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small image subaru pleiades logo toasted bread, 2012
Subaru Pleiades logo toasted onto bread using the Subaru toaster. The toaster wasn't for sale. see more photos below
subaru outback teddy bears, large and small size
2 Outback teddy bears.. these are old
These are some items that have been available over the past years. Some were for sale and others were free give-aways. This website doesn't sell these, and besides many haven't been available for years.
Please cont
act your local dealers  for availability.

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subaru spatula
this spatula is full size (19" long), has a bottle opener on the end. For sale at your local dealer Spring 2012.
At home or camping (you drove to the trail in your Subaru of course), everything tastes better when you flip it with this

subaru bread toaster burned the Pleiades logo on the bread, summer 2012
this Subaru bread toaster burned the Pleiades logo onto the bread. It was a sales manager contest give-away, summer 2012, and wasn't offered for sale.

Subaru metal diecast toy Outback, WRX STI, Legacy, Crosstrek, Forester
Subaru metal diecast toy Outback, WRX STI, Legacy, Crosstrek, and Forester, 2016

do you have Subaru trinkets, toys, advertising give-aways? post photos on the forum
Subaru dog place mat (shown with a human fork and knife).
Subaru dog place mat (shown with a human fork and knife).

2017 Subaru metal toy Forester and Crosstrek
2017 Subaru metal toy Forester and Crosstrek
2017 Subaru metal toy Forester and Crosstrek
2017 Subaru metal toy Forester and Crosstrek
2016 Subaru small diecast Outback, WRXSTI, Legacy, Fall 2015
2016 Subaru small diecast Outback, WRXSTI, Legacy, Fall 2015
Subaru Outback playing cards. May 2015
Subaru Outback playing cards.  available 2015
two Subaru logo keyrings, 2015
Subaru key rings, available 2015. shown with 2014 Outback key and remote start fob.
winestopper with subaru logo (not for sale)
wine stopper with Subaru logo, not for sale, mgr award, May 2013
subaru wood pepper mill, grinder, 2013
Subaru pepper mill, this was a sales manager award, May 2013, 
and wasn't offered for sale
subaru flip-flops, sales award, not offered for sale
Subaru  summer flips-flops, a sales manager award May 2013, not offered for sale

subaru beach flipslops with subaru and the Pleiades logo that would embed in wet sand
when you wear the flip-slops on the beach you'll leave the Pleiades logo in the wet sand
subaru wrist watch, 2013
Subaru wrist watch sales award. May 2013
Subaru stainless BRZ drink coaster. photo by Joe Spitz,

Subaru BRZ drink coasters with cork bottoms for sale at dealers. December 2012

subaru toast with butter, summer 2012
Subaru toaster with bread. The toaster is plastic and pretty lightweight.
Note- this  toaster was never offered for sale

subaru toasted bread, 2012
closeups of Subaru toasted bread. The toaster was not available for sale...
small image subaru Pleiades logo toasted bread, 2012

breakfast with subaru toast
breakfast with Subie toast
subaru flashlight, winter 2012
flat pocket size flashlight with Subaru logo, winter 2012
subaru logo dog leash and collar
dog leash and collar, winter 2012
Subaru dog leash on Rottweiler Floyd, May 2012
Rottweiler Floyd in a Subaru collar and leash, May 2012
2012 subaru gardening gloves
Subaru gardening gloves, Love Spring event 2012
subaru cooking spatula, sping 2012
very cool Subaru grilling spatula available for sale spring 2012
subaru tin with jelly beans
tin of Subaru jelly beans
subaru rally blue bear in a pouch
Subaru brand rally bear or Wallabee has a rally blue pouch
subaru forester teddy kangaroo with baby in pouch
Subaru forester kangaroo with baby in pouch
subaru rally blue cowbell
Subaru branded cowbell, spring 2012
slubaru heart shaped love red plastic slinky
Subaru red plastic heart shaped plastic slinky, winter 2012
subaru slinky is heart shaped
valentine's day 2012 red heart shaped slinky
subaru seiko clock
small Subaru desk clock

rope ring dog pull toy from subaru
rope ring dog pull toy, made in china
subaru pen
pen set
pen set
subaru playing cards, 2008
playing cards, 2008
outback skunk detergent and hand puppet
outback skunk detergent and hand puppet give-aways. fall 2009

chocolate heart
chocolate heart, 2010 True Love Event
subaru pen
subaru steering wheel keyring
steering wheel key ring
outback pen
2012 air fresheners and animal shahped rubber bands
air fresheners and animal shaped rubber bands, 2010 Share the Love Event
watch with logo
bought online
pen from subaru
subaru key ring
subaru drink coasters, like all weather rubber floor mats for your drinks
subaru drink coasters and like the all weather floor mats, available for sale again 2012
subaru true love lollipop, 2011
lollipop from 2011 and 2014 True Love Event
much more soon