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2014 subaru tribeca, deep indigo
Deep Indigo Pearl 2014 Tribeca Limited


3/4 view 2014 subaru tribeca limited, satin white pearl
2014 Tribeca Limited Satin White Pearl


Whats new, Updates,  Notes, Comments
Tribeca homepage

10/18 finally...its the long anticipated the end of the road for the slow selling Tribeca
If you're looking for a new one, there won't be many 2014 models- orders for them were accepted starting 8/1/13, prices were announced 8/13, and then orders were abruptly cut-off after 8/18.
Subaru's next 7 passenger will probably be born with combined Subaru-Toyota parentage, some form of hybrid technology, and hopefully a functional 3rd row.
The official statement "Subaru of America, Inc. has confirmed that production of the Tribeca model will cease in January 2014 with last deliveries to retailers in February 2014. The Tribeca debuted as Subaru’s mid-size SUV in 2005 and has sold approximately 78,000 vehicles to date.
SOA will support the effective sell down of the 2014MY Tribeca and the company has announced that it plans to return to the mid-size SUV segment with a three-row vehicle in the future."

 8/18 2014 Tribeca orders stopped.
This is the beginning of the final months for the Tribeca. There are some 2014 models already available on lots and more are scheduled to arrive but if Subaru isn't accepting new orders they could be planning to sell out of existing inventory. The production could be moved to the Outback

8/13 2014 prices and specs announced.
The Tribeca continues on for another year. Delivery expected starting late September.

There is still only the Limited model.

New: all 2014s have a standard moonroof, back-up camera (displays in rear view mirror or optional navigation screen), black roof rails, auto dimming rear view mirror with compass. These features were the optional $1500 moonroof package on 2013s.
Destination up $25 to $825.
MSRP including destination and the new added features is now $34920 which is the same as last year's 2013 model if you included the then optional moonroof package

New Carbide Gray color replaces graphite gray

8/1 orders now available on 2014 Tribecas. Prices and specs not released yet.



and new car break-in
the full maintenance schedule

Break-in period  for the first 1000 miles
Don't race the engine, keep RPMs under 4,000 for the most part and vary the speeds with normal city/highway driving.

Break-in period  for the first 1000 miles
Don't race the engine, keep RPMs under 4,000 for the most part and vary the speeds with normal city/highway driving.
3.6R  models- the first oil change is required at 3months/3,000 miles. 

Service schedule
Oil- Use 5W-30. Regular oil is ok, synthetic oil is recommended
Subaru does have some conflicting information about regular vs synthetic oil. Synthetic is recommended.
Its required to replace the oil and filter every 7,500 miles or 7.5 months. With stop and go or hard driving, towing etc its recommended to replace every 3750 miles or 3.75 months

First oil service- the first oil/filter change on a 3.6L engine is required at 3months/3,000 miles. 
7,500 miles/7.5 months- oil/filter service, rotate tires. equal tread is required on all tires.
15,000 miles/yearly- repeat 7500 mile service, replace cabin air filter, check hoses, belts, brakes etc
30,000 miles/30 months- 15k service plus replace air filter and brake fluid. inspect other all fluids, filters, 
60,000 miles/60 months (5 years)- repeat 30k service plus spark plugs. 3.6L models use transmission fluid. 2.5L CVT does not. 
90,000 miles/90 months- repeat 30k service plus replace all fluids, filters
105,000- replace timing belt on 2.5L models. The 3.6R Timing chain does not need replacement

Radiator fluid is Super Coolant long life. The first replacement is 11 years.
2.5L CVT Transmission: Life Time oil and should not need to be replaced unless driven under hard conditions, towing etc-change every 24,855 miles. Note- there is no CVT oil dipstick. 
Radiator fluid is Super Coolant, with over 10 year replacement schedule.


