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2016, 2015
Crosstrek Hybrid

2016, 2015
2016, 2015
Tribeca- discontinued

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August 2015
Subaru News, Reviews and Articles, Updates, Events, Comments
a completely 100% unofficial unauthorized unapproved website. info always subject to change, correction, updating
> Finance Rate webpageAugust 4-31, 2015
> for the NW Puget Sound, Seattle area only
> financing is through Subaru/Chase with no prepayment penalty, no loan fees, no buy down fees, on approval of credit.

changes for August
all rates continue for August, with no changes from July.
2016 WRXs and STIs are available. The new audio 6.2" and 7" systems are a giant improvement from the 15s
2016 Foresters are arriving with the new upgraded 6.2" and 7" audio systems and Starlink safety connectivity
2016 Outback and Legacy due starting early August.
Dealers have low rates plus good lease incentives on 2015 Forester, Outback, Impreza, and Legacy

Dealers are particularly motivated to move...
2015 WRX and STI- now that the upgraded 16s are available, the 15s must go
2015 Foresters, dealers have a selection, with 0% financing and lease incentives available
2015 dealers always want to move the Crosstrek Hybrid, there's 0% interest and discounted prices

2016 Finance rates, NW area, on approval of credit
Forester 1.90% 24-36-48 mos, 2.90%x 60-63-72 months
Outback 1.90% 24-36-48 mos, 2.90%x 60-63-72 months
Legacy 1.90% 24-36-48 mos, 2.90%x 60-63-72 months
WRX, STI 2.90%x 24-36-48-60 months

2015 Finance rates, NW area
, on approval of credit
Outback 1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
Legacy 1.49% x 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% x 60-63-72 months
Forester .0% 24-36-48 mos, .90% x60-63-72 months
Crosstrek  1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
Crosstrek Hybrid 0%x36 mos1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
Impreza 1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
WRX, STI 2.90% x24-36-48-60-63 months
BRZ .90% 24-36-48mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months


> Lease rates- available on 2015s. Ask your local dealer. 
Payment calculatorGTP Guaranteed Trade Value- an easy way to trade in your Subaru
>Find a Subaru dealer  Alabama-Montana; Nebraska - Wyoming; Canada; Mexico. Dealer news and updates wanted.
> Buy a Subaru in Shoreline/North Seattle or the greater NW.  Discounted prices. I've been selling Subarus since 1996.
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This website is created and maintained by Joe Spitz. I've been selling Subarus in the Shoreline (N. Seattle), Puget Sound and greater Northwest area since 1996. If you're anywhere in the area  (including Idaho, Montana, California, Oregon, Alaska) and buying a Subaru, call and lets talk about what you want.

Note- this unofficial independent, unauthorized Subaru research website is designed to help you learn about Subarus. It's not authorized, approved, sponsored, or supported in any way by Subaru or a Subaru dealer anywhere. Comments and links have been edited and summarized. All info subject to change, correction, frequent updating.  Comments, tips, and corrections are welcomed and appreciated.

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Subaru News, Reviews, Articles, Updates, Links, Events, Photos, Comments
suggestions, stories, tips welcomed
contact info
or call 206 769-7821 I  much more news


8/4 August interest rates , August 4-31
all August rates remains the same as July. The push is on to move the 2015 Foresters and remaining 2015 WRX, STIs
> 2016 Finance rates, NW area, on approval of credit
Forester 1.90% 24-36-48 mos, 2.90%x 60-63-72 months
Outback 1.90% 24-36-48 mos, 2.90%x 60-63-72 months
Legacy 1.90% 24-36-48 mos, 2.90%x 60-63-72 months
WRX, STI 2.90%x 24-36-48-60 months
> 2015 Finance rates, NW area, on approval of credit
Outback 1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
Legacy 1.49% x 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% x 60-63-72 months
Forester .0% 24-36-48 mos, .90% x60-63-72 months
Crosstrek  1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
Crosstrek Hybrid 0%x36 mos1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
Impreza 1.49% 24-36-48 mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months
WRX, STI 2.90% x24-36-48-60-63 months
BRZ .90% 24-36-48mos, 1.90% 60-63-72 months

