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Older Subarus

Subaru corporate sites, outdoor affiliations, sponsorships

Subaru sponsors and participates in....
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general clubs, groups, newsgroups, forums, link pages
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Import a US car into Canada
  • Importing a Subaru to Canada  my page
  • Importcartocanada.info

  • Legacy and Outback  Section - L, Outback, Brighton, GT models
    (Please check the parts and performance, and clubs and groups, sections also)

    Forester Section
    (Please check the parts and performance, and clubs and groups, sections also)

    B9 Tribeca
    links coming soon

    Baja section
  • SVX section (check the parts and performance, and clubs and groups, sections also)

  • Impreza Section (please also check race/rally, performance, clubs/groups sections) WRX-STi (for preformance upgrades check (race/rally, performance, parts sections etc below STi
    ImprezaWRXSTi.com http://www.imprezawrxsti.com/

    Rally, race links

    Other Subarus

    Used or older Subaru parts, performance and aftermarket upgrading, and aftermarket accessories
    (please also check the catagory for the model and also the clubs and groups section. There are some very helpful groups)

    Performance and aftermarket upgrading, all models

    Parts Repair shops Tires, Wheels etc

    Accessories. Please also check the sections above on performance and upgrading, and parts

    Other automotive links Please check the parts and performance, and clubs and groups, sections also

    Buying a car?

    Crash tests, Airbag, Child Seat, Brakes and other safety education issues,

    Credit Reporting Agencies
    check your free annual credit report from the official US government site https://www.annualcreditreport.com

    US Government sites see above for gov't crash testing

    Pages of Links and information

    Magazines and automobile reviewers Miscellaneous auto pages of general interest Local Seattle Area Links of general interest
    Subaru Research pages: prices, options, colors...
    Homepage http://www.cars101.com
    Alaska sales, contact me if you're in Alaska or Hawaii
    Subaru speak? commonly used terms
    Inventory Search

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     "SUBARU" is a Japanese word meaning "unite." It is also a term identifying the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus that includes six stars visible to the average eye. According to Greek mythology, Atlas' daughters turned into this group of stars. In 1953, five Japanese companies merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. The new corporation adopted the "Subaru" cluster of stars as its official logo for its line of automobiles. (from Subaru.com website)