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12/17. Interview with CEO of SoA Tomohiko Ikeda here.
12/16 Washington State cell phone laws start Jan 1, 2008. Under the new laws, drivers who read or compose text messages or talk on a cell phone without a hands-free device could face a $101 ticket. The text-messaging ban takes effect Jan. 1; the cell-phone law July 2008 but drivers can be ticketed as a secondary offense if stopped for something else.
9/6 New independent Subaru repair shop in Mukilteo, Washington near Paine Field. Opened in August, Smart Service (206) 417-0880, works only on Subarus. They do specialized performance upgrades, carry  Cobb Tuning and other engine, suspension upgrades as well as do general Subaru repair. This is their 2nd location, the first is in Shoreline, Wa.  just off I-5, exit 177.
6/20 Subaru powered amphibious car  'WaterCar can reach speeds of over 125 mph on land and 45 mph on water.... styled after the 2002 Convertible Camaro body style. It is powered by a Turbo charged 2.5 Liter 300 HP Subaru engine... ' more
6/11 An interesting article on 4 old 'microcars' including the Subaru 360, a Mazda. read the article
5/10 Canada Subaru review ..'Owners of Subarus are a loyal group. Find a person who has a Subaru parked in the driveway and odds are it's not the first vehicle from this brand to occupy that space.  Their passion is sparked by products that appeal to buyers seeking some premium-level features, plus a healthy dash of performance. For example, my test vehicle, a 2007 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon, is a pleasing combination of creature amenities, practical utility...'  more
5/4 Vancouver, Canada will host the third stop on the new Subaru West Coast Triathlon Series.  The Subaru Vancouver International Half-Iron will take place on September 16th, 2007, Registration for the Vancouver Event opens May 11th, 2007 at and will be limited to 750 participants.
5/2 Good article on Subaru Viscous Coupling Variations and all-wheel-drive systems. More
4/22 Interview with Thomas Doll, SoA CFO 'Subarus, comfortable, utilitarian, and all-wheel-drive, have long had a loyal following in New England and other regions where weather and terrain often pose challenges. Today the company is looking for geographic and demographic expansion. Thomas J. Doll, 25 years at the company, is executive vice president and chief financial officer... Doll recently spoke with Globe reporter Royal Ford'  more
4/18: Smart folks buy Subarus: 'Nobel Prize winner John Hall and his wife, Lindy, own four Subaru vehicles and had an opportunity today to visit the plant where some of them were manufactured. Hall, who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2005, has been at Purdue University this week as part of the Honeywell-Nobel Initiative, a program that connects college students with Nobel winners. This morning he toured the SIA. assembly area and got an opportunity to take a close look at the production of Subaru vehicles in Lafayette. "I didn't see any grumpy people or any gum papers on the floor. That shows pride," he said. "It's fun to see their robots doing jobs that are ... too tiring for people to do. It would be fun to work on a line for a while - maybe 10 minutes." Hall is a scientist emeritus of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and a fellow with the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics at the University of Colorado. He and his wife own three Outbacks, which were built at SIA, and a Japanese-made Subaru Forester. "They're the car of choice in Colorado," Lindy Hall told SIA officials.  more
4/3 Current rebates continue. 2006 model interest rates expire 4/30/07
3/12 Subaru will become the official vehicle of Nitro Snowboards, Nitro will become the official snowboard of Subaru... establishing the Subaru-Nitro Snow Militia (SNSM), an event that will offer snowboard demos to folks with a valid lift ticket. more
3/7 Return of the Justy (at least in the UK). As announced earlier, Subaru dealers will be selling a new entry-level car, the Justy, based on the Daihatsu Sirion city car. Daihatsu is owned by Toyota. No word on a US version...
3/5 New Subaru CEO Ikeda's goal is to increase the number of Subaru dealers slightly as well as focus more on what Subaru owners want and what Subaru does well rather than trying to remake Subaru into a near-luxury brand. Good!
3/2 Leading Consumer magazine likes Subarus. Check out the April issue...
3/1 SoA today announced that Mr. Tomohiko Ikeda has been appointed chairman, president and CEO effective April 1. Mr. Ikeda succeeds Mr. Kunio Ishigami who served since June 2004. Mr. Ishigami led the company to three consecutive record sales years and also achieved the corporate milestone of 200,000 unit annual sales in 2006.
Mr. Ishigami has been with Fuji for 38 years in a variety of roles and will be returning to Japan as Advisor to FHI.  Mr. Ikeda has been with FHI for 30 years. Before being appointed to his new role, he most recently served as corporate VP for FHI. Prior to this role, Mr. Ikeda served as VP SoA in Cherry Hill, N.J., from 1998-2002, where he was responsible for business planning, the management of capital assets, as well as the sales and marketing coordination with FHI.
12/15 Go Subaru! Subaru sponsored the 2007 AAAS/Subaru SB&F (Science Books & Films) Prize for Excellence in Science Books, awarded to recent children's works that promote scientific literacy. Winners are 'An Egg Is Quiet' by Dianna Aston, Illus by Sylvia Long, Chronicle Books, 2006; 'Team Moon, How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon' by Catherine Thimmesh, Houghton Mifflin, 2006; 'Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations' by Eric Dinerstein, Island Press, 2005; and 'Thomas Edison for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities' by Laurie Carlson, Chicago Review Press, 2006
1/27 Entertaining rant about drivers, especially Subarus....'The truth as I see it Driving Adventure' by Austin Rucker
1/20 Entertaining ski story  " late March, my partner, Julie, our 12-year-old Lab and I piled into the Subaru to make the roughly 900-mile trip from Pasadena to Aspen. Why drive? Because we couldn't afford to go if we spent an additional $500 to $1,000 on airline tickets." more
1/13 Don't have an auxilliary stereo input plug (iPod)? You can add an aftermarket input plug. Here's what you need from Jazzy Engineering! Please mention you saw it at  No, it's not factory authorized.
1/2/2007  Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu's Sirion to produce small cars for Subaru to sell in Europe. Sirion  is already sold in Europe and Toyota plans to slightly modify it and supply Fuji with 5,000 to 10,000 per year.  more

Subaru Tribeca
news and reviews
10/42005  A consumer magazine rates the Tribeca and other SUVs.