8/3 July 2015 sales, its a new sales record
Another record setting month with a total of 50,517 cars sold. That is Subaru's highest total ever for a single month by 246 cars. The revious record was 50,246 in August 2014
For July 2015
Total 50517 for July 15, which is 4803 cars over 45714 cars July 2014, and 246 cars over the previous all time record of 50,246 set last August 2014.
Subaru is on a roll, and a rising tide floats all boats. 44th month of increased sales, and 17th month in a row with sales over 40,000.
Outback 10,863 July 15, down 905 from 11768 July 14. the 2016 Outbacks havent starting arriving yet and the supply of 15s is tight, and that holds back sales. The 16s should be arriving soon. 
Forester 15,811 July 15, up 1287 over 145624 July 14. The 0% financing combined with low closeout prices on the 15s helped sales. The upgraded 16s are arriving now with the new audio systems. Still, its disappointing the 16s didn't get a height adjustable front passenger seat or CVT paddle shifters.
Crosstrek 8575 for July 15, up 1972 over 6603 July 14. The Crosstrek has 'arrived', after 3 years it's an overnight success. Hopefully the 16s due later this year will get the much needed power seat and blind spot detection
Impreza 6527 for July 15, up 1159 from 5368 July 14.
Legacy 4500 for July 15, down 179 from 4679 July 14. The 2016s are expected this month
WRX, STI 3716 for July 15, up 1711 from 2005 July 14. The 16s are arriving and the upgraded audio systems are a huge improvement, especially the 7" navigation system. While subaru's technology features have never been state of the art, the systems in the 16s WRX and STI and a massive improvement over the 14s. The Hyper Blue STI is due in October.
BRZ 525 for July 15, down 199 from July 14. Reportedly the 2017 or a mid-year 2016.5 BRZ will get a new motor, or if not a new motor, a farewell party. In the meantime, the Hyper Blue 2016 BRZ is expected in October.

7/3015 new accessories
2016 Outback- Footwell Lighting $198. A pale blue LED for the driver and passenger front footwells. This has been been available before, but not on the 15s.
2016 Legacy- Footwell Lighting $198, and Trunk Cargo Hooks. The cargo hooks are all new, Two double-sided hooks are attached to the top of the inside of the trunk and are convenient to hang grocery bags from. The hooks fold up when not in use. Available only with the rear cargo net for $144.
2016 Forester- body colored door edge guards. $139

7/24 2016 Foresters arriving at dealers.
the new 6.2" and 7" audio systems are significant upgrades. Premium and above models get new Starlink connectivity, with an introductory free year of the basic Safety Plus package

7/13 Subaru is here to stay ... plans to open new West Coast parts warehouse in Gresham, Oregon

This will be the first stop for all Japan sourced parts. Scheduled for fall 2016 (next year), it will be 600,000sf, with an additional 235,000sf available if needed.

7/4 2016 WRXs and STI arriving at dealers.
The upgraded 6.2' and 7" audio is worth getting
specs and photos

7/1/15  Subaru to Offer Limited Edition Series.HyperBlue BRZ and WRX STI Models
Limited to 700 WRX STI & 500 BRZ
BRZ receives upgraded SUBARU STARLINK® Multimedia
Rear Vision Camera now standard on BRZ
Exclusive Hyper Blue exterior paint and interior trims

Cherry Hill, N.J. -   Subaru of America, Inc. has announced the 2016 Series.HyperBlue limited edition available exclusively on BRZ and WRX STI models. As a follow up to the 2015 Series.Blue BRZ, the 2016 Series.HyperBlue cars feature exterior paint in Subaru’s exclusive Hyper Blue with matching interior trim. Production will be limited to 700 WRX STI and 500 BRZ cars for the United States. Vehicles will go on sale this Fall.

Series.Hyper.Blue WRX STI
Powered by the legendary 305-horsepower 2.5-liter turbocharged/intercooled BOXER engine, the WRX STI helped to pioneer the sport compact segment with a rally-bred drivetrain and Multi-Mode Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Standard handling technologies include Active Torque Vectoring, Multi-Mode Vehicle Dynamics Control and a Brembo® Performance Brake System with Super Sport ABS.
The Series.HyperBlue trim brings exclusive blue stitching to the standard Alcantara® seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, manual transmission shifter boot, console as well as carpeted floor mats with the traditional Cherry Red STI logo. Series.HyperBlue WRX STI wears 18-inch BBS® Black Alloy wheels and black badging with black painted exterior mirrors. SUBARU STARLINK 7.0” Multimedia Navigation System comes standard on this trim with 9 Harman/Kardon® speakers and 440-watt amplifier.
The WRX STI is equipped exclusively with a specially reinforced 6-speed manual transmission. A flat-bottom, leather-wrapped tilt/telescoping steering wheel integrates switches for audio and Bluetooth. The STI Design electroluminescent gauge panel integrates a 3.5-in. central LCD screen that displays various functions such as windshield washer fluid and the selected gear.
The Series.HyperBlue models come standard with Keyless Access with Push-Button Start and PIN Code Access. Standard Welcome Lighting automatically turns on interior illumination and exterior lights as the driver approaches or departs the car.

