2006 Subaru Legacy GT spec.B photographs and images

Photos and images of the 2006 Legacy GT spec.B sedan

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The 2006 Subaru Legacy GT spec.B sedan
a Limited production GT sedan GT with upgraded suspension, custom leather interior, 18" alloys, Navigation system and more..

only available in Titanium Silver with Brick Red leather and dark gray carpeting
fully equipped with 5speed manual transmission, standard Navigation System etc

Legacy GT specB has an individually numbered placque
spec.B individually numbered plaque by the shifter

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side of GT spec.B with optional rear spoiler
spec.B is a Titanium Silver GT Limited sedan with 18" alloys, chromed rocker panel trim, upgraded suspension, Navigation system.
Shown with optional rear spoiler

GT spec.B with rear spoiler
GT spec.B with optional rear spoiler

the GT spec.B has a Bilstein handling package and much more
spec.B rear with optional spoiler
with optional rear spoiler
spec.B. There is an optional rear spoiler (not on this one)
all spec.Bs are titanium silver
Bilstein suspension


front suspension

spec.B under carriage
spec.B under carriage
2006 spec.B console-  5speed manual with navigation system
only available as a manual tranmission with navigation system

18 alloy with summer tires
summer tire
18 alloy wheel on the GT spec.B
18" alloy wheels, exclusive to the spec.B

2006 legacy GT spec.B brick red leather
2006 GT spec.B brick red leather
Subaru legacy GT specB front seats
Legacy GT spec.B front bucket seat
map pocket on back of front seat
the right front seat's rear map pocket
Subaru GT specB sedan turbo, door panel with red leather
spec.B door panel
rear seats Legacy specB
rear seat, with armrest folded up
metal pedals plus special carpeted floor mats with brick red trim matching the leather interior
special floor mats with brick red trim matching leather, front and rear.
Medal pedals shown

electrolumescent gauges

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