 cars, which is down 95 (or -1%) below 8575 July 2015
Impreza 5,200 cars, which is down 1327 (or -20%) below 6527 July 2015
Legacy 5,212 cars which is up 712 (or + 16%) over 4500 July 2015
WRX, STI 3,288 cars, which is down 428  (or 12%) 3716 July 2015
BRZ 353 cars, which is down 172 (or - 33%) below 525 July 2015.

7/28 Subaru confirms in a news release that the 2016 Crosstrek Hybrid has been discontinued
Subaru stopped accepting new orders for the slow selling Hybrid on March 7, 2016. There was no advance warning. Boom- no more orders accepted.
There is still a good supply available nationally so if you're looking for a Crosstrek Hybrid, now is the time.
Rambling thoughts on the Crosstrek Hybrid...
The Crosstrek is one of Subaru's recent success stores, with June sales of 7658. While Subaru doesn't separate 2.0 and Hybrid models in the published monthly counts, the 2.0 models make up the vast majority of Crosstreks purchased.
The Hybrid was a successful car when you consider that it was Subaru's first US hybrid. It got a lot of attention, was new technology, an all wheel drive mini SUV with good ground clearance, and it fit Subaru's practical, and very green, demographics.
So what went wrong? One reason the car didn't sell was price. While it was very well equipped (perhaps too much so), the Hybrid cloth model MSRP of $27245 was $1300 more than the top of the line Crosstrek 2.0 Limited's $25945 msrp, and the Hybrid Touring's $30845 sticker price was a whopping $4900 increase over the Limited. The hybrids were better equipped, but still...
Yes the Hybrid was zippier with it's secondary battery powered 15hp motor but most Crosstrek buyers weren't expecting a performance car, and yes the Hybrids did ride quieter than the 2.0 versions but Crosstrek buyers weren't necessarily looking for quiet quiet.
What the hybrid shoppers looked at was the fuel economy rating and they didn't get past that. They came to see a HYBRID with high fuel economy, an all wheel drive, practical, utility oriented, decent riding Subaru for their family, dog, camping, skiing, gardening, and commute lifestyle.
They hoped for 40+mpg, all wheel drive, and a roof rack.
The real issue, or at least one of the issues, was that Hybrid fell victim to what I think of as the Tribeca Effect. The Tribeca was initially marketed as a 7 passenger, and while it did have 7 seats it was really a 5+2, and by that, I mean not a true 7 passenger.  Back in 06 when the Tribeca was introduced, people came to see Subaru's first 7 seater expecting something similar to a minivan or at least Explorer, Pilot, or 4Runner etc, and they left disappointed with the lack of functional 3rd row access and space. It just wasn't a good 7 passenger, and if the car had been billed as a 5+2 (ie seating for 5, and 2 more in a pinch-so to speak) people would have had much more positive, all important first impressions. They would have known what to expect when they came in.
And yes the first Tribeca 3.0L engine was underpowered and took premium gas, and the car was a bit expensive, and the 3 grill look was polarizing (though I liked it). Does anyone miss the BlueConnect bluetooth system? 
Think Subaru Baja mini truck with a tailgate width of 47" when a sheet of plywood is 48".
While Subaru has always made high quality, if somewhat 'different' cars, the Tribeca was just mis-marketed, and the Baja wouldn't sell as a truck with a 47" tailgate width.
In hindsight, so was the Hybrid. In an age of 40++ mpg Priuses loudly shouting hybrid hybrid hybrid HYBRID, the Crosstrek was a minnow swimming with whales. It was rated at 1mpg combined more than the Crosstrek 2.0 versions, and just like with the Tribeca, first time viewers looking at Subaru's Hybrid said, 'why'. Why would I spend that much more to get so little. The 2016 2.0 models are currently rated at 26/34 30 combined mpg vs the Hybrid at 30/34 31 combined mpg.
Yes the soon-to-be late Hybrid is zippier (sort of), quieter, better equipped and mostly GREEN, but it's not much of a HYBRID. It's just not. Subaru said it was "hybrid assisted" but that didn't go far enough to change expectations. Perhaps if Subaru had named it the Crosstrek 15 (for the useful 15 additional hp), or the Crosstrek Plus (plus mpg, plus quiet, plus extra features etc), or just the Crosstrek Green people would have more receptive. But naming it the Hybrid and Hybrid Touring led first time viewers down the wrong path expecting to find high MPG, and they didn't look a 2nd time because right next to it on car lots was the less expensive, equally capable all wheel drive Crosstrek 2.0, which they bought and still are buying in quantity. (Disclosure- I have had 2 Crosstreks, a 13 and now a 16 and like them).
Dropping the Hybrid means Subaru can focus on, and make more, 2.0 models. Thats a good thing. Another good thing is that if you want a Crosstrek Hybrid, its a great car, well equipped, has a roof rack and ground clearance, and it's green, and is still available.
Subaru has something planned to replace it (a plug in?) coming, but exactly what that will be, and when, is a question...?
And when Subaru comes out with their new 7 passenger in a few years, hopefully there won't be a Tribeca Effect.

7/20/16 2017 Outback brochures available at dealers

7/17/16 2017 BRZ details and prices announced, and orders now available

Subaru is stepping up the game, hoping to excite driving enthusiasts and invigorate the slow selling BRZ sport cars with slightly more power, improved handling, upgraded interior, and optional Performance Paackage.
> More power- new intake and exhaust adds 5hp to 205hp, and more torque to 156lb ft. Gearing has been changed to 4.3.:1 for better acceleration
> Upgraded suspension as Subaru moves to strengthen the BRZs reputation as a tight, responsive sports car.- new rear stabilizer, springs, shock absorbers. The stability control system has been revised, and the 'sport' setting has been renamed 'track'. Stiffer chassis and strut tower braces.
> New look- new rear spoiler (standard on Ltd, optional on Premium), LED headlights, LED fog lights, redesigned 17" alloys and front fender trim,
> Interior- new steering wheel with audio and bluetooth controls. Limited models get gloss black interior trim, redesigned instrument panel gauges with 4.2" LCD trip/performance computer,
> Performance Package- optional on Limited models- Brembo brakes with 4 piston red calipers, 12.8" front discs, and 12.4" rear, new Sachs brand shocks..

> Limited Performance Package Series.Yellow. Available March, 2017 only 500 made. Limited, manual transmission, with Performance Package. Black leather trimmed alcantara seats with yellow stitching (seats, steering wheel, shift boot, door trim, floor mats), yellow BRZ logo on seatbacks, silver BRZ logo on floor mats, frameless rear view mirror, black outisde mirrors, black 17" alloys, Brembo brakes, Sachs brand shocks,

Premium + $100 to $25495 + $820 destination = $26,315
Limited + $250 to $27645 + $820 destination = $28,465
Performance package (Limited, manual trans only) adds $1195
Limited Series.Yellow  $29615 + $820 destination = $30515 (the 2016 Limited Series.Blue was $28485 including dest)
Limited automatic +$250 to $28745+ $820 destination = $29,565

7/13 2017 manual transmission 2.5i and Premium Foresters  (model codes HFA, HFE) can be ordered starting July 13, with delivery ETA in October.

July 13, 2016 lower finance rates announced on 2017 Outback, Forester, and Legacy starting at 0%, and 2016 Outback and Forester 0% rate extended

0% financing available on 2017 outback Forester and Legacy for 48 month, .90%for 60 months.
new rates announced starting July 13, available through August 1, 2016
Note- these new rates are not retroactive to July 1st (sorry).
on approval of credit, NW/Seattle area
new 2017 Outback 0%x24-36-48 months, .90%x60, 1.90%x72 months
new 2017 Forester 0%x24-36-48 months, .90%x60, 1.90%x72 months
new 2017 Legacy 0%x24-36-48 months, .90%x60, 1.90%x72 months
2017 WRX continues at 2.90%
new 2016 Outback  0% x 24-36-48-60 mos, 1.90%x72 mos
new 2016 Forester 0% x 24-36-48-60 mos, 1.90%x72 mos

July 3, 2016 June sales 46,598, which is 2263 more than June 2015's 44,335 total. Thats a solid increase of 5%

YTD total 279,458, which is 7040 (3%) over YTD 2015 272418.
Subaru continues its roll but at the midpoint through the year isn't quite halfway to the goal of 615,000 cars. But Subaru says now that the SIA (Subaru of Indiana Automotive) is making more Outback and Legacy, the supply should increase. Thats good, but Subaru corporate will need to restrain themselves so not to flood the market with cars because part of the Subaru allure has been that they're popular, can be hard to get, and they sell quickly.  Once every dealer has a lot of unsold inventory sitting on the lots, will Subaru become just another company where the dealer needs to hard sell the cars (to varying degrees) to move the constant incoming stream of inventory the company requires them to take (and sell)?
Subaru already has low finance rates starting at 1.49% on the 2017 Forester, Outback, and Legacy which are only starting to arrive.
The sales leader for June is the Outback, which is Subaru's safety leader with new 2017 features including Reverse Automatic Braking and High Beam Headlight Assist. The all new top of the line fully equipped 2017 Outback Touring is now available, with brown leather, low profile standard roof rails, and chrome trim and badging. The Outback Touring, with sticker prices approaching (and sometimes exceeding) $40,000, is aiming up toward the low end of the low end of the near luxury (or premium) car market. 
The 2017 Forester gets some much needed upgrades including Blind Spot Detection/Rear Cross Traffic Alert, the latest version of Eyesight, and improved insulation for a quieter ride.
The WRX and STI models are as popular as ever, and supply is getting better. 