Series.HyperBlue BRZ
The Subaru BRZ marked a return to the fundamentals of sports car design, emphasizing low vehicle weight, an ultra-low center of gravity and precision steering. A 200-horsepower 2.0-liter BOXER engine powers all BRZ models.
For 2016, the BRZ receives the STARLINK 6.2” Multimedia System with a 6.2-in. single-touch gesture display, AM/FM stereo with HD Radio®, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Radio Data Broadcast System, single-disc CD player, Bluetooth® hands-free phone connectivity and audio streaming, iPod® control, iTunes® Tagging, a USB port and an auxiliary input jack. Smartphone integration features Aha™ and Pandora®, along with STARLINK cloud applications iHeartRadio®, Stitcher, Calendar, Music Player, News and Weather. New for 2016, the BRZ receives standard rear vision camera.
The Series.HyperBlue BRZ cabin features an exclusive design scheme. The leather and Alcantara upholstery includes Hyper blue leather seat bolsters and head restraints. Blue stitching accents the seats and the blue and black leather-wrapped steering wheel, as well as the shift lever boot and leather-wrapped parking brake handle. The blue motif carries to the center console kneepads and door trim, accented by an embroidered silver BRZ logo on the front seatbacks. Carpeted floor mats also pick up the BRZ logo and blue stitching.
The exterior continues the Series.HyperBlue theme with 17-inch black alloy wheels, black glossy badging and painted black finish exterior mirrors. A frameless day/night rear-view mirror and simulated carbon fiber center dash panel add a high-tech look, and the finishing touch is an illuminated engine start / stop button.
Pricing on these models will be announced this Fall.

7/1/5  interest rates for July
2015 Subaru Forester gets 0% 24, 36, 48mos, .90%60, 63, 72 months, on approval of credit.
More Rate webpage

June sales total 44,335, a 7.2% increase over 4136 June 2015
Dealers started the month with 31,000 cars, and with 44,355 being sold, that means many cars were sold before they arrived at dealers. 
Forester continues as the top seller with 14,058.  The new, long-needed infotainment upgrades coming on the 2016s next month will increase sales. And for those that don't mind the 2015's dated audio, bluetooth, and small back-up camera screen, 0% financing will help move the 2015s. So the 2015 Forester should have a strong July.
#2 volume Outback has serious supply issues, and is selling out with almost no availability on the ground. 10,912 were sold in June, down 5% from June 14.
Crosstrek is rapidly climbing the sales ladder, with a 7057 for the month, a 30% increase over last June. The success of the Crosstrek, first introduced in 2012 and generally unacknowledged to be a variant of the Impreza 5 door (first introduced in 1993),  shows that Subaru buyers prefer high-sitting hatchback wagons and crossovers like the Forester, Outback and Crosstrek.  The first Outback with a raised suspension was a version of the 1996 Legacy wagon and a run-away success that basically saved Subaru. The first Crosstrek was a 2012 Impreza with raised suspension and its easily out-performing Legacy and Impreza.
The big gainer for the month is Legacy with 4526 sold, a 45% increase over June 2014. Maybe if they offered a raised suspension, high sitting Legacy sedan, we'd see more volume. Oh wait.... Subaru already did that. They offered an Outback sedan (aka SUS), which was a raised suspension Legacy sedan, from the 1997 though 2007 model years. It wasn't a big seller, it never foiund a stable market, but has its fans. Expect bloggers to start writing about it as another forgotten curiosity from the back of the Subaru closet like they do with the SVX, XT6, Brat, Baja etc

Subaru's month to month sales have increased for 43 months in row, with the last 16 months over 40,000.
YTD, half-way through the year, the total is 272,428, a 14.5% increase over 238,000 YTD 2014, with the busy fall and cold weather season approaching
June totals
Forester 14,058, 741 cars or 6% over 13317 June 2014
Outback 10,912, 613 cars or 5% lower than 11,525 June 2014
Crosstrek 7057, 1623 cars or 30% over 5434 June 2014
Impreza 5066, 211 or 4% less than 5277 June 2014
Legacy 4526, 1395 or 45% more than 3131 June 2014
WRX/STI 2166, 101 cars or 5% more than 2065 June 2014
BRZ 550, 7 cars or 1% drop from 557 June 2014

7/1/15 Oil consumption issues take front and center stage with Consumer Reports reporting on the problem.
Manufacturers mentioned in the article include Audi, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche Mercedes, Chevy

Here's the first paragraph of the article from Consumer Reports. To read the full article buy the CR August 2015 issue at newstands or read the complete article online.

"Cars under warranty shouldn’t burn oil. And most don’t.
But Consumer Reports’ 2014 Annual Auto Survey found that several auto manufacturers are building engines—available in a number of widely sold models—that require frequently topping off the oil reservoir between recommended oil changes. That’s a worry and cost that a new-car owner shouldn’t have.
The oil-change industry has long prescribed changing your oil every 3,000 miles. In recent years, most automakers have stretched that to 7,500 or even 10,000 miles because refinements in engine manufacturing and oil technology purportedly allow engine oil to last longer.
For some automakers, though, that appears to be an optimistic claim. In our survey of owners of about 1 million vehicles stretching back 10 years, we found that for certain models, significant numbers of consumers have to add a quart of oil to their engines as frequently as every month.
It’s normal for cars to burn a little oil as they age toward 100,000 miles and beyond. But Consumer Reports believes that for an almost new car to burn that excessive amount of oil is unacceptable...."
The article continues on and includes Consumer Reports list of the "The thirsty 30"
 Other reviews in the August issue include an assortment - smartwatches, refrigerators, dishwashers, kitchen countertops, the use and overuse of antibiotics, the Ford F150 and Chevy Colorado trucks, Mustang and Challenger muscle cars etc.
Buy the CR August 2015 issue at newstands or read the full article online.

