Subaru Navigation System photos, operations, options.   Kenwood 7" touch screen available on certain models.

The Subaru Navigation system is available on Legacy, Outback and Tribeca models.
Here is a overview of the system's operations and options.
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Navigation on the Legacy and Outback
Legacy and Outback Navigation
more photos below
back up camera
new starting 2007 model Tribeca's Navigation includes back-up camera, not on Legacy or Outback
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this Navigation system described on this page is available on certain models of
Legacy 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006
Outback 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 
Tribeca  2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 
other pages
2012, 2011, 2010 Legacy and Outback Navigation system
Impreza and Forester Navigation system 

Disc updates are available from Kenwoodusa

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Kenwood 7" touch screen available on certain Outback, Legacy and Tribeca models.
Includes 2 discs for East, and West US plus Canada. Verbal directions in English or French language, male or female voice, has local highlights such as restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and etc, uses yellow pages for phone and address look-up (no white pages). Computer is located under driver's seat.
May not work with GPS in Alaska.

Updates when available will be through your Subaru dealer parts dept or contact

new for 2007: Back-Up Camera is standard on the 07 Tribeca with Navigation. Not available on other models

back up camera
new for 2007, Tribeca with Navigation back up camera. 
In this photo the bike is app. 11 feet from the car
Navigation camera view
bike app. 6 feet from car
Navigation back-up camera
2007 camera is to the right of the rear plate
2008 Tribeca backup camera is slightly smaller
the Tribeca camera is slightly smaller than the first year 2007 camera

Tribeca Navigation (2010 model shown)

Tribeca with navigation
Tribeca with Navigation
2007 Subaru Navigation System Console
Legacy and Outback Navigation console
Subaru navigation CD is under the front seat
Navigation CD is under the front seat. 
It comes with 2 discs, includes US and Canada
(shown open)
subaru navigation CD is under the front seat, has a protective metal door
Navigation CD is under the front seat
(shown lid closed)

one of the many screens. This is an early version, updates are available from Kenwoodusa

Push the 'agree' button to use the Navigation system each time the car is started.

Certain functions are disabled when the car is moving including certain map functions, playing DVDs (if optional DVD system on vehicle) and etc. The DVD player still works on the rear drop down DVD screen, just not through the front Nav screen.

select your current area. 
US1 is currently selected, including Washington State

there are a series of setup choices for map display, voice etc

display and options including miles or kilometers and other items

more display and options

volume selection

language selection including English, French, male, female

GPS settings for the vehicle. May not work in Alaska

Emergency? show local police and hospitals based on location

choose a Point of Interest (POI)

more Point of Interest choices (POI)

more Point of Interest choices (POI)

enable or program various features on your car including various displays etc. 
The top bar is for function

Service reminders are part of the INFO screen.

Set reminders for the date or miles to check general maintenance, battery, 
tire pressure (tire pressure monitor is standard on Tribeca), 
and timing belt (Legacy, Outback only)

The function bar on the top shows Maintenance selected
See photo on right for the Fuel Guage economy function selection 

Fuel economy guages are part of the INFO screen. 
Function Bar above displays Fuel Tank for trip odometers A & B, 
Gauges (selected) , Maintenance (see photo on left), a calculator 

map display can be adjusted from very close showing individual streets to very a much larger area. The map can also show 2 sections and other features you can enable.