Bumper-to-bumper: 3 year/36,000 miles. Includes Wear Item warranty covering pre-mature wear: brakes, clutch linings, remote batteries, wiper blades etc.
Roadside assistance 3yr/36000 miles by the Cross Country Motor Club at 800 261-2155, break-down, lock-out, flat repair etc
Powertrain: 5 year/ 60,000 miles
Corrosion: 5 year/100,000 miles
Note Warranties do not cover wear or damage due to abuse, lack of maintenance or competitive driving. Exclusions may apply, wear replacement may be one time.
subject to change, correction.
Navigation is the same system used on all previous Tribecas
#01- standard, no charge.
 new for 2014- includes the poreviously optional (on 2013s) moonroof package including back-up camera, black roof rails, and the auto dimming rear view mirror with compass

#13- Navigation + DVD rear seat entertainment. Navigation GPS 7" touch screen, Harman Kardon amplifier with 10 h/k speakers incl subwoofer, black roof rack rails, auto dimming mirror/compass, Rear seat DVD system, 9" screen, wireless headsets, audio/video inputs, $4000.


your price might vary according to dealer mark-up or discounts.
subject to change, correction


Notes, Updates

Prices released 8.13.13 
No price increase for 2014 model. 

Destination up $25 to $825. Destination to Alaska is $975
Residents of CT, HI, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT: price and destination may vary, please contact your local dealer
Navigation is the same system used on all previous Tribecas.
Interest Rates, rebates page

Option Packages
#13 Navigation/GPS, roof mounted rear seat DVD entertainment system 

NOTE These are List prices. Your actual price may vary due to rebates, incentives, dealer mark-up or discounts, and options.
Always contact your local dealer

subject to change, updating

2013 Model
optional pkg
#13 $4000
Limited,  model code ETD


subject to change, correction.

Basics: a mid-size, uni-body SUV with standard 7 passenger seating

Location of Factory Subaru of Indiana Automotive factory, Lafayette, Indiana. Production started April 1, 2005 
Engine 3.6L  24 Valve  (code EZ36D)
Camshaft timing chain
Composite resin intake manifold
DAVCS dual active variable valve control system, variable valve timing
Sequential fuel injection
Direct electronic distributorless ignition
Spark Plugs: NGK SILFR6C11
Plug Firing Order 1-6-3-2-5-4
Ignition Timing 15* BTDC
Compression 10.5:1
Oil, oil filter capacity 8.5US qt. 5w-30 oil 
Idle speed, parked, 700rpm +/- 100
Horsepower  256@6000rpm, torque 247@4400rpm
Transmission, gear ratios etc  2nd generation 5spd Automatic SportShift is standard. No manual transmission has ever been available on the Tribeca.
Ratios 1st gear: 3.540:1, 2nd: 2.264:1, 3rd: 1.471:1, 4th: 1.00:1, 5th: 0.834:1, Final drive 3.583:1 Reverse: 2.370
SportShift Manual mode max speeds will automatically upshift at: 1st gear 25mph, 2nd 59mph, 3rd 95mph
When cool the engine will shift at higher RPMs to shorten the warm-up time.

All Wheel Drive
VDC button
VDC button

VTD (variable torque distribution) varies power electronically from front to back. Includes a limited slip rear differential.  45/55 front/rear power split, 
VDC (vehicle dynamics control) stability control system or 'skid' control. When the VDC senses that the vehicle is sliding due to understeer or oversteer, it will use individual wheel brakes and/or reduce engine power to help correct the slide – adding to driver control. It monitors steering wheel position, wheel speed body lean and applies brakes and/or reduces engine power to help correct the vehicle path.
Traction Control System (TCS) all speed, all wheel 4 wheel traction control system which detects a loss of traction and applies brakes to the wheel or wheels as necessary.
Fuel economy-city/highway 16/21mpg 
Gas: regular unleaded 87 octane
 City/Highway 16/21 MPG
Fuel tank capacity 16.9 US gallons. Tank is safely located under middle seat. Low fuel light comes on with app 3-3.5 US gallons remaining
Brakes 4 channel, 4 sensor Anti-lock with Electronic Brake Force Distribution
Dual Piston Front, Single Piston Rear. 
Size: 12.3" front ventilated disc, 12.4" rear ventilated disc
Steering speed sensitive variable assist rack-and-pinion
Steering ratio 18.0:1
Steering wheel turns lock-to-lock 3.44
Turning Circle curb-to-curb 37.4ft; wall-to-wall 40ft
Wheels Alloy 18 x 8jj" Offset 55 (2.17) PCD 114.3
Tires Goodyear Eagle LS2 255/55 R18 104H all weather MS, Raised Black Letter, 
All with Tire pressure monitoring system (Needs to be re-synced whenever tires or wheels are replaced).
Tire Pressure Front 33psi, Rear 32psi recommended
Chains tire chains cannot be used due to clearance. If you do lots of winter driving, consider a set of snow or ice tires or possibly spider spikes.
Spare Tire temporary, mounted under rear of car. Tools in cargo area and there a small storage bin as well
Curb Weight Premium 4,150; Limited 4,214; Touring 4,256
Towing Tow 3,500 pounds with transmission cooler and trailer brakes. 
2000 pounds without transmission cooler. 
Tongue weight: 200 pounds, 300 pounds with transmission cooler
Trailer brakes are required when the trailer and its cargo exceed 1,000 lbs.
Emergency towing: you can't flat tow a Subaru automatic transmission behind a tow truck or motorhome, you have to use a flatbed. In an emergency however, you can tow it for a short distance (under 31miles) at very slow speed (under 20mph).
Ground Clearance 8.4" at exhaust pipe
Angle of Approach, Departure Approach angle: 17*
Departure angle: 21*
Ramp breakover angle 19* 
subject to change, correction updating