Subaru responds to customer concerns  "....The Subaru owner's manual includes a normal consumption example of 1 qt per 1,200 miles, and most owners will experience consumption at lower rates with normal driving. However, if an owner feels they are using more oil than they should be, retailers will assess the situation on a case-by-case basis and can perform a consumption test to determine what actions should be taken. Different drivers in the same car may experience different results. However, Subaru will continue to offer assistance to customers who feel they are experiencing above-expectation consumption."

And few brief comments from me. For a long time Subaru had head gasket issues. The solution was to replace the gaskets, try to let the engine warm up and cool down a bit, and mostly hope it doesn't ever happen again during the car's life. And except for that the cars mostly ran and ran and ran. Of course some potential buyers were scared off, but not many. And whatever car they did buy also had issues, just different ones.

Now with this oil consumption,  it can be very annoying- its not just one time during a car's life, its every 1000-1500 miles, and that's annoying.  Consumer Reports is right, cars normally use oil but not this much.  I'm told (and I am not a mechanic, and this isn't the final answer) that this disappearing oil is related to improving fuel economy via low friction engines, smaller piston rings, and the use of thin 0w-20 synthetic oil instead of the old heavier 5w-30 conventional oil. For now the answer is to watch the oil- open the hood and check the dipstick, carry and stay in touch with the service people at your local dealer.

This is from
"Newer models from Audi, BMW and Subaru are burning a lot of oil between routine oil changes, according to a consumer survey from Consumer Reports.
The magazine’s 2014 Annual Auto Survey found that a significant number of consumers with vehicles from the 2010 to 2014 model years have to add a quart of oil to their engines as frequently as every month.
The worst offenders:
• Audi’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and 3.0-liter V-6.
• BMW’s 4.8-liter V-8 and twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8.
• Subaru’s 3.6-liter six-cylinder and 2.0- and 2.5-liter four-cylinders.
Some of the models with these engines include Audi’s A3, A4, A5, A6 and Q5; BMW’s 5, 6 and 7 series and X5; and Subaru’s Outback, Legacy, Forester and Impreza.
While the magazine said it didn’t find a direct connection between increased oil consumption and other engine problems, it found that excessive oil burning early in a vehicle’s life leads to increased oil consumption over time.
The real issue: Cost
The real issue for consumers with oil-guzzling engines is cost. Consumer Reports cites increased requirement for synthetic oil, which can cost up to $9 per quart, and more frequent routine oil changes as expenses of excessive oil consumption.
Owners of BMW 5-series cars equipped with V-8 engines were 27 times as likely to have excessive oil consumption as owners of an average vehicle in the survey.
BMW attributes oil top-up frequency to the luxury vehicles’ long intervals between oil changes -- 10,000 miles -- and BMW engines may consume up to 1 quart of engine oil per 750 miles under certain driving conditions
The traditional oil-change frequency recommendation is every 3,000 miles, but fine-tuning in engine manufacturing and oil technology has led some automakers to extend that to 7,500-10,000 miles.
“Oil consumption is normal on all engines as it is necessary to properly lubricate the cylinder walls, pistons, piston rings, valves and turbochargers,” BMW spokesman Hector Arellano-Belloc wrote in an email.
Subaru spokesman Michael McHale said the automaker’s internal data show that “much less than 1 percent” of its vehicles are criticized by customers for excessive oil consumption, but the automaker is in the midst of a class-action lawsuit regarding the issue.
The class-action alleges that Subaru models equipped with the 2.0- and 2.5-liter engines may contain defective piston rings in the engine, which causes excessive oil consumption.
“Different drivers in the same car may experience different driving results,” McHale said. “Oil consumption is an inherent feature of all internal combustion engines and the rate of consumption can be affected by such factors as transmission type, driving style, terrain and temperature.”
He said the Subaru owner’s manual indicates a normal consumption example of 1 quart per 1,200 miles.
Another class-action lawsuit filed by consumers alleged that Audi’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines contained a defect that caused them to consume excessive amounts of oil. A settlement was reached last month.
Audi was not required to admit liability or wrongdoing in the settlement, but the automaker will have to extend warranties on affected vehicles to 80,000 miles. Affected vehicles are eligible for engine adjustments to control oil consumption under the settlement, and Audi is expected to reimburse the plaintiffs for service adjustments performed on the affected vehicles before the settlement.
“We believe many of the Audi complaints stem from the cars included under the Oil Consumption Class Action settlement,” Audi spokesman Brad Stertz wrote in an email. “For other models listed by Consumer Reports, our internal information isn’t indicating any increase in customer complaints.”