June 2016 totals by model
Outback  13,417, up 2505 cars (+23%) over 10912 6/15
Forester 12029, down 2029 cars, (-14%) from 14058 6/15
Crosstrek 7658, up 601 cars (-9%) over 7057 6/15
Impreza 4994 cars, down 72 cars (-1%) from 5066 6/15
Legacy  5023, up 497 cars (+11%) over 4526 6/15
WRX, STI 3130, up 964 cars (+45%) over 2166 6/15
BRZ 347, down 203 cars (-37%) from 55 6/15

YTD 2016
Total 279458 cars. Thats up 7040 cars, +3% over 272418 YTD 2015
Half way through 2016, Subaru is on track for 559000 cars for the year. With a stated goal of 615,000 cars, Subaru would like to be closer to 300,000 cars at this mid point. The busy winter cold weather selling season is ahead however and Subaru needs over 53000 cars per month to break 600,000 cars for the year (that's the minimum "we did it" goal).
Outback YTD 77386, up 6069 cars (+9%) over 71317 YTD 2015
Forester YTD 80255, down 573 cars (-1%) from 80828 YTD 2015
Crosstrek YTD 43282, up 1332 (+3%) over 41950 YTD 2015
Impreza YTD 29765, down 1541 cars (-5%) from 31306 YTD 2015
Legacy YTD 30357, up 1184 cars (+4%) over 29173 YTD 2015
WRX STI YTD 16006, up 971 cars (+6%) over 15035 YT 2015
BRZ YTD 2407, down 402 cars (-14%) from 2809 YTD 2015

July 1- July 1 to August 1 finance rates announced.
major changes include
2016 Legacy 0%x60 months
2017 Outback, Forester, and Legacy 1.49%x48 mos, 1.90%x60-63 mos,
on approval of credit

June 27- 2017 Outbacks and Legacys starting to arrive

June 27 2016 Crosstrek Premium Special Edition now available
Only 1500 made. Its a Premium with Option Package #15. Last year there was a yellow 2015 Special Edition,
This year, the 2016 Crosstrek Special Edition is Pure Red, with black cloth, and red stitching on the seats, door panels, leather wrapped steering wheel, console armrest, shift knob and boot.
It has sharp looking red and gloss black dash trim. Amazing what you can do with a bit of plastic.
All have standard Blind spot detection with rear cross traffic alert, turn signals in the outside mirrors, power moonroof, modular cupholder in the center console with retractable cover (like the STI), 6.2' audio, red LED footwell lighting, red and gloss back dash trim...
Crosstrek pages
2016 Subaru Crosstrek Premium Special Edition. Only 1500 made, available June 2016. All are Pure Red

June 24 2017 Forester brochures now available

June 21- 2017 model rates and leases announced for Forester, Outback and Legacy. WRX rates were announced late May
Outback 1.90%x 24-26-48 mos, 2.49%x60-63-72 mos
Forester 1.90%x 24-26-48 mos, 2.49%x60-63-72 mos
Legacy 1.90%x 24-26-48 mos, 2.49%x60-63-72 mos

2010 WRX with a shopping cart cargo basket, Seattle, June 2016

2010 WRX with a shopping cart cargo basket, Seattle, June 2016

6/4/16 2017 Forester page is up, but not finished.

6/3/16- a new remote start is now available with full long distance range on pushbutton start Foresters, Outbacks, and Legacys.
This new remote start replaces the current factory installed optional remote start available on pushbutton start cars that never has worked well (extremely short range, weak signal). The new system uses a 2nd fob with an excellent signal and around a 400 ft range. This is similar to the remote start system that has been available on models with standard keyed ignition. This new system can be installed on 2014-2017 Foresters and 2015-2017 Outbacks and Legacys with pushbutton start. 2017s ordered with optional remote start will have this new system.

6/2/16 2017 Forester MANUAL transmission factory orders won't be available until August, with delivery (depending on production) in October.

Not many companies even make manuals anymore.
The manual is available in a base model (code HFA) and Premium model (code HFE). The Premium adds standard All Weather Pkg (heated seats/defrosting mirrors, front wiper de-icer), 10 way power driver's seat with power lumbar, panoramic glass moonroof, dark tinted glass, roof rails, alloy wheels, very nice 7" high-resolution touchscreen audio, rear spoiler, automatic climate control....

6/1/16 May sales- Subaru ekes out an small increase despite a rough month due a big recall on Outback and Legacy!
Total sales for May 2016 is 50,083, a small increase of 522 cars, or 1%, over 49,561 for May 2015.
But its the best May ever, and the 54th consecutive month of sales increases.
Usually May is usually the start of the current model sell-down as arrival of the new model approaches, but this year Outback and Legacy sales were hobbled by a month long stop sale/do not drive recall to replace defective steering columns and then a last minute website glitch over Memorial Day weekend that prevented dealers from searching inventory.
The 2017 Outback, Legacy and Forester are all still expected to start arriving in July.
WRX and STI will be on lots the first week or so of June.
June 2016 sales start with the same interest rates as the May, so Subaru is not concerned at this time about clearing the 2016s before the 17s arrive.
May 2016 sales
Outback 12,4045, 20 cars (0%) more than 12,384 May 2015. (stop sale recall halts most sales)
Forester 15,309, 152 cars (1%) more than 15157 May 2015
Crosstrek 8,467, 591 cars (8%) more than 7,876 cars May 2015
Legacy 5,265, 265 cars (5%) more than 5000 May 2015 
(stop sale recall halts most sales)
Impreza 5,928, 285 cars (5%) more than 5,643 May 2015
WRX, STI 2,327, 568 cars (20%) less than 2895 May 2015 (tight supply, 17s expected early June)
BRZ 383, 223 cars (37%) less than 606 May 2015

5/26/16 2017 Outback and Legacy orders available today Thursday 5/26 starting at 4pm
OUTBACK 2017 Outback Limiteds get standard moonroof, dimming rear view mirror, and pushbutton start.
2017 MSRP 2.5 Limited is now $31218 vs 2016 $29634 on a 2016 without the moonroof, keyless access.
2017 Outback 3.6 Limited is $33,571 vs 2016 $32,077.
So if you do not want a moonroof, get a 2016 Outback Limited now.
More information soon.
Ordering in Wa State? My 
contact info

5/25/16 2017 WRX and STI finance interest rates announced
2.90% x24-36-48-60-63 months, on approval of credit. NW area, at least through May 31st.
June rates will be announced on June 1st
The cars are expected soon.
Are you in Wa? order one in Shoreline Contact

5/20/16 2017 Forester orders now accepted. Delivery in July.

That was fast... the model features,  prices, colors, and most option and accessory details were just released yesterday and orders are already available today!  Usually there's a little more time than that between info release and order availability.
Perhaps Subaru marketing is pushing this out hoping to quickly to bring people back into the dealerships and also to create blog talk and news as a distraction from the Outback and Legacy stop sale/do not drive steering column recall. The recall is getting widespread attention, as well as slowing down sales at the dealers and even production of those models in Lafayette.
I wonder if 2017 Outback/Legacy model info and ordering will be pushed back to make up for time lost, and if there will be a new, strong incentives on the 2016 Outbacks (0% for example) to bring people back in.
Anyway, since the Forester is made in Japan, it won't be affected by the recall, and the 2017 availability should bring people in to dealers who have been holding back waiting for the new upgraded Forester.

Are you in Wa? order one in Shoreline

5/19/16 2017 WRX/STI full color brochures arriving at dealers now with the cars expected in June. 

5/19/16 2017 Forester model details and prices released.