12/21 Tribeca review: Subaru's first seven-passenger sport utility vehicle, the B9 Tribeca, is already getting a makeover.. loses its less-than-attractive, snouty face, adds more power to its six-cylinder engine and updates its rear suspension and auto transmission for better ride and performance...  more

12/6 Tribeca reviewed by a top consumer magazine, January 2008 issue, (on shelves December). Positive comments for for crash test results, handling, ride, and negative comments for 3rd row room, noise. Reliability is very good.
11/28 Tribeca review: 'With a slight makeover for 2008, the Subaru Tribeca is only a half degree from normal.  This will please or disappoint you, depending on how you felt about last year’s Tribeca.  Based on the highly engineered Legacy/Outback platform, there has never been a question about the Tribeca’s poor weather abilities.  But, oh, that nose!  I liked it.  Many others did not.  There is nothing controversial about the ’08s styling. Almost everything from the A-pillar forward has been replaced or revised' more
11/27 Tribeca review 'The Tribeca has an innovative and intelligent design, impressive control and safety, consisting of standard Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC)... Should you want to capture a pothole, drive the open road, or skate along an icy street, the Tribeca delivers a truly great driving experience, no matter what the road conditions may be.' more
11/11 Tribeca review  '...Subaru's Tribeca used to be the crossover that was like your cousin who spent too much time in the Netherlands in the '70s. It was charmingly odd and just slightly left of center. But Subaru is going more mainstream these days – aren't we all? ..'  more
11/3 Tribeca review  '...Not only did Subaru rework the sheet metal, but they dropped in a more powerful 3.6-liter six-cylinder boxer engine.. I’m a huge fan of Subaru’s AWD system which gives Tribeca sure-footed traction for foul-weather driving.. This all-new 2008 Subaru Tribeca is worth a look..'  more
10/6 Tribeca review: the distinctive (read 'bizarre') styling gets a major rethink.. more than cosmetic surgery. from caranddriver
9/15 Tribeca review: 'Take a 2006 or 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca, and give it a name change, a nose job, and a heart transplant. The result is the 2008 Tribeca...'  more
9/10  Tribeca review  '... executives quip that they wouldn't have jobs if it wasn't for New England... treacherous winters make this area a stronghold for Subaru, which sells all-wheel drive... you can't buy one with two-wheel traction. more
9/3 Tribeca review  'The short story is this: While most people will only notice the plastic surgery on the front end, the 2008 Subaru Tribeca is much improved under the skin.. The sporty all-wheel drive Tribeca is worth a look. ' more
9/1 Tribeca review: 'On sale for only two model years, Subaru’s first seven-passenger sport utility vehicle, the B9 Tribeca, is already getting a makeover.'  more
8/18 Tribeca review 'With fresh, new power and a softer suspension for more comfort on the road, the 2008 Subaru Tribeca is being tailored to people who believe that a sport utility vehicle doesn't have to ride like a truck.' more
7/7 Tribeca Limo!  photos
6/1/07 The redesigned 2008 Tribeca has a new larger engine that takes regular gas (not premium), has a new front end, better rear visibilty, much larger outside mirror and etc. It getting a lot of good, positive press...
2008 review,  '...A new-from-scratch 3.6-liter flat-six underhood is at least as significant as the plastic surgery. Horsepower increases by 11, but it's the 32-pound-foot jump in torque that moves the needle - and the vehicle. We haven't run test numbers yet, but midrange and passing power feel stronger....'  more
2008 review autos.canada '..what hasn't changed is Subaru's brilliant symmetrical full-time all-wheel-drive system, which works in harmony with an electronic stability-control system..' 
2008 review post-gazette '..Altogether,Subaru has managed to make the Tribeca more conventional where it needs to be, while increasing its sportiness potential and appearance..' 
2008 review SearchChicago, again  'New Subaru Tribeca is more than just a pretty face', 'less distinctive, but it gets mainstream styling..'
2008 review 'You might accuse Subaru of having an identity crisis. Though it's built by a company that long ago established a tough-as-nails reputation among the inhabitants of wintry climes, the 2008 Subaru Tribeca dares to be stylish. It's kind of like wearing a tuxedo, only keeping your snow boots on....'  portiness potential and appearance...' 
2008 review caranddriver ..'Better.. is the torque peak of at 247pf @ 4400 rpm vs 219@4200, and 180 pf at engine speeds as low as 1200 rpm.
2008 review auto123  The Tribeca shines in the handling department thanks to its full-time all-wheel drive system.
2008 review Motortrend  'Now that's more like it: Minor surgery puts Tribeca back in action'
2008 review Scrippsnews  'Tribeca looks slicker on city streets..  with all that and a reasonably low center of gravity, you would have to work pretty hard to lose control on a slick surface or turn this vehicle topsy-turvy.' 
2008 review '08 Tribeca is a very attractive vehicle, especially for anyone with kids and carpooling responsibilities.
2008 review Detroit News  '...Updated Tribeca beautifully blends form and function.. '
2008 review   '... it's good move for the Tribeca, which in every other way already was an interesting alternative to the Pilots and Muranos of the world..
2008 review 'The crossover segment is hotter than a kitchen fire at Buffalo Wild Wings, so Subaru could ill afford to wait to update its Tribeca..'
2008 review 'For 2008, Subaru has replaced the controversial grille that became the crossover SUV's defining characteristic, tweaked its overall appearance and increased the size and power of its horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine.' 

5/23  2008 Tribeca and Forester prices and details announced. 
5/16 The 2008 Tribeca gets 5 Star crash rating from on front and rear driver and passenger crash tests, plus a 'no-tip'   in the rollover test!  see the full report
5/12 2008 Tribeca review, 'Subaru has dramatically altered its 2008 Tribeca in this crossover SUV's third model year, clearly responding to criticism over styling that polarized faithful Subaru fans and other prospective buyers.'  more
4/12 2008 Tribeca, Impreza at the NY Auto Show: 'Out of all those choices, I decided to concentrate on Subaru, a company that seldom sees the spotlight but one that is making significant changes to both ends of their product spectrum.'...  more
4/4 2008 Impreza and Tribeca shown at NY Auto Show.
Check out 2008 Impreza photos
3/9 2008 Tribeca at April's NY Auto Show. 'Last year, Subaru sold 18,000 Tribecas.. it was a pleasant enough vehicle, there were a few concerns... so a redesign was scheduled, addressing the major weak points... now gets a 3.6-liter motor.. a conventional grille... '   more
1/24 Safety: 'Subaru Legacy, Forester and B9 Tribeca have each been named a 2007 'Top Safety Pick' by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The award recognizes vehicles that provide the best protection for drivers and occupants in front, side and rear crash tests conducted by the Institute.'  more
Jan 30, 07.  Some 2006-07 Tribeca Second Row Seatback Hinge may need to be checked out.

