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12/29 Wider seats, the auto industry accommodates its 'growing' customers, from WNCT TV
12/12 Fuji robot to clear mines in Croatia. will begin testing in Croatia, from
12/7 Boeing’s rotorcraft made its first test flight using a 6cylinder Subaru engine on November 30
12/4 Subaru Ironman Canada, one of the most popular Ironman events in the world, gets new director
12/1 Subaru announced it has signed Supercross and Motorcross Champion, multi-time X Games gold medalist, and up-and-coming rally star Travis Pastrana to lead the 06 Subaru Rally Team, from
11/14 Subaru crashes into Barnes and Nobles bookstore in Anchorage
11/8 Subaru profit up, 700 jobs to go from
10/9 The Oakland Press on the split between Subaru and GM and what that means for Saab
10/17 Steamboat Ski & Resort in Colorado announced Subaru the official car for the very popular ski area.
10/29 "Subaru has launched a serious assault on the UK police car market" (what's next.. unmarked WRX, or Baja?)
10/12 IMBA is looking to hire a full-time, professional two-person team for the highly successful Subaru/IMBA Trail Care program. Application deadline is 11/11/05.
10/5 Layfayette Journal-Courier on Subaru's September sales
9/20 Remote controlled Outback entered in the Pentagon's DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 'Grand Challenge' in 10/2005, by U Central Florida.
9/21 Did I see a Brat driven by the ex-wife in the first episode of 'My Name is Earl' on NBC?
9/7 Clean, animal friendly factory: Subaru's Lafayette factory where they build the Legacy, Outback, Tribeca and Baja is first auto plant in North America to be completely waste-free. "The Subaru plant was determined to be the first auto assembly plant in the U.S. to be designated a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation in 2003. Deer, coyotes, beavers, blue herons, Canadian geese, rabbits, squirrels, meadowlarks, ducks and other animals live on the plant property in peaceful coexistence with the Subaru plant." according to September 7, 2005 SoA press release.
9/1 Subaru sponsors Cross-Country ski team, reviews the new 2006 Impreza
8/31 SoA denies plans for the US minivan that was reported in Automotive News.
8/27 Subaru sponsors in the Schuylkill Regatta (October 29).
8/24 Top 10 auto theft cities: Modesto, Stockton-Lodi, Las Vegas, Phoenix-Mesa, Sacramento, Oakland, Visalia-Tulare-Porterville, San Diego, Fresno, Seattle-Bellevue-Everett according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
8/22 Subaru Ironman Canada is one of the most popular Ironman races, in BC, Canada. More 8/27
8/18 Subaru extends current rebates and special rates through Sept 6th, Labor Day weekend.
8/10 Motor Trend on the 2006 line-up
8/1 Salomon skiis now the official supplier for the 05-06 Subaru team.
7/29 2006 Imprezas arriving at dealers.
7/21 Subaru goes upscale in the UK.
7/21 Future Saabarus (Saab+Subaru).
7/19 Forbes on Japanese car companies
7/9 NYTimes says Malcolm Bricklin's story would make a good movie.
7/8 New factory dealer near Dallas to help 'read' buying tastes.
7/5 24hour test drive available through Subaru's Subaru for A Day program running 7/5 through 9/30, 2005. Contact your local participating dealer.
7/4 Subaru and satellite radio.
7/3 Is there a Subaru mini-van in the future (I hope so)?
6/25 Subaru sponsors Tour De France blog contest.
6/17 Subaru parent company Fuji's bond rating.
6/7  Subaru plans increased Europe sales
6/3 0% interest rates now available on Outback and Legacy.
5/24: Subaru the official vehicle of the Lancaster, Pa Wachovia Cycling Series;
5/20 Oddities dept: A Carolina rally team, offers to carry a top bidder's dearly departed's ashes in a small hood ornament urn in June Colorado Pikes Peak Hill Climb.
5/11 Traffic, the slowest cities. How long do you sit in traffic each year: #1 LA at 93 hours a year, #2 SF 72 hrs, #3 Wa. DC 69hrs, #4 Atlanta 67hrs, #5 Houston 63hrs, #6 Dallas 60hrs, #7 Chicago 58hrs, #8 Detroit 57hrs, #9 Riverside, Ca 55hrs, #10 San Jose 53 hrs, #11 San Diego 52hrs, #13-16 Denver, Austin, Miami, Boston all 51 hrs,  #17 Baltimore 50hrs, #18-19 New York, Phoenix 46hrs, #20 Seattle, Tampa at 46 hrs.  From Texas Trans, Inst
5/5 Subaru plans to sell app. 10,000 cars to various rental fleets in 2005, mostly Outback and Forester, with increased quantity into the southern regions to increase visibility.
5/3 new rebates and interest rates programs announced.
4/29 High-tech cars coming says Bill Gates;  Tour de Subaru Bike Race, Georgia;
4/28 Gary Fisher Mtn Bike Team free shirt with a test drive;
4/24 Race and Ace "win a Tribeca" golf contest May 7th Bend, Oregon;
4/14 Ad campaign interview;
4/4 Price increase of $150 on Subarus delivered to dealers starting May. March 2005 sales 17,301cars.
3/30 GTP guaranteed trade program (for owners of 01-03 Subarus) continues through March.
3/19 Subaru of Indiana Automotive factory where they build the Legacy/Outback to build Tribeca starting April 1, potential for 300 more employees.
3/15 Subaru (FHI) produces 3,000,000th Legacy worldwide
2/26 Subaru/IMBA (Mtn Bike Assoc) Trail Care schedule
12/2004 Subaru's new B9X SUV renamed B9 Tribeca. Introduction in Detroit January 10th, due to arrive in May-June
12/2004 Malcolm Bricklin, Subaru of America co-founder, creator/builder of the Bricklin SV1, importer of Yugo and Fiat, tries again with a Chinese car.
August 2004 Price increase on cars delivered Sept/04.