2013-2006 models are all Top Safety Picks with good performance in front, side, rollover, rear tests and standard electronic stability control.

middle row child seat tether on Subaru Tribeca
3 middle row child seat tethers are on 
the back of the seats
3rd row child seat tether
arrow points at the 3rd row child seat tether in the rear gate sill,
There are no 3rd row child seat anchors.
Brake Override System BOS (new on 2013 model)
when both gas and brake pedals are pressed at the same time, the brake will override the gas and stop the car
Brake Assist senses panic stops and boosts brake pressure
Roll-Over Sensor when a roll-over is detected deploys side-curtain airbags and cinches front seatbelts
Back-up warning sensor Beeps faster as the vehicle gets closer to an object while backing up, starts beeping at 4-5 ft. With high-low-off' volume switch
Auto-off headlights, auto off with igntion S, auto off with ignition. (daytime running lights are also standard)
Airbags Dual front occupant sensing airbags, dual stage deployment. 
Driver's front airbag knows where the seat is positioned, 
Passenger front seat senses occupant weight
Roll-Over Sensor pre-deploys curtain airbags and tightens front seatbelts.
Dual front seat-mounted side airbags
Front and rear side-curtain airbags
Seatbelts 7 lap and shoulder belts. 2 front, 3 middle, 2 rear (opt). Outside shoulder harnesses are height adjustable
Child seat LATCH system Tethers 3 for middle row, and 2 in optional 3rd row
Anchors,  2 in middle row.
Childproof door locks.
Tire pressure monitoring system Measures tire pressure, a dashboard warning light illuminates when under about  27 psi.  System needs to be re-synced whenever tires or wheels are replaced. See more below
Daytime Running Lights
5 mph Impact Bumpers
Side Impact beams in doors
Front and Rear crumple zones
Active front headrests
Rear headrests for all seats, adjustable
Safety pedals
the pedals are designed to minimize foot injury in a front end accident
Break-away engine
designed to drop under passenger compartment in an accident
Dead battery and rear gate locked? Note: there is no key access to unlock the rear gate (ie no key in the rear gate), and if the car's battery is dead the only way to open the gate is to climb in the back and to get to a small lever on the inside of the gate, and then it can be opened from the outside. Or jump-start the car of course and then use either the remote or the power door locks.


scroll down for cargo area and seat measurements
subject to change, correction.
Passenger volume 133.5cf
Cargo volume (see images below) 74.4" with 2nd and 3rd row folded flat
37.6cf with 3rd row folded flat
Wheelbase 108.1"
Track front/rear 62.0"/62.0"
Overall Length 191.5"
Width 73.9";  88.8" including mirrors
Height 68.1" with roof rails, 66.7" without roof rails
Head Room, front 40.3" no sunroof; 38.9" with sunroof
Head Room, 2nd row 38.2"
Head Room, 3rd row 36.2"
Leg Room, front 42.3"
Leg Room, 2nd row (depends on seat position) 34.3"
Leg Room, 3rd row (depends on middle seat position) 30.9"
Shoulder Room front/rear 58.1"/57.5"
Shoulder Room, 3rd row 51.3"
Hip Room, front/rear 54.0"/54.6"
Hip Room, 3rd row 51/3"
cargo area dimensions

to adjust 2nd row seats in the subaru tribeca, use these handles, 2014, 2013, 2012 subaru tribecas-
for safety, to adjust the middle row seats all the way back (only done when there are  no 3rd row passengers),
it is necessary to move the yellow handle to the outside at the same time pulling the adjustment bar up.
This will allow the middle seat to move all the way back when there are no 3rd row passengers.
This is the same on both driver and passenger middle row seats.