5/16/16 Must see "Military Might". Watch a new black STI Limited (in a camo wrap) driven by Tanner Foust, compete in a military road and survivability test along with a hot pink Dodge Ram, a new Jeep Willys, and a Abrams M1 tank on Top Gear USA season 7, espisode 5. Watch until the end when the STI

5/16/16 The Outback and Legacy Stop Sale/Don't Drive steering column recall quickly changes production plans at SIA in Lafayette.
Subaru is slowing down new car production in order to ship correct replacement steering columns to dealers. They know people are driving a rental while their new car has been towed to a dealer. We'll have to wait and see if this affects people's opinions of their new car and purchase experience, and also how it affects the arrival of the 2017 models.
"Subaru is cutting back on production and overtime at its Indiana plant to free up parts for a big recall. The car-maker has to fix a steering problem in more than 50,000 new Legacies and Outbacks made in Lafayette.
Subaru has more than 4,000 workers in Lafayette, its only factory in North America. Thanks to this recall, as many as 3,000 of them may miss out on daily and Saturday overtime for the next few weeks.
Factory VP Tom Easterday says that’ll free up parts to repair steering issues in 2016 and 2017 Legacies and Outbacks — ones made at the plant between February 28 and May 6.
“So any parts that were scheduled to be used for the overtime production, those parts will now be shipped directly to the dealer to help out with our customers that would need to have the part changed,” Easterday says.
That means less production and lower inventory until mid-June, which could affect sales. But he hopes they’ll make it up — and let workers make up the overtime — later this year.
That’s when the factory plans to add more Outbacks and new Imprezas to its production lines.
Easterday says they’ve hired a thousand new workers to make those vehicles, with 200 more set to be hired in June. He doesn’t expect the recall to slow that process."
the original article

5/14/16 Whoa... Subaru's parent company Fuji Heavy Industries steps behind the curtain and with a wave of the magician's wand, will reappear on April 1, 2017 (next year) as Subaru!
Presuming stockholder approval, the company, which has had a number of identities and products over the 60+ since it became Fuji Heavy, will rebrand itself with the name of its best known product, Subaru. With Subaru's recent growth, many new Subaru car owners are not familiar with the company, they don't know and never heard of Fuji Heavy Industries.
In the past few years, Subaru brand pressure washers, generators, and lawn mowers with Subaru engines (previously known as Robin America) have been sold at Costco, Home Depot etc. Subaru would like their other divisions to benefit form their reputation.
So Fuji.. er Subaru... wants you to know they're more than a car company.
a bit of background.... Fuji, not to be confused with Fuji the film company, makes small engines, car parts, industrial machinery, parts for Boeing, helicopters for the Japanese Self Defense Force, Raytheon Hawker, and Eclipse Aviation business jets but they're best known for Subaru cars.
Fuji Heavy Industries traces its roots to the Nakajima Aircraft Company, an early Japanese aircraft company and leading supplier of Japanese fighter components during World War II. That explains Subaru's use of the aircraft heritage boxer engine in their cars.
At the end of World War II, Nakajima was broken up by the Allied Occupation government into separate companies. On July 15, 1953 five of the companies, Fuji Kogyo, Fuji Jidosha Kogyo, Omiya Fuji Kogyo, Utsunomiya Sharyo and Tokyo Fuji Sangyo formed Fuji Heavy Industries..
On a side note, another part of Nakajima evolved into Prince Motor Company which in 1966 merged with, and is now known as, Nissan and was the minority stockholder in Fuji.
Subaru minority owner/partners included Nissan with 20.4% from 1968-1999, GM from 1999-2005, Toyota from 2005 to the present now holds 16.5% of Fuji. In 1989 Subaru and Isuzu opened the Subaru Isuzu Automotive factory in Lafayette, Indiana. When Isuzu sold their part to Subaru in 2001, it was renamed Subaru Indiana Automotive and is still where all Outbacks and Legacys are assembled. All Bajas were also assembled there with Isuzu's unused capacity. Then Toyota assembled Camry there until last year. Current SIA expansion plans will have the plant producing Imprezas by the end of this year.

Confused? Fuji  no doubt hopes to simplify things by being Subaru- a name we know.
Here's the official press release
Tokyo, Japan -  Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI; Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yasuyuki Yoshinaga) today held an extraordinary meeting of its Board of Directors and resolved to change its company name to SUBARU Corporation with effect from April 1, 2017 (tentative date). Implementation of the name change is subject to shareholder approval for amendments to the Company’s Articles of Incorporation at the 85th General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for June 28, 2016.
The origins of FHI date back to the foundation of the Aircraft Research Laboratory (later to become Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd.) in 1917. After going through a number of reorganizations, FHI was established under its current name in 1953. Since then, the Company has expanded its businesses ranging from aerospace and industrial products segments to its primary business of Subaru automobiles which began with the introduction of the Subaru 360 minicar in 1958.
Today, the Subaru automotive business operates in more than 90 countries worldwide and continues to achieve strong growth thanks to the support of its customers around the globe. For the fiscal year ending March 2017, Subaru projects its global vehicle sales to exceed one million units (1,050,000 units on a consolidated basis) for the first time in its history.
In its mid-term management vision “Prominence 2020” announced in May 2014, FHI set a corporate vision for 2020 of being “a high-quality company that is not big in size but has distinctive strength”. To this end, the Company is focusing on two initiatives: enhancing the Subaru brand and building a strong business structure.
FHI is taking the opportunity of the 100th anniversary of the 1917 founding of Nakajima Aircraft to change its long-familiar company name and unify it with its brand name. The purpose of this shift is to further accelerate our efforts to enhance the Subaru brand and achieve even greater growth for Subaru as a distinctive global brand in the automotive and aerospace industries.
Under our new company name, we will continue to seek sustainable growth by offering Subaru’s distinctive value of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” to customers worldwide, pursuant to our management philosophy of aiming to be “a compelling company with a strong market presence built upon its customer-first principle”.
Brief History of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
1917: Chikuhei Nakajima establishes the Aircraft Research Laboratory.
1918: The Aircraft Research Laboratory renamed the Nakajima Aircraft Factory (then incorporated as Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd. in 1931).
1945: Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd. reorganized as Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd., switching from aircraft manufacturing to production of civilian goods.
1950: In accordance with the Enterprise Reorganization Act, Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd. split into 12 companies, including Fuji Kogyo, Fuji Jidosha Kogyo, and Utsunomiya Sharyo.
1953: Five of the 12 companies, including Fuji Kogyo, contribute capital to establish Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI acquires and merges with the five companies in 1955).
Origin of the Subaru Name: Subaru is a Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster. Subaru was the first brand to use a Japanese name for its vehicles. The name symbolizes the unity of the six companies related to Nakajima Aircraft that merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries.

5/13/16 Recall and Stop Sale/Do Not Drive on some new 2016 and early production 2017 Outbacks and Legacys assembled after February 29th that might have a bad steering column.
Recall #WTD-65
Around 52,000 (48,500 U.S. and 3,500 Canadian)  2016 and early 2017 Outback and Legacy might have an improperly manufactured steering column that can come loose resulting in a loss of steering and control.
Vehicles assembled within the production dates and VIN range have to be visually inspected by a Subaru dealer.
Subaru is first working to inspect cars already purchased and being driven.
This is a "Stop Sale/Do Not Drive" recall where dealers cannot sell or test drive vehicles until they have been inspected and the steering column replaced if necessary.
The problem was discovered May 3 when the owner of a 2016 Outback reported trouble. Subaru says there have been no crashes or injuries.
If necessary, dealers will make arrangements to send a technicians to a customer's location to inspect the steering column. If they weren't manufactured properly, they will be replaced starting in mid-May.
The company will offer loaner cars until parts are available but some people whose cars aren't driveable haven't even gotten their license plates or their new car purchase experience survey yet.
Subaru of America spokesman Mike McHale said. "We have the details of the owners and are contacting them directly," he said. Subaru does not know how exactly many cars will have the problem. The problem affects cars worldwide, but McHale said he did not know the number.

The vehicles to inspect include
2016 models made Feb. 29 - May 6, 2016.
2016 Legacys with VIN G3045004 to G3059641, 2016 Outbacks with VIN G3307507 to G334-6346

2017 models made from April 18-29, 2016.
These 2017s are early fleet and corporate cars. No 2017s are available for sale and no 17 prices or specs have been announced yet.
2017 Legacys with VIN H3002001 to H3002024, and 2017 Outbacks with VIN H3200001 to H3200048

Read more here:

Note: If you have a Subaru, recalls are noted on your account.

