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check out these 2013 BRZ photo pages: exterior photos, interior photos, Monroney window price stickers
brz is B boxer engine, R rear wheel drive, Z zenith in passion
B is for boxer engine, R is for rear wheel drive, Z is zenith in passion
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side view 2013 brz
black Limited has a rear spoiler, optional on Premiums. The BRZ is made by Subaru in Gunma, Japan

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2.0L 4 cylinder by subaru and toyota- the subieyota
2.0L 4 cylinder


7/5 optional Kicker brand, trunk mounted subwoofer is now available,100w amp,  $646 factory installed

6/17 XM satellite radio upgrade on 2013 and 2014 models purchased on or after June 17, 2013
Any 2013 or 2014 model year cars with factory installed satellite radio purchased on or after 6/17/13 will get XM All Access free for 4 months (dealer installed satellite is free for 3 months). This is an upgrade over the XM Select package previously included for 4 months, and includes all the premium channels including NFL and Nascar radio, Howard Stern, and XM internet radio for home computers, tablets, and smartphones. Satellite radio is included with all 2013 Navigation systems, Outback, Legacy Limiteds, BRZs, Tribecas, and all 2014 Navigation systems, Outback Premium and Limited, Legacy Limited, Forester Touring, and Tribeca. Register for the upgrade and XM home at www.siriusxm.com/getallaccess

5/15 interior illumination kit now available- red or blue footwell LED, factory installed price $222

5/4 moisture can build up in the tail lights on some BRZs produced before February 2013.
The fix is to replace retaining nuts and increase sealing gasket. Service bulletin 12-145.13R

4/29 orders close early on Wednesday 5/1 for all 2013 BRZ, Impreza, Crosstrek and Tribeca
If there's something specific you want, these are the final days to special order a 2013.

4/3 Navigation map upgrade available. You can download the latest Q3 2012 data from Nokia/Navteq
If you have factory navigation (excluding Forester with Tom-Tom) on
2012-2013 Forester, Impreza, and WRX/STI,
2013 Legacy, Outback, BRZ, and Crosstrek, and
2014 Forester,
you can purchase the latest mapset  Q3 2012 from Navteq for 149.99 + tax.
You need the original SD card that came with the navigation, and a windows computer with a SD-HC card reader. Be sure to remove the SD card from the navigation only after the pushing and confirming the Remove SD button in the Info screen.
You will need a registered account with the download website, where you'll also get all the details and info, at https://subaru-na.naviextras.com/shop/portal
The windows computer will need a copy of the toolbox. Its at https://subaru-na.naviextras.com/shop/portal/downloads
Questions, support, SD card questions https://subaru-na.naviextras.com/shop/portal/support or call Navteq at 888-628-6277

3/16 brief, concise article on the different suspension in the BRZ and the FR-S
"The BRZ has a firmer suspension up front and makes a difference in driving performance. He says, it has a “slightly sharper and more weighty steering.” Watson says the Toyota GT 86 feels “looser and a little more playful and a bit more tail happy.” The firmer suspension of the BRZ can cause it to bounce more at lower speeds but Watson notices the trade-off is at higher speeds, where it feels more planted in the corners. He says, “if you want the sharper driving sports car, get the BRZ.” He continues, “If you want to go drifting and practice tail-slides, get the GT 86.”  the original article

12/11 BRZ, rear cargo tray now available. factory/port installed MSRP $72. Dealer parts dept MSRP $69.95

10/13 advertising- BRZ to be in the Fast and Furious 6 movie, due May 2013
"Subaru BRZ is reportedly having a starring role in the next installment of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise. Subaru has sent five BRZs over, most of which will probably end up wrecked beyond recognition.
It is going to be great publicity for the car, especially if turns up with a heavy body kit and play a goodie role. One thing’s for sure, the Fast Six BRZ cannot have the standard 200 hp engine. It is too weak to be in a movie about fast cars. We don’t know yet is Subaru has tricked out the FF cars.
After the success of Fast Five everybody is looking forward to the next part, hoping to see more awesome cars, girls and guns. The cast isn’t half bad either. In addition to Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne ‘ The Rock’ Johnson, Jason Statham is apparently going to have cameo role. Cool.  Fast Six is set for release on May 24, 2013."