6/21 Happy Father's Day and Summer Solstice- summer starts at 9:39am

6/17/15  2016 Foresters can be ordered starting tomorrow, Thursday 6/18/15, 11am east coast time

The new audio systems and their high resolution LCD touchscreens, the 6.2" on the 2.5i, and especially the 7" on all the other models,  are a huge improvement over previous radios. The rear view backup camera display will much more effective in all kinds of light, the cell bluetooth will download phonebooks and read text messages (based on phone compatability - android, iphone), the navigation system will be finally worth getting with its easy to see 7" screen, and the Starlink connected services will appeal to some. 
016 Forester webpage with specs, details, options

6/16/215  2016 WRXs arriving, but only a few.
Most 16s have an ETA in July and are still a VON (vehicle order number), no VIN yet

June 16, 2015- 2016 Forester model specs, features and prices announced.
The model line-up and Option Packages all remain the same.
2016 orders not accepted yet.

2016 Forester webpage with specs, details, options, prices

Prices raised $200 on the 2.5i models and $700 on all other models
MSRP including destination
2.5i manual + $200 to $23,245
2.5i CVT +$200 to $24,245
2.5i Premium, manual + $700 to $26,145
2.5i Premium CVT + $700 to $26,645
2.5i Limited CVT + $700 to $29,645
2.5i Touring CVT + $700 to $31,645
2.0XT Premium + $700 to $30,045
2.0XT Touring + $700 to $34,645

Some Option Package prices were reduced $500 which will offsets the price increases and makes the new Forester an even better deal!

Premium Package #13 all weather package $500, same as the 2015 model
Premium Package #14 all weather package and Eyesight, $1295, same as 2015 model
Premium Package #15 all weather package, navigation, Eyesight now $1895, ($500 less than $2395 2015 model)
Limited Package #22 Navigation, Harman/Kardon audio $1350 ($500 less than $1850 2015 model)
Limited Package $23 Navigation, Harman/Kardon audio, Eyesight  $2145 ($500 less than $2645 2015 model)
2.5 Touring and 2.0XT Touring Package #2 Eyesight, Navigation $1395, ($500 less than the $1895 on the 2015 model)

As expected, the big change is the Audio systems
All models get an upgraded audio with LCD screen, improved cell phone features including phonebook download
2.5i 6.2" system with Starlink cloud apps
2.5 Premium, Limited, Touring, 2.0XT Premium, XT Touring all get the 7"audio with Starlink cloud apps, plus the new Starlink Safety and Security connectivity
Color- Crystal white replaces Satin White
more 2016 Forester info and specs

6/13/15 a well written, thorough article about Subaru's history - where is Subaru today, how did yesterday turn into today. and where will they be tomorrow.
Subaru is on a roll. They're selling more cars than ever, giving proof to old fable that the race isn't always won by the fleet, that the turtle can win.
Supply of some models is very tight - Outback, Limited, Crosstrek and WRX/STI - and many are sold before they are delivered. People order and wait for their car.
As Subaru owners know, and the article below discusses, Subaru moves slowly. They went years without bluetooth or USB ports, model redesigns were more evolutionary upgrades than new models. When they did come out with all new models- recently the Baja and Tribeca - sales were slow and production faded. The newest member of the family, the BRZ, completely bucks Subaru's all-wheel-drive heritage, but it was co-developed with Toyota and is mostly sold as a Scion anyway. 
Some 2015s got new quieter rides (not something Subaru is known for), audio screens got usable rear view camera screens and cell phone bluetooth that downloads phonebooks. 2016 models are getting Subaru new Starlink telematics (think Onstar). But that's not the whole story- Subaru plays to its fans by focusing on safety, solid structure, usability, and dependability. Decent fuel economy, reasonable pricing, adjustable seats... family practical cars are what Subaru buyers want. Sure there's room for change and improvement, there always is, but ask someone who has a Subaru what they'd change and it would mostly all be minor. And yes they'd buy it again, and again.
Subaru's recent growth is bringing in all new owners. Subarus are new to these buyers, they're not buying the same brand of car they had before, and the trick will be keeping them happy through their ownership period  (read; how do they like the service dept) while creating brand loyalty, and then having something for them to buy next time they need a new car. Since these new owners were willing to try a new brand this time, what's to stop them from trying a new brand next time... will they ride the turtle.