(also 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008)

Cargo Capacity, Folding Seats

All seats folded flat- 74.4cf
behind 2nd row- 37.6cf
behind 3rd row- 8.3cf
Maximum Payload 1,464-1,560 pounds

Seats fold down- middle row 40/20/40, rear row 50/50

Cargo and Seat  Legroom Dimensions: unofficial and hand measured
Subject to change, correction.

Tribeca Cargo Measurements
hand measured

A width of bottom of gate 40"
B height of gate 34.5"
C angle of gate opening51.5"
D width at middle of gate 43"
E width at top of gate 40.75"
F width of floor between wheel wells 43"
G length of floor with rear seats up 17"
H angle of cargo floor with rear seats up 45"
I width of passenger side rear seat 21.5
J width of driver side  rear seat 21.5'


2014 subaru tribeca cargo area measurements and dimensions, hand measured

Tribeca Cargo Measurements
hand measured

A  angle of cargo floor to front of rear door, all seats flat 89"
B length to rear seats 17"
C length to middle row seats 44"
D length to front console 105"
E length to back of passenger seat all the way forward 80", all the way back 70.75"
F width of driver side middle row seat down 18.5"
G width of center fold down rear seat, 13"
width of passenger side middle row seat down 18.5"
I angle of cargo floor with middle seats flats 57"


subaru tribeca cargo area with seats folded down
Subaru Tribeca cargo area
subaru tribeca cargo area with all seats folded flat
all seats folded flat, showing tool kit
Tribeca front seat all the way back
front seat to brake pedal goes from 14.5-23" legroom, shown at 23"
Tribeca rear seat legroom
rear seat legroom goes from 9-18" legroom depending
on front seat position. Shown at 18" 
(the box under the driver seat is for the navigation system disc)
2014  Standard Features

subject to change, correction, updating

Standard on all 2014 Tribecas

model code ETD

new, included on all 2014 Tribecas
(optional on all previous models)

Black roof rails
Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass

Back-up camera (displays in rear view mirror or optional navigation screen

3.6L H6 engine with 5 speed automatic transmission

VTD all wheel drive system
VDC stability skid control system 
TCS traction control system
Roof Racks: fixed position roof rack crossbar kit is the roofrack system. Upgrade to black colored Roof Rails as part of the sunroof package.
Courtesy lighting: center console, footwell, door courtesy lights
BlueConnect hands free phone calling
Power windows, illuminated, with auto-down driver's window.
Power locks, illuminated
Power driver's seat, 8 way, heated, with lumbar support |
Memory Driver's seat, 2 position
Power passenger seat, 4 way, heated, with lumbar support
Slate gray leather interior
Dual Front Zone Climate Control Air Conditioning
All Weather Pkg: heated front seats, front wiper deicer, defrosting outside mirrors.
Air Filtration System, for interior air
Front wiper: variable intermittent, de-icer to warm/defrost blades
Rear wiper: 2 speed, de-icer heats wipers warms, defrosts blade when frozen
Outside Mirrors: power, heated defrosting, with integrated turn signals
Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob
Tilt steering wheel (not telescoping)
Cruise Control with steering wheel controls
Integrated Rear Spoiler
Electro-Luminescent Gauges

standard on Limited con't

Trip computer, 7" screen,  with instant, average fuel economy, distance to empty, elapsed time etc
3rd row seating, 50/50 split fold flat easy tilt/slide middle seat for 3rd row access.
Rear Air Conditioning, cold air only, with 4 overhead vents and rear fan control
Super Coolant, long life radiator fluid.
Overhead console with handsfree Bluetooth.

