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Research the 2013 XV Crosstrek - specs, colors, options, prices, photos, and details on all the Premium and Limited models
an all new model available late summer 2012, the 2.0i XV Crosstrek, or just Crosstrek, is a crossover version of the Impreza 5 door hatchback.
This is the 2013 2.0L XV Crosstrek page. Are you looking for the 2014 Crosstrek, 2013 Impreza?

About the Crosstrek, News, Updates  I Maintenance & Warranty  I  Safety Option Packages and Prices  Dimensions Specifications  I Standard Features 
Features by model  I Options and Upgrades  I InteriorsColorsaccessories and parts and speed testsfuel economy comparisonsOrdering a car
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subaru xv crosstrek on a winding road, tangerine orange
tangerine orange pearl on the move


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subaru xv crosstrek logo, tangerine orange shown
logo on a tangerine orange car
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subaru crosstrek doors all open side for easy access
the doors open wide for really easy access
2013 subaru crosstrek, desert khaki colored
Desert Khaki
crosstrek 17" gray alloy wheel
this 17" gray alloy wheel is standard on all Crosstreks. Its the only wheel available. With Yokohama Geolander all season tires

subaru crosstrek playing in a puddle
playing in a puddle
subaru 2013 xv crosstrek and 2002 impreza outback sport
2013 Crosstrek and 2002 Impreza Outback Sport

tangerine orange pearl subaru crosstrek
Tangerine Orange Pearl

desert khaki xv crosstrek
Desert Khaki
venetian red pearl subaru crosstrek
Venetian Red Crosstrek
subaru crosstrek, red color
Subaru Crosstrek, red shown
satin white pearl 2013 nsubaru crosstrek
Satin White
satin white pearl subaru crosstrek, rear view
Satin White with optional rear spoiler, rear bumper cover, splash guards
subaru xv crosstrek marine blue pearl color
Marine Blue Pearl
subaru xv crosstrek marine blue pearl color with rear spoiler
Marine Blue Pearl with optional rear spoiler
2013 xv crosstrek, dark gray metallic
Dark gray
ice silver crosstrek rear gate view
ice silver with optional rear bumper cover
crystal black subaru crosstrek side view
crystal black
subaru crosstrek, crystal black color
crystal black
xv crosstrek runs of regular unleaded gas
regular gas, 15.9 US gallons

fog light, standard on all 2013 crosstreks, rifght shown, tangerine orange
all Crosstreks have fog lights with body color surround. Right side, tangerine orange shown
standard rear spoiler, subaru crosstrek, tangerine orange shown
standard rear spoiler
optional xv crosstrek rear spoiler, satine white pearl shown
optional rear spoiler
xv crosstrek standard large heated outside mirrors
the outside mirrors are large and easy to see out of, and they're heated (part of the standard all weather pkg)

2013 subaru crosstrek, marine blue pearl, optional bodyside moldings
Marine Blue Pearl with optional body side moldings, splash guards
No 2013 Subaru Crosstrek or Impreza has a windshield dark upper tint band
MISSING- no 2013 Crosstrek or Impreza has an upper windshield dark tint band. With the large angled windshield all Imprezas and Crosstreks have, the sun can be bright and a tint band is needed. Its easy to add aftermarket. Tangerine orange Crosstrek shown

underhood insulation hood on crosstrek CVT models
CVT models have underhood insulation to reduce engine and transmission noise. The underhood insulation is available from Subaru dealers and can be put on the manual models.
All models use a hoop prop to hold up the hood (visible on the left).
crosstrek roof mounted antenna without satellite radio or navigation gps
antenna on a car without satellite radio, navigation/gps has a slightly smaller base
crosstrek antenna with satellite radio, navigation/gps
antenna on a car with satellite radio, navigation/gps has a different base
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subaru crosstrek premium heater and ac controls, 4 spped fan
Premium heater and ac controls with 4 speed fan
subaru crosstrek limited climate control heater and ac controls, 7 speed fan
Limited with climate control heat and ac controls, 7 speed fan
subaru crosstrek Premium vinyl wrapped steering wheel, tilt, telescoping, with audio, bluetooth phone, and cruise controls
Premium vinyl wrapped steering wheel, tilt, telescoping, with bluetooth phone, audio, cruise
2013 subaru crosstrek limited leather wrapped steering wheel with phone bluetooth, audio volume, cruise control buttons. tilt and telescoping.
Limited has a leather wrapped tilt and telescoping steering wheel with bluetooth phone, audio, cruise
subaru crosstrek premium center console
Premium CVT, Crosstrek
subaru center console storage bin
storage with 12v power outlet in the center console, all models. Pen is for size

2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek key with remote, and shown with optional remote engine start
the XV Crosstrek comes with three chipped immobilizer keys- two have the integrated remote (one key shown), the third key is a valet key. Shown here is the optional remote engine start fob
subaru XV crosstrek limited stereo system, 4.3" lcd display
the Limited 4.3" display stereo with AM/FM/HD, single CD, wireless streaming, USB, aux jack, rear view camera
2013 crosstrek premium with optional navigation gps, rear view backup camera
Navigation/GPS, optional on all models. Premium shown (note 4 spd fan)
subaru crosstrek premium with optional navigation and rear view back-up camera
navigation is optional on all models and includes a rear view back-up camera. Premium shown (note 4 spd fan)
crosstrek adjustable front subaru armrest and heated seats controls
armrest with heated seat buttons. The standard All Weather Pkg includes heated front seats and outside mirrors, front wiper de-icers
subaru crosstrek with armrest forward
the center armrest slides forward
2013 subaru crosstrek sunvisors with mirrors
both Crosstrek sunvisors have mirrors, they're not lit. This car has the standard rear view mirror, it doesn't have the optional auto dimming mirror. The standard center overhead console has 2 map lights and bluetooth cell phone microphone. The models with optional moonroof have the open/close controls in the center overhead console
crosstrek driver controls, by left knoee, ivory interior shown
XV Crosstrek driver controls on all models- dash light rheostat, and VDC off button. Ivory interior shown
subaru crosstrek premium dash instrument paenl at night is red lit
Crosstrek Premium instrument panel is red lit at night. Both Premium and Limited steering wheel audio, cruise controls and stereo controls are all red lit
subaru crosstrek premium dash instrument panel at night, is rose lit
Limited model has upgraded instrument panel with off-white lettering.
Both Premium and Limited steering wheel audio, cruise controls and stereo controls are all red lit