Subaru Tribeca
news and reviews
10/42005  A consumer magazine rates the Tribeca and other SUVs.

12/29 Tribeca draws attention at Indianapolis auto show from Journal Courier 
12/20 Tribeca review. As author Robert Browning put it "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" more  2005 Awards for Exterior Design Announced by Automotive Design & Production Magazine
12/14 Tribeca review The interior of the Subaru Tribeca is, I think, a triumph.. from watch for pop-ups
12/13 Tribeca review The 06 B9 Tribeca is Subaru’s largest, most expensive vehicle, from autoreviewsonline, Canada
12/11 Tribeca review This strange-looking midsize want-to-be SUV seems more likely to have come from outer space, from NYTimes.
12/8 Tribeca review The controversy surrounding the B9 Tribeca.. from
11/19 About two weeks ago he traded his full-size Dodge for a Subaru Tribeca, from
10/7 on the Tribeca
10/17 Montgomery Advertiser on the Tribeca "When I first saw the Tribeca ... this was my reaction "Yikes!" 
10/21 Hispanic Community Newspaper, 'Al fin, a vehicle made for Colorado, B9 Tribeca'
10/28 Canada Vancouver, BC Sun: "Tribeca awarded the highest (crash test) rating NHTSA can give -- five stars" 9/27 Tribeca Turbo Diesel for Europe? Subaru and Saab working with Porsche
10/30 We're not sure what's so progressive about this crossover SUV/wagon-type vehicle, but it's pretty cool nonetheless, from on the Tribeca
10/29 Tribeca to be sold in the UK next year
10/29 Hartford Courant on the Tribeca "Subaru With An Attitude... always seems to be pushing the envelope.." 
9/23 SkiPressWorld, Canada on the Tribeca.
Oops.. Columnist Richard Farago doesn't like the Tribeca but an over-the-top review gets him in trouble with his SF newspaper employer. Read the original review at
8/18 Tribeca optional ashtray now available.
8/10 Motor Trend review of the Tribeca
7/19 Tribeca goes to Austrailia.
7/8  Watch for Tribeca TV advertising starting week of July 11 with the rock song 'Dust In The Wind' (by Kansas) as a Tribeca drives by other SUVs as they turn to dust. 
6/7 Autoweek on Tribeca.
6/4 USA Today, Edmonds on the Tribeca,
6/1 Washington Post on the Tribeca.
5/24 Subaru of Canada announces Tribeca prices.
5/20 Tribecas have started to arrive! Many updates, incl photo page. 
5/9 small price increase announced on Tribeca invoice.
4/30 Tribeca prices announced, pre-order and get a special bonus worth $500!
4/29 Tribeca review
4/25 Motor Trend Tribeca test;
4/17 Tribeca review,
4/8 Tribeca option prices announced;
4/5 Tribeca available under VIP program, first Tribeca built;
4/30 Tribeca factory orders now accepted though prices still TBA. 
3/29 Tribeca specs updated
3/19 Subaru of Indiana Automotive factory where they build the Legacy/Outback to build Tribeca starting April 1, potential for 300 more employees.
3/3 Tribeca in UK, new look for;
3/2 Win a new B9 Tribeca! movie contest winner
2/17 B9Tribeca in Australia;
2/10 Car & Driver Tribeca review;
1/25  The '06 B9 Tribeca 7 passenger SUV introduced at Detroit Auto Show, arrive at dealers in May?