Lights- Daytime Running Lights are on when headlights are off
Lights- Projector low beam, multi-reflector halogen high beam
Lights- Headlights auto on-off with igntion
Lights- Fog Lights
Courtesy lighting: footwell, doors, overhead console, cargo area and tailgate
Tinted Privacy Glass
Anti-theft chipped Immobilizer key with small size integrated remote
Keyless entry with Security ignition disabling system
10 Cupholders: 2 front, 4 middle; 4 door bottle holders
Tire Pressure Monitoring System warns of low tire pressure at app 27.2psi
Power sockets, 12 volt, 2 in the front console, 2 in the cargo area 
Overhead console with sunglass holder
Bright metal outside door handles
Dual exhaust, bright tips
Illuminated vanity mirrors
Sun Visors with extenders
Carpeted floor mats
Cargo area tie downs
Carpeted floor mts

Stereo upgraded 385 watt Harman/Kardon Premium Audio, AM/FM/ 6disc CD changer, MP3, 6 Speakers: 2 rear door dual cone woofer/tweeeter, 2 front lower door woofers, 2 front upper door tweeters, dual voice coil subwoofer, steering wheel controls, in-glass antenna, Aux plug, XM Satellite radio, 3 mos free. To activate, get your ID by tuning to Sat station 000, then call 800 547-8118

Request your free 'Badge of Ownership'    Photos, link here

start options
individual options are below

these are factory or port installed prices. Dealer installed prices will vary. Subject to change, correction, 
Popular Package 2 (TYH)  Roof rack Aero cross bars, Splash guards, Cargo tray, Cargo area cover, Rear bumper cover: $639
Popular Package 4 (TYJ)  Roof rack Aero cross bars, Splash guards, Cargo tray, Cargo area cover, Rear bumper cover: $639

end packages
start individual options
These are factory or port installed prices. Dealer installed prices will vary.
Subject to change, correction.

Navigation System 
Includes rear view camera and XM satellite radio (800-547-8118 to activate) with roof fin antenna.  Kenwood 7" touch screen. Uses yellow pages for phone and address look-up (no white pages). Computer and discs are under driver's seat. May be issues working with GPS in Alaska and Hawaii. Navigation disc updates from
includes the DVD rear seat entertainment system by Kenwood.   9" screen in headliner in front of middle row. Includes wireless headsets, remote rear audio/video inputs.  Will also play through Navigation screen when the vehicle is stopped. 

2014 options
model code EDT
Leather, with matching vinyl trim in standard. Non perforated.  3rd row is matching vinyl
new for 2014-  Auto dimming mirror with compass is now standard
Security system, shock sensor $104
Remote  Engine Starter $386
Rear Bumper Cover $75
Rear Dome Reading light, requires sunroof, $81
na with rear seat entertainment DVD
Luggage Cargo Cover Retractable  $161
Luggage Cargo Cover, vinyl hooks in place $78
Cargo net, rear (by rear gate) $48
Cargo net, rear seatback:  $64
Cargo Tray  $50
Roof Rack Aero Cross Bars- $195
Roof Rack HD Cross Bars- Round $397
All weather rubber floor mats, 2 rows, does not incl 3rd row $60
All weather rubber floor mats, all 3 rows $85
Front bumper underguard $263
Hood protector $89 (dealer has to install)
Moonroof air deflector $118 (dealer has to install)
Puddle lights, 4, located by each door under the car. $276
Splash Guards, black,  $158
Trailer hitch, wired, with insert, Transmission Cooler $723. The hitch takes a 1 1/4" receiver
Wheel Locks $52
2014 model
Subject to change, correction. 


2014 Dealer Installed Accessories and Parts
Subject to change, correction. 

these items and more are available from your local parts dept 
Not all items are available on all models. Some items may be available factory installed, see option and option packages above.  Installation can be done by your local dealer etc. Subject to change and correction of course.

Kayak Carrier
Bike Attachments- trailer hitch mounted or roofrack mounted
Roof Cargo carriers- standard or extended length
Heavy duty roof cargo basket
Moonroof Air deflector
Dog guard
Battery warmer
Engine block heater
Anti-slip cargo mat, 5 pass only (requires cargo tray)
Cargo area spotlight
Picnic/travel cooler-warmer
Rear bumper corner moldings
Car cover, car cover bag
Ashtray see 2006 photo page 2