MORE PHOTOS? CHECK OUT THE Exterior Photo Page :: Interior Photo Page :: Options and Upgrades Photo Page

options and upgrades

option al rear bumper cover step pad on subaru crosstrek
optional rear bumper cover step pad
crosstrek with sport mesh grill, optional on all models
optional sport mesh grill and front hood protector
xv crosstrek optional moonroof buttons with map light and bluetooth microphone
XV Crosstrek
overhead console shown with optional moonroof open/close buttons. The 2 map lights and bluetooth microphone are standard on all models. Shown with sun visor vanity mirrors (no lights).
optional subaru factory trailer hitch, 1 1/4", 1500 tow capacity
optional trailer hitch,1 1/4 hitch, comes wired, with insert
optional subaru xv crosstrek 100w 110v power outlet
optional Subaru XV Crosstrek 100w 110v power outlet is very accessible in the back of the center console
crosstrek, dark with, with optional body side moldings. photo by joe spitz, cars101.com
Optional body colored body side moldings. They help minimize door dings in the metal body.
khaki subaru crosstrek optional bodyside moldings
khaki Subaru Crosstrek with optional bodyside moldings
optional body side moldings subaru xv crosstrek, desert khaki color
optional side moldings, khaki color shown
crosstrek optional power tilt/slide moonroof with retractable sunshade
optional power tilt/slide moonroof with retractable sunshade and pop-up wind/rain deflector.
Hand measured 29" x 16"

subaru crosstrek roof rails with crosstbars
all Crosstreks have roof rails, shown with optional crossbars with 32" center-to-center spread, 150 lbs

subaru crosstrek with aftermarket rally armor mud flaps with red logo
aftermarket Rally Armor brand mud flaps are larger than the optional factory splash guards
rally armor mud flaps on a silver subaru crosstrek
front wheel rally armor mud flap
10" kicker subwoofer, optional
10" Kicker subwoofer and cargo net shown on a WRX.


MORE PHOTOS? CHECK OUT THE Exterior Photo Page :: Interior Photo Page :: Options and Upgrades Photo Page



What is it...

In 1996 Subaru took a Legacy L station wagon and added 2.3" ground clearance (to 7.3"), added two-tone paint, alloy wheels, a bump in the roof, special seat fabric, and oversized fog lights and called it a Legacy Outback (later just known as the Outback).  Advertising featured very popular Australian actor Paul Hogan playing around in an Outback in the Australian Outback. Sales immediately took off.  Outback sales soared.
15 years later, in 2012,
Subaru took an Impreza hatchback and added 2.7" ground clearance (to 8.7"), then added flashy alloy wheels, bulging plastic wheel arch moldings, fog light surrounds, a slightly larger gas tank, and called it a XV Crosstrek. Advertising featured a young man and his best-friend chocolate lab puppy growing older together. Sales immediately took off.

2013 2.0i XV Crosstrek is the first Impreza based crossover/SUV.
It is a slightly modified Impreza 5door hatchback.
It's the next step in the natural evolution of the Impreza Outback Sport (1993-2011), and 2.0i Sport (2012).

It has 8.7" ground clearance, strengthened suspension points, fender flares, larger gas tank, dark tinted windows,  and other upgrades.
It shares the body, interior, 2.0L engine, CVT transmission, and chassis of the Impreza 5 door but for advertising purposes is going to be marketed independently from the Imprezas as a separate model line.
competes directly with the Impreza Sport 5 door.

scroll down for comments and observations and things to fix

5/28 The Crosstrek being lifted from the Skagit River
Three cars, including this Crosstrek went into the river when the bridge collapsed, and everyone was safe. You can see the front of the Crosstrek crumpled as it was supposed to.
more photos
2013 subaru crosstrek in the skagit river I-5 bridge collapse, may 2013

crosstrek lifted from skagit river
4/29 orders close early on Wednesday 5/1 for all 2013 BRZ, Impreza, Crosstrek and Tribeca
If there's something specific you want, these are the final days to special order a 2013.

4/3 Navigation map upgrade available. You can download the latest Q3 2012 data from Nokia/Navteq
If you have factory navigation (excluding Forester with Tom-Tom) on

2012-2013 Forester, Impreza, and WRX/STI,
2013 Legacy, Outback, BRZ, and Crosstrek,
2014 Forester,
you can purchase the latest mapset  Q3 2012 from Navteq for 149.99 + tax.
You need the original SD card that came with the navigation, and a windows computer with a SD-HC card reader. Be sure to remove the SD card from the navigation only after the pushing and confirming the Remove SD button in the Info screen.
You will need a registered account with the download website, where you'll also get all the details and info, at https://subaru-na.naviextras.com/shop/portal
The windows computer will need a copy of the toolbox. Its at https://subaru-na.naviextras.com/shop/portal/downloads
Questions, support, SD card questions https://subaru-na.naviextras.com/shop/portal/support or call Navteq at 888-628-6277

4/1 2014 Crosstrek hybrid shown at NY Auto Show. March 29-April 7.
The car is expect later in 2013
2014 Crosstrek webpage

Finally, a Subaru hybrid! 
After years of rumors and delays,
an all new Crosstrek Hybrid, Subaru's first production hybrid, will be available late 2013.
The electric motor is used from 0-25 MPH when the 2.0L gas engine starts and takes over.
EPA city/highway combined economy is 28/34/ 31MPG, a small but reasonable improvement over the non-hybrid Crosstrek's 25/33 28 MPG.
The hybrid will have a smaller and lighter 13.7 gallon fuel tank vs the 15.9 in the standard models, and other aerodynamic changes announced to enhance economy: an 'active front grill shutter system', redesigned 17" alloy wheels, a/c temperature and humidity sensor to lower the a/c power draw.
Other changes include more sound insulation, and tweaked suspension and steering to accommodate the increased weight. The hybrid components (engine, battery) weight 209lbs, and with other changes, it comes to around 300lbs total  Its a standard Crosstrek 5 door, with active all wheel drive, the same body and size as the normal one with some hybrid-specific enhancements, and 8.7" ground clearance. Cargo volume is only slightly less (1.7cf) due to the battery under the cargo floor.
It has the standard 148hp 4 cylinder 2.0L engine plus the new 13.5kW 100v nickle-metal-hydride battery under the rear cargo area floor.
The electric motor is sandwiched between the CVT and the all wheel drive's electronic transfer clutches. There's an integrated starter/generator for stop/start functions, and brake regeneration system that recharges the battery when the car is coasting or the driver is braking.

The Standard features announced so far on the Hybrid are a combination of the 2013 Premium and Limited features. It will have a cloth interior, All Weather package, rear back-up camera, info display power windows/locks/mirrors, cruise control, climate control, roof rails, auto dusk-to-dawn headlights, rear sear armrest with cupholders, manual height adjustable driver's seat, cargo tray, cargo cover, chrome outside door handles, LED taillights, leather steering wheels and shift knob. The interior with will have a cool blue theme with silver trim, and matching instrument panel.
The upper console info display sounds like its being upgraded to something similar to the 2014 Foresters color display and will include the hybrid system "energy flow"
New features on the hybrid that are not available on the 2013 Crosstrek (yet, perhaps they will be optional on the 14 Limited), include turn signals in the outside mirrors and keyless access/pushbutton start. Options will include leather interior, Navigation/GPS with XM satellite radio, and power moonroof.
Hybrid badges will be behind the front wheels and on the tailgate.
Prices have no been announced but its anticipated to bring a small premium over the current Limited.
Plasma Green with only be available on the hybrid.