Subaru Legacy and Outback
news and reviews
12/2005 2005, 06 2006 Legacy and Outback. The trip computer ET elapsed time setting works when the ignition key is very briefly paused at the 'on' setting and may not work if the key is turned too quickly.
12/28 We got the Outback VDC in time for one of the snowiest falls in Michigan, Detroit News
12/27 2006 Outback Road Test ... created a whole new market from autoreviews, Canada
12/20 Legacy GT earns 2006 All Star status from 'In a brood that includes the WRX and STI, the Legacy is like Sharon Osbourne--more mature than the rest of the family..' 
11/11 Subaru Legacy, Honda Accord, Mazda 6 compared from
11/11 on the 06 Legacy
11/7 Four Seasons with the 2005 Subaru Legacy GT from 
11/5 spec.B photos now available  This new GT sedan is certainly better handling, tight and firm
11/5 spec.B's upgrades are related to the suspension starting with...
11/2 2006 Legacy is a  "double best pick" for very good overall performance in both front and side crash tests 
11/1: Subaru announces 2 new Outback models!  The new Outback 2.5i SE wagon includes Navigation, Dual Climate Control, CD Changer. And the return of the Outback 2.5i Limited 4cylinder Sedan, not available since the 2004 model.
10/12 Pittsburg Post-Gazette on the Legacy GT spec.B
10/5 Kelly Blue Book rates the Outback best Resale Value
9/29 Subaru Forester 2.5XT Limited The little woodsman gets a sharper ax. from
9/29 GT spec.B price and 2 new mid-year models announced, new model: Tribeca 5 passenger with Navigation, and r-introduced Outback XT cloth model Long-Term Test: 2005 Subaru Legacy GT
8/18 Popular Mechanics, August issue, compares the Outback and Ford Freestyle.
8/15 GT SpecB spy shot on Edmunds.
7/19 Autoweek on the Legacy/Outback
7/15 Speed test 250hp Legacy GT vs. 340hp Dodge Magnum RT 340hp;
7/3 Auto Week on the 2005 GT
7/1 2006 Outback and Legacy expected to start arriving mid-July with a few new models. Gone are a few of the smaller volume models like the base cloth Outback XT and Legacy GT, manual transmission Legacy 2.5i Limited and GT wagon
6/4 on 05 Legacy GT.
3/15 Outback review; Parent's Magazine review.
2/28 Forbes review of Legacy GT;
1/20 Outback's VDC system recommended by Cartalk's Click and Clack Seattle PI 1/14/05.
12/2004 Consumer testing magzine: 2005 Outback reviewed, recommended buy.
11/2004 Consumer testing magazine November 04 Legacy GT reviewed, a suggested buy. 
8/2004 5 Star rating for 2005 Outback front, side crash test
7/2004: Safety 2005 Legacy crash test results from
Subaru Forester
news and reviews
12/26 Forester XT offers both versatility and performance, Brampton Guardian, Ontario, Canada
10/23 Canada on the 230 horsepower Forester XT turbo  'I remember my 1st car.. 1886 Subaru ... 82hp.. lifeless steering ..  despite un-cool family car, I had a good time with it...
9/2 on the 2006 Forester.
8/17 Automobile magazine on the 2006 Forester.
8/3 Car and Driver, Sept issue, Forester XT
6/20 2006 Foresters arriving at dealers.
 6/1 06 Forester in Canada
3/24 2006 Forester introduced at NY Auto Show.
3/18 Car and Driver Forester XT one of 5 Best SUVs
 3/17 2006 Forester debut at NY Auto Show March 25th
Sept 04: Forester gets 5Star crash rating!