Read the article from
"Will fast-growing Subaru decide to stay small"
"The tornado tore through Lafayette, Ind., at 3 p.m. on Nov. 17, 2013, a Sunday.
Most of the 4,000 workers at the local Subaru factory—the only such facility outside Japan—were between shifts when the twister slammed into the building at almost 140 miles per hour. It tore off a section of roof, flung a three-ton air-conditioning unit like an empty beer can, and toppled a concrete wall onto the assembly line.
“Monday was a day off. Tuesday morning, we were open at 6 a.m.” says Tom Easterday, the executive vice president who runs the factory. The roof was a patchwork of temporary panels, the floor was covered in a few inches of rainwater, and the plant was cold. But shutting down production wasn’t an option. Subaru had enough inventory in the U.S. to last about 11 days, an impossibly slim buffer in an industry famous for revving supply far beyond demand. The 2014 Outback that wound up under the concrete wall was driven off the line, retouched, and sold.
<snip>  read the entire article at
... In late 2006, Doll hired a new creative agency, Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch, a unit of Interpublic Group. The first change was simple: The tag line—"It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru"—was prefaced by "Love." A slate of emotionally charged ads followed. Kids and dogs were everywhere. The only features the company lingered on were safety-related. Instead of buying a Super Bowl slot, the company sponsored Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. "Before 2008, you kind of knew about Subaru or you didn't," says marketing chief Alan Bethke. "That all changed with the 'Love' campaign."
Volume, however, has its drawbacks. If a company outruns demand, a string of reactions unfolds that ends in a very dented reputation among consumers. First, profit gets pinched, as prices are cut and incentives are added to move the excess metal. Friction builds between dealers and the manufacturer over whose margin should be sacrificed. Meanwhile, the discounting weighs on resale values, which can turn off prospective buyers.
.... Last year, Subaru made a profit of nine cents on every dollar of sales, some $2.4 billion in net income. That’s nine cents free and clear—after all of the workers had been paid and the fancy crash-avoidance technology had been tested and the checks had gone out to charities. No other automaker hit that threshold—not Toyota (8 percent), not BMW (7.2 percent), and certainly not Ford (2.2 percent).
After that kind of result, most executives would take a victory lap—bankroll a reckless race car or at least splurge on a famous headliner to make an appearance at one of the auto shows. Doll, however, is hunkered down near a hotel Starbucks, carefully making last-minute edits to his annual address to dealers. When asked about his remarkable success of late, he shrugs, cracks a wry grin, and offers the koan of a car guy who has seen both boom and bust: “Profit in this business is all temporary; eventually it just has to be redeployed.”
> read the entire article at

6/12/15  Love is Worth Waiting For... 2016 Outback and Legacy factory orders.
The 2015s are in short supply, 2016s will continue to sell well once they start arriving and will be hard to get, so if you want one, order it now ... 
Love is Worth Waiting For.
due to complaints about it not being a national program, it is no longer posted here

6/10 2016 Foresters- scant info today, more expected soon.
We're all still waiting on specs and details, but I understand the only changes are the upgraded 6.2" and 7' audio infotainment systems.
Eyesight remains v2, there's no Blind Spot or Rear crosstraffic alert offered, and the ride and noise isn't improved.
Of course, the better audio systems will help with phone functions, and the bigger LCD screens with certainly help the rear view back-up camera display.
But there's no height adjustable front passenger seat, the 2.5s still have a generic low mode instead of paddle shifters,  the Touring doesn't get memory seats....
Yes the top models will get Subaru Starlink Safety Plus and Security Plus safety and convenience connectivity.
There are two Starlink packages
#1 Safety Plus Package with SOS emergency accident assistance, enhanced roadside assistance, automatic collision notification, maintenance nofiication, and diagnostic alerts-  1 year free, 2 years $99,  3 years $149
#2 Safety Plus and Security plus add stolen vehicle recovery, alarm notifications, remote lock/unlock, remote horn/lights function, remote vehicle finder-  1 year $49, 2 years $149, 3 years $249
more 2016 Forester info soon.

6/8 Takata passenger airbag recall
The recall is only on Subaru 2004 and 2005 Impreza, WRX and STI made January 2003 to May 2005. Owners will be notified by mail.