Subaru Legacy and Outback
news and reviews
12/22  Legacy GT spec.B  review  'Power Rules ... looks like an ordinary family sedan but get behind the wheel and it's a boost to the ego, a boost to driving pleasure. I don't especially like driving during the morning rush hour, but I was on the interstates to make a trip to the New Jersey Palisades for an auto event, and I arrived as fresh as a daisy. The spec. B may like to show its stuff on the open road, but it easily adapts to tight traffic lanes... ' more

11/29 Legacy 3.0R review: 'The new Legacy was a pleasant ride over hill and dale for the week that we tested it.. one of the best Suby's we have driven.. it still came up shy of our class leader here, the Honda Accord..  if you have to live with Old Man Winter for the next few months, a trip to your Suby dealer might be a good bet'   more
11/9 GT specB review  '...Sometimes practicality can drive a spike through the heart of a driving enthusiast.. as one's lifestyle changes, there must be sacrifices ... there are a few products that combine the practical needs of a family vehicle while retaining sufficient performance to satisfy most gear heads. Subaru has a prime candidate lurking in its Legacy sedan lineup -- the 2.5GT spec.B. It has all the features one needs for family duties, plus attributes that will satisfy any enthusiast's passion.. car wants to be driven as soon as it's fired up.'  more
10/30 2008 Legacy GT review from Canada  '.. with all due respect to the television commercial featuring four German engineers having a blast test-driving a Subaru Impreza, the Legacy GT might rightfully be the Japanese car the Germans wish they had built..' more.
10/29 Outback and Legacy review: 'Back in the day, it (Subaru) was one of the most innovative vehicles I'd ever seen. But that day was nearly 30 years ago, and today's Subarus aren't particularly innovative or distinctive... the new Legacy and Outback are better than ever. But they don't stand out because there's too much competition these days..'  more
10/24 Legacy 3.0R review: 'Sports car-like paddle shifters, six-cylinder engine.. perforated leather aren't typically expected in Subaru sedans. But they're standard for the newest version of the Subaru Legacy... 3.0 R Limited is the only Legacy four door with a 245-horsepower, six-cylinder engine... standard  navigation system, power moonroof, Bilstein sport suspension and six-CD player... Best of all, the 3.0 R Limited retains the top five-out-of-five-stars rating that Legacy earned in federal government frontal and side crash testing.' more from Hays (Kansas) Daily News
9/1 Outback review  'Subaru has made radical improvements since it began selling cars in America in the early 1970s, as shown by its polished, versatile 2008 Outback mid-size station wagon'  more
8/30 Legacy GT review: 'Looking for the perfect stealth performance sedan? Try the 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Limited.' more
8/12 2008 Legacy GT wagon still available in Canada, not the US. Read about the 08 Canadian GT wagon here 
8/11 Crash Test: 2008 Legacy and Forester get 5 Stars for front and side impact! Check out NHTSA: Legacy, Forester
7/11 08 Outback XT review: 'the Outback retains its elevated stance, giving it some off-road credibility and differentiating the now-wagon-only model from its Legacy stable mate..' from
6/14 2008 Legacy review, Canada '..the recipe is simple: take Subaru's reliable 'boxer' engine, add to it the company's famous symmetrical all-wheel-drive system and blend in a rally-inspired independent suspension. Shake well, add oil and stuff into a smooth, tasteful sedan..'  more
6/12 2008 Legacy review, Canada '...For the 2008 model year, the Subaru Legacy has received a mid-cycle refreshening and the updates have served to make a dynamic line of sedans and wagons even more appealing..'  more 
6/6 2008 Outback and  Legacy pages updated to show the new models with VDC will be replacing those without.
5/26 GT specB review,  '..there’s still that Subaru nostril on the hood (albeit more subtle than on the company’s tuner-fave WRX). And beneath that bit of rhinoplasty are a 2.5-liter, turbocharged, intercooled engine and genius all-wheel drive. Fast and nimble, is what I’m saying...' more
4/30 2008 Legacy page page updated with GT and specB info and photos
4/27 GT review: Subaru Legacy is sporty -- but not a sports car.... trying really hard to be a sports car. It's not quite there, but the handling and 243 horsepower make for a fun commute.' more
4/21 Rebate on Outback Basic and 2.5i raised to $1000
4/20 Outback review ' It's become all the rage -- all wheel drive -- and you see it on more and more cars, not to mention the SUVs out there. But let's remember that (with apologies to the late AMC Eagle), Subaru was the first to really go full-blast on AWD, and they did it almost in a missionary way. You must get this car, with all wheels driven, was the message. Only way to go.'  more
4/20 Legacy review from Victoria, BC, Canada ' Legacy: dual personality does it all ..The designers are determined to keep the Legacy as a sedate and practical family car and the engineers see it as an agile and swift little number that is fun to drive. Both of their visions are at play in the 2007 Legacy..'  more
4/15 Outback LL Bean review,  'The ubiquity of the Subaru Outback on Fairfield County roads, however, argues strongly for a competence well suited to the often unhappily exciting Northeast weather. Subarus didn't find their way into every third garage in town because of their prestige. They've everywhere because they do the job. That's a thrill' more
4/5  2008 Outbacks start arriving! Photos posted.
4/1 2008 model Outback and Legacy pages updated with specs and prices. 
3/15 GT review from Canada '...Needless to say, the Symmetrical all-wheel drive system performs beautifully in the snow. Equipped with good snow tires, this Legacy's rear end will step out lightly when you punch the throttle on slippery surfaces, the AWD hardware telling you that it's on duty...'   more
3/3 GT specB review "I have never met a Subaru that didn't think snow was fun, and the Spec B gritted its teeth (or the automotive equivalent thereof) and pulled its way clear of the snow on my driveway..."  more
2/23  More on the 2008 Canadian Outback and Legacy here
2/20 GT spec.B review  'One of my fondest memories at the wheel of a Subaru was during the course of the 2005-06 winter where one morning, I opened the garage door to find that over 40 cm of snow ... the wife and I casually trekked on to work without incident (except for driving around those 2WD vehicles with 4-season tires...)...morning cemented my love .. for AWD.'  more
2/14 Subaru Canada releases 08 Legacy and Outback info, similar to what SoA has available. SCI, Subaru Canada Int.
2/5 2008 Legacy and Outback order information available later February.
1/25 GT spec.B sedan review 'Subaru has a simple solution for drivers who really want the firm’s barnstorming WRX STI rocket ship sedan but have obligations to behave civilly. The answer is the 2007 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B four-door sedan, an absolute wolf in meek clothing.'  more
1/24 Safety: 'Subaru Legacy, Forester and B9 Tribeca have each been named a 2007 'Top Safety Pick' by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The award recognizes vehicles that provide the best protection for drivers and occupants in front, side and rear crash tests conducted by the Institute.'  more
1/9/2007 While specifics haven't been announced, it seems that for 2008 model there will be a Legacy sedan and Outback wagon, and  Legacy wagons and Outback sedans will be dropped from the line.
1/6/2007 New for the 2008 models due later this year (March 07?), Legacy and Outback debuts at the North American International Auto Show. Subaru also debuted its new flagship sedan model, the Subaru Legacy 3.0 R Limited, the first 6-cylinder Legacy (not Outback). 2008 Legacy and Outback model are distinguished by revised styling for 2008, featuring a new grille with chrome crossbars and a central Subaru logo that represents the company’s aeronautical heritage. 
The new 2008 Subaru Legacy features all-new front sheet metal with a larger grille opening, new front and rear bumper fascias, and new headlights and taillights. The new front and rear design features reduced overhangs for a sportier appearance.
The Legacy 3.0 R is positioned to compete against midsize All-Wheel Drive performance sedans and introduces a performance-oriented paddle-shift transmission with a new “downshift blipping control” that gives the rev-matching behavior of an expertly shifted manual transmission. The Legacy 3.0 R is also equipped with Bilstein Sport Suspension and 18-inch wheels and tires.
For 2008, the Subaru Outback also debuts new front sheet metal, but features a larger and more upright grille for a bolder appearance. Combined with the new grille and front fascia, the re-designed fenders and hood deliver a more rugged look. The Outback also features unique fog lights and new wheels for the XT and six-cylinder models.
Inside, Legacy and Outback models gain a redesigned instrument panel and revised interior fabrics. A telescopic steering column and a new integrated ignition key/remote entry unit are now standard. Distinctive electroluminescent gauges, formerly featured only on the turbo Legacy and Outback models, will now be on the 6-cylinder models for 2008. On the premium models, a redesigned steering wheel offers additional controls, including the audio system, cruise control,
the multi-information display and separate Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) controls.  For 2008, the advanced Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) stability and traction system will be offered in more Legacy and Outback models, and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is now standard on all Legacy and Outback
1/5/2007 Legacy GT spec.B  review 'From humble origins, Subaru has worked its way up to being a rather upscale and technically sophisticated line of automobiles..'  more