Subaru Impreza
news and reviews
12/05 'Rivals! Mitsubishi Evo IX MR vs. Subaru Impreza WRX STI' from
12/30 WRX gets its first major makeover..  review from theautochannel
12/9 Impreza review Subaru Impreza WRX sedan is spunky and comfy, from the Washington Times
12/6 Impreza racing As the dawn broke, the ART ESX Subaru STi that I'm co-driving lies in a solid 3rd place overall,  from CarandDriver magazine editor-in-chief Csaba Csere at the Thunderhill 25-hour enduro in California
'Subaru its first-ever podium finish in a North American Endurance race at the 25 hours of Thunderhill, in an STI, with a 3rd place overall finish. It's a daunting test against a who's who of well-known touring car and GT teams and drivers" from
11/14 This WRX’s designation stands for Tuner Ready from
11/11 Impreza WRX: New looks, new power from
11/10 Cheap Speed, Round 23, Second Place Subaru Impreza WRX , from caranddrivercom
11/10 Can you feel three horsepower? on the 06 WRX
11/7 Test Drive: Subaru WRX STI from 
11/2 Subaru has an online Impreza driving game at Check it out!
1021 Motor Trend First Drive: 2006 Subaru Impreza, WRX/STI
10/17 on the STI "More than anything else... a story about 11 miles of unpaved road"
10/20 Canada's on the STI
9/7 on the new 2006 WRX
9/5 Autoweek on the 2006 STi
Vancouver Sun, BC Canada reviews the new 06 WRX STi
9/1 Automotive News on the STi,
8/1 The new Rally Car
7/21 Yahoo on the 06 STi.
6/10 The new 2006 Impreza WRX STi from Edmunds, CarsGuide
6/7 Subaru and rally fans: a natural combination
1/12005 WRX and STi SCCA membership included with purchase discontinued 12/31/04
2/2004:  April issue Road & Track Reader's Choice 200
3/2004 Impreza crash test
10/2004 STI and EVO from
10/30 Some 2006 Impreza brochures might incorrectly indicate that the STI DCCD front/rear power split is up to 95% rear. That is incorrect. It is up to 41/59% front rear which hasn't changed.
news and reviews
5/1/2006 Subaru halted production of the Baja sport-utility truck in mid-April 2006
11/2005 2005 Baja Turbo with leather and cargo cover available. The 2 piece hard tonneau is available as separate parts (it's spendy)
SVX, Loyale, 360, Brat etc
and all other models including non-US market  models

news and reviews

10/11/2005 King County Journal (Seattle) on the SVX that was taken for a wild police chase
10/4/2005 Stolen Subaru SVX leads Seattle area cops on a wild chase
Subaru Hybrids and Concept Cars
Fuel Eonomy Issues
Safety Crash Tests, Safety Ratings, Recalls
Subaru and Toyota
Sales News, Sales Reviews and more

11/29 natural that I would contact Subaru about their R1e battery electric car program, from
11/28 Toyota will supply the hybrid control unit and drive system to Subaru, from 
9/7/05 Hybrids: SoA confirms, see 9/2, 8/19 below etc, that parent Fuji Heavy Industries is developing technology for environmentally friendly vehicles, including a Turbo Parallel Hybrid and Lithium-ion capacitor. Read more.
9/1/05 Boeing uses Subaru engine in A-160 Hummingbird experimental aircraft
Japan's biggest power company teams with Fuji (Subaru parent company) to develop quick-recharge electric vehicles.
New Zealand Subaru is developing a pair of diesel engines!
8/19 Subaru hybrid update. Is a Subaru in the works; is hybrid economy over-rated?
3/17 Emission: Washington State House approves Ca. Emissions, bill goes to State Senate. Would take effect in 2016;
2/1/05 Hybrid: Subaru Hybrid

8/24/05 New CAFE fuel economy standards proposed for light passenger trucks and SUVs. Current standards require 23.5 mpg for 2010 models, the new supposedly stricter proposed rules require less than a 2mpg increase and allow the bigger trucks to increase even less!

SAFETY CRASH TESTS  safety news, including recalls etc
12/5/05 Crash test 2006 Legacy is a 'Top Safety Pick' Gold Award winner from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Top Safety Pick winners reflect an elite fraction of the car market.. 
5/14/05 Tire Pressure Monitoring April 7, 2005. All U.S. passenger cars will have tire pressure monitoring systems beginning with the 2006 model year according to a new safety rule by NHTSA that requires a system to detect a tire 25% under recommended pressure. Phase-in begins 9/1/05, and all vehicles under 10,000 pounds must be equipped with it by the 2008 model year.
5/13/05 Crash Test: A new proposed law would put the "star" safety crash ratings from NHTSA on new car window stickers along with current items like model, price, features, options, and fuel economy. "Citizens have a right to know this information," says the bill's sponsor, Sen. Mike DeWine.
5/13/05 Emissions, clean air: Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signs a bill bringing California emission cars to Washington State starting in 2009, pending a simliar bill in Oregon. By 2016 all new cars, light trucks and SUVs in Washington State have to comply. Also in 2009 hydrogen, electric, natural gas/propane cars, and hybrids getting over 40mpg get a sales tax break.
5/8/05 Crash Test In response to the poor 31mph side-impact small car crash tests by; one of the car testing magazines is going to a 2 tier rating system with the higher score, #2, for safer cars.
4/30/05 Safety: Car testing magazine says Subaru tops in the US with fewer (8) repairs per 100 new cars sold. Forester, WRX, STi are best choices and the Legacy/Outback, Forester, Impreza, Baja are suggested buys.
9/2004 Crash Test Forester gets 5Star crash rating!
8/2004 Crash Test 2005 Outback  5 Star rating for 2005 Outback front, side crash test
7/2004 Crash Test 2005 Legacy crash test results from