12/10/12 Crosstrek- remote engine start and interior illumination kits are now available.
Remote start factory/port installed MSRP $469. uninstalled part MSRP $399.95 (CVT required);  Interior illumination footwells, either red or blue, factory/port installed MSRP $202, uninstalled part MSRP $149.95
12/7 accessories and parts added. Prices are for parts only, not including installation
10/29/12 fuel economy comparison table added below
10/5/12 IIHS.org announces the Crosstrek is a
Top Safety Pick
9/26/12 Crosstrek financing announced. Subaru/Chase financing is now available at 2.90%, on approval of credit.
The Crosstreks are slowly trickling in. Many of the cars are pre-sold so they won't show up in inventory searches. Some of the reserved or sold cars will be for sale however, as folks who pre-ordered don't complete the purchase. More cars are expected in the first few weeks of October. Many dealers are only getting a few of each model per month. This relates directly to production being spread out over the 237 Impreza variants (the Crosstrek is based on the Impreza).

9/2 New options-  Remote Engine Start, and Illumination Kit (LED in the footwells), will be available in the future (late availability)

8/16 prices announced, destination is $795 ($945 to Ak). 
8/15 factory orders now available. Supply is expected to be very tight.
8/1/12 options and upgrades table added

7/15 A 2 page handout is now at dealers
7/9 Crosstreks expected September,

5/20 The first West Coast showing is in Long Beach, at the SoCal Test Drive Expo, June 15-17. It will be a display car only, no test driving, see testdriveexpo.com/index.php/news.
3/22/12 XV Crosstrek will be at the NY Auto ShowThe 2013 XV Crosstrek is the Impreza that won't be called an Impreza.
Its expected to arrive August/September.
Based on the Impreza 5 door, it has the 148hp 2.0L Impreza engine with the 5 speed manual or CVT transmission with paddle shifters. Just like the Impreza Sport, the Crosstrek is available in 2 trim levels, Premium and Limited.  The Crosstrek has 8.7" ground clearance, black side moldings, rocker panel, and wheel arch moldings, dark tinted privacy glass, and a slightly larger 15.9 gallon gas tank instead of the 14.5 gallon tank in the Imprezas. The grill, 17" alloys, front and rear bumpers are slightly different from the standard Impreza.
There are 2 models- Premium and Limited. The Premium come standard with the 5 speed manual, the CVT is optional, and standard on the Limited model. MPG is expected to be 25/33, 28 combined which is the same as the Impreza 5door manual. Remember that MPG estimates are based on a mix of driving, and your mileage may be less. Short trips, cold weather, fast freeway speeds, stop and go driving all lower economy.
Standard equipment includes roof rails, power windows, locks and mirrors, tilt/telescoping wheel, manual height adjustable drivers seat,  immobilizer system with alarm, hands-free bluetooth, wireless audio streaming, USB, cargo tray and cargo/luggage cover. The All Weather Pkg is and CVT with paddle shifter is optional on the Premium. The Limited adds leather, CVT with paddle shifters, All Weather Pkg, Climate control, upgraded stereo with 4.3" screen, HD radio, and rear view backup camera (probably the Forester Limited/Touring stereo). rear seat armrest.  Optional on both Premium and Limited is the moonroof and 6.1" navigation/gps system.

3/5/12 Crosstrek review
"The latest petrol version of the Subaru is expected to make its debut in the United States in the second half of 2012. Subaru is going to market this vehicle in the United States market as the XV Crosstrek.
Why no turbodiesel variant in North America?
The only factor that is bothering auto experts who have had the opportunity of test driving the diesel variant is the fact that this version is not being made available to the North American markets. The strange affinity that has been developed for the diesel variant can be understood if its key features are discussed a bit. The turbodiesel engine has been mated to a six-speed manual transmission gearbox generating 145hp power and a more than impressive peak torque level of 258lb-ft. The engine is responsive and has impressive torque; its lower center of gravity gives it the stability factor that is further enhanced by the all-wheel-drive feature that Subaru offers. These entire factors combine together to provide you with all the factors that you wish your car has, including superior fuel economy if compared to its petrol variant. Strangely, this model is still going to remain confined to the European markets....
An overall analysis of the Crossover Impreza shows that it does not have anything new to offer that we have not seen in the Impreza hatchback except for the fact that is a much higher vehicle, which also has a more aggressive stance that is provided by its boosted suspension. Crossovers are turning out to be the in-demand cars these days both in Europe and the United States; hence even if minor changes are provided, they are always regarded as important...
During test drives, the vehicle has shown that it is sufficiently capable to handle off-road conditions as well with significant efficiency. Hence, this could prove to be a factor that could drive consumers towards this crossover. The 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek can be best summed up as a vehicle that will be a solid performer with its all-wheel-drive feature that can provide you with a satisfying and smooth ride, thereby maintaining the tradition that is seen in most Subaru cars.  With just its petrol variant, Subaru expects to sell around 35,000 Crosstreks in the United States every year, which makes us wonder at the sales it could have achieved if the turbodiesel variant had also been brought in." read this entire article
1/22/12 Subaru Canada, Inc. today announced that it will exhibit the Subaru XV at the Canadian International AutoShow, being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this February 17-26. This is the first time the Subaru XV will be shown in Canada and it will be unveiled at the Subaru press conference, scheduled for 1:45 PM on February 16. The Subaru XV is a production vehicle currently being sold in other markets, but it’s being shown in Canada in order to gather feedback and input from Canadians.
1/16/12 - The XV is expected to be on sale in China mid February, 2012.
12/15/11 It is expected to have the same 2.0L as the 2012 Impreza.
11/16/11 Announced at the LA auto that the XV Concept  will be called the XV Crosstrek here in the US. It might continue to be called the XV overseas.
Impreza XV concept with 8+" ground clearance shown at the Frankfurt auto show September 2011.

Comments and Observations and Things To Fix

Disclosure- The spouse and I ordered a silver Crosstrek Limited in September and it arrived in early December. We got the side moldings, tweeters, alarm upgrade, rear bumper cover, and crossbars. Would have gotten the moonroof except its bundled with navigation which I don't like at all, and we also would have gotten remote engine start and interior illumination but they weren't available then. We added the remote start at the dealer ($ ouch). I'm waiting to get Rally Armor mud flaps when they're available.
We like the higher seating position. Overall we are quite happy with the car and would buy it again.  It replaces her 2002 Impreza Outback Sport which replaced her 1997 Outback Sport.
> On engine power. Many car reviewers comment on the 148hp. I think the 2.0L has enough power for normal driving. It's not a fast car and the CVT doesn't respond to a light foot, but give it gas and it accelerates fine in town and on the freeway. I use the Paddle Shifters to downshift and zoom around (which I like to do). Again, it isn't a fast car, the CVT is a bit slow on take off which I suspect is partly due to way Subaru set it up with a tow rating of 1500 pounds. The bottom line is we didn't buy it power and its zippy enough even for going up steep hills, merging onto the freeway, or passing on 2 lane roads etc especially with the paddle shifters.
> On the CVT transmission. It's true that its a bit sluggish and makes a CVT noise instead of a gear noise. Going into reverse there is a slight brief short moment until it engages. Paddle shifts aren't crisp but work fine- its a belt after all, not a gear. It engages smoothly.
> On the ride. The ride is pliable and handling is acceptable. Bumps are not hard or jarring. The car handles quick lane changes without leaning and sits on the highway firmly without body sway.
> On noise. It is a bit noisy, but not so that one has to speak loudly.  There is tire and definitely wind noise, and there isn't much carpet padding to quiet the interior.  Its about what I'd expect from an Impreza or any similar size/price car. Conversations are fine at a normal voice level.
> Stereo. Its just ok. The phone bluetooth works great though sometimes getting the system to dial the right name requires repeated tries. The standard speakers are typically thin, tinny new car speakers but an aftermarket stereo shop is easily able to improve the sound by replacing at least the front 2 speakers (better to do all 4).
> Economy-  in short stop-and-go commute driving we're averaging 20mpg. The average MPH screen says we're doing about 19 mph which is pretty slow. On the freeway at 65mph we get just under 33mpg, at 80mph the economy drops to 29. Overall its a little less than I would like but no surprise.