10/912 low idle vibration on a few early production BRZs- the fix is a reflash of the ECU.
"Just to clarify, this is a simple ECU mapping issue that is fixed using a re-flash of the ECU and it is an extremely rare condition found in a small number of US Subaru BRZ vehicles. Customers will be alerted to the issue by a check engine light.
The condition causes no damage to the engine and a TSB is in-process.  It is not related to mileage and no replacement of the ECU is needed at any mileage to rectify the issue, the ECU re-flash is the fix. The issue is caused through the ECUs reaction to normal mechanical variations and is statistically very small. There has already been a fix at the factory level and it was an ECU mapping change, not an engineering process or mechanical modification. The ECU mapping was too restrictive in the original mapping set up...." read the entire article on Jalopnik.com

9/7 IIHS rates the BRZ a Top Safety Pick with good performance (that's the top rating) in moderate overlap front, side, rollover, and rear tests

6/13 BRZ brochures arriving at dealers

6/7 BRZ updates
> Premium model- optional fog lights are on hold due to an issue or problem installing them in conjunction with the LED or driving lights
> revised owner's manuals will be sent to BRZ owners who purchased and took delivery by or around June 4th. This will replace manuals that have incorrect details on the passenger airbag on/off status.

6/5 option prices announced. still doesn't include late availability options

6/1 May sales: This is the first month with BRZ results- the total is 271 which means that fewer than half the dealers received one, which indicated just how tight the supply is and why some - not all -  dealers are marking up the price on a BRZ that is available.

5/24 the first BRZs in the country (and I delivered one!)  check out  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150823099376689.397976.101616856688&type=1

5/12. Monroney window sticker error- it might not have the correct model/code, ie a Limited (model code DZF) might have Premium/DZF instead of Limited/DZF. Examples: Monroney window price stickers

5/10 BRZs arriving at Northwest dealers.
5/2 Subaru is starting to update some orders with VINs
4/6 BRZ destination is $770, not $750. Prices including destination is Premium manual $26,265, automatic $27,365; Limited manual $28,265, automatic $29,365. Destination to Ak is $920.
Destination, where are you: destination is $770 in most states, except in the NY/NJ and New England area it's $785, and to Ak its is $920.
4/5 Prices and more model details announced- MSRP price including $750 destination: Premium manual $26,245, automatic $27,345; Limited manual $28,245, automatic $29,345. Option and option package prices have not been announced
Destination, where are you: destination is $770 in most states, except in the NY/NJ and New England area it's $785, and to Ak its is $920.
4/3 BRZ Prices to be announced at the NY auto show April 5th. This car show is shaping up to be the biggest Subaru event of the year with the already announced introduction of the 13 Outback, Legacy, XV Crosstrek, EyeSight safety technology, and now much looked for BRZ prices.
3/22 Scion announces FR-S list prices. Subaru remains quiet with no prices released yet. The Scion is priced at MSRP $24200 +760 destination = $24960, and for the 6 speed automatic $25300 + $760= 26,060. The FR-S will be available in Raven, Asphalt, Hot Lava, Argento, Ultramarine, Firestorm, and Whiteout.
3/16 BRZ production starts
TOKYO, March 16, 2012 Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.. the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, announced that it held a line-off ceremony at Subaru's Gunma Main Plant (Ota-city, Gunma Prefecture, Japan) with Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda and honored guests in attendance, in commemoration of the production start of the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86.
3/1/12- Orders are available starting March 1st. Options list below updated. No prices announced yet. Each dealer will only get a few cars per month, maybe 1-4? Reportedly orders were accepted in New England stating on the 2/28. Subaru has been taking BRZs around to a few dealers (not many), so most people who order haven't seen or sat in the car, and don't have a price though hopefully that will change soon.
2/28/12  BRZ order process. Each dealer has been given a fixed number of BRZs over the next 7 months (May-Nov 2012) which will be spread out so they don't all arrive at one time. The number of cars is based on the dealer's 2011 WRX/STI sales and overall volume. Extra orders in addition to the allotted number of cars may or may not get filled. The monthly total for the entire country is expected to be 540 cars and there are over 600 dealers so not all dealers will get a car each month. There is no VIP program available on the BRZ. 
> from Subaru of America "It is important dealers fully understand the order filling process as you  submit your sold orders. In summary, allocations for the 7 months May-November  have been developed for each dealer.  Fulfillment  of a dealer’s  allocation quantity will be spread basically pro-rata over the 7-month period and will not accelerate based on the number of sold orders submitted nor will it be reduced based on the number of sold orders other dealers submit.   The most important factor is for individual dealers to ensure their sold orders are submitted in the order with which they want them filled.   SOA will look to fill the oldest sold order within a dealer’s allocation from the pool of cars available irrespective of when that order came in versus any other dealer’s order."