Subaru Forester
news and reviews

12/26 The first 2009 Forester information is available. Here are a few early photos. Standard on all models are side-curtain airbags with rollover sensor and VDC Vehicle Dynamics Control. Wheelbase increases 3.6" (from 103"), ground clearance up to 8.9" depending on model. New double-wishbone rear suspension increases cargo room similar to the 08 Impreza. Manual transmissions have Incline Start Assist (replaces the old Hill Holder). 
Both the 2.5i and 2.5i turbo engines will be offered, both tweaked to improve torque for better normal performance. More info to come as available. 

12/8 The 2009 Forester to be shown at the Detroit Auto Show, Jan19th.  The cars are expected in March. Is this Japanese version similar to what's coming here next March? Check it out
August 11 Crash Test: 2008 Forester get 5 Stars for front and side impact from NHTSA
5/24 Forester review, 'The Forester isn't just another small Japanese wagon in a long line; its standard all-wheel-drive, high clearance, and peppy engine give it a character suitable to its name. Unfortunately, this rough-and-ready character shorts it on the tech side, as neither navigation nor Bluetooth cell phone integration are available. All you get for tech is an MP3 and WMA compatible stereo with decent sound.... ' more
5/23  2008 Tribeca and Forester prices and details announced. 
5/21 Forester review:  'Subaru's Forester has a reputation as a favorite car of people with kids and pets. It's also high on the popularity list with women. The numbers back that up. Women account for 50.4 percent of Forester sales, 68 percent of the car's buyers have children, and 66 percent have pets... A lot of people chuckled when Subaru created this car, but the company got the formula right on the first try: Sport utility tough and car easy. Subaru's basic design, keeping the engine and all-wheel drive train low, made for decent handling. And the large windows provided great visibility....'  more
5/20 The first 2008 Foresters arrive
5/17 What can you do to a Forester XT? It needs some attention... 'There are a number of cars that we drive, get out of, and think: This would be really great, if only we could give it more power, or tweak the suspension, or… So now we’ve put our money where our collective mouth is—the goal was to keep each modification under $1000...' the whole story
4/30 Forester review: 'Forester is a familiar player, being introduced in 1997, redesigned for 2003 and updated in 2006. There's little new for 2007, but strong points include versatility and standard all-wheel drive. The Forester is such a carlike compact SUV that it can be classified as a crossover vehicle, combining car and SUV attributes. It's not among the most stylish vehicles, and the oversized hood scoop of the turbocharged model looks overdone. But Subarus are utilitarian...' more
1/24 Safety: 'Subaru Legacy, Forester and B9 Tribeca have each been named a 2007 'Top Safety Pick' by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The award recognizes vehicles that provide the best protection for drivers and occupants in front, side and rear crash tests conducted by the Institute.'  more

Subaru Impreza
news and reviews

12/30 STI vs EVO comparison.  'They've slugged it out before in the pages of this magazine (MotorTrend). When they first met in our October 2004 issue, the 2005 Evo took the title. In our December 2005 issue, the rematch favored the 2006 STI. This time around, a knockout may be in the cards, as each contender has been completely redesigned...  after three rounds and no knockout, we must go to the judges' cards. It's close, but the decision is unanimous: By virtue of its sharper handling and superior fun factor, the Evo takes the title.. We can't wait for the rematch.'  more MotorTrend

12/29 STI review ' ...There were bared teeth and glaring high-beams. There were seen but unheard epithets as the STI flashed past, just a blue and gold smear against the scenery... a small car densely packed with parts. Strategically placed reinforcements of high-strength steel at the windshield pillars and around the tailgate ... sideline the computer entirely and manually select from six differential settings.' more from 