From NHTSA "An incorrect setting of a tool used in production of the steering column may have resulted in improper machining of one of the steering column shafts. If this improper machining condition exists, the steering column shaft may not engage properly. If this were to occur, the steering wheel may rotate freely and the driver would lose the ability to steer the vehicle. (steering column) Production Dates Feb 29, 2016 - MAY 06, 2016
To remedy this condition, it is necessary to inspect the lot number of the steering column. If the vehicle contains a steering column with one of the
affected lot numbers, the steering column must be replaced. Until the vehicle has been inspected, owners are advised not to drive their vehicle.
ow Remedy Component Differs from Recalled Component :The Steering column shaft will be machined to meet original specifications intended for this part."
link to the official recall on NHTSA

5/7/16  2017 Outback and Legacy preliminary information starting to come out.
y tuned for more details soon.
Cars due late July

New Eyesight safety features include Reverse Automatic Braking and High Beam Assist.
2017 Outbacks and Legacys with optional Eyesight get new Reverse Automatic Braking which uses 4 sensors in the back bumper to detect an object and help stop the car when going backwards. Eyesight also gets High Beam Assist to switch the headlights between high and low settings when an oncoming car is detected.

Return of the popular Outback Limited Special Appearance model, last seen as a 2014 model.
All new top of the line in Outback Touring model, very similar to the Limited Special Appearance 2012-13-14 models, is available with either the 2.5i and 3.6 engine. Its gets all new heated steering wheel, standard Java Brown leather interior with ivory stitching, Navigation, gloss black dash trim, dark gray front grill, dark gray machines finished 18" alloys, new silver finish, low profile roof rails, new chrome badging and lower accent trim. Brilliant brown color is available on the Touring model, this color was previously on the 2013 Outback Special Appearance Package (if its the same color).

Return of the Legacy Sport.
The Legacy Premium Sport, last seen as the 2014 model, returns after 3 years. Available with the 2.5L engine, the Sport package includes new 18" Sport model alloys, a dark gray front grill, fog lights with gloss black surround,  chrome lower rocker panel trim, and silver outside mirrors with integrated turn signals. The interior is two tone black and gray cloth with blue stitching, carbon fiber-patterned plastic door and dash trim, with gloss black door switches and steering wheel controls.  

5/3/16 April sales
Total 50,380 cars, which is an increase of 3,139 cars (7%) over 47,241 April 2015, and new record for April.
53rd month of increased sales and 26th months with over 40,000 car sold.
Subaru is anticipating a strong Fall season as more Imprezas come on the market from the expanded SIA (Subaru Indiana Automotive) plant in Lafayette.

April 2016 sales by model
Outback 14,294, an increase of 1760 car (14%) over 12,534 April 2015
Forester 14,490, an increase of 513 cars 94%) over 13,977 April 2015
Crosstrek 7,607, an increase of 671 cars (10%) over 6,936 April 2015
Legacy 5,591, and increase of 315 cars (6%) over 5,276 April 2015
Impreza 4,836, a drop of 475 cars (down 9%) from 5,311 April 2015
WRX, STI 3,096, an increase of 383 cars (14%) over 2,713 April 2015
BRZ 466, and drop of 28 cars (down 6%) from 494 April 2016

April 2016 YTD sales 182777, up 4,255 cars (2%) over 178,522 YTD April 2015
YTD sales by model
Outback 51,565, up 3544 cars (7%) over 48,021 YTD 2015
Forester 52,917, up 1304 cars (3%) over 51,613 YTD 2015
Crosstrek 27,157, up 140 cars (1%) over 27,017 YTD 2015
Legacy 20,069, up 422 cars (2%) over 19,647 YTD 2015
Impreza 18,843, down 1,754 cars (9%) from 20,597 YTD 2015
WRX, STI 10,549, up 575 cars (6%) over 9,975 YTD 2915
BRZ 1,677, up 24 cars (1%) over 1,653 YTD 2015

4/22/16 Earth Day

Subaru supports National Wildlife Foundations Monarch butterfly habitat program and
is giving away 50,000 Butterfly Heroes Garden Starter Packets with milkweed seed packs through Subaru dealers.
April 1, 2016. Subaru Joins National Wildlife Federation and Others in Leading the Drive to Save Monarch Butterflies
"As part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program, Butterfly Heroes seeks to connect gardeners, kids and families alike to help create new habitats for monarch butterflies...
With monarchs currently migrating north through the United States on their way to their summer homes, it’s essential for their survival that they find plenty of milkweed along the way.
here are photos of the free Garden Starter packets and seed packs available at Subaru dealers, April 2016

4/21/16  2016 Outback, Forester, and Legacy orders end Monday 4/25
That means 2017 model information, prices, and orders will be available soon

4/19/16 2017 WRX and STI orders available starting today!
Delivery expected in June
2017 options, packages, info

4/15/15 2016 Crosstrek Premium Special Edition (Option Package #15) prices announced.
Cars expected in June.
MSRP: $24,245 + Special Edition Option Package #15 $2200 = $26,445 (including destination)
1,500 to be made
Pure Red color with black cloth interior with red stitching on the shift knob, door panels, and steering wheel.
Black dash trim with red accents
CVT transmission
Moonroof, Pushbutton Start, Blind Spot Detection/Cross traffic alert, red LED front footwell and front console storage lighting,  turn signal outside mirrors,
The SE will have the standard 6.2" audio system
more information

4/14/16 2017 Forester gets updated!

2017 changes announced, and they're everything we hoped for (almost).
Model and transmission line-up remains the same as 2016.
Lots of much needed safety technology upgrades.
Mild front end freshening.
Quieter ride
this is early info and will be changed and corrected as more details are released

The cars are expected to arrive early July. Prices and orders are expected soon.
new look- the front bumper, front grill, headlights, and taillights all get mildly redesigned.
Quieter ride- thicker door glass, redesigned door seals, acoustic windshield, more underfloor insulation
Steering wheel - redesigned
new alloy wheels, machined black and silver

2.5i CVT fuel economy up slightly to 26 city/32 highway, 28 combined, from previous 24 city/32 highway, 27 combined
2.0XT fuel economy continues to be 23 city/28 highway, 25 combined, same as 2016s

Stereo- no changes expected, same as 2016 models, so no Android Auto or Carplay.
Still missing-  height and/or power adjustable front passenger seat, rain sensing front wipers,

upgraded Eyesight- optional on Premium, Limited and Touring models. Upgraded to v. 3 with color cameras, and now includes Lane Keep Assist, all new for Subaru High Beam Assist (HBA)  which switches the headlights between high and low beams when another car approaches, all new for Subaru Steering Responsive Headlights (based on steering wheel position), and all new for Subaru Reverse Automatic Braking to help stop parking lot mishaps. The Reverse Automatic Braking uses 4 ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper. Exact details of what models get what features are to be announced.

new Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross Traffic Alert.
new Heated steering wheel- a first for Subaru. Standard on Touring models
new Memory front driver's seat - all new on Forester

Forester 2.5 Touring and XT Touring
optional Eyesight
new- standard Blind spot detection with rear cross traffic alert,
new- standard Heated steering wheel!
new- standard pushbutton start
new- XT Touring with optional eyesight gets Active Torque Vectoring which helps with hard cornering
new color- Touring only, Sepia bronze metallic
new interior- Touring only- saddle brown leather interior
new machined black and silver 18" alloys
new- redesigned steering wheel

Forester 2.5 Limited
new- standard Blind spot detection with rear cross traffic alert,
new- optional Eyesight
new machined black and silver 17" alloys
new- redesigned steering wheel

Forester 2.5 Premium and XT Premium
new- optional Eyesight with Blind spot detection with rear cross traffic alert
new- optional power rear gate (part of a package, to be announced)
new- standard X Mode with hill descent control now on Premium CVTs (not manual)
new- standard rear spoiler- body colored
new machined black and silver 17" alloys on 2.5i, and 18" alloys on XT Premium
redesigned steering wheel

still available with manual transmission or optional CVT
redesigned steering wheel

4/11/16  2016 Forester, Outback and Legacy orders expected to close soon

Want a 2016 model? You better order it now.... the 2017s are expected in late June/July/August so 2016s orders will be closing soon.
Some 2016 models or colors are already no longer available, such as some Forester manual transmission models.
No 2017 model changes have been announced or confirmed yet though there are many rumors. 2017 orders should be available in early to mid May.

4/2 March sales increase (just barely).
49,285 which is another record, its the best March ever, but it just barely exceeded March 2015 by 174 cars (March 2016's 49285 to March 2015's 49111).
Subaru is extremely proud that this is the 52nd month of sales increases and the 25th month with sales over 40,000.
And 2016 YTD 132,281 is another record, with 1,116 cars or +1% over 131,281 cars YTD March 2015 (which was the previous best first quarter).