Things I would like to see fixed
> The cargo area is definitely small and tight. The rear gate is too sloped and it would be much much better if the roof line was 5 inches longer. Its not the length of the cargo area, its the sloping of the rear gate that cuts into usable space. There's barely room for a medium size dog.
> Storage. The car is lacking storage places. There is no cargo area subfloor storage on any 2012 or 2013 Impreza 5 door, no good place to carry flashlights, rags, and other normal car gear other than stuffing it in the little corners around the spare tire. I know one Crosstrek owner who actually removed the spare tire in order to carry stuff!

> There is no upper windshield tint band! This is a noticeable omission. I'm in the NW so didn't notice it at first, but on a sunny day I certainly want one and got one put on aftermarket for $50. This should be on all models.
> Lumbar support is missing. There is none, there's no adjustable lumbar support. Otherwise the front seats are comfortable. The driver seat is height adjustable. No power seat is available- it would be nice to have this feature but its not necessary in my opinion.
> Wipers. The right front wiper leaves a streak at the bottom of the blade. With sufficient rain, due to the angle of the blade, the passenger side windshield wiper leaves a line at the bottom of the wiper blade in the passenger's line of sight. The angle of the right front wiper blade needs to be changed. Also, tapping the wiper stalk up makes the front wiper go once, it should also do the rear wiper once.
> Splash guards. Subaru splash guards are all too small. I'm going to install Rally Armor mud flaps when they're available.
> more to come

comments are welcomed


start maintenance and warranty information

Recommended Maintenance on the 2013 Crosstrek
subject to change, correction.  corrections welcomed.
click for the full 2013 maintenance schedule


New Car break in period- 1,000 miles- keep RPMs mostly under 4000 (manual transmissions), vary speeds with a normal mix of city and highway driving, avoid hard starts/stops, let the engine idle briefly before driving. Be nice to it... it's new.

Oil- 0w-20 synthetic oil is required (5.3 qts)
Spark plug-  NGK SILZKAR7B11

1st oil change required at 7,500 miles or 7 mos. 3mo/3000 miles is generally recommended. 
Oil change: at least every 7,500 miles or 7.5 months  using 0w-20 synthetic oil
Tire rotation 7,500 miles or 7.5 months. Equal tread is required on all tires
15,000 miles - minor service, replace cabin air filter. Inspect fluids and engine air filter as necessary.
30,000 miles: Replace brake fluid and engine air filter. Inspect and replace other fluids, belts, hoses, spark plug wires as needed.
Engine coolant replacement interval is 11 years.
60,000 miles  - Replace spark plugs. Repeat 30,000 (see above), 
90,000 miles repeat 30,000. 
Timing chain- no replacement interval
Radiator coolant  Subaru Super Coolant, replace at 11 years or 132,000 miles. If topping off, be sure to use correct fluid.


Bumper-to-bumper: 3 years/36,000 miles
Roadside assistance: 3 years/36,000 miles - call Cross Country Motor Club, 800-261-2155
Service adjustment (may be performed one time), 3year/36,000
Wear Item Warranty, 3year/36,000 mile, brake pads, clutch disc lining, wiper blades, remote battery.
Powertrain: 5 years/ 60,000 miles
Corrosion: 5 years/100,000 miles. 70% of the body is double sided galvanized steel 
Wear and adjustment: 12 months/12,000 miles

The warranty does not cover wear or damage due to abusive driving

impreza roadside assistance phone number on                  drivers window
the roadside assistance phone number is on drivers window, also on 2 wallet cards included with the owners manual. Call 800 261.2155. Good for 36months, 36000 miles.

start safety
2013 Crosstrek Safety Features

front passenger airbag is on or depending if the seat is occupied. There is no on/off switch

October 2012- IIHS says the 2013 Impreza is a Top Safety Pick

subaru impreza child seat latch
the child seat LATCH tethers are on the back of the rear seats
subaru impreza 5 door safety crumple zone
this Impreza 5 door was in a bad accident. You can see the hood bent, and the crumple zones accordianed, absorbing the energy and keeping the occupants safe 

All  Crosstreks have
standard equipment includes...

AWD all wheel drive, full time, all wheel, all speed
VDC vehicle dynamics control,  electronic stability control
TCS traction control system, all wheel all speed
Airbags: Driver's knee airbag
Airbags: Front airbags
Airbags: Side airbags front 
Airbags: Side Curtain Airbags, front and rear
Rollover Sensor
Front passenger airbag-  All 2013 Crosstreks, BRZs, and 2013/2012 Imprezas models use a front passenger seat Occupant Detection System called Electrostatic Capacitance Sensor ODS.
When anyone is seated or when anything is placed on the front passenger seat, there is a change to that capacitance value. This change in capacitance value is what the Electrostatic Capacitance Sensor ODS uses to determine whether the front passenger seat airbag (SRS) will be ON or OFF. When water or anything with high moisture content is spilled on the front passenger seat cushion, the airbag is designed to remain OFF until the seat cushion is dry. This will also be the case if the passenger has moisture on their clothing, such as rain-soaked pants or rain gear. In each of these situations, the airbag status may remain OFF even if a passenger is seated. Everything that is placed on the seat will affect a change in capacitance value. Plastic, metals and other substances, even if at a heavy weight, will not change the OFF status of an airbag. A false electrical charge, for example, those caused by laptops that are processing data, cellphones that are on or even an electric device connected to a car charger can cause the airbag status to switch to ON

EDR, Event Data Recorder information.
n the event of an impact, the EDR will freeze data including how various systems were operating, for example if seatbelts were buckled, if the gas or brake pedals were pressed, and vehicle speed. No personal data is stored. To read data, special equipment is required. In addition to the vehicle manufacturer (Subaru), other parties such as law enforcement that have the equipment can read the information if they have access to the vehicle or EDR.  Existing laws generally provide that information in an EDR is confidential and is the property of the owner of the motor vehicle. Information is accessed through the airbag system using a Subaru service computer.