6/6 Thieves can extend the range of a car's keyless access search system to unlock the car.
The keyless access system on cars works when the key fob is close to the car, within a few feet, in your pocket or purse. The car's search function only looks a few feet and won't find a key fob further away, in your house for example.
But crooks have found a way to hack the system... of course.
This isn't your typical smash-and-grab, the thief needs to have an 'amplifying device' that extends the range of a car's search function, allowing it to find a key that is normally way too far away to work, like in your house for example.
When it finds the key, the doors can be opened. Remember, this is only cars with keyless access and pushbutton start. Car companies are working to have the car recognize the distance of the key, so it will only find the key and only work if the key is very close by.
The solution is Subaru needs to put an 'off' button on the key. Not only will this eliminate this new (but unlikely) theft risk, but with an 'off' button, the key can also be locked in the car when you're swimming or hiking etc and don't want to carry a key.
While I don't think this is a widespread problem at alll, or even anything to worry about, if you have keyless entry and are concerned, the quick fix-it-now solution is to get a metal thermos, or a small cardboard box lined with foil, and drop your keys in it when you get home. 
That way you'll also know where to find the keys in the morning.
    Here's the article from Q13 Fox news, Seattle
"Experts are issuing a warning to drivers who have cars with keyless entry system. They say you may want to change where you keep your electronic fobs, so thieves don’t use the technology against you.
Jasmine Vandelac has watched her surveillance video several times, but she still doesn’t understand how thieves were able to get into the cars on her driveway in just seconds.
“We know we locked the doors. We didn`t see them using any kind of device to open it through the window,” she says. “Just boom, they opened the doors.”
She’s glad the thieves didn’t break her windows, but she still wants to know how they broke in. The answer could be her electronic key fob.
“What we’re finding is that the key fobs we have for our cars send off a radio signal,” says AAA spokeswoman Jennifer Cook. “Thieves have found a way to extend that radio signal that goes between your key fob and your car.”
So even if your fob was inside your house, an extender or amplifier would make your car think it was close by. The doors would unlock.
“You used to have a wire, you slid down the window when it was mechanical,” says car prowl victim Tom Dahl. “Now it`s electronic.”
“If this technology becomes easily available to criminals you’re going to see it spread,” says Lars Carlson, another victim. “At this point, there’s not a whole lot we can do to protect ourselves.”
But experts say you can protect yourself by changing where you keep your keys. “When you’re storing your key fob at home, put it into a metal box,” says Cook. “Don’t put it in the freezer or the microwave where it can be ruined, but some type of metal box. That way it will stop the signal from being extended.” the original article

6/4/15 2016 Outback and 2016 Legacy orders now available

6/4/15 2016 WRX, STI, Outback and Legacy finance rates announced

This early rates announcement means that Subaru doesn't expect any (or many)  left-over 2015 models to be available when the 16s are here, so Subaru is encouraging 16 orders. There wont be any year end clearance on these models. 2016 Forester information is still expected mid June

Outback 1.90% 24-36-48 mos, 2.90%x 60-63-72 months
1.90% 24-36-48 mos, 2.90%x 60-63-72 months
WRX, STI 2.90%x 24-36-48-60 months

check all finance rates

6/3/15 2016 WRX and STI brochures arriving at dealers.

15 pages, with one fold out.  Order your WRX or STI now. The 16s have the 6.2" audio/infotainment which is a big improvement over the 2015 and prior systems, or upgrade to the much better 7" audio/infotainment/navigation. The STI Limited comes standard with the 7" system.

6/2/15 June interest rates announced thought June 30

2015 model rates all remain the same as May.
There are some good lease programs on Outback, Legacy and Impreza, and especially on the 2015 Foresters.
Subaru has said they will announce 2016 Outback, Legacy and WRX/STI interest rates on June 4th even though the cars aren't expected this month, so its very early. Subaru wants to encourage factory orders. WRX/STI can be ordered now, and Outback/Legacy orders can be placed on June 4th
WRX STI should be here in July, Outback/Legacy in August

6/2/15 May sales total 49, 651, which is 5391 or 12% over 44170 May 2014
This is the 3rd best month in Subaru's history.
The amazing part is that dealers sold 49651 cars but started the month with only 35000 cars in inventory. This means cars were sold before they arrived, it means they were delivered to the dealer, PDI'd by the service department, and picked up by the new owner within days. This is a very fast inventory turn, and means there is still little inventory on lots, especially of the desirable 2015 Outback, Legacy, and Crosstrek models. Dealers do have a decent supply of Foresters.
YTD the total is 228,083 cars, 16% or 31441 more cars than 196,642 cars YTD 2014

May sales by model
All models were up for the month except for the WRX/STI which was only down 62 cars from May 2014, and the low demand BRZ which is more of a summer car.
The volume leader continues to be the Forester with 15157 cars. May was the Forester's best month ever as production meets demand.
The Crosstrek total was 7876, the best month yet for the 3 year old model. The Crosstrek will continue to outsell its Impreza siblings.
Outback 12,384 May 2015, which is 743 cars or 6% more than 11641 May 2014
Forester 15,157 May 2015, which is 1011 cars or 7% over 214146 May 2014
Crosstrek 7876 May 2015, which is 2098 or 36% more than 5778 May 2014
Legacy 5,000 May 2015, which is 1947 or 64% over 3053 May 2014
Impreza 5,643 May 2015, which is 16 cars less that 5659 May 2014
WRX, STI 2,895 May 2015, which is 62 cars or 2% less than 2957 May 2014
BRZ 606 May 2015, which is 246 cars or 29% less than 852 May 2014


6/1/15 2016 Outback and Legacy specs, features, options and prices announced!
Subaru said to expect this mid-June but its early.
Orders will be available starting June 4 for August/September delivery.
Models and Option Packages remain the same except the 3.6L Limited models only are available the standard Pkg #21 or Option Package #23 with eyesight/moonroof/pushbutton start/navigation (so no Option Package #22 on 2016 3.6 Limiteds)