March 2016 by model
Outback saved the month.
All models are down except the WRX/STI (up 226 cars), and Outback (up a strong 1618 cars, +13%).
The big declines were Forester -5% and Legacy -10%.
The 2016 Forester is starting to wind down and the popular Eyesight is hard to keep in stock, and the Legacy is a great car that can't grab a big market share.
But watching these numbers go up or down every month is like watching a boat... it rocks up and down with the waves but what's important is if it keeps moving ahead. Subaru makes a great car, and likes the big lead-in "best month ever" story line, the monthly growth is what makes data crunching marketers and big desks happy, but the real story unfolds at the end of the book, on the last day and page of the year .... was it a good year, hopefully it was as good or even better than last year but whats important, what got Subaru to be the larger company it is today, is if Subaru made a better car this year than last year, were there fewer recalls than previous years, and did they hold their own against the rising tide of competitors jealous of and completely imitating their advertising and style and targeting their AWD market?  The auto industry analysts and survey companies only like sales increases, ie they'd bet on the hare.
But not every month or year has to have growth be better for it to have been a success, ie growth is good but is not the only measure of success.
Coming months? Many Forester buyers want hard to find Eyesight models, or are waiting/hoping for the coming 17s to have blind spot detection, and many Impreza buyers will wait for the all new 17 model due later this year (Android Auto and Carplay!). Crosstrek buyers have bought everything available. Outback and Legacy models will start clearing out as 17s get closer, due this summer

the month
Forester 14,284, down 683 (-5%) from 14,967 3/15. This is the first Forester drop in a while, YTD the Forester is up, see below
Outback 14,122, up 1618 cars (+13%) over 12,504 3/15
Crosstrek 6,973, down 189 cars (-3%) from 7162 3/15
Impreza 5193, down 171 cars (-3%) from 5364 3/15
Legacy 5551, down 597 cars (-10%) from 6148 3/15
WRX, STI 2737, up 226  (+11%) over 2471 3/15
BRZ 425, down 70 cars (-14%) from 495 3/15

YTD by model, March 2016
Forester YTD 2016 38,427, a 2% increase (+791 cars) over YTD 2015 37,636 car
Outback 37,271, an increase of 1784 cars (+5%) over YTD 2015 35,487 cars
Crosstrek YTD 2016  19550, down 531 (-3%) from YTD 2015 20,081 cars
Impreza YTD 2016 14007, down 1279 cars (-8%) from YTD 2015 15,286 cars
Legacy YTD 2016 14478, up 107 cars (+1%) over YTD 2015 14,371 cars
WRX, STI YTD 2016 7453, an increase of 192 cars (+3%) over YTD 2015 7,261 cars
BRZ YTD 2016 1211, and increase of 52 cars (+4%) over YTD 2015 1,159

3/24 2016 WRX orders ending tomorrow 3/25.
That's not much advance warning! 2017 model orders should be available early May 2016. No changes for 2017 models have been announced.

3/20 Skagit Subaru in Burlington, Wa. purchased early March 2016 by Dwayne Lane Auto Group and renamed Dwayne Lane's Skagit Subaru

Skagit River Subaru, aka Skagit Subaru, was bought early March 2016 by Dwayne Lane's Auto Family from the Tapley Family Auto Group. Tapley company founder Don Tapley sr and wife Sharon Tapley, and son DJ Tapley, had owned the dealerships since 1987. Renamed Dwayne Lane's Skagit Subaru. Also purchased at the same time from the Tapley Family Auto Group was Skagit Mazda and Skagit Ford and they were renamed Dwayne Lane’s Skagit Mazda and Dwayne Lane’s Skagit Ford-Lincoln. All the dealerships are located at I-5 Auto World in Burlington, just north of Mt Vernon, Wa. Note: company founder Dwayne Lane passed away March 18, 2016 at 80yo. His son Tom Lane is running the company.

3/14 change in Subaru corporate title

Current SoA Chairman and COO Tomomi Nakamura is being promoted from Corporate Senior VP to Corporate Executive VP.
He and  SoA CEO/President Tom Doll have started the process of moving Subaru from their long time Cherry Hill, NJ location to Camden NJ.

3/13 Should I warm up my car?

Warming up a car takes miles of driving and there is no reason to wait or let a car idle for that long, but you should always let a cold car idle for 10-20-30 seconds, more if its cold outside, to let the oil circulate. Then drive calmly for the first mile or so.
I would recommend that always always always.. whether a brand new car or an old one, if you want a car to last, treat it nicely when its cold.

Here's a Q & A from the Bend Oregon Bulletin at

"Q: I have a 2013 Subaru Impreza. I have to wait until the blue thermostat light on the dash goes off before I drive the car. Do you think this is necessary? It seems like a waste of gas.
A: It is a waste. When the engine is first started, this light will be red for a moment during its self-test, then turn blue until it goes off when the engine is “sufficiently warmed up” — as per the Subaru owner’s manual.
Does this mean you shouldn’t drive the car until the blue light goes off? Subaru would like you to wait, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Like any engine, 15 to 30 seconds of initial warmup, unless temperatures are extremely low, then operating the vehicle gently until it is “sufficiently warmed up” is the best and most efficient way to bring the catalyst system up to temperature to minimize emissions and maximize fuel efficiency. I’d consider the blue light a reminder, not a mandate."

3/12/16 2017 Impreza to be shown at the NY Auto Show March 23

This is will be Subaru's first US car on their new Global Platform that will become the underpinnings for future Subaru.
What to look for in a new Impreza?
Slightly larger
Longer wheelbase for a smoother ride and bigger back seat
More practical 5 door cargo door and body design. It's tight in the current the Impreza 5door and Crosstreks due to the aerodynamically focused slope of the rear gate.
More integration of the safety technologies- Eyesight and Starlink internet connectivity.
And hopefully with scheduled US production and other benefits described below, Subarus will keep the same price points.

Here's the press release
Tokyo, March 7, 2016 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, has unveiled an overview of the Subaru Global Platform,which is currently under development as the architecture to be used for all the Company’s next-generation vehicles. The Subaru Global Platform is part of the six initiatives to enhance the Subaru brand described in the Company’s mid-term management vision, “Prominence 2020,”announced in 2014. Together  with  the
horizontally-opposed engines, Symmetrical All-Wheel  Drive (AWD), and EyeSight that represent Subaru’s core technologies, the new platform will constitute the basic foundation of the next generation of Subaru vehicles. Marking the launch of the new concept, FHI President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga said, “The Subaru Global Platform lifts Subaru’s automotive technology to new heights, and marks the next step in the evolution of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind,” the value; that Subaru offers to its customers. This new platform represents the culmination of the know-how we have developed over many years, and we are confident that it will allow us to produce vehicles that live up to our proud traditions and meet the high expectations customers have of Subaru. We continue to work on designing ever-more attractive vehicles that offer the customer both enjoyment and peace of mind.”
Main Features of Subaru Global Platform
The next-generation platform is designed with the future in mind, and looks ahead to 2025. The main features include: Subaru’s biggest-ever enhancement in overall vehicle performance 1. Emotionally engaging “Dynamic feel” that goes beyond high performance 2. The world’s highest levels of safety Single design concept for development of all models, adaptable to electrification in the future
Subaru’s Biggest-ever Enhancement in Overall Vehicle Performance
1. Emotionally engaging “Dynamic feel” that goes beyond high performance. The new platform will make possible a new type of driving experience, appealing directly to the senses and  offering unparalleled smoothness and  comfort—all  backed up by excellent performance and specifications. Specifically, the new platform will further refine Subaru’s dynamic feel in the following areas: (1) straight line stability, (2) noise and vibration suppression, and (3) comfort.
(1) Straight line stability
The new platform dramatically increases rigidity throughout the body and chassis (a 70% to 100% increase over present models) and incorporates substantial improvements to the suspension system and achieve a lower center of gravity, bringing about highly responsive steering that allows drivers to control the vehicle precisely as they want. The eradication of unnecessary movement in handling makes the car seem to grip the road surface, achieving a traveling performance that looks ahead to the need for enhanced straight line stability in the autonomous vehicles of the future.
(2) Noise and vibration suppression. Optimized frame structure and stronger joints between parts allow the new platform to improve overall torsional rigidity by 70% over present models. This distributes the resonance and distortion throughout the body, greatly reducing vibrations from the steering wheel, floor, and seats. It achieves a quietness that goes beyond vehicle class.
(3) Comfort The new platform increases the rigidity of the suspension mounting, improving the absorption of the suspension without warping the body of the car, and providing a smooth  and comfortable drive whatever the irregularities in the road surface. By mounting the rear stabilizer directly to the body, the new platform reduces the body roll of the vehicle by 50% compared to present models.
The world’s highest levels of safety
Active safety- The new platform achieves a center of gravity that is 5 mm lower than present models. Together with the major improvements in rigidity and the evolution of the suspension system, this lower center of gravity makes possible a more stable driving experience than ever before, and offers outstanding danger avoidance capabilities on a level with a high-performance sports car.
Passive safety - Thanks to a frame structure that enables more efficient energy absorption in the event of collision and the enhanced  body rigidity resulting from the increased use of high-tensile steel  plates including materials formed by the hot press method, impact energy absorption is improved by 40% over present models. The platform anticipates further improvements in strength and new materials and has the potential to continue to offer the world’s highest levels of collision safety even in 2025.
Single Design Concept for Development of All Models, Adaptable to Electrification in the Future -The new platform will offer a single unified design concept for all Subaru models. Planning the main specifications of all vehicle types at one time and flexibly adjusting these basic specifications to match with the requirements of different models will strengthen the entire Subaru lineup while still allowing the Company to develop models that take advantage of each model’s strengths.
The new concept allows one design concept to be adapted not only to gasoline engines but also to hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids, electric cars, and other types of alternative power units for which demand will increase further.
Development based on a single design concept makes it possible to use limited development personnel and facilities efficiently to develop a diverse range of models and to direct the resulting savings into areas that can make our products more competitive.
It will also become possible to produce platform components for multiple models in the same one production facility, rather than manufacturing them in different factories as has been the case in the past. This will increase production efficiency at Subaru’s factories and at our partner companies. The new unified design concept will also make it easier for our two factories in Japan and the Subaru of Indiana Automotive plant in the United States to carry out bridge production of multiple different models on a single line, making our global production system more flexible.
The Subaru Global Platform that offers these benefits will be used in the development of all Subaru vehicles from now on, beginning with the next-generation Impreza, due to hit the market in 2016. FHI remains true to its management philosophy- to become “a compelling company with a strong market presence” on the basis of “customer-first”  policy. The  Company will continue to pursue engineering excellence and offer its customers “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” to achieve FHI/Subaru distinctive presence"
Heres the original press release

