on this page- photos of options, accessories and upgrades available on the 2013 Subaru Crosstrek
crosstrek with sport mesh grill, optional on all models
Crosstrek with optional sport mesh grill and hood deflector, optional on all models. The grill is body colored. venetian red shown. more grill photos below

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venetian red 2013 subaru xv crosstrek- optional body side moldings, rear spoiler, splash guards, rear bumper cover, crossbars, windo drip moldings
Venetian Red Pearl Crosstrek with optional rear spoiler, splash guards, body side moldings, rear bumper cover, trailer hitch, aero crossbars, and window drip moldings

subaru crosstrek wheel arch molding with optional splash guard and bodyside molding
the wheel arch moldings are standard, but the splash guards (rear shown) and the body side moldings are optional. venetian red shown
xv crosstrek, dark gray color, with optional body side moldings. photo by cars101.com/joe spitz
with optional bodyside moldings. they help minimize door dings to the metal
subaru crosstrek, body side moldings
close-up of the optional body side moldings, marine blue pearl shown
subaru crosstrek with hitch mounted bike carrier
dirty Crosstrek on the highway north of Seattle with a trailer hitch mounted aftermarket bike carrier, July 2013


optional front splash guard xv crosstrek
optional front splash guard
optional rear splash guard, shown on tangerine orange pearl xv crosstrek
optional rear factory splash guard
crosstrek with aftermarket rally armor mud flaps
the factory splash guards are small, check out these aftermarket Rally Armor brand mud flaps
subaru xv crosstrek with rally armor aftermarket mud flaps
aftermarket mud flaps available from Rally Armor are larger than factory splash guards
option al rear bumper cover step pad on subaru crosstrek
rear bumper with optional rear bumper cover
xv crosstrek rear bumper without optional rear bumper cover
rear bumper without the optional rear bumper cover
subaru crosstrek aero roof rails with crosstbars
all Crosstreks have roof rails, shown with optional crossbars with 32" center-to-center spread
subaru xv crosstrek aftermarket roof rack crossbars
aftermarket crossbars
subaru xv crosstrek trailer hitch 1.25", 1500lb tow capacity
xv crosstrek trailer hitch, 1 1/4", 1500 pound tow capacity, comes wired, with insert
subaru xv crosstrek trailer hitch, shown with drop down insert
the insert includes with the factory trailer hitch is a drop down.
optional subaru xv crosstrek 100w 110v power outlet
optional Subaru XV Crosstrek 100w 110v power outlet is very accessible in the back of the center console

subaru crosstrek with rear spoiler
rear spoiler, venetian red shown
optional rear spoiler on the 2013 subaru xv crosstrek
close-up of optional rear view spoiler
optional metal pedals on subaru crosstrek. CVT shown, no clutch pedal
optional metal pedals. There's no clutch, so this car has a CVT. Shown with optional rubber floor mat
crosstrek with optional window rain drip moldings
Crosstrek with optional window rain drip moldings. Dealer installed only, not available factory or port installed
subaru crosstrek sport mesh grill, tangerine orange shown
optional mesh grill with body colored trim. tangerine orange shown
closeup of sport mesh grill, tangerine orange subaru vx crosstrek
closeup of the optional body colored, black mesh grill with body shown on a tangerine orange subaru xv crosstrek

crosstrek with sport mesh grill, optional on all models
crosstrek with optional hood protector and body colored sport mesh grill, optional on all models. venetian red shown
optional sport mesh grill on a 2012 subaru crosstrek
optional sport mesh grill and hood protector
optional front hood preotector shown on tangerine orange 2013 subaru xv crosstrek
front hood protector on a xv crosstrek
closeup of optional front hood protector shown on 2013 subaru xv crosstrek
optional front hood protector, tangerine orange shown

optional body side moldings subaru xv crosstrek, desert khaki color
optional side moldings, khaki color shown

khaki subaru crosstrek optional bodyside moldings
khaki Subaru Crosstrek with optional bodyside moldings