Whiplash protection front seats 
> Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on all models
Headrests- front headrests are both tilt and height adjustable

all Crosstreks have, con't

> Steering wheel tilt and telescoping function to get a comfortable position
> Headlights are Auto-off with ignition key removal, warning chime with lights back on.
> Collapsible foot pedals to reduce risk to feet in accidents
> Brake assist increases the brake power when the driver initiates hard emergency pressure on the pedal. Brake assist generates the brake power according to the speed at which the driver depresses the brake pedal. Brakes: anti-lock 4 wheel disc brakes with EBD electronic brake force distribution, Brake assists for maximum brake pressure, and brake pad release return springs to prolong pad life.
Brakes: Brake Override System, if gas and brake pedals are pressed at the same time, the brakes stop the car
Brakes: brake return springs, helps eliminate some brake wear
Brakes: EBD, electronic brake force distribution varies front/rear brake power
Brakes: low-wear indicators on disc brakes (rear drums on 2.5i)
3 point lap and shoulder belts with Height Adjustable outboard shoulder harness for all (5) occupants.
Internal Trunk Release, sedan, emergency inside-trunk release
LATCH Child seat Tethers and Uniform Mounting Clips
Childproof rear door locks and windows.
Daytime running lights
Crumple zones: front and rear
Drop-down motor mounts
Reinforced door beams: Dual front, single rear
A Pillar reinforcing beam
Oversize outside mirrors to minimize blindspots

Links for more safety information: IIHS.org, SaferCar.gov

start option packages

2013 Crosstrek Option Packages
these are the factory installed Option Packages
individual options and upgrades are below

subject to change and correction
model (model code)
package code
Option Package
2.0i Premium, manual transmission (DRA)
none available
2.0i Premium, CVT transmission (DRB)
MSRP $1000
6.1" Navigation, with back-up camera
MSRP $1,200
2.0i Limited (DRC)
Moonroof, plus 6.1" Navigation. 
Note: the back-up camera is standard on the Limited

Prices announced 8/16
Destination is $795 in most states, to Ak its $945, and can vary in the independent distributor states CT, HI, MA, ME, NJ, NY, RI, and VT

: prices here are MSRP suggested list price. Your actual purchase price might be higher or lower depending on your dealers mark-up or discounts.

subject to change, correction
standard features

option packages (see above)
model and transmission
model code
Total MSRP .
Pkg #04 Moonroof#10 Navigation
Pkg #08
Moonroof, Navigation
2.0i Premium, manual transmission, 5 speed
$22,790 .
2.0i Premium, CVT transmission, paddle shifters
2.0i Limited, CVT transmission, paddle shifters

2013 Crosstrek, Impreza, Forester
Price Comparison Chart

prices are MSRP including destination (Crosstrek, Forester $795, Impreza $770)

are there too many Impreza models, and
should the Impreza Sport model be dropped?
  Compete? how much will the Crosstrek and Impreza Sport and perhaps even the larger Forester (X or X Premium model) compete directly with each other?

subject to change, correction
Impreza Sport
Impreza 5 door
Forester X
base model, manual
base, CVT/automatic transmission
Premium, manual transmission
Premium, CVT/automatic transmission
Limited, CVT/automatic transmission


DIMENSIONS- 2013 Crosstrek

subject to change, correction. corrections and tips welcomed.
5 door Premium and Limited
Width  70.1", 78.2" with mirrors folded out
Height  63.6" including roof rails
Ground clearance 8.7"
angle to approach
angle of departure
Track front/rear  60"/60"
Interior volume 97.5cf (94.0 with moonroof)
Headroom front/rear 
no moonroof 39.8/37.7"; with moonroof 37.2/37.7"
Legroom front/rear 43.5/34.5"
Shoulder room front/rear 55.6/54.2"
Cargo volume rear seats up- 22.5cf
rear seats down- 52.4cf
Weight  Premium manual transmission 3,087lbs,
Premium CVT transmission 3,142lbs

hand measured and subject to change and correction

subaru xv crosstrek caro area measurements and dimensions
cargo measurements

A width at lower gate opening 35"
B cargo floor width behind wheel wells 53"
C cargo floor width between wheel wells 42"
D width of left rear seat 17"
E width on top of wheel wells 49"
F width in middle of rear gate opening 37"
G cargo length to back of seat 31"
H height of gate opening 29"
I  cargo length to console heater controls 94"
J height center cargo floor to ceiling 30"
K cargo floor length to top of rear seat, not including headrests 55"
L width of right rear seat 25"

subaru xv crosstrek rear seat folded flat
width rear seats folded flat door armrest to armrest 50". Load height 31"
hand measured, subject to change, correction,shown with optional rear seatback protector
subaru xv crosstrek measurements
A 30.5" to top of bumper, B 32.5" to top of lower gate (lift-over height)
hand measured, subject to change, correction

subaru crosstrek rear door measurement
height of rear seat cushion, hand measured 27". With rear seats folded flat, load height is 31"
hand measured, subject to change, correction
crosstrek front seat is manually height adjustable
the driver's seat is manually height adjustable
crosstrek driver seat front to back measurement
driver seat front-back measurement from brake pedal to front of seat cushion 12.75"-21.75". Shown at 21.75"
Hand measured, subject to change, correction
xv crosstrek front seat height measurements, photo by jope spitz, cars101.com
the drivers seat goes from 25"-26.5" height adjustment to top of seat bolster. Thats a bigger adjustment than it might seem.
Hand measured, subject to change, correction. Desert Khaki color shown (yes it was raining)
crosstrek steering adjustments: telescopes in/out and tilts up/down. photo by joe spitz, cars101.com
Crosstrek steering wheel telescopes in/out 25"- 26.5" from brake pedal,  and tilts up/down 17.5"-19" from floor
Shown in the up position, and close to the dashboard
Hand measured, subject to change, correction

crosstrek steering wheel tilts up/down and telescopes in/out. photo by joe spitz, cars101.com
Crosstrek steering wheel telescopes in/out 25"- 26.5" from brake pedal,  and tilts up/down 17.5"-19" from floor. Shown in the down position, and pulled away from the dashboard
Hand measured, subject to change, correction

subaru xv crosstrek front passenger moved forward and backward. shown backward. photo by j spitz, cars101.com
There is a lot of front seat legroom. the front passenger seat front/back adjustment is from 21.5"-24.5". Shown at 24.5".
Hand measured, subject to change, correction
2013 subaru crosstrek with scuba diving tanks in the cargo area
Crosstrek with scuba diving tanks

2013 2.0i Crosstrek Specifications

this early information is subject to frequent updating, change, correction. tips are welcomed!
Engine 2.0L 1995cc 4 cylinder, engine code #FB20
Horizontally Opposed Boxer engine
DOHC with timing chain (not a belt)
16 valve
Direct ignition
Sequential multi-port fuel injection, common rail
Dual Active Value Control System DAVCS
Bore x Stroke 3.31" x 3.54"
Compression 10.5:1
Redline- 6600 RPM
Underhood noise/sound insulation on CVT model only (not on manual). see photo above
Hood prop to hold hood open
Horsepower/Torque (lb-ft) 148 @ 6,200 rpm / 145 @ 4,200 rpm
Transmission, manual 5 speed
standard on Premium: 5 speed manual with incline start assist
Gears: 1st 3.545, 2nd 1.888, 3rd 1.296, 4th 0.972,5th 0.780, final drive 4.44:1

not available
Transmission, CVT
Optional on Premium: Lineartronic CVT with 6 setting Paddle Shifters.
Final drive ratio 3.70:1
note: CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission.
Lineartronic is Subaru's name for their CVT
Standard on Limited: Lineartronic CVT with 6 setting Paddle Shifters,
Final drive ratio 3.70:1
note: CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission.
Lineartronic is Subaru's name for their CVT
All Wheel Drive
Standard on all models
All Wheel Drive- full time, all wheel, all speed
with VDC (vehicle dynamics control) electronic stability control.
with TCS (traction control system).