Subaru and Toyota. October 5, 2005, Toyota buys share of Subaru parent company Fuji.
11/25/2005  Toyota will build small cars for Fuji to sell in Europe
11/24/2005 Toyota Motor Corp. is planning to manufacture up to 100,000 vehicles at SIA 2007
11/24/2005  Toyota negotiating to use Subaru plant in Indiana
11/23/2005  Toyota plans to unseat ailing General Motors Corp. as the world's biggest
11/9/2005  Fuji will handle the full redesign of an existing Toyota, model to be determined
Articles on the new alliance Autoweek, Detroit Free Press, Layfayette Journal Courier on the Subaru-Saab SUV
Will Toyota use excess plant capacity at Subaru's Layfayette plant for Hybrid production?
GM to lose a bundle, Subaru less on the deal, from

11/5 International Latino Film Festival in San Francisco Subaru is the official automotive sponsor
11/5 Keep your palm touching the Subaru contest, in Singapore.  The winner after 64.5 hours!
3/21/05 Subaru starts important new TV and print 'Think Feel Drive' ad campaign focusing on what sets Subaru apart. This is by Subaru's new ad agency DDB, chosen October 2004, and replaces the 'Driven by what's inside' campaign starring winning cyclist and spokesman Lance Armstrong that started April 2003. Temerlin McClain agency, with Subaru 1994-2004, did the very succesful and humorous ads from 1996-2002 with Australian movie star Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan, and then the Armstrong ads. Subaru wins more safety awards, this time in New Zealand. US gas averages $2.10gal.


12/30/2005 Record sales year for Subaru, Tribeca helps but could do better from Journal Courier 
12/1 November sales Tribeca 2,129, Impreza 2,692, Baja 439, Forester 3,739, Legacy 1,910, Outback 3,612
Funny article on what sales numbers really mean, from
Subaru riding Tribeca coattails, more on the November sales totals
11/1 October Sales Subaru one of few to have a good October. 16,774 total, Tribeca 2,093, Legacy 7,082 (Outback 5,284), Impreza 2,923, Forester 4,208, Baja 468
10/4 September sales total 16,100, Tribeca 1,867, Forester 4,115, Impreza 2,782, Legacy-Outback 6,778, Baja 558
9/1/05 August sales total: 17,426, an 8% over the same period last year. B9 Tribeca 2,022, Legacy 7,441 (Outback  5,044), Impreza 3,054, Forester 4,349, Baja 560
8/6/05 July sales total 17,959, Tribeca 1,833, Legacy 7,480 (Outback 5,164), Impreza 3,310, Forester 4,688  Baja 648. 
7/1/05 June sales total 17,946: Tribeca 1,540, Legacy 8,830 (Outback 6,087) Forester 4,114, Impreza 2,971, Baja 491.
6/5 May sales 14,475 total: Tribeca 583, Legacy 7,149, Outback 4,863, Forester 3,514, Impreza 2,680, Baja 549.
5/2/05 April 2005 sales 16,717 cars, best April in SoA history.
3/1/05 February 2005 sales 14,524 cars, best February since 1986.
2/17/05 All-wheel-drive sales increase
2/15/05 worldwide sales
1/52005 December 2004 sales 19,324 cars. 2004 was Subaru's best year, with 187,402 cars sold. 2004 Legacy 89,453, Outback was app 70% of Legacy total at 62,594 cars, Forester 58,424 cars for the year, Impreza 32,209 cars, Baja 7,316.
12/5/2004 November 2004 sales 13,817
11/4/2004 October 2004 total 16,531 cars.
10/5/2005 September 2004 total cars 15,843.