2/22/12   now at dealers is a 2 page BRZ customer handout (8x11"), and dealer preview that includes colors and a short list of major features plus some accessories.
2/4/12-  BRZ to go on sale in Japan on March 28th. They plan on 450 cars per month to be available in Japan for the first year.
1/15/12-  BRZ STI concept has upgraded aerodynamics, 18-inch wheels, a light weight carbon fiber hood, custom exhaust and a carbon fiber roof – further lowering the car’s center of gravity.
1/12/12-  Scion FR-S is the Toyota Scion version of the BRZ. They have an drawing to be the first 86 to purchase a FR-S
Toyota says the Scion's FR-S designation stands for Front engine, Rear-wheel drive, Sport.
1/10/12-  BRZ arrives in Detroit at the NAIAS North American Int. Auto Show, and is also at the CES in San Francisco. |
1/6/12-  The BRZ will be display be at the CES Consumer Electronics Show  January 10-13, in Las Vegas.
12/5/11-  The US edition will be shown at Detroit's North American Int'l. Auto Show January 9, 2012
11/30/11-  The 2013 BRZ was introduced at the Tokyo Auto Show, November 30, 2011
Are you in the Seattle area and interested in buying a BRZ ? Contact me

start photos- want more? check out photo pages exterior photos, interior photos


brz front, black, 2013 model
front view, Limited model with standard fog lights (optional on Premium)

instrument panel- tachometer, fuel, tempearture gauges
instrument panel with center tachometer, 7400rpm redline. Shown with speedometer in miles
2013 BRZ- one of the first in the country
this silver 2013 BRZ Limited was one of the first to be purchased in the country, purchased by Elbert Perez from me and is featured in Subaru's Drive Performance magazine issue #9.2, summer 2012
brz side parking lights
side parking lights, standard on all models


subaru brz with aftermarket rear view back-up camera
BRZ Limited with aftermarket back-up camera in the navigation screen that a BRZ owner installed.
It is NOT available from the factory or dealer, it is only available aftermarket. Photo added Dec, 2012..

more below.... also check out photo pagesexterior photos, interior photos

limited brz subaru
Obsidian black pearl Limited, notice the fog lights
brz rear view, 2013 black limited with rear spoiler
Limited has a rear spoiler, its optional on the Premium
silver view- new sterling silver BRZ
sterling silver. The Limited comes with the rear spoiler
silver brz
side view, sterling silver Limited. Its an all new color for Subaru
galaxy blue brz side view
galaxy blue side view
wr rally blue brz side photo
side view, WR Blue BRZ
brz side photo
Lightning Red
dark gray brz premium
dark gray Premium. No rear spoiler
brz led taillight
LED tail lights
front view, sterling silver brz
front, sterling silver. The front license plate bracket will installed by the dealer if required

brz gas door, 93 octane premium

Premium gas required.

brz engine
the 2.0L engine

brz front headlight, fog light, parking light, drl
fog lights 9optional on Premiums), Daytime running lights, headlights. Shown with fog and LED parking lights on

2013 subaru brz keys, premium model
Premium model keys- 3 keys, 2 with integrated remote

Limited model has 2 bluetooth keys for keyless access and pushbutton start. This is all new for Subaru, BRZ is the first Subaru to get this feature. They have pull out metal emergency keys (for door and trunk only). 2 supplied

Limited model's bluetooth metal emergency key slides out- push the release button on the side
BR Limited pushbutton start- how to start car when the battery in the remote is dead
when the remote's battery is dead in the Limited's keyless access/push button start remote, hold the remote right next to the start button and press the start button to start the car.
BRZ Limited keyless access with pushbutton start- open to replace the batter
the inside of the keyless access/start when replacing the battery. The battery is a 3v CR1632.
to pen the BRZ Limited keyess access remote, use the tip of the metal key in the slot
open the keyless access remote using the tip of the metal key in the slot next to where the key goes