12/27 2008 WRX comments from
12/15 STI review   '...more aesthetically pleasing inside and out and certainly more practical than its predecessor. It has five doors and seats five people. It can carry the family's groceries and haul weekend racing gear and tools. It is all grown up. But it desperately is trying not to grow old...'  more
12/14 A nice thorough STI review '...This 305-hp STI is at least as fast as ever, but it's also smoother, quieter, more understated and easier to drive quickly. It reeks of refinement, compared with the STI that first landed in North America in 2004. Nearly every mechanical system in the 2008 STI is unique and upgraded from the standard Impreza WRX... perfect car for a beginner's intro to the very fast, deceptively simple (or simply deceptive) road course at Laguna Seca...' much more
12/13  STIs have arrived, limited quantity. Check out many new photos!
12/10 STI review '...the STI now comes only as a five-door hatchback, instead of the popular sedan bodystyle. But who cares? In the flesh, those flared fenders transform the WRX from a slightly vanilla wagon into a purpose-built rally raid car...' more from PopularMechanics, December 07
12/9 2008 STI review  '... the new WRX STI is too soft for hard-core driving enthusiasts... too hard for the mainstream driver.  Acceleration and handling are superior. Ride comfort is wanting... off-road driving enthusiasts won't care, because their fervent belief is that the WRX STI belongs off-road only...' more
12/5 Impreza outback Sport review: '...  it's with trepidation that we sampled the 2008 Impreza... Overall, the Impreza feels planted and well balanced... eager to turn in, and the AWD covers even the most ham-fisted drivers. Throttle moves have the expected effect on cornering attitude, and there's a forgiving quality to the Impreza that makes you the hero of the off-ramp...'  more
11/30 STI photographs!
12/1 STI review  '... it took a mere 350-foot jaunt in the STI for us to become fully hot and bothered...'  read more
11/30 WRX review  '... now that the dust has settled elsewhere, is, has the WRX grown up too much? ... When it comes to powerplants, the answer is most definitely not. The new WRX puts out all the brilliant power, surging turbo boost and sounds of cut-and-thrust greatness that the first-gen car delivered in ample supply...; more
11/18 Crash test: 2008 Impreza gets Top Safety Pick award! Front, side, and rear tests and optional electronic stability control from IIHS, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more
11/15 2008  STI features, prices and specs announced!
11/12 2008 STI to be shown at the LA Auto Show 11/14/07
11/5 2008 STI orders now accepted. Still no complete specs or prices, if you're serious about getting one from me, please contact.
11/5 Impreza multi-link rear suspension replaces McPherson strut.  'The big news regarding the 2008 Impreza was the re-designed chassis and resulting suspension changes. Our take is this: Subaru did it to offer a car with a wider, flatter trunk .. also means that the rear seats can be pushed closer to the wheel wells... some safety reasons too.. more crush space from side and rear impacts..  changes are a good step forward for overall performance and safer driveability..' more
11/2 Impreza WRX review.. good and bad '.. when it comes to wandering the wilderness, the Israelites have nothing on Subaru. Known and loved for a generation of woodsy all-wheel-drive sedans, wagons and refrigerator boxes .. Subaru has also pulled boners of biblical proportions, such as the Giugiaro-designed luxury sports car SVX in the early 1990s....  Make no mistake: This thing (WRX) has got an engine in it. From the line, the car is a little slow to stir, as is typical with AWD cars, but then surges with big yanking doses of turbocharged acceleration and a soundtrack like a den of meth-crazed, yellow-bellied marmots. Punchy, willing and free-revving, the engine is absolutely the best thing about the WRX..'  more
10/29 Impreza with Navigation features an upgraded stereo system  '... SRS Labs Audio, known for audio processing in the consumer product arena, has brought its high-quality Circle Surround audio system to the budget car arena in the new 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i and Impreza WRX...'  more
10/25 2008 WRX review '..with the Subaru Impreza WRX... apologies to its zealous owners — their vision was apparently too clouded by speed to notice — the original WRX was one of the homeliest cars around, a budget crackerbox in a high-performance Halloween costume. Yet people adored the overachieving underdog.. it hasn’t lost its singing-in-the-rain dance steps, something it demonstrated on an overcast day on the cliff-hugging roads near West Point, N.Y. As rain began washing over the concrete, the Subaru dismissed other cars as orange cones on a slalom course. Even heavy bursts of acceleration in the wet failed to break the tires loose.' more from the NYTimes
10/21 Crash test, 08 Impreza: 'Good' rating in the frontal offset crash test from IIHS. 'Dummy movement was well controlled. After the dummy moved forward into the airbag, it rebounded into the seat without its head coming close to any stiff structure that could cause injury. Injury measures — Measures taken from the dummy indicate a low risk of any significant injuries in a crash of this severity...'  more
9/20 STI models announced. No prices or details yet, cars expected early 2008. The models are: STI; STI with silver or gold BBS wheels; STI with Navigation and either silver or gold BBS wheels. All have VDC.
9/19 STI spy shot
10/14 2008 Impreza WRX STI (Subaru Tecnica International) 5 door wagon to be unveiled at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, Oct 24
10/8 STI colors updated. Pre-orders are available but prices have not been announced
10/7 WRX review  'For years, Subarus have been my favorite Japanese cars because they tend to be quick.. fun to drive..' more
10/4 STI spy shots, from
9/29 WRX review, MotorTrend magazine, Sept 2007 
9/20 STI models announced. No prices or details yet, cars expected early 2008. The models are: STI; STI with silver or gold BBS wheels; STI with Navigation and either silver or gold BBS wheels. All have VDC.
9/19 STI spy shot
9/17 Impreza Rally driver Colin McRae (b. 1968), Britain's first World Rally champion, was killed in a helicopter crash on Saturday, September 15th. The accident occurred near McRae's residence and took the lives of all four passengers onboard, including Colin's 5-year old son Johnny Gavin McRae. Colin McRae is the best known rally driver in the world and his name is synonymous with the sport following his victory in the World Rally Championship with Subaru in 1995. He was runner-up in 1996, 1997 and 2001, winning 25 races in a World Rally Championship career that ran from 1987 to 2004.
9/5 Impreza Guaranteed Trade-In Program (GTP): select current owners of certain 02-06 Imprezas will receive a letter from SOA with a guaranteed minimum trade-in value (GTV) for their current Impreza, applicable towards the purchase of a new 07 or 08 Subaru from dealer inventory, August 23 - October 31, 07. Trade-in mile, accident, damage and wear restrictions apply.
8/31 WRX review, Canada: 'Impreza has undergone a metamorphosis for 2008. Subaru has done more than make a few "engineering" changes'  more
8/21 08 Imprezas now qualify for Subaru rates.
8/6 2008 Impreza, WRX, 2.5i  magazine reviews and articles: 
motortrend says 'We're glad to report the new WRX isn't boring' ; 
September caranddriver says 'Under the unattractive skin, the WRX gets some major upgrades'. 
August caranddriver says 'Subaru says there is method behind the apparent madness' 'When you're behind the wheel, the Impreza and the WRX initially feel like they've always felt, but they're also much quieter, much calmer, and much easier ' says'It makes the same power but is lighter, roomier and still rips to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds' WRX 'It’s refreshing to catch a glimpse of the top-mounted intercooler' 2.5i review 'It’s tough not to like this budget all-wheel-driver'
7/31 WRXs being shipped
7/26 2008 Impreza 2.5i and Outback Sport are arriving at dealerships.
7/17 2008 Impreza prices announced.
7/12 2008 WRX video
6/5 2008 Impreza on sale in Japan!
5/30 WRX engine in a Porsche: 'This Porsche is powered by a Subaru EJ20, fresh out of a 2003 WRX. You can easily afford the car, and the engine swap is cheap too. The result: more lightweight thrust than a Lotus Exige S for less money than a Honda Civic Si. Ready to listen now?'  more
5/22  2008 WRX review:  'a car cannot exist on heritage alone and so, for the 2008 model year, Subaru decided to completely redesign the stalwart Impreza. The plan was to lower ownership costs, improve quality, increase interior space and pen a better-looking body...' more
5/11 2008 Impreza impressions; 'Six years ago, when we first looked deep into its big, round bug eyes, we fell hard for the WRX, the ’roided-up version of the basic-transportation Subaru Impreza. Yes, we were smitten, and we emoted to the tune of two consecutive 10Best awards...'  more, from roadandtrack
5/9  Impreza 2005-2002 review  '..All-wheel drive, a turbo four cylinder, and pretty much nothing else makes it an imposing vehicle. But it's softer and slightly less agile than the Evo, and the new one (2007) has a horse collar for a grille. Oh, and its base, the Impreza, isn't complete crap... That's right, the Impreza is actually a pretty impressive car. Initially introduced to replace the funky Subaru Loyale in 1993, the second generation Impreza debuted in 2002.... '  more
5/5 STI review: 'There are drivers who are willing to pay a fairly high price for a mid-size sedan with a stiff chassis, a high-revving engine and racing flourishes such as massive hood scoop. I’m not one of them, but I no longer occupy the target demographic: young men in their late teens, 20s or early 30s. Unless you’re really into street racing or have access to a track, the Subaru Impreza WRX STI is probably too demanding for your daily commute.'   more
5/3 Impreza 2.5i sedan Tenth Place, Quickest Cars of 2007 under $20,000 from caranddriver. 'There’s good noise, and there’s bad noise. Since 2001, we’ve loved the endearing growl of Subaru’s boxer engines, and it is fair to say that, of the 10 cars on this list, only a variety of Honda Civics have supplied us with as much fun as have Subaru Imprezas. The shift linkage is quick and positive, the controls are all where they should be....' more
Impreza WRX sedan First Place, Quickest Cars of 2007 $20,000 - $25,000 fromcaranddriver. 'For more than a decade, we’ve sampled a steady stream of hot Subaru Imprezas, every one of them has been as much fun as free-Jägermeister night at the Hazelden Clinic...' more
4/26 Coming! The 2008 Subaru STI and Mitsubishi Evo, from 'Take the exterior of the stock 5-door WRX and inject it with large doses of steroids; now you have an idea of how the next WRX STI will look...'  more
4/12 2008 Tribeca, Impreza at the NY Auto Show: 'Out of all those choices, I decided to concentrate on Subaru, a company that seldom sees the spotlight but one that is making significant changes to both ends of their product spectrum.'...  more
4/4 2008 Impreza and Tribeca shown at NY Auto Show. Check out 2008 Impreza photos
3/25 2007 WRX gets 'First Place: The Quickest Cars of 2007: $20,000 to $25,000' from caranddriver
5/3/07 Impreza 2.5i sedan Tenth Place, Quickest Cars of 2007 Under $20,000 from caranddriver. 'There’s good noise, and there’s bad noise. Since 2001, we’ve loved the endearing growl of Subaru’s boxer engines, and it is fair to say that, of the 10 cars on this list, only a variety of Honda Civics have supplied us with as much fun as have Subaru Imprezas. The shift linkage is quick and positive, the controls are all where they should be....'  0-60 mph: 7.9 sec; 0-100 mph: 23.1 sec; 0-110 mph: 34.1 sec
Street start, 5–60 mph: 9.0 sec; Standing ¼-mile: 16.0 sec @ 86 mph; Braking, 70–0 mph: 185 ft  more
5/3/07 Caranddriver, Febuary 2007: Impreza WRX sedan First Place, Quickest Cars of 2007 $20,000 - $25,000. 'For more than a decade, we’ve sampled a steady stream of hot Subaru Imprezas, every one of them has been as much fun as free-Jägermeister night at the Hazelden Clinic...'  0-60 mph: 5.6 sec; 0-100 mph: 15.8 sec; 0-130mph: 36.3sec; Street start, 5–60mph: 6.8 sec; Standing ¼-mile: 14.3 sec@96 mph; Top speed (drag limited): 145mph; Braking, 70–0 mph: 175 ft more
3/24 The 2.0L WRX turbo engines fits in a Porsche. More
3/3 Don't try this at home with your WRX STI ....
3/6 A souped-up 1999 Impreza 2.5 RS vs a new Evo! (And the winner is....the EVO of course). more
2/9 STI Limited review  'Subaru is finally offering an STI without the cop-magnet, boy-racer livery. The wing, the gold wheels, and the matching brake calipers are gone...'  more
2/1 WRX giveaway! Subaru announces a cool new sweepstakes promotion with Pepsi to promote the 2007 WRX  called “Pepsi Freeride”. The WRX has been selected to be the Grand Prize Vehicle. Specially marked bottles of Pepsi products will have a unique code under the cap. Go to or 
1/5 Subaru of Australia sells rally cars! These are the real thing, not street cars,  price $69-195,000aud! more, more