Heres an article from Chris Bruce at autoblog

"Subaru will follow a current industry trend by introducing a modular chassis later this year, and the so-called Subaru Global Platform will underpin all of the Japanese automaker's future models. We'll see it first on the new Impreza, which will go on sale in the second half of 2016.
Subaru claims its new platform offers 70-100 percent greater rigidity compared to the company's current models, and the stiffer chassis means less vibration travels through the vehicle to the steering wheel and seats, which results in an easier time for the driver. A 40-percent increase in impact energy absorption should also mean improved safety.
Customers might experience a more exciting drive from the future Subarus, too. The company claims the new platform lowers the center gravity by 0.2 inches, which should sharpen handling. The engineers now mount the rear stabilizer directly to the body, which is said to reduce body roll by 50 percent over current models. It also supports hybrid, plug-in, and EV drivetrains to adapt to the future.
After the Impreza lets us experience the Subaru Global Platform later this year, the company already has other models with it under development. For example, the XV Concept from Geneva hints at a sharper look for the next-gen compact crossover. The new WRX reportedly joins the range in 2017 and possibly gets an extra boost from hybrid power. A seven-passenger CUV also joins the US lineup in 2018. So much new product on the way could let Subaru keep up its brisk sales pace for years to come.'
the article

Here's an article from Automotive News
"Subaru is embarking on engineering, design and technology overhauls to keep the small-scale, niche brand competitive in a global industry in which high volumes matter like never before.
The first two changes will debut in the next-generation Impreza small car arriving in the second half of the year: a new modular platform Subaru says will improve safety and driving performance, and a new design language dubbed Dynamic X Solid to enliven the brand's image.
After those moves, Subaru will roll out new automated-driving technologies beginning with a traffic-jam autopilot.
Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, president of Subaru-maker Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., said the new technologies and design language are pillars of his plan to boost global sales to 1.1 million vehicles in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021.
"We want to further extend Subaru's strengths," Yoshinaga said while unveiling the initiatives at Fuji Heavy's headquarters here.
The new platform aims to cut costs while improving safety and dynamics. Executives repeatedly said they benchmarked top European brands and compared the new platform's high-speed emergency evasive handling to that of German sports cars.
Dubbed the Subaru Global Platform, it will underpin all the brand's nameplates. It can accommodate gasoline, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric drivetrains.
Subaru expects to save money because it will be possible to produce components for multiple models at any one factory. This will enable Subaru to shift production among factories in the U.S. and Japan quickly to adjust to changing demand.
Subaru can also focus its limited personnel and engineering resources on variations of one platform.
The new platform should be able to underpin Subaru vehicles through 2025 with regular improvements, executives said.
Subaru aims to channel savings into better performance, said Tetsuo Onuki, vice president of global engineering. The goal is a better product without raising sticker prices, he said.
Among the improvements:
Body rigidity improves 70 to 100 percent.
Center of gravity is lowered for better handling.
Collision impact absorption improves 40 percent.
Noise and vibration is reduced 15 percent.
"Starting with the car coming out this year, we will advance to the next level, using the new Subaru Global Platform to provide Subaru with more safety and fun every year," said Naoto Muto, executive vice president for global engineering.
More dynamic styling is part of the improvement. The new looks were first explored in the Viziv 2 Concept in 2014 and fleshed out in the Viziv Future Concept crossover and Impreza Concept shown in October at the Tokyo Motor Show.
The design language beefs up the stance and body volume to imbue the cars with a more rugged, sporty aura. The front fascia is more chiseled; the fender flares are more muscular.
Subaru's safety strategy also entails new autonomous driving targets based on the brand's camera-based EyeSight system.
Next year, Subaru will introduce a new traffic-jam assist function that will allow the vehicle to start and stop automatically in slow traffic and steer automatically around curves.
Subaru's current system requires the driver to re-engage acceleration manually once the vehicle has stopped. Existing technology does not feature automatic steering.
By 2020, Subaru said it will introduce a semiautonomous highway driving function. That system will enable automated lane changing and automated steering around curves, by combining radar sensors and GPS mapping with EyeSight.
Subaru is relying on the changes to stoke its surging sales for continued gains. Subaru targets its eighth straight year of record sales and ninth year of growth in the U.S. in 2016. U.S. sales are expected to increase 5.5 percent to 615,000 vehicles." 
the original article

3/9/16 April advertising campaign...  Subaru Loves the Earth 2016
Subaru and the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) will be working together this April to support the NWF's Butterfly Hero Program highlighting the serious decline in the Monarch butterfly population. The 90% Monarch population drop is huge.
I hadn't heard about this before so that you Subaru for focusing on this issue.
The Butterfly Hero program encourages planting gardens which support the Monarch and other pollinators. "The Monarch caterpillars feed exclusively on the leaves of the Milkweed plant and there are several dozen species of the Milkweed so no matter where you live there is at least one milkweed species naturally found in your area."
In Washington State
Read much more at,
Find your Milkweed species at
Even I can plant milkweed and in Washington State and it's Showy Milkweed and Mexican Whorled Milkweed
More resources... or

3/7/16 Subaru closes off 2016 Crosstrek Hybrid factory orders effective immediately.

Without the usual order cutoff warning a few weeks given a few weeks in advance, Subaru today (3/7/16) announced they won't be accepting any more orders for the 16 Crosstrek Hybrid. Orders for the other Crosstrek models will continue to be accepted. No reason for the sudden and unexpected cutoff was given, but this will allow the factory to build more of the fast selling Crosstreks.

3/5 advertising 2015 Share The Love (STL) results
from November 19, 2015 - January 2, 2016 Subaru donated $250 for each car purchased to the buyer's choice of charities. The 5 charities to choose from were ASPCA, National Parks Foundation, Meals On Wheels, Make-a-Wish, and the 5th charity was a local organization chosen by each dealership.
The 2015 STL results
total $18,999,884, 24% increase over $15,353,281 in 2014's STL
#1 local charities chosen by the dealers $10,441,516, 
#2 Make-A-Wish $2,808,911
#3 ASPCA 2,565,459
#4 Meals-On-Wheels $1,655,521
#5 National Parks Foundation $1,528,437


3/2/16 February sales

42,011 for the month, 653 cars more than 41,358 February 2015.
24th month with sales over 40,0000
51st month with a monthly increase over the previous year
Up for the month: Forester, Outback, Legacy, BRZ, WRX/STI
Down for the month: Crosstrek, Impreza,
February 2016 by model
Forester 12,239, compared to 11,489 2/15
Outback 11,952 compared to 11,632 2/15
Crosstrek 6,129 compared to 6,406 2/15
Legacy 4,454 compared to 4,342 2/15
Impreza 4,432, compared to 4,826 2/15
WRX, STI 2,380, compared to 2,359 2/15
BRZ 425, compared to 334 2/15

2/24/16  Buyers of a Certified car with Starlink get a free year of Safety Plus
This is just like a new car buyer, and they also have the same 180 days to extend it at a discounted price. The dealer will activate at time of purchase.