Manual transmission models have "Continuous" all wheel drive with 50/50 front/back power split, mechanically controlled.
CVT models use "Active" all wheel drive with electronically controlled front/back power split. Mostly front wheel drive under normal driving conditions.
Electric power assisted rack and pinion steering,
Turns, lock-to-lock 3.1
turning circle: curb to curb 34.8ft; wall to wall 37.7ft
tune-up specs
Idle speed, CVT and manual-  650rpm +/-50
Spark plugs, platinum tipped,  NGK SILZKAR7B11
Ignition timing, CVT and manual- 16* +/- 10
Firing order 1-3-2-4
Oil and oil filter capacity 5.3qts
Oil- 0w-20 synthetic oil is required
Engine Super Coolant- manual trans 7.9 qts, CVT 8.2 qts
Fuel Economy
15.9 gallon tank (US gallons)
regular gas, 87 octane
5 speed manual: City/Hwy/Comb: 23/30/26
CVT: City/Hwy/Comb: 25/33/28
ECO gauge which compares instant economy to trip odometer economy since last reset 
PZEV emissions
all Crosstreks are PZEV
What is PZEV, a brief summary  Partial Zero Emission Vehicle
The EPA says a PZEV is clean running gas engine car based on emissions testing for carbon-containing compounds, oxides of nitrogen, particulate matter, and other tailpipe nastiness.

1. A charcoal canister catches unburned gas left in the engine when it's turned off so it doesn't just evaporate. 

2. Fuel injectors that close tighter when they're not in use.

3. A finer mesh in the catalytic converter, as well as optimized placement of its precious metal.

4.  The engine's electronic brain is tuned to run the hot at start up to help the catalytic converter heat up so it can start doing its job faster.
Ground clearance 8.7 in.
Brake Override System (BOS) when gas and brake pedal are both pressed, the brake overrides and the car stops
Brake Assist: when the brake pedal is pressed quickly, the system increases brake pressure for faster emergency stopping
Anti-lock, front and rear disc
front: 11.6 ventilated disc
rear: 10.8" solid disc
parking brake- drum in rear disc

Wheels 17 x 7.0-inch aluminum alloy
Tire Size 225/55 R17 95H, Yokohama Geolander G95 all season
Front Suspension MacPherson Strut with stabilizer bar
Rear Suspension Double Wishbone with stabilizer bar
towing a trailer, with trailer brakes 1500lbs, without trailer brakes 1000lbs.
When towing a trailer in high heat or up a long grade 750lbs. 
200lb tongue weight
towing a Crosstrek behind a tow truck or motorhome:
manual trans all wheels either on or off the ground.
CVT- all wheels off the ground



2013 XV Crosstrek features

subject to change and updating. comments, corrections welcomed
cloth interior
Leather trimmed interior
Floor mats, carpeted
Power windows
Power Locks
Power outside mirrors, large size, heated (All Weather Pkg)
Cruise control
Air conditioning, manual controls, 4 speed fan
Air conditioning, automatic climate controls, 7 speed fan,
All Weather Package with high/low heated front seats, heated outside mirrors, defrosting lower front windshield to de-ice wipers S
Cabin air filter
Height adjustable drivers seat
S, heated
S, heated
Steering wheel- tilt/telescoping, with illuminated audio, cruise, and cell phone bluetooth controls
S, vinyl wrapped
S, leather wrapped
Center console with 2 cupholders, 12v power outlet; sliding armrest; storage with 12v power outlet, USB connection
Wipers- variable speed front, 2 speed rear
Rear defroster
Remote keyless entry
Immobilizer key,  ignition disabling security system
Illuminated ignition key ring
Cup holders: 2 in center console, 1 bottle holder  in each door.
Cargo area: cargo cover, cargo tray, cargo hooks (4)
Headlights- auto on/off with key in ignition cylinder
Headlights- auto on/off with key in ignition cylinder with Auto dusk to dawn setting --
Fog lights
Roof rack rails (cross bars are optional)
Dark tinted windows. Note- there is no tinted upper windshield band though one can easily be added aftermarket
Rear view back-up camera
included with optional Navigation pkg, CVT only
Underhood insulation
Standard on CVT only.
Can be bought as a part and installed on manual

standard features

2013 XV Crosstrek Models
Standard Features

Note: this early information is incomplete, and subject to updating, change, and correction. Tips are welcomed

XV Crosstrek 2.0i Premium

model code: with manual transmission DRA, with CVT transmission DRB

148-hp 2.0-liter 4-cylinder
5 speed manual transmission with incline start assist
Optional CVT with paddle shifters, 6 setting
All-Wheel Drive
with electronic stability and traction control
8.7 inches of ground clearance
All Weather Package: dual mode hi/lo heated front seats, heated outside mirrors, front wiper de-icers

5 seatbelts and 5 headrests
Child seat LATCH system
TPMS- tire pressure monitoring system
Airbags (7)
dual front
dual front side
dual front and rear side curtain
Driver knee
Rollover sensor

Power assisted
4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes, front vented, solid rear with brake pad return springs
EBD electronic brake force distribution for controlled stopping
Brake assist for faster emergency brake response

new for 2013 Brake override- stops car when the brake and gas pedals are pressed at the same time
Break-away safety pedals.
EDR- Event Data Recorder- in the event of an impact, the EDR will freeze data including how various systems were operating, for example if seatbelts were buckled, if the gas or brake pedals were pressed, and vehicle speed. No personal data is stored.

Security and Keys
3 keys supplied, 2 with integrated keyless remote lock/unlock, with car finder and panic mode.
Immobilizer chipped key, programmed to the car
Ignition disabling security system if one of the immobilizer keys is not used.

Fog lights
Wheel arch fender flares
Roof rails (crossbars are optional)
Dark tinted windows (no windshield upper tint band though that can be added aftermarket)

Premium continued....

17-inch dark gray alloy wheels with 225/55R17 all season tires
Wipers- front 4 variable speeds, plus low and high, with wiper de-icer  (All Weather Pkg)
Wipers- rear,
Rear defroster-
Cloth upholstery
Carpeted floor mats (4)
Height adjustable driver seat, manual, heated,
65/35 split flat-folding rear seats
Power windows
Power locks
Power outside mirrors, large for easy visibility, with break-away hinge
Steering wheel: tilt and telescoping with illuminated audio and stereo controls
Air Conditioning, manual controls
Headlights: Auto on-off with ignition key insertion/removal
Underhood insulation- CVT model only

Cupholders: 6- 2 in center console, 1 in each door
2 Overhead sun visors with mirrors (not lighted mirrors)
2 map lights in the overhead center console
Trip Computer with Outside temperature. average MPG, instant MPG, elapsed time since the car was started, average vehicle speed, DTE distance to empty.

