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If you are looking to buy a Subaru, I can get you one at an excellent price with no haggling.
If buying a car is keeping you up at night, the answer is a phone call away.
All new models.. Outback, Forester, Legacy, Impreza, WRX, STI, BRZ, Crosstrek 2016, 2015 ...


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Common questions

Q. Where are you?
A. I work at a Seattle area dealer,  Carter Subaru Shoreline, in Shoreline/North Seattle Washington. 
Note: this website is not authorized by Carter Subaru. They are not involved with it nor do they sponsor, support or approve it in any way. see disclaimer page. Search Inventory, or directly contact

Q.Why should I buy from you?
A.  Straight-forward answers and sales. Upfront pricing with no dealer games and a completely hassle-free experience. (some would say too straight-forward...)

Q. Can I buy from you
A.  Yes, but since Subaru discourages sales more than 200 miles from the selling dealers location (starting 4/1/16) unless you're in an area without a nearby Subaru dealer, so to determine if it makes sense for you to buy from me, I will need your address and zip code.

Q. I'm not sure what model I want. How do I find out?
A. Research the models or call and lets talk about it. Short emails are ok but  I generally prefer the phone for long detailed questions/answers etc Search Inventory

Q.I live far from Seattle and really want to buy locally where I live. Will you still talk to me about prices so I know what to expect from my local dealer?
A.  Yes of course, everyone needs help from time to time. We can talk about prices. Please remember that customer rebates, dealer incentives, and special finance rates vary by region. 
And thanks for being upfront when we talk about not wanting to actually buy from me, it's appreciated, so just let me know what model and price your local dealer is offering and and yes I'll help! It's good karma ...

Q.Fleet sales? But I only want one car...
A.  One car or many, you will still get a low price.

Q Do you ship cars to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada?
A No. Sorry.


Q.Why are your prices low?
A.  Volume. My prices are based on invoice and dealer incentives so they are extremely low. Almost everything is under invoice! It depends on the supply- when I have a lot of a model the price is lower. When I only have a few the price goes up. 

Q.How do I get a price?
A.  Once you know the model and color choices you want you can email or call though I strongly prefer a phone call because it is much more efficient.

Q.What will my price be? 
A.  Price varies by model, options, and inventory (do I have a car you want?) and of course customer applicable rebates and dealer incentives.

Q.Special interest rates, do I get them?
A.  Yes, of course you get them, check customer special interest rates offered on that model. Canadian customers do not get any rebates.

Q.How do I pay you? Financing or cash...
Financing- your bank or mine. I offer Subaru special interest rates no matter where you live in the US.
Or use your own local bank if you prefer. 
Cash and Checks- Bank checks and direct wire is preferred. Credit cards are accepted up to $500 due to bank fees. 


Q.Do I buy a car without seeing it?
A.  These are brand new cars in new condition and you should have full confidence. 
You and I communicate very thoroughly. 
You get copies of all paperwork.
I'll fax VIN (vehicle ID), with full information on the car, and complete pricing. 
Photos are available.
Research the models, Search Inventory or call me and we can talk about your wants and needs.
Read customer comments.

A.  I can email or fax Purchase Order (PO) and Info Sheet to you so you have everything in writing. 
The PO has the VIN, price details clearly spelled out. The Info Sheet has the model, VIN, and factory options listed.
If you are shipping, I Fed Ex all documents to you to be signed and returned. 
Price, deposit, any financing payments and/or interest rates, are all clearly explained and all questions answered. 

Q.How do I get the the car?
A.  usually you drive it away

A.  You get the full normal Subaru of America (SoA) factory new car warranty, honored in in all states, at all US dealers! The warranty starts when you buy the car or if used, when the car was first sold. 
Canadian customers, the warranty is still honored by SoA.  Check all the details.

Q.Tax, License?
A.  Pay your own normal fees when you register/license the car in your home state.
No Washington State fees unless you live here of course.
Bring your own license plate or if you need a trip permit to drive away from the dealership it's $29.00 for a 3 day Wa. State transit permit.

Q.Do you work with companies and credit unions?
A.  Yes. I have special discount prigrams for employees and members of Microsoft-  Microsoft Prime, Boeing, Weyerhauser, Safeco Insurance, Amazon, Starbucks, Swedish Hospital, Swedish Hospital Edmonds, Children's Hospital, University, Providence, Harborview, Northwest hospital, Google, Amgen, Paccar, UW University of Washington, Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center FHCRC, Costco, Sam's, Washington State employees (government), Cobalt, Yahoo, PUD, Boeing Credit Union, 1st Tech CU, Alaska Federal credit union, Watermark credit union,  WSECU... ?
Are you a member or PSIA, AASI, ASPCA, IMBA, Prime card, Perks card, Microsoft passport programs.. 
Are you a teacher, veterinarian, nurse, doctor, medical professional, works at the PCC Puget Sound Co-op..?

Credit unions? I work with all credit unions ...

Q.Canada resident buying a US spec car. 
A.  Yes, Canadians looking for pre-owned, lightly used cars are welcomed. 
I sell pre-owned cars cross border but I can help refer you to a dealer that might still sell new ones. 
New cars: starting January 3, 2008 Subaru of America started discouraging dealers from selling new cars to Canada.
Customer rebates and dealer incentives -do not- apply on cross border sales. And it can hurt dealer allocation. 
Click here for more Canadian buyer info

Q.How do I contact you?
A. The phone is preferred 206.769.7821
contact page

Note: if you are just looking for help to buy from another dealer with no intention of buying from me in Seattle, just tell me and let me know what they're offering (model, price etc).  It is appreciated when people are upfront.

Joe Spitz, Seattle, Wa
phone 206.769.7821

Subaru discount internet and fleet sales- one car or many in the Seattle, Washington State area
please call with the address and zip code where the car will be licensed to determine if you can buy in Seattle.
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