brz 17" gray alloy wheel
this is the only alloy wheel, its on Premium and Limited models
subaru brz trunk key
the trunks have a key slot. Premium shown
BRZ Limited  outside door handle, driver side with lock cylinder
the Limited has the keyless bluetooth entry. The doors lock/unlock by grabbing the door over the sensor on either door, but there's also a normal keyhole on the driver's door.
brz limited- passenger outside door handle
passenger door keyless access
2013 brz front fender trim
2013 BRZ front fender has body colored center strip - lightning red shown
brz- optional chrome fender trim-
2013 BRZ fender trim with optional chrome center strip
BRZ Limited with door courtesy lights
BRZ Limited has courtesy lights on both doors. Premiums have reflectors
subaru BRZ Premium door have reflectors
The Premium model doors have reflectors. Limiteds have courtesy lights
seat belt holder positioner, driver's seat shown
to make reaching thje seatbelt easier, there's a seat belt holder, driver's seat shown

more soon
brz- optional rear bumper underskirt
optional rear bumper underskirt is the piecep below the exhaust in this image
subaru brz optional chrome fuel door cover
optional chrome fuel door cover-its a stick-on. They all have the blue accents, shown on a wr blue car

2013 subaru brz emission sticker, under the hood
2013 BRZ emission sticker is under the hood
2013 subaru brz vin door plate
VIN plate on driver door jam

will he fit in the car (he's 6.6")?

and he's in! it's roomier than you might think

MORE? check out these photo pages
exterior photos, interior photos

brz premium heater controls, manual 4 speed fan
heater control- Premium model has manual control, 4 fan speeds

brz limited automatic climate control, 7 speed fan
Limited has pushbutton start and climate control with dual front zones, digital temperature and fan speed readout,  a 7 speed fan, The rear defroster button also turns on the outside mirror heaters. The temperature setting range is from Lo-61 to 89-Hi
brz steering wheel, leather with red stitching
steering wheel- both Premium and Limited- leather wrapped with red stitching. Limited shown- you can see the climate control and pushbutton start
BRZ premium illuminated igntion key cylinder
Premium has illuminated ignition key cylinder, Limited has pushbutton start
brz headlight controls- premium model
Premium turn signal stalk has headlight controls- Auto (dusk-to-dawn), parking lights. Shown on Auto
turn signal and headlight controls, 2013 subaru brz
Limited turn signal stalk has headlight and fog light controls- Auto (dusk-to-dawn), parking lights. Shown on Auto, with fog lights on. fog lights are optional on the Premium, standard on the Limited
brz premium model sunvios, not illuminated
Premium sunvisors are not illuminated

Limited has illuminated sunvisors. Premium sunvisors are not lit

brz optional rear subwoofer
Late availability- available starting late August 2013 the optional rear subwoofer takes up room in the trunk but puts out volume.
Subaru BRZ with aftermarket tow hook mounted license plate bracket d license plate
if you don't want to use the front license plate bracket from Subaru,
this one from GrimmSpeed bolts into the tow hook

subaru brz option trunk cargo tray, shown with rear seat down
optional trunk tray helps keep the trunk clean and dry. shown with rear seat flat
brz, optional trunk tray
optional trunk tray, good to have if you carry wet or dirty things

many more photos -  exterior photos, interior photos

Note: prices are MSRP suggested list price. Your actual purchase price might be higher or lower depending on your dealers mark-up or discounts.
Option Code or package code: all 2013 BRZs are Option Code #01. If there were other versions of a model, for example Premium without navigation or Limited with moonroof or , there would be other Option Codes. Since there are none, all 2013 BRZs are code 01.
Destination, where are you: destination is $770 in most states, except in the NY/NJ and New England area it's $785, and to Ak its $920.

4/6  Destination is $770, up from $750. Destination in the NY/NJ and New England area is $785. Ak destination is $920.
4/5 Prices announced at the NY auto show- option and option package prices have not been announced
4/3 BRZ Prices to be announced at the NY auto show April 5th.
3/22 BRZ- Scion announces FR-S list prices.