Cargo tray
Cargo area tie-down hooks (4)
Cargo area luggage cover

6-speaker am/fm single-CD stereo with hands free cell phone bluetooth with steering wheel controls, bluetooth wireless audio streaming, USB connection

Major Options:
CVT with paddle shifters
Voice-activated 6.1" GPS navigation system (CVT only)
Moonroof (CVT only)

XV Crosstrek Limited features

information subject to change, correction

model code: DRC, with standard CVT transmission

XV Crosstrek 2.0i Limited has all the Premium features, plus....
Leather trimmed upholstery
Underhood insulation
CVT with paddle shifters, 6 settings
Automatic climate control air conditioning
Upgraded instrument panel with off-white gauges
Rear view back-up camera, displays in stereo's 4.3" LCD screen
Headlights: Auto on-off with ignition key insertion/removal, plus dusk-to-dawn auto on/off setting

4.3" LCD 6-speaker am/fm/ HD radio single-CD stereo with hands free cell phone bluetooth with steering wheel controls, bluetooth wireless audio streaming, USB connection, and rear view camera

Major Option:
Voice-activated 6.1" GPS navigation system with Moonroof
Digital radio broadcast signal for improved clarity
The ‘HD’ in ‘HD Radio’ is part of iBiquity Digital’s brand name for its digital AM and FM radio technology.
It does not mean either hybrid digital or high definition, it is simply the branding language for this technology.
HD Radio broadcasting is free, there are no subscription fees.
You can get digital AM and FM stations, including HD2 and HD3 multicast channels.
HD Radio broadcasting is your favorite local AM and FM stations broadcasting digitally, producing improved clean sound. 
HD2 multicasting means more FM channels and new programming available from local FM stations.
The service includes iTunes Tagging. iTunes Tagging lets you capture information about a song on the radio and store it on your iPod by pushing the "Tag" button on the HD Radio receiver. When your iPod is connected to iTunes, a list of tagged songs will appear which can be previewed, purchased, and downloaded.
HD radio FAQ I Check station availability


A- available, na- not available

Note: prices are factory installed MSRP. Your price might vary according to dealer discounts or mark-up. Dealer installed prices may be higher due to part and labor costs

subject to change, correction, updating

Premium, manual trans (model DRA)
Premium CVT (model DRB)
Limited CVT (model DRC)
All Weather Package- standard on all models. Includes dual model hi/lo heated front seats, heated outside mirrors, front windshield wiper de-icers
Popular Package #1 (IYW). Includes auto dimming rear view mirror with compass, rear bumper cover, splash guards, rubber all weather floor mats (set of 4), rear seatback protector. $571
Popular Package #2 (IYX). Includes auto dimming rear view mirror with compass and homelink garage door opener, rear bumper cover, splash guards, rubber all weather floor mats (set of 4), rear seatback protector. $657 A
Kicker audio upgrade package #3 (IYU/Y). Includes Kicker 10" powered subwoofer in the cargo area, upgraded door speakers, tweeters, 'powered by Kicker' window sticker. $1,024 - $325 package discount = $699 after package discount
Premium, manual trans
Premium, CVT
Roof rack cross bars. Aero cross bars. $249. 150lbs capacity. Roof rails are standard on Crosstreks
Roof rack cross bars- round heavy duty bars. $397, available spring 2013 A
Body side moldings, body colored. Helps minimize door dings. $262
Rear bumper cover. protects the top of the rear rear bumper from scuffs. $92
Splash guards, unpainted black. Small mud flaps $147
Sport mesh grill. Black mesh with body colored trim $328
Rear spoiler, body colored. $347
Moonroof air deflector. Requires moonroof. $122
A (req moonroof)
A (req moonroof)
Trailer hitch, 1.25", wired, includes insert. The Crosstrek is rated for 1500lbs towing with trailer brakes, 1000 lbs without. $498
Wheel locks. $52
Premium, manual trans
Premium, CVT
Limited, CVT
Remote engine start- $469. available starting 12/10/12
Interior illumination kit.subtle footwell lighting, either red or blue. $202. Available starting 12/10/12
Center console tray $30. a small shelf that fits inside the center console storage under the armrest
110V, 100w Power outlet. $ 339 Convenient, fast charging of cell and laptops. Car has to be running or key turned to accessory power (late availability)
Security alarm upgrade $193. Adds an impact sensor to the standard ignition disabling alarm
Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass $198
auto dimming rear view mirror with compass and homelink garage door opener $284
Rear seat seatback protectors $62
Rubber all weather floor mats, set of 4, $72 (carpeted mats are standard)
Cargo net, by gate $47
Cargo net, behind the rear seat $58
Cargo net, side, 2 small side nets, $78
Shift knob, leather, manual transmission $102
Sift knob, leather, CVT
na A
Metal pedals- manual transmission gas, brake, and clutch $193
Metal pedals- CVT transmission gas and brake, $167
Premium, manual trans
Premium CVT
Limited CVT
Kicker 10" powered subwoofer in the cargo area. $546. big base sound
Tweeters- two $141
Upgraded speakers $333


2013 Crosstrek interior photos

subaru crosstrek black cloth
close-up of the black cloth showing part of the seat bolster and seat cushion
close-up of subaru crosstrek ivory beige cloth
close-up of the ivory cloth
subaru vx crosstrek black leather closeup
off black leather
crosstrek driver's seat height adjustment
the driver's seat is height adjustable with a manual pump-type handle.No lumbar adjustment
drivers seat, 2013 subaru crosstrek limited, gray shown
drivers seat, Limited with gray leather shown
subaru crosstrek driver's seat, ivory beige cloth shown
driver's seat, beige interior with ivory cloth
subaru crosstrek gray interior
gray interior, Premium CVT
crosstrek gray interior, premium, manual transmission
gray interior, Premium manual trans
subaru xv crosstrek interior, gray interior with navigation gps
gray interior, Premium with optional navigation
ivory interior subaru xv crosstrek premium
ivory interior Premium CVT
xv crosstrek interior, limited with leather and navigation gps shown
gray interior, Limited with off-black leather shown and standard 4.3" display stereo
crosstrek beige interior with ivory cloth shown
beige interior, Premium with ivory cloth shown
crosstrek premium, rear seat folds flat, gray interior shown
gray interior, Premium rear seat.
rear seat subaru crosstrek limited with center armrest and cupholders
gray interior, Limited with rear armrest and cupholders



Crosstrek Colors
its very hard to get accurate colors and they change depending on the light, so always check the color in person

subject to change and correction
subaru color tangerine orange
all new color- Tangerine Orange Pearl
subaru desert khaki color
all new color
- Desert Khaki, (beige)
venetian red pearl
Venetian Red Pearl
subaru ice                  silver metallic paint
Ice Silver Metallic
subaru                  forester dark gray metallic
Dark Gray Metallic