2/15 Subaru rack accessories to be supplied by Thule, replacing Yakima. Starting this spring.

2/9/16 new Crosstrek Premium Special Edition (SE) available late spring, all are Pure Red

To be shown at the Chicago auto show Feb 13-21
1,500 to be made
Pure Red color (not the standard Venetian red)
Cloth interior with red stitching on the shift knob, door panels, and steering wheel.
Red accented dash trim
CVT transmission
Moonroof, Pushbutton Start, Blind Spot Detection/Cross traffic alert, front footwell and front console storage bin red LED lighting,  Turn signal outside mirrors,
The SE will have the standard 6.2" audio system (not the 7" navigation system).
Prices and details to be announced
2016 Crosstrek specs

2/3/16 January sales, and its set a new record for January totals.
its more impressive considering the record December (best month ever) which should have pulled some sale from January
January 2016 total is 41,101 total compared to 40,812 for January 2015
Up for the month - Forester, Legacy, BRZ and Impreza sales were up slightly over January 2015
Down for the month - Outback, Crosstrek, and WRX/STI were down slightly from January 2015
By model
#1 Forester 11904 1/16, compared to 11,210 1/15
#2 Outback 11,197 1/16, compared to 11,351 11/5
#3 Crosstrek 6,448 1/16, compared to 6,513 1/15
#4 Legacy 4,473 1/16, compared to 3,881 1/15
Impreza 4,382 1/16, compared to 5,096 1/15

WRX, STI 2,336 1/16, compared to 2,431 1/15
BRZ 361 1/16, compared to 330 1/15. These low BRZ numbers remind me of the Tribeca's final lingering months. Its barely worth making 300 or so cars,  but then there's the Scion FRS to figure in. I understand there will be a special yellow BRZ coming- no details yet

1/26/16 2015 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books
"Four groundbreaking books that present scientific information in innovative ways to young audiences have earned the 2015 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books.
Each of the winners invites readers to explore their own world or to prepare themselves to explore other worlds. One introduces the world of microbes to the very youngest readers, while another connects the exploration of the physical world to the medical advances of the last century. A third "trains" the astronauts who will be the first humans to set foot on Mars, and the fourth shows youngsters how to explore the environment through the eyes of a naturalist.
AAAS and Subaru of America, Inc. co-sponsor the prizes to recognize recently published works that are scientifically sound and foster an understanding and appreciation of science in readers of all ages. This year's prizes — which promote science literacy by showcasing the importance of outstanding science writing and illustration — recognize the work of four authors as well as an illustrator.
"AAAS is pleased to join with Subaru to celebrate these outstanding science books and authors," said Alan I. Leshner, chief executive officer of AAAS and executive publisher of its journals, Science, Science Advances, Science Translational Medicine, and Science Signaling. "By encouraging young people to engage with the world through exploration and discovery, the winning books help lay the groundwork for a lifelong relationship with science."
The 2015 prizes recognize efforts in four categories: Children's Science Picture Books, Middle Grades Science Books, Young Adult Science Books, and Hands-on Science Books. Winners will receive $1,500 and a plaque on 13 February during the 2015 AAAS Annual Meeting in San Jose, California.
Tom Doll, president of Subaru of America, Inc., congratulated the winners for their outstanding contribution to science writing and illustration. "As a technology company, we are delighted to be able to support AAAS in activities that promote children's exploration of science and technology," he said.
The prizes are administered by the AAAS review journal, Science Books & Films (SB&F). SB&F editor-in-chief Maria Sosa noted that the 180 books considered for the prize across all four categories represented the largest number of submissions since the program's inception. "This year's competition was intense," she said. "Publishers and authors have certainly upped their game with this year's offerings. It bodes well for the integration of reading and science in formal and informal science education."
"These books make it easier to connect the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core Standards," said Shirley M. Malcom, head of the AAAS Directorate for Education and Human Resources. "These books provide solid science information in really enjoyable packages. It's refreshing to be able to avoid the tradeoff between reading for pleasure and pleasurable reading for information "
The 2015 prize recipients are:
WINNING CHILDREN'S SCIENCE PICTURE BOOK- Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes, by Nicola Davies. (Illustrations by Emily Sutton.) Somerville, MA: Candlewick, 2014.
WINNING MIDDLE GRADES SCIENCE BOOK- Mission: Mars by Pascal Lee. NY: Scholastic, 2013.
WINNING YOUNG ADULT SCIENCE BOOK- Extreme Medicine: How Exploration Transformed Medicine in the Twentieth Century by Kevin Fong. NY: The Penguin Press, 2014.
WINNING HANDS-ON SCIENCE BOOK- The Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature by Brooklyn Botanic Educators. (Edited by Sarah Schmidt.) NY: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 2014
Background on the Prizes
The prizes began in 2005 when four lifetime achievement awards were given to authors of children's science books. It honored authors whose books promoted science literacy. Today, the AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books continues to recognize stand-out science books.
Finalists were selected by a group of judges made up of librarians, scientists, and science literacy experts. Out of nearly 180 books up for consideration across all four categories, the judges selected 13 finalists. These finalists were then submitted to a second round of judging, and the winners were selected." the press release

1/22/16 advertising Subaru a sponsor of Portlandia  with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.
"Portlandia creators and stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have teamed up with longtime partner Subaru for a four-part Web series tied to their hit IFC show. In "Talkative Driver," Armisen plays an unusually chatty car service driver discussing his every thought with increasingly impatient passengers.
Subaru, which has been a partner since the debut of Portlandia in 2011, has been integrated into the show since Season 2.
"This year we wanted to evolve the partnership a little bit," said Blake Callaway, evp of marketing and digital media at IFC. "So we went to the writer's room and created this first standalone Web series."
In addition to the Web series, which people can watch on IFC's website, Subaru will continue to be integrated in the satirical sketch comedy's sixth season. Dos Equis will also come on board, and Geico returns for a so-called "near-show integration"...' the article

1/14 Starlink app and navigation press release from SEMA auto show in Las Vegas.
Magellan SmartGPS Navigation to Power Future Subaru Vehicles Equipped with the Subaru Starlink Platform Powered by Clarion's Smart Access System
January 4, Las Vegas, NV – Magellan's SmartGPS navigation has been selected to be included with Subaru vehicles featuring the Subaru Starlink platform. The Subaru Starlink infotainment systems, available in Subaru vehicles, utilize Clarion's advanced Smart Access™ cloud connectivity platform to seamlessly sync and control cloud-based applications directly through the infotainment system's screen, providing immediate access to Magellan's SmartGPS navigation.
Designed to support both Apple iOS and Android smartphones, the Subaru Starlink app brings continuously updated cloud applications to the vehicle's center stack display. Drivers can then access all Starlink approved apps and services effortlessly, including Magellan's SmartGPS, allowing for safe access and display on the vehicle's touch panel.
Magellan SmartGPS navigation will be available on future Subaru models.
SmartGPS Navigation Software
Magellan's SmartGPS navigation iOS and Android apps for connected car bring Magellan's proven smartphone navigation to Subaru vehicles by connecting to the Subaru Starlink platform. The SmartGPS navigation app provides a voice-guided full navigation. As a GPS industry pioneer, Magellan's navigation and routing engines have been developed and proven through years of R&D and testing.
"Magellan is honored that its SmartGPS navigation has been selected by a company as innovative and well-known as Subaru to be the GPS navigation solution for its future vehicles," commented Pierre Parent, President of Magellan. "This partnership gives Subaru customers access to our award winning navigation, which provides added value to Subaru's award winning vehicles."
Magellan's SmartGPS navigation for Subaru will use an advanced cloud-based mapping solution. This ensures customers that their maps for GPS navigation are never outdated. Using a STARLINK phone app to "connect to the dash", Subaru customers can safely and easily use their Magellan SmartGPS navigation app on the infotainment touch panel.
"Magellan has been a great partner throughout the process of us working together to bring their premium navigation solution to Subaru's Starlink platform," stated Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing & Product Planning for Clarion Corporation of America. "We only provide the finest and most innovative solutions to our key customers such as Subaru so we feel confident that Magellan's SmartGPS navigation apps will be an excellent addition to the Subaru STARLINK platform powered by Clarion's Smart Access." the orginal press release