For comparison, the Scion FR-S manual transmission MSRP $24200 +760 destination = $24960; 6 speed automatic $25300 + $760= 26,060.
In Canada, the prices are 
MSRP BRZ manual $29295, auto $28495; Sport-tech Package manual $29,295, auto $30,495

subject to change, correction
model code
opt code
Total MSRP
model code
opt code
total MSRP
manual transmission
automatic transmission

Dimensions - 2013 BRZ
subject to change, correction

Overall length 166.7"
Width 69.9"
Height 50.6" at roof
Wheelbase 101.2"
Weight Manual- Premium 2762 lbs, Limited 2776
Automatic- Premium 2809 lbs, Limited 2822
Track front/rear 59.8/60.6
Turning radius
Trunk cargo space
rear seat up 6.9cf
Ground clearance


cargo area measurements, hand measured

subject to change, correction

subaru brz trunk measurment
cargo area measurements, hand measured
A: width at lower opening 26"
B:  floor width side-to-side inside opening 55"
C:  floor width side-to-side between wheel wells 42"
D:  maximum opening width 36"
E:  opening height 15.5"
F: floor length to top of seat, folded down 53.5"
G: floor length from opening to center console 88"
H: floor length to back of seat when up 32"
I: height from floor to top of trunk 15". minimum height by rear seat opening 13.5"

brz trunk with rear seat folded flat
J floor length to top of seat, folded down 53.5" (same as F above)
K floor length to back of seat when up 32" (same as H above)
L width of rear seat opening 40.5"
M height of rear seat opening 13.25"
golf clubs in the trunk
room for more than one set of clubs
brz trunk
lots of luggage in the trunk.


2013 Maintenance schedule

subject to change, correction

the full maintenance schedule

> Break-in period: drive the car nicely for the first 1000 miles, with a mix of city and highway driving. Keep RPMs under 4000 except in an emergency, and avoid fast or high revving starts and hard sudden braking and stops.  Don't use cruise control except for very short periods.  You might notice a slight minor hot smell as the engine heats up for the first time or two. This is a common smell in a new machine as they get used the first time.

> First oil and filter change required at 7500 miles or by 7.5 months using the required 0w-20 synthetic oil

Oil changes required at least every 7500 miles or 7.5 months
Rotate tires every 7500 miles or 7.5 months
Engine coolant is Subaru long life coolant and should be checked, but the replacement interval is 11 years 0r 137,000 miles.
Timing chain: no replacement schedule

> 15,000 miles or 15 months: oil/filter change, rotate tires, replace cabin air filter.  Check, inspect, and replace as needed- the rear differential gear oil, automatic transmission fluid, engine coolant, brake system, steering, suspension, clutch operation,  engine coolant
> 30,000 miles or 30 months:  oil/filter change, rotate tires, replace engine air filter, cabin air filter, brake fluid, and clutch fluid.  Check, inspect, and replace as needed- belts, hoses, all gear and transmission fluids, brake and steering systems, suspension, clutch operation, engine coolant.
> 45,000 miles or 45 months:  repeat the 15000 mile service above
> 60,000 miles or 60 months:  oil/filter change, rotate tires, replace spark plugs, replace automatic transmission fluid, engine air filter, replace cabin air filter, brake fluid, clutch fluid. Check, inspect, and replace as needed belts, hoses, all gear oils, engine coolant (top off if needed), brake, steering, suspension, clutch lines, fluids, and operation.
> 75,000 miles or 75 months- repeat the 15000 mile service above
> 90,000 miles or 90 months: oil/filter change, rotate tires, replace engine air filter, cabin air filter, brake fluid, and clutch fluid.  Check, inspect, and replace as needed- belts, hoses, all gear and transmission fluids, brake and steering systems, suspension, clutch operation, engine coolant
> 120,000 miles or 120 months: repeat 60,000 mile service
> 137,000 miles or 132 months (11 years)- replace engine coolant


Emergency roadside assistance standard for 3 years, 36000 miles. call 800-261-2155

subject to change, correction, updating

2013 BRZ
standard safety equipment includes...

VDC vehicle dynamics control,  electronic stability control
TCS traction control system, all wheel all speed
Airbags: Driver's knee airbag
Airbags: Front airbags
Airbags: Side airbags front
Airbags: Side Curtain Airbags, front and rear