 2014 Subaru Tribeca interior instrument panel, center console, climate control, audio


same as 2011, 2012, 2013
scroll down for exterior colors

Slate Gray leather

Desert Beige leather

close-up of leather with gray stitching


colors change depending on the light. always see a color in person
Subject to change, correction
2014 subaru tribeca color- carbide gray metallic
new for 2014- Carbide Gray Metallic
crystal black silica
crystal black silica
Subaru Ice Silver 
Ice Silver Metallic

satin white pearl
deep indigo pearl
Deep Indigo Pearl
venetian red pearl
Venetian Red Pearl


new for 2014 Carbide Gray Metallic replaces Gphite Gray Metallic
subject to change, correction

Deep Indigo Pearl (DIP)
Ice Silver Metallic (ISM)
Crystal Black Silica (CBS)
new for 2014 Carbide Gray Metallic (GG3)
Venetian Red Pearl (VRP)
Satin White Pearl (WHI)
Slate Grey or Desert Beige Leather
beige leather
gray leather
beige leather
gray leather
gray leather
beige leather

Emergency: towing, dashboard warning lights, jump starts, flat tires
Always call a professional like Subaru's Roadside Asistance 800 261-2155 or your own emergency service folks. And read the owner's manual.
Information here is unofficial and subject to change and correction, and a Subaru trained mechanic should repair or diagnose any and all issues!

Towing your Tribeca:Tow on a flat bed truck only. However if you have no choice but to tow on the ground there's potential transmission damage, keep the speed under 20mph and the distance under 31 miles, and any damage probably won't be covered by the warranty!

Warning dashboard lights. Always take to a mechanic and have it checked out!
This isn't a full list, there's a lot more in the owners manual.
Subject to change, correction.

Low fuel light comes on with app 2.6 US gallons left.
Low tire pressure light TPMS- steady illumination when a tire is low, flashes there's a problem with the system. Take to mechanic.
VDC off light comes on when you have temporarily disabled the VDC system or when there's a problem with the system. Take to mechanic.
AWD light (AWD = all wheel drive) flashes if the vehicle is driven with mismatched or low tires which is always bad on an all-wheel-drive.
Indicates the transmission fluid is too hot. Slow down and avoid hard driving, hills, stop-go traffic etc. Take to mechanic.
  Indicates rear differential fluid is too hot. Park, let it cool down and if the light goes out it's ok. Take to mechanic.
Indicates that there is a problem. Or a loose gas cap. Anyway, slow down and take to mechanic.

Jump starting
1.Connect one jumper to the positive (+) terminal on the dead battery and connect the other end to the positive (+) terminal of the good booster battery.
2. Connect one end of the other cable to the negative terminal of the good battery and clamp the other end of the cable to the strut mounting nut.

Flat tires
The Tribeca has TPMS Tire pressure monitoring. When a tire's pressure drop below appr. 27psi a dashboard warning light goes on. It doesn' t say which tire so check all of them.  Using compressed tire inflator sealant may help get you home etc but will damage the TPMS sensor. When a tire or wheel is replaced, the sensor has to be programmed.
The spare is outside under the back.
To lower the spare, remove the subfloor storage lid in the cargo area, take out the jack and remove an access cover and cap. Get the hex-headed hoist shaft tool in the tool kit and fit it into the hole and put the wheel lug nut wrench onto it and turn it counter clockwise. Be sure to remove (not simply keep it open) the subfloor storage lid before turning the wheel nut wrench, otherwise the lid may be damaged. To replace the spare just wind it back up until you hear a few clicks and make sure the tire is tight.

Speed tests- if you know of one that show be here let me know
2008 Tribeca- from caranddriver, October 2007
yes this is a 2008 test but should still be reasonably accurate

Type front-engine, 4-wheel-drive, 7-passenger, 5-door wagon
Engine: DOHC 24-valve flat-6, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection
Transmission: 5-speed automatic with manumatic shifting

Displacement: 222 cu in, 3630cc
Power (SAE net): 256 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 247 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm

Zero to 60 mph: 7.7 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 22.8 sec
Street start, 5–60 mph: 8.4 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 16.1 sec @ 87 mph
Top speed (governor limited): 128 mph
Braking, 70–0 mph: 173 ft
Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad*: 0.77 g

EPA city driving: 16 mpg
C/D observed: 18 mpg


Ordering a car
Usually takes 8 weeks. Any incentives are those in effect at time of delivery, not order.

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