1/10/16 oil consumption lawsuit settlement proposed
Some Subarus use oil. Its true.  This is an industry problem, its not just Subaru. Check out the article Consumer Reports did on this issue last June (read the CR article). The "oil consumption" (notice its not 'oil burning') seems to be related to the use of lighter 0w-20 oil in low friction engines that allow some of the oil to be forced by the rings. Its not smelly blue smoke coming out the back and it doesn't seem to be clogging catalytic converters (or at least I haven't heard), its just evaporating. It becomes a problem when engines use a quart every 1000-2000 miles or so. Engines use some oil, they always have, and when we changed oil every 3 months or 3000 miles it wasn't as noticeable as it is now that the interval is 6 months or 6000 miles. The low friction engines are designed for improved economy and more power because the engine itself requires less power to keep itself running (low friction = turns over easier).... progress and new technologies bring both new improvements and new problems.
I'm not an automotive engineer but this simple explanation seems somewhat reasonable. Engines that are driven harder with fast starts, or with higher compression such as manual transmissions that are revved up or downshifted to slow down, seem to use more oil.
Subaru certainly is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it.
Check your oil every 2 or 3 gas station visits for example - on flat ground, and after the engine sits while you pump the gas- and if you think you're using oil, contact your dealer and they will start an oil consumption test. 

updated 2/4  models included in the settlement include some but not all
2011-2014 Forester CVT transmission
2011-2015 Forester manual transmission

2012-2013 Impreza CVT transmission
2012-2015 Impreza manual transmission

2013 Crosstrek CVT transmission
2013-2015 crosstrek manual transmission

2013 Outback CVT transmission
2013-2014 Outback manual transmission

2013 Legacy CVT transmission
2013-2014 Legacy manual transmission

1/10/16 Here's the article on the proposed class action settlement
"Subaru of America has agreed to settle a class action accusing it of knowingly selling cars that have a defect causing them to burn excessive amounts of oil. Subaru has agreed to extend warranties on affected vehicles, and reimburse vehicle owners for expenses related to the defect.
On Jan. 4, the lead plaintiffs asked the court to approve this preliminary settlement. “This proposed settlement will provide most class members with as much or more compensation as they may have obtained had this case proceeded through certification and trial,” the lead plaintiffs assert.
The original class action lawsuit filed by lead plaintiffs Keith Yeager and Michael Schuler alleged that Subaru knew that certain models of vehicles had defective piston rings that would cause extra oil to burn off the engine. According to the class action lawsuit, Subaru did not tell consumers about the oil burning defect, and that deception caused car owners to spend “considerable money on extra engine oil, but also on engine repairs trying to fix the underlying problem.”
In addition, the class action lawsuit claims that Subaru “improperly denied many warranty repairs, and then, more recently, secretly changed the scope of its warranty coverage without telling affected drivers.” Since the original filing, seven other named plaintiffs have been added to the Subaru class action lawsuit, alleging the same defect in different model vehicles and states.
To settle the oil burning defect class action lawsuit, Subaru has agreed to increase the warranty on vehicles with the defect from the original 5-year / 60,000-mile warranty, to an 8-year / 100,000-mile warranty.
In addition, Subaru has agreed to compensate vehicle owners for the following expenses: “(i) vehicle repairs (including parts and labor); (ii) rental cars; (iii) towing; and (iv) the purchase of up to six quarts of oil per vehicle.” Subaru has agreed to pay 100% of those costs, if claimants can provide reasonable proof of their expenses.
Finally, Subaru has agreed to provide a free “oil consumption test” as well as “TSB repairs” for any owners or leasers of defective vehicles.
The Subaru oil burning defect lawsuit is asking the court to certify a Class of all “current or former owners or lessors of [defective Subaru models] originally purchased or leased in the continental United States and Alaska.” Notice of the settlement will be mailed directly to Class Members, who will have to file claims to receive compensation.
The actual Subaru models that are part of the potential settlement and details on the claim filing process were not immediately available. Keep checking or sign up for our free newsletter for the latest updates. You can also mark this article as a “Favorite” using your free Top Class Actions account to receive notifications when this article is updated.
The plaintiffs are represented by Matthew D. Schelkopf and Jospeh G. Sauder of Chimicles & Tikellis LLP, Eric H. Gibbs, Dylan Hughes, and David Stein of Girard Gibbs LLP, and Richard D. McCune, Jae K. Kim, and Michele M. Vercoski of McCune Wright, LLP."
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1/6/2016 2015 ends with a surge in sales and the best month ever with a new record of 56,274 cars sold, an increase of 6,351 13% over the previous best of 53,070 September 2015. 

For the record.... Subaru sold
48,928 cars in 1976, 183,242 in 1986, sales dropped in the early 1990s but recovered to 120,748 cars in 1996, they sold 200,703 in 2006, and now they're poised to break 600,000 in 2016

December sales by model

#1 Forester- 16,797 Dec 2015 compared to 15,163 12/14. 
#2 Outback- 16,067 Dec 2015 compared to 14,772 12/14
#3 Crosstrek- 8,090 Dec 2015 compared to 5,482 12/14
#4 Impreza- 6,059 Dec 2015 compared to 5,808 12/14
#5 Legacy- 5,759 Dec 2015 compared to 5,457 12/14
#6 WRX/STI- 3,089 Dec 2015 compared to 2,812 12/14
#7 BRZ- 412 Dec 2015 compared to 416 12/14

2015 total sales 582,675. Thats an increase of 68,982 or 13% over 2014 total sales 513,693
It was a great year to be Subaru.  Subaru's share of the total U.S market is now around 3.3%
Sales of all models is up up up except the rear wheel drive Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ clone.
60% of sales are to buyers new to Subaru! Marketing love love love and dogs dogs dogs works. And all the positive reviews... some days it seems Subaru can do no wrong.
Now Subaru has to keep these new buyers from drifting to yet another brand when it again comes time for a new car.
Subaru can help create loyalty
> the first two oil changes and one tire rotation and 1 new cabin air filter should be included free with every purchase.
> Subarus come with a 3 year/36,000 mile roadside warranty, and that service should be extended to cover any other Subarus in the owner's name.
> Subaru GTP guaranteed trade program is offered on cars up to 6 years from date of sale, and they could extend that to 8 years to keep older car owners from trying another brand
> loyalty incentives to repeat buyers that can be as simple as a Subaru jacket or something similar, a free 2 year maintenance/oil change program, perhaps a small price or interest rate discount.
Crosstreks continue to be the hard to find, an overnight success 3 years after its 2013 model introduction. The new 2016 model's 7" upgraded audio and blind spot detection has of course been getting people to take a 2nd look. The base 2.0i and Premium model 6.2" audio system is disappointing.
The top selling 2016 Forester's upgraded 7" audio system on all except 2.5i base model, has helped the Forester compete with the #2 selling 2016 Outback's blind spot detection.
The Forester retains the classic straight-forward utility, functionality and safety of the Subarus that helped establish the company's current reputation. It may be square but it works!
Outback with current safety technology (seat cushion airbags, upgraded eyesight, blind spot detection) and a comfortable, quiet ride is now a car people aspire to.
The 2016 WRX and STI are, as always, strong cult favorites, despite missing a 5 door hatchback version since the 2014 model. The WRX CVT is a good compromise for the performance buyer who doesn't want to shift. While the paddle shifters work, they should be made a little more responsive, with a crisper shift response. 
The Impreza, first offered in 1993, still does well even with competition from its higher sitting Impreza Crosstrek sibling ... or perhaps its because of the Crosstrek. Can we say that those early Impreza hatchbacks were the first mini-utes?
The BRZ is a beautiful car, especially the Premium model which has clean, classic lines without the fussy rear spoiler on the Limited. But it's a rear wheel drive car in an all-wheel-drive world and sales continue to drop year after year from the high of 8587 cars sold its first full year (2013 model). I wonder how long Subaru will continue to make it (the answer is.. as long as Toyota wants to buy and market them as Scion FRSs)

2015 total sales by model
#1 Forester 175,192 for the year, which is an increase of 15,293 or 10% over 2014 159.953
#2 Outback 152,294 for the year, which is an increase of 13,504 or 10% over2014 138,790
#3 Crosstrek  88,927 for the year, which is an increase of 17,971 or 25% over 2014  70,956
#4 Impreza  66,785 for the year, which is an increase of  8789 or 15% over 2014 57, 996
#5 Legacy  60,447 for the year, which is an increase of  8177 or 16%  2014 52,270
#6 WRX/STI  33,734  for the year, which is an increase of  8242 or 32% over 2014 25,492
#7 BRZ  5,296 for the year, which is a decrease of  2208 or -29% from 2014 7504

12/14 Subaru Ambassador Program grows

Subaru supports enthusiasts with the Subaru Ambassador Program begun early this year.
Ambassadors are expected to spread the word at their local events, clubs, meetings, forums etc.
Ambassadors will get a variety of Subaru gifts to hand out at these events, including discount coupons.
Get more information here


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Did you know Subaru makes small engine and portable home generators?  Parent company Fuji also has Robin America with l engines for lawnmowers, jets skies, generators etc. They make Subaru generators including quiet inverter ones. Subaru generators

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