news and reviews
12/4/07: Only 2 Bajas were reported sold for the month November, 2007, so they must be almost completely sold out

5/1/2006 Subaru halted production of the Baja sport-utility truck in mid-April 2006
11/2005 2005 Baja Turbo with leather and cargo cover available. The 2 piece hard tonneau is available as separate parts (it's spendy)

SVX, Loyale, 360, Brat etc
and all other models including non-US market  models

news and reviews

6/2206 When did you get the 85 Brat and why did you buy it? HartfordAdvocate
6/22/06 The Japanese market Stella mini-car is a hit,  from autoblog.
6/15/06 New mini-car for Japanese market, the Stella. But it's not coming to the US. from,
Subaru Hybrids and Concept Cars
Fuel Eonomy Issues
Safety Crash Tests, Safety Ratings, Recalls
Subaru and Toyota
Sales News, Sales Reviews and more

12/27 Electric car: Green Car Congress is reporting that the all-electric R1e micro-car will be available in Japan in 2009, a year ahead of schedule. The R1 has an electric motor and a set of lithium-ion batteries. The car can only reach 62 mph,  maximum range of 50 miles, but can be recharged to 80% capacity in 8 minutes - making it an ideal commuter car for Japan’s densely-populated urban cities. more

11/4 Subaru electric concept car with improved battery '.. Bucking the industry trend towards Hydrogen fuel cells, Subaru has released a vastly improved battery-electric commuter car. The 65kw, 5-seater G4e’s new high energy-density lithium-ion batteries give it a 200km range from a charge (more than double the previous R1e’s range) and using a quick-charger it can be topped up to 80% in only 15 minutes. The new Subaru’s stats make it an instantly viable commuter, while underlining the exciting potential this fledgling sector will offer...' more.  (Note: there are no plans that I'm aware on to bring this to the U.S.).
8/17 Not a Hydrid but Subarus receive green US EPA SmartWay certification. Outback, Forester, Legacy PZEV 2.5L 4 cylinders. Check the list of 2008s, 2007s
6/7 Hybrid. Honda will drop the Accord Hybrid, the current model will be the final one. The Accord hybrid, sold only in North America, was a dud, selling just 25,000 since going on sale in 2004. It sold just 6,100 last year. 
3/8/2007 Subaru diesel shown in Geneva. Not many hard details, no horsepower or fuel economy statistics. The engine is expected in 2009 European models in 2008. US models to follow (but when?)  .... here's more from a UK magazine.
2/6/2007 Diesel is coming: Subaru's diesel will be unveiled at the at the 77th Geneva International Motor Show March 6.

12/20 Emissions:  Lawsuits were immediately filed over the EPAs decision to deny California and 16 other states the right to set their own standards for carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles! The list of states is below.