Satin White Pearl
Marine                  Blue pearl
Marine Blue Pearl

Crystal Black Silica


2013 Crosstrek Colors -  Availability By Model

gray interior with black cloth or black leather
beige interior with ivory cloth or ivory leather

color / model
Crosstrek  Premium, manual trans. (DRA) Crosstrek Premium, CVT trans
Crosstrek Limited, CVT trans.
Tangerine Orange Pearl (top)
black cloth
black cloth
black leather
Desert Khaki (dkh)
black cloth black cloth black leather
Dark Gray Metallic (dgm)
black cloth black cloth
black leather
Ice Silver Metallic (ism)
black cloth black cloth black leather
Venetian Red Pearl (vr1)
ivory cloth
ivory cloth ivory leather
Satin White Pearl (whi)
ivory cloth ivory cloth ivory leather
Marine Blue Pearl (mbp)
ivory cloth ivory cloth ivory leather
Crystal Black Silica (cbs)
ivory cloth ivory cloth ivory leather

these are available from your local dealer's parts department
prices are suggested MSRP not including installation

subject to change, correction
flexible strut town brace $449
Underhood insulation- std on CVTs but will fit manuals. $81, plus clips

leather shift know- manual trans, $89.95
leather shift knob, CVT, $109.95
metal pedals, manual trans $159.95
metal pedals, CVT, $139.95
engine block heater -$132.95
car cover - $129.95
side window deflectors - $119.95
battery warmer - $39.95
wheel locks - $29.95
anti-slip mat $19.95
ash tray - $27.95
cigarette lighter element $39.95
crossbars- aero, $199.95
crossbars, HD round, $339.95
mounting clamps- $25.
ski attachment, 6 pair, $160. req crossbars and mounting clamps
bike attachment, roof mounted, single bike $170. req crossbars and mounting clamps
bike attachment, fork mounted, single bike $179.95. req front fork $24.95, crossbars, and mounting clamps
bike attachment, hitch mounted, two bike, $249. req 1.25" hitch
cargo basket, heavy duty $249 includes mounting clamps. req crossbars
kayak carrier $150, req crossbars and mounting clamps
roof cargo carrier, $369. req crossbars and mounting clamps
roof cargo carrier, extended $459. req crossbars and mounting clamps

Speed Test Results from Edmunds.com
Acceleration, 0-30 mph (sec.)3.7
0-45 mph (sec.)6.4
0-60 mph (sec.)9.9
0-75 mph (sec.)15.0
1/4-mile (sec. @ mph)17.3 @ 79.6
0-60 with 1 foot of rollout (sec.)9.6
0-30 mph, trac ON (sec.)4.1
0-45 mph, trac ON (sec.)6.9
0-60 mph, trac ON (sec.)10.6
0-75 mph, trac ON (sec.)15.9
1/4-mile, trac ON (sec. @ mph)17.7 @ 79.4
0-60, trac ON with 1 foot of rollout (sec.)10.1
Braking, 30-0 mph (ft.)33
60-0 mph (ft.)126
Slalom, 6 x 100 ft. (mph)64.7
Slalom, 6 x 100 ft. (mph) ESC ON64.0
Skid pad, 200-ft. diameter (lateral g)0.79
Skid pad, 200-ft. diameter (lateral g) ESC ON0.78
Sound level @ idle (dB)41.8
@ Full throttle (dB)70.7
@ 70 mph cruise (dB)68.2
Engine speed @ 70 mph (rpm)2,050


a short list of 2013 5 Door and Crossover All Wheel Drive vehicles with their EPA MPG
city/highway/combined EPA rating
Thinking of getting a new 2013 All Wheel Drive Crosstrek, Impreza, or Forester?
Here are some other All Wheel Drive hatchbacks, or small crossovers
Engine size and price was not considered, only fuel economy.
Rating: city/highway/combined
This isn't a complete list!

subject to change, correction
Subaru Impreza auto 27/36/30;
Subaru Impreza manual 25/33/28
Subaru Crosstrek auto 25/33/28;
Subaru Crosstrek manual 23/30/26
Subaru Forester auto or manual 21/27/23
Subaru Forester XT turbo auto 19/24/21
Subaru WRX turbo 19/25/21;
Subaru WRX STI turbo 17/23/19

Audi A3 Quattro 23/30/25
BMW 328i xDrive sport wagon 17/25/20

Infiniti EX37 17/24/20
Infiniti EX35 17/24/20
Jeep Patriot 21/26/23
Mini Countryman S All4- manual 25/31/27
Mini Countryman All4 Auto 23/30/26
Nissan Juke 25/30/27
Suzuki SX4 23/29/25 Acura RDX- 19/27/22

Audi Q5- 4cyl 20/28/23 

Audi Q5 hybrid 24/30/26
BMW X3  2.0L xDrive 21/28/24
BMW X3 3.0L19/26/21

Ford Escape 1.6L 22/30/25, Ford Escape 2.0L 21/28/24
Honda CRV  22/30/25

Hyundai Tucson 21/28 (2012)
Jeep Patriot 21/26/23; manual 22/28/24
Jeep Wrangler 17/21/18
Kia Sportage 21/28/24
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 24/29/26
Nissan Rogue 22/27/24
Toyota Rav4 4 cyl 21/27 (2012)
VW Tiquan 4motion 20/26/23
Volvo XC60 3.2L 18/24/20


Ordering a car.
What if the dealer doesn't have what I want?

The supply of Crosstreks is tight, just like with Imprezas, and there will be more buyers than cars.
Dealers get a limited number of cars each month. They have an Incoming report
You can put your name on one of the incoming cars.
Many incoming cars will be sold before they arrive.

That means a factory order might be the way to get the exact car and features you want.
Factory orders will be filled from your dealer's normal allocation of Crosstreks,
When first ordered, the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) will probably be a 'month of...' that is around 3-4 months out from the order date.
The order will then be filled as available but it will probably be in the 2-3 or even 4 month window.
Your dealer can also try to locate or find a suitable car for you at another dealer who is willing to swap Crosstreks.
Be patient, the dealer will want you get your car as quickly as possible.
Crosstrek Statistics
this is for comparison only.
US XV Crosstrek specs have not been released
. current March 6, 2012.

this table compares the Crosstrek available in Australia to the Impreza  2.0i Sport available in the US.
This is not to indicate the US Crosstrek will have the same dimensions as the European or Australian models currently available

Here are some of the colors available on the Crosstrek in Australia.  This is not an indication these will be on US models. Most of these are colors already used on the current 2012 US Impreza except tangerine orange pearl which is a new color. satin white pearl, ice silver, camellia red pearl, deep cherry pearl, sage green metallic, sky blue metallic, dark gray metallic, obsidian black pearl.

for comparison only. US specs have not been released
2013 Crosstrek, Australian spec 2012 Impreza Sport 5 door, US spec
2.0L (1995cc) 16 valve DOHC, 148hp @6200rpm,
145 torque @4200 rpm
2.0L (1995cc) 16 valve DOHC, 148hp @6200rpm,
145 torque @4200 rpm
5 speed manual, optional CVT 5 speed manual, optional CVT
symmetrical all wheel drive with VDC stability and traction control
vented front/solid rear discs
vented front/solid rear discs
overall length
overall width
overall height
ground clearance
track front/rear
curb weight
3075 lbs
towing with trailer brakes/without, 200lb tongue wight
1500 lbs/1000. 
On long grades or in high heat 750lbs
not recommended
rear view reverse camera available
not available
automatic Stop Start available
not available
headlights - self leveling Xenon HID low beam available
not available
rear center LED stoplight available
not available