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Joe Spitz

1977 blue Subaru
1977 Subaru

you are here v 12.23.08

yellow 360 mini-van
 brightly colored local Washington State 360
 1970 Subaru Sambar minivan is only 117.9" long and still seats 4.
It has the 360cc 2 stroke engine.
360 van
1969 360 5 door van. That's me sitting inside
red 360

360 showing open 'suicide' style door
White 360 courtesy of Dave in Ms.

1980s Subarus on a hilltop
1980s Subarus on a hilltop
1983 ski car
1983 ski car
1984 convertible, GL turbo
1984 convertible
1982 Subaru convertible
1982 convertible

1975 wagon is the first mass produced Japanese four wheel drive passenger car. With this car subaru becomes the Official Ski car for the national ski teams for the U.S., Japan, and other countries.

1972 Subaru is the first front wheel drive mass produced Japanese car

1987 wagon
1992 Loyale

Early 90s Legacy L model 

1992 SVX1992 black SVX

1992 Justy, 2 door1992 justy
Legacy crash test at 30mph  Legacy crash test at 30 mph leaves the passenger compartment virtually undamaged
crash test of the 1992 SVX svx crash test

97 Leg. OB1997 Legacy Outback ---------------------1996 SVX

winestone Outbackwinestone 2000/01Outback

BratHere is a Brat that was owned by one of our Subaru mechanics.

1983 Brats 1983 Brats
94 alpine sport logo1994 Legacy Alpine Sport belonging to Bob Hunt

US Forest Service Forester logo
US Forest Service Forester, 1998
Glenn's 99 RsGlenn's 99 2.5L RS

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