EPA administrator Stephen Johnson overruled the unanimous opinion of his legal and technical staff and blocked proposed California emission rules, saying they were pre-empted by federal authority and made moot by the energy bill signed into law by President Bush on Wednesday. 
17 states had waited two years for the Bush administration to issue a ruling on an application to set stricter air quality standards than those adopted by the federal government. The decision, known as a Clean Air Act waiver, was the first time California was refused permission to impose its own pollution rules. The federal government had previously granted the state more than 50 waivers.
The emissions standards California proposed in 2004 — but never approved by the federal government — would have forced automakers to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in new cars and light trucks by 2016, with the cutbacks to begin in 2009 models. 
That would have translated into roughly 43 mpg for cars and some light trucks and about 27 mpg for heavier trucks and SUVs.
The new federal law will require automakers to meet a 35-mile-per-gallon fleetwide standard for cars and trucks sold in the US by 2020. It does not address carbon dioxide emissions, but such emissions would be reduced as cars were forced to become more fuel efficient.
States using or planning to use California emission standards include California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massacusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.
9/7 Gasoline. Not all gas is the same, some brands are better than others. Check the TopTier website for brands you want
5/2/2007 Washington and Oregon require 2009 model year passenger cars, light trucks and medium duty passenger vehicles (i.e., vans and most SUVs) to be certified to California emission standards
12/12/06 New fuel economy ratings for 2008 models will benefit from more accurate EPA testing methods.
(Washington, D.C. - Dec. 11, 2006) To provide American consumers with improved information when shopping for cars and trucks, EPA is issuing new methods to determine the miles per gallon (MPG) estimates that appear on new vehicle window stickers. The new standards will take effect for model year 2008 vehicles, which may be available for sale as soon as next month. 
"EPA's new fuel economy sticker ensures American motorists won't be stuck with higher than anticipated charges at the pump," said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "Consumers can get more bang for their buck by considering fuel use while shopping for cars and trucks – saving money on refueling costs while helping protect our environment."
EPA's new methods bring MPG estimates closer to consumers' actual fuel use, by including factors such as high speeds, aggressive accelerations, air conditioning use and driving in cold temperatures. Model year 2008 vehicles will be the first to receive the new MPG estimates. Currently, EPA relies on data from two laboratory tests to determine the city and highway fuel economy estimates. The test methods for calculating these estimates were last revised in 1984. more from the EPA 
Automakers on economy
1/11/2006  EPA fuel economy changes. Proposed changes would more accurately reflect current driving patterns but would result in lower estimates. Proposed window sticker labels.12/29/2005 EPA fuel economy ratings are frequently high, new testing methods are needed hopefully in time for 2007 models.  Engine size, time spent in traffic, the use of air conditioning, traffic speeds, vehicle weight all have changed in the past decades. Read more from the post-gazette


SAFETY CRASH TESTS  safety news, including recalls etc
11/18 Crash test: 2008 Impreza gets Top Safety Pick award! Front, side, and rear tests and optional electronic stability control from IIHS, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more
10/21 Crash test, 08 Impreza: 'Good' rating in the frontal offset crash test from IIHS. 'Dummy movement was well controlled. After the dummy moved forward into the airbag, it rebounded into the seat without its head coming close to any stiff structure that could cause injury. Injury measures — Measures taken from the dummy indicate a low risk of any significant injuries in a crash of this severity...'  more

August 11: NHTSA Crash Tests: 2008 Forester, Outback, Legacy, Tribeca
5/16 The 2008 Tribeca gets 5 Star crash rating from on front and rear driver and passenger crash tests, plus a 'no-tip'   in the rollover test!  see the full report
5/11/07  New child seat safety law in Washington State. Effective June 1, 2007 children will have to stay in the safety seats until they are at least 8 years old and 4 feet, 9 inches tall. The new law also requires children to use booster seats until they are 16 years old if a vehicle's seat belt does not properly fit the child. Also children younger than 13 should ride in the back seat whenever possible, they're allowed to ride in the front only if the vehicle has no lap-and-shoulder belts in the back seat. 
Read the law, more on car safety
4/6/07 NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Admin) will require ESC, Electonic Stability Control, on 55% of all 2009 my vehicles, and all 2012 my. Subaru is already putting VDC on more every year
2/13/2007 Safety crash test Legacy and Outback: NHTSA the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that 24 2007 passenger vehicles, including the Subaru Legacy and Outback, received five stars in front and side crash tests, the highest government rating under the agency’s New Car Assessment Program. the full report
1/24/2007 Safety: 'Subaru Legacy, Forester and B9 Tribeca have each been named a 2007 'Top Safety Pick' by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The award recognizes vehicles that provide the best protection for drivers and occupants in front, side and rear crash tests conducted by the Institute.'  more

Subaru and Toyota. October 5, 2005, Toyota buys share of Subaru parent company Fuji.

4/27/07 Subaru and Toyota are swapping 100-150 engineers in order to find further synergies between the two automakers. Toyota, with its magnificent manufacturing system and hybrid technology, has plenty to offer, but Subaru has its world-renown AWD system in its war chest.  more
4/21/07 Subaru plans to reach full production for its first shift on the new Camry line by July and have the second shift running by November. The new assembly line is expected be able to produce 100,000 cars a year with 650 full-time and 450 part-time workers.  "Production of the Camry at SIA represents an important start to our business collaboration with Toyota," said Ikuo Mori, president of Fuji Heavy Industries. "Together, we were able to accomplish this goal in a short period of time."  Subaru employs about 2,300 people at the plant building Legacy, Outback and B9 Tribeca models.  more
4/11/07 Subaru and Toyota will depend on each other in the future. more

News related to importing into Canada
Model reviews from Canada are still in the model sections.

12/28 Subaru Canada is hoping to boost 2008 sales by 15% and is expecting the new look of the redesigned Outback to help attract those buyers. more

12/22 Canada: RIV updates the Admissable list and includes 2008 Imprezas and Foresters!

12/4 Effective January 3, 2008, there will be no rebates for Canadians buying US models, and  no bonuses or any incentives will be paid to dealers or salespeople on Canadian sales (ouch). As the offical release says  '.. sales made by US dealers outside of the continental US, are discouraged. This includes exports or sales to Canada...  (these) will no longer be eligible for any SoA incentive payment programs such as vehicle incentives (rebates), dealer volume bonuses, salesperson payouts...'.  But yes the warranty remains the same, honored by SoA, with no change! more
Dec 1: Canada, proposed import rules
11/26. Canada:  No Forester or Impreza built after September 1st, 2007 can be imported into Canada.
Yes, it is still ok if they were built prior to 9/1/07 to import them into Canada. 
Outback, Legacy and Tribeca are still ok. All cars have a VIN plate with build date on the driver's door. 
11/23 Is Canada closing door on importing US spec 2008 Imprezas? New RIV regulations say 08 Impreza and STI built after September 1, 2007 cannot be imported due to a different Immobilizer system. Stay tuned for updates...
10/12 Acura stops a few dealers from selling to Canada
9/14  Canadian Subaru buyers: $1Ca was 97.30 US on 9/14/07. The last time the loonie was higher was 2/17/1977! 
8/12 2008 Legacy GT wagon still available in Canada, not the US. Read about the 08 Canadian GT wagon here 
Revised 8/1. 2008 Foresters can be brought into Canada until Sept 2007 production. After that,  the only 08 US specForester on the authorized list is the XT, XT Sports because they are the only US spec models with Immobilizer keys.
6/25 Canada: 2008 models can now be imported into Canada, except for 08 Forester X, X Sports, X Premium and X LL Bean. Revised 8/1. 2008 Forester models can be brought into Canada until Sept 2007 production.
6/23 Canada: 2008 Tribecas will include Xenon HID headlights and manintenance for 3yr/60,000km. No price increase. These features are not included with US spec models.
6/21 Canada: Subaru of America warranty is now officially honored in Canada, This is very good news. Customers purchasing 2008 models will have to pay first and then get reimbursed by SoA for warranty work done at Canadian Subaru dealers. The full press release

10/23 SoA changed ad agencies to Minneapolis's Carmichael Lynch, starting in 6 months when the contract with DDB Worldwide  ends. read more
10/12 Subaru's Drive magazine wins the silver Ozzie award for best website design and the Eddie editorial quality. Printied on recylide paper, Drive is read by more than 850,000 people quarterly more
8/27 Advertising: 'Subaru's Raft Of New Ads Targets Yet Ties Together Brand Image. Although creatively and thematically different for each vehicle, the new print and TV ads are intended to further the company's efforts this year to promote the new lineup while driving home a Subaru identity around adventure, fun and all-wheel drive: Each of the ads ends with an overarching Subaru message that each vehicle is ready for something different.' more
4/16/07 Subaru Ad campaigns: 'Subaru's Got 'Safe' Locked Up, but It Wants 'Fun,' Too. traditionall has stood for a safe, all-wheel-drive vehicle....trying to augment that message with the theme of "active driving" to broaden what returning VP Tim Mahoney... fun, freedom, adventure and confidence... It's about time the brand took a good look at itself. In the seven years since Mr. Mahoney left Subaru, it has had five advertising taglines and three marketing VPs. more 
1/26/07 Subaru sponsors Hollywood's SAG awards. "Turner Entertainment is partnering with Subaru and several other high-profile marketing partners around this year’s 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® being simulcast live nationally from the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center by TNT and TBS Sunday, Jan. 28 at 8 p.m. ET. Subaru has taken a unique position as the sole sponsor across both the TNT and TBS live telecasts.  Tune in early as Subaru is also sponsoring Live from the Red Carpet on E! beginning at 5pm ET.  New commercials for Legacy GT and Impreza 2.5i will be featured throughout both programs."
1/26/07 Advertising. 'On Wheels, one of the nation’s leading minority automobile publications, awarded Subaru its Asian-American Diversity Advertisement Print Ad Award for the second consecutive time this month in Detroit. The winning ad, entitled "Wind, Fire, Wheel," beat out a number of other automotive makers by best communicating the Asian American love for speed and adventure.' more
1/25/07   Subaru sponsors Antique Roadshow! "Subaru has signed on to become a national sponsor of the PBS series Antiques Roadshow for the show’s 2007 season. This is the 11th season for Antiques Roadshow, PBS’ most watched series.  "Antiques Roadshow is part treasure hunt, part history lesson and part travel adventure - a mix that resonates well with the Subaru customer,” said Tim Mahoney, Senior VP and CMO. “As a niche marketer of 100 percent all-wheel drive vehicles, Subaru has to stand out from the crowd. We believe our sponsorship with PBS helps us do that."As a sponsor, Subaru will receive two 15-second on-air spots for each Antiques Roadshow broadcast along with extensive off-air benefits that include creative participation in live Antiques Roadshow events (attended by over 30,000 people each summer), vehicle display opportunities, added visibility through video-on-demand episodes, Web site exposure and more."

1/3 December sales total: Tribeca 1,471, Legacy 2,081, Outback 5,817, Forester 3,992, Impreza up 23% 5,376
1/3 2007 sales total for the year: 187,208 vehicles, down 6.7%. Adjusted for 1 more selling day in 2007, the total was - 7%.
Baja 1,127; Tribeca 16,790 -10%; Legacy and Outback 78,428 units -7%; Forester 44,530; Impreza 46,333 +13%
1/3 December sales total: Tribeca 1,471, Legacy 2,081, Outback 5,817, Forester 3,992, Impreza up 23% 5,376
12/4  November US sales 14,868: Tribeca 1,417, Outback 4,872, Legacy 1,600, Forester 3,046, Baja 2, Impreza 3,731 +9%.. YTD -6.8% at168,469 from 180,090 for Jan-Nov 06.
11/1 October US sales total 14,979 (down from 15,404 October, 06), Forester 3,554, Tribeca 1,468 +14.9%, Impreza 3,903 +21.6%, Legacy 1,782, Outback 4,268, and Baja 4.
10/2 September sales U.S.: 16,457 total +2% over September 2006. Tribeca 1,730 +19%, Impreza 4,195, Legacy sedan 1,981, Outback wagon 4,796, Baja squeaked out 9 of the remaining 2006s.
Canada sales 1,575 total, +21.9% over September 2006
9/4  August sales 16,573. The new 2008 Tribeca 1,835 which is +33% over last August 06. Legacy 1,984, Outback 4,448, Forester 3,902, Impreza 4,393. The last of the Baja trickled out 11. Overall YTD sales down 8%.
8/2 July 2007 sales total 15,438. Tribeca 1,680, Outback 4,338, Legacy 1,994, Forester 3,678, Impreza 3,713, Baja 45.
7/3 June sales total 17,108 vehicles, - 7.4% from 18,476 in June 2006. Legacy is down at 2,107, Outback 5,313, Tribeca 1,336, Impreza + 24% to 4,137, Forester +4.5% to 4,145, Baja (still) 70.So far, sales are -6.1% to 90,154 from 96,026 last year.
6/2 May US sales total 16,282. Tribeca 1,166, Legacy 1,953, Outback 5,206, Forester 3,871, Baja 105, Impreza 3,981
5/1 April sales 13,786 total, Tribeca 1,081, Legacy 1,603, Outback 3,902, Forester 3,580, Baja 165 Impreza up 12% 3,455.
4/4 March Sales total 18,027, Tribeca posted 1,517, Legacy 2,204, Outback 4,955, Forester 5,306, Baja 228, Impreza 3,817
3/1 February sales 12,875, a slight drop: Tribeca 964, Legacy 1,493, Outback 4,283, Forester 2,971,  Baja 217, Impreza 2,946.
2/4 January US sales: 12,074 total. Tribeca 1,125,  Legacy 1,377, Outback 3,880, Forester 2,739, Impreza 2,685, Baja 268. 
Canadian sales: 1,089 total. Impreza 474, Forester 240. No report on other models. There are 95 Ca. Subaru dealers
1/4/07 2006 Sales total 200,703 cars in the US, a record. For the 2006 calendar year: Tribeca 18,614, Legacy and Outback -4% at 84,442, Baja -16% in it's final year to 5,241, Forester -4% to 51,258, Impreza up 22% to 41,148.