2016 Legacy price increase
2.5i model +$50
2.5i Premium +$350
2.5i Limited +$350
3.6 Limited +$350

2016 Outback price increase
2.5i +$100
2.5i Premium +$400
2.5i Limited +$400
3.6 Limited +$400
New features include
> Navigation gets three years of free map updates, free XM Nav traffic, and Travel Link
> Whenever the front wipers are used, the front headlights turn on with the auto on/off setting
> Eyesight gets upgraded to include Lane Keep Assist which uses the electric steering to help keep the car in its lane and highway speed
> Subaru Starlink Telematics emergency services is standard on all Premium and Limited models, and its free for 1 year.
There are two Starlink packages
#1 Safety Plus Package with SOS emergency accident assistance, enhanced roadside assistance, automatic collision notification, maintenance nofiication, and diagnostic alerts-  1 year free, 2 years $99,  3 years $149
#2 Safety Plus and Security plus add stolen vehicle recovery, alarm notifications, remote lock/unlock, remote horn/lights function, remote vehicle finder-  1 year $49, 2 years $149, 3 years $249

MORE 2016 INFO SOON.....

5/29 Subaru renews lease at their facility at the Port of Vancouver Wa
Subaru renewed its lease for app 40 acres at the Port of Vancouver through August 31, 2030, with two 5 year optional extensions.  Around 150 people work at the facility and in 2014 Subaru moved 81,718 cars though it. Outback and Legacy for NW dealers arrive by rail from Lafayette, Indiana, but most of the cars arrive by ship from Japan.

5/28/15 Takata airbag recall- 2004 and 2005 Impreza, WRX, and STI

This new recall, #WQR-53 expands previous recall WQP-51 which recalled the Takata made passenger airbag inflators in cars used in high humidity areas only.
This recall now includes all 2004/2005 Imprezas, WRXs and STIs regardless of location. Owner notification will begin in 60 days. Owners should make sure Subaru has their current contact informatio

5/24 Its hard to make a great car better, but here's my 2016 Outback and Legacy wish list
Hopefully the 2016 Outback and Legacy will have
Rain sensing front wipers
Eyesight standard on all Limiteds
Passenger seat needs a  height adjustment
Limited model rear seat fan should have a fan speed adjustment
5 or 6 speed front wiper intermittent speeds- currently only 4 speeds.
Electric parking hill holder function should also set the parking brake when the car is put in park
Blind spot and rear cross traffic alert should be standard on all Premiums. Currently standard on Limiteds.
Climate control should have easier to read buttons and especially larger clock and outside temperature numbers
All models should have a lock/unlock Beep with on/off control. Currently only the Limited beeps when un/locked
The 3 year/36,000 mile warranty includes Roadside Assistance program which should include any Subaru the new owner has!
Easier to set power gate height control on the Outback. It needs a knob or dial with low, medium, medium high, and high gate height settings. Plus add a manual open/close mode.
Drop the 6.2" radio completely, and make the 7" system standard on all models. Either that, or really improve the 6.2' audio system. The 7" system is significantly better than the 6.2"
More small accessories are needed to personalize a car: bring back optional under-car puddle lights, interior ambient, cupholder, and dash lights, factory front and rear bumper corner anti-scuff moldings, front hood protector etc etc
Keyless access fobs should each be a different color to help owners identify their key, and the key fobs need a simple Off/disable setting to lock it in a car when swimming etc instead of wrapping it in tin foil, or the awkward pin code access system.

5/21 2015 Outback, Legacy and Forester orders close Tuesday May 26 at 2pm EST
At last, some news has been released, just as the national Subaru dealer meeting is ending.
No details or specs yet, but at least we know when the new 2016 models will be coming.
2016 model Outback, Legacy and Forester changes and prices will finally be announced in June, and 2016 orders will be available at that time with estimated delivery starting in August.
Stay tuned for more details to trickle out....

Subaru Starlink app now includes Stitcher.
Starlink is Subaru's free app Android and iPhone.Its on all 2015, and some 2013 and 2014 models with navigation
Starting May 14, Subaru Starlink now includes Stitcher with news, podcasts and articles on current events, science, technology, sports, culture, music etc.
Starlink will automatically update onto your Starlink app if its on your phone already, or when you next use the app in your car.
To use Stitcher and select the programs you want to listen to, you need to go the website and log in with your facebook or google account or create an email account, and then choose your programs.
Starlink uses your phone's data plan, and includes:
Weather reports, The location for the weather is selected and changed on the smart phone (starlink > weather > config) with up to six cities selected.
News- user selected from a international list that includes CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, Yahoo news, Le Monde, El Mundo etc
Calendar, syncs with Google calendar,
iHeart radio,
Music streaming.

Stitcher- new May 2015

Other apps are Aha and Pandora radio.