Front passenger airbag-  All 2013 BRZs (and 2013/2012 Crosstreks and Imprezas) use a front passenger seat Occupant Detection System called Electrostatic Capacitance Sensor ODS. When anyone is seated or when anything is placed on the front passenger seat, there is a change to that capacitance value. This change in capacitance value is what the Electrostatic Capacitance Sensor ODS uses to determine whether the front passenger seat airbag (SRS) will be ON or OFF.
When water or anything with high moisture content is spilled on the front passenger seat cushion, the airbag is designed to remain OFF until the seat cushion is dry. This will also be the case if the passenger has moisture on their clothing, such as rain-soaked pants or rain gear. In each of these situations, the airbag status may remain OFF even if a passenger is seated. Everything that is placed on the seat will affect a change in capacitance value. Plastic, metals and other substances, even if at a heavy weight, will not change the OFF status of an airbag.
A false electrical charge, for example, those caused by laptops that are processing data, cellphones that are on or even an electric device connected to a car charger can cause the airbag status to switch to ON

> Whiplash protection front seats 
> Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on all models
Headrests- front headrests are height adjustable
> Steering wheel tilt and telescoping function to get a comfortable position
> Headlights are Auto-off with ignition key removal, warning chime with lights back on
> Brake assist increases the brake power when the driver initiates hard emergency pressure on the pedal. Brake assist generates the brake power according to the speed at which the driver depresses the brake pedal. Brakes: anti-lock 4 wheel disc brakes with EBD electronic brake force distribution, Brake assists for maximum brake pressure, and brake pad release return springs to prolong pad life.
> Brakes- 4 wheel disc
> Brake Override System, if gas and brake pedals are pressed at the same time, the brakes stop the car
Brakes: brake return springs, helps eliminate some brake wear
Brakes: EBD, electronic brake force distribution varies front/rear brake power
3 point lap and shoulder belts.
Internal Trunk Release, sedan, emergency inside-trunk release
LATCH Child seat Tethers and Uniform Mounting Clips
Daytime running lights
Crumple zones: front and rear
Drop-down motor mounts
Reinforced door beams: Dual front, single rear
A Pillar reinforcing beam


Built by Subaru for both Subaru and Toyota/Scion in Gunma, Japan

subject to change and updating. corrections and comments are welcomed
model Premium
model code: manual DZA, automatic DZB.
model code: manual DZE, automatic DZF
Engine FA20 2.0L 4 cylinder  (122cu, 1995cc)
16 valve, DOHC
DAVCS dual active valve control system, variable valve timing
D-4S port/direct injection
Compression  12.5:1
Bore x stroke 3.38 in. x 3.38 in (86mm x 86mm)
Oil: 0w-20 synthetic, 5.8qts
Spark plugs: Iridium tipped Denso ZXE27HBR8 (gap 0.031 in)

Redline is 7400 fuel cutoff
Transmission standard: 6 speed close-ratio manual.
gears: 1st 3.626, 2nd 2.188, 3rd 1.541, 4th 1.213, 5th 1.0, 6th 0.767

optional: 6 speed automatic with Paddle Shifters, and Sport or Winter mode.
Final drive ratio: 4.10:1
Rev indicator and alarm - light and optional buzzer when exceeding a RPM that you determine
Fuel Economy
Premium 93 octane gas required
13.2 US gallon tank, (50 L, 11.0 Imp. gal)
Use a maximum of 10% ethanol
MPG  city/highway, combined
manual transmission 22/30, 25
automatic transmission 25/34, 28

Rear wheel drive
Limited slip rear differential, Torsen (torque sensing). Both rear wheels are powered
VSC and Traction TCS- vehicle stability control and traction control system
(note- previous Subarus have had VDC- Vehicle Dynamics Control)
S, with 5 settings
TCS 'Off" setting allows wheel spin when accelerating. it reactivates over 31mph unless the VSC is also off.
VSC and TCS has 'Sport' and 'Off' settings.
Sport allows some slipping before the VSC and TCS activates.
Off shuts both VSC and TCS off for complete driver control.
electric power assisted steering (epas). lock-to lock 2.48 turns. turning circle 35.4ft
Steering ratio
Wheels  17x7J alloy, gray, 15 spoke
note- tires chains cannot be used due to a lack of clearance
Michelin Primacy HP 215/45RW 17 summer performance tires
Brakes front 11.6: vented disc
rear 11.4 vented disc
Suspension 4-wheel independent
Front: MacPherson-type struts, lower L-arms, coil springs, stabilizer bar
Rear: Double wishbone, coil springs, stabilizer bar

Strut town brace
EDR- Event Data Recorder
The BRZ is equipped with a EDR. In the event of an major accident, the EDR will freeze around 30 seconds of information, including brake and gas pedal positions, seatbelt use, speed, steering wheel direction etc. There is no personal information (no name, location, age etc). Subaru has strict rules regarding the use of this information and it cannot be released without the owners express consent or if officially required by a court.

end specs
start features


subject to change and updating. corrections and comments are welcomed

model Premium
model code
manual DZA, automatic DZB manual DZE, automatic DZF
Automatic 6 speed transmission with paddle shifters, sport and snow mode
Power windows, power-off delay so they work for 45 seconds after turning off
Power door locks
Power mirrors, body colored, break-away
S- heated
Rear defroster (no wiper)
Key- remote lock/unlock, immobilizer system (all keys have a transponder chip)
S, remote lock/unlock, battery CR2016
bluetooth key with keyless access and pushbutton start, battery CR1632
Lights: Headlights- standard HID headlights power height aiming adjustment. Auto dusk-to-dawn setting. Daytime Running Lights.
Fog lights O
Rear spoiler, body colored
Heated front seats and defrosting outside mirrors
(note: doesn't include wiper deicers and not called the All Weather Pkg)
Steering wheel- tilt and telescope, leather wrapped S S
Air conditioning, manual control, 4 speed fan
Climate control, dual front zone automatic control, digital display, 7 speed fan - S- dual front zone
Cabin air filter
Cruise control S S
Instrument panel - speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge, 2 resettable trip odometers
Digital display- outside temperature, instant and average fuel economy

Illuminated ignition keyring on steering column
Illuminated start/stop push button on dashboard
Cupholders, 4, 2 in center console, 1 in each door
Vanity mirrors, 2, one in each sun visor
S, not illuminated
S, illuminated
Carpeted floor mats, embroidered
Height adjustable driver seat, manual (not power) S
Door courtesy lights
reflector, no lights
Power outlets, 12volt. 1 in center console, 1 in the glovebox
Trunk release with disable function in the left side of the trunk
Interior- Cloth interior S -
Interior- Leather trimmed with Alcantara seating surfaces - S
Navigation/GPS. 6.1" touchscreen. 
Voice activated. Nav traffic, free for 4 months 
Stereo: AM/FM/HD, XM radio, single CD, wireless audio streaming,  hands free cell phone bluetooth with contact download, USB, aux jack, 196 watts, 8 speakers. XM is free for 4 months. Roof antenna.
standard features



subject to change and correction. tips and comments welcomed

BRZ model codes: manual transmission DZA, automatic DZB
Limited model codes: manual transmission DZE;  automatic DZF
Engine: 2.0L DOHC 4 cylinder, 200hp,
Rear wheel drive with Torsen Limited slip
6 speed close ratio manual transmission,
Optional 6 speed automatic with paddle shifters, sport and snow mode

Brakes: 4 wheel disc, anti-lock, with EBD, brake assist, and brake override
Airbags: driver and passenger front, front side, and front side pelvis/torso
Tire Pressure monitoring system
Safety pedal system (designed to give in the event of an accident)
Whiplash protection front seats
Front headrests- height adjustable
Child seat: rear LATCH system
Daytime running lights, LED (DRL)
Front wipers- variable speeds
Front crumple zones
Lights: HID low beam/high beam, power aiming adjustment,
Daytime running lights.
Power windows
Power locks
Driver's window one-touch auto up/down
Power mirrors, body colored, break-away
Cruise control
Remote lock/unlock
Engine immobilizer chipped key anti-theft system
Illuminated key ring
Air conditioning and heated controls: manual controls, 4 speed fan
Cabin air filtration system
Outside door handles- body colored
Inside door handles- chrome
Outside mirrors- body colored
Front fender garnish- body colored with black insert

Cloth interior with red stitching
Drivers seat, manual height adjustment
Rear seats fold flat, one piece
Carpeted floor mats
Tilt and Telescoping steering wheel
Leather wrapped steering wheel with red stitching
Leather wrapped shift knob
Dual vanity mirrors (not illuminated)
Door sill plates with aluminum alloy insert
Foot pedals- aluminum alloy, incl foot rest
Cupholders 4- 2 removable cupholders in the center console, 1 in each door
12v power outlets- 1 in center console, 1 in glove box
Trip computer with instant, average fuel economy, outside temperature
Map pocket on front passenger seat back
Passenger seat slides forward for rear seat access
Dome light
2 map lights


Navigation/GPS, 6.1" LCD touchscreen, voice activated
Handsfree cell phone bluetooth,
8 speakers,
196 watts amp
CD single disc, USB auxiliary, Aux jack, Wireless audio streaming (do you have music on your phone?), MP3/WMA
AM/FM/HD radio, iTune tagging,  XM satellite with 4 mos free All Access (All Access starting 6/17/13),
Antenna- roof mounted

The Limited model has everything the Premium has,

Fog lights
Heated front seats
Heated outside mirrors
Security alarm system
Front door courtesy lights
Vanity mirrors- illuminated
Trunk spoiler- body colored
Keyless access door and pushbutton start
Illuminated keyless start/stop push button
Leather trimmed with Alcantara seating surfaces
Air conditioning and heated controls: automatic climate control with temperatures from Lo-61 to 89-Hi,  dual front zones,  digital display, 7 speed fan, rear defroster button turns on the outside mirror heaters.

start options

: prices are MSRP suggested list price. Your actual purchase price might be higher or lower depending on your dealers mark-up or discounts.

subject to change and updating. corrections and comments are welcomed

prices are MSRP suggested list installed price. Your actual purchase price might be higher or lower depending on your dealers mark-up or discounts.
subject to change and updating.
model code: manual DZA, automatic DZB
model code: manual DZE, automatic DZF
(new available starting May) Protection Package 1 (code B2N). rear bumper applique, chrome fender trim, cargo tray, wheels locks $293
Popular Package  1A (code B1A). Includes Auto dimming mirror/compass/Homelink, Rear bumper applique', Wheel locks. $423
Popular Package 1B (code B1F). Includes Auto dimming mirror/compass/Homelink, Rear bumper applique', Chrome fender trim, Wheel locks $502
(new available starting May) Popular Package 2C (code B1E). Includes Auto dimming mirror/compass/Homelink, Rear bumper applique', Chrome fender trim, Cargo tray, Wheel locks. $281 O
prices are MSRP suggested list installed price. Your actual purchase price might be higher or lower depending on your dealers mark-up or discounts.
subject to change and updating
Subwoofer- Kicker brand, trunk mounted 100w amp. $646 available 7/2/13
Automatic 6 speed transmission with paddle shifters
Fog lights (code QEM) $386  on hold effective 6/7/12  available on Premiums with VIN starting 602075
Interior illumination footwell LEDs, red code NEA or blue code NEB. $222  late availability available May 2013
Rear bumper diffuser/underskirt (code QEX) $801 O O
Chrome fender trim (code QER) $119
Wheel locks (code H8B) $51 O O
Chrome fuel door cover (code QES) $99 O O
Trunk cargo tray (code MEA) $72.  available starting 12/10/12
Rear bumper paint protector applique' (code QEV)  $91 O O
Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass  (code KEA) $205 O
Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass and Homelink garage door opener (code KEB) $281 O
Rear spoiler, body colored  $567 O S
accessories are parts that are available from your dealer.
rices here are MSRP without installation.
Contact your local parts dept for their price.
subject to change and updating
Engine block heater -  dealer only, $149.95
Chrome fender trim $99 (also available port installed)
Rear decklid spoiler, pre-painted -$499.
Rear underskirt/diffuser $749 (also available port installed)
Battery warmer - dealer only, $54.95
Smoking accessories: ash tray, $19.95; requires ashtray holder/sleeve $12.95; cigarette lighter $69 (needs to be installed, replaces 12v outlet). dealer only O O
SPT battery tie down- dealer only, gray or blue - $45
SPT Oil filler cap - dealer only, gray or blue, $45
Wheel locks $29.95 (also available port installed)

Car cover, $139
Severe weather companion (emergency kit) flashlight, blanket, first aid etc $44.50, dealer only
BRZ logo License plate- polished stainless $34.95; Matte Black $31.95
BRZ logo key fob, carbon fiber $19.95

end feature/options

start colors and interiors

brz 2013 interior
Limited, manual transmission
BRZ interior

2013 brz black cloth
all Premiums have black cloth with red stitching
brz leather and alcanara
Limiteds have black leather and alcantara seating surfaces, with red stitching


brz premium- cloth seat
Premium- cloth interior
BRZ Limited drivers seat
Limited- leather with alcantara interior


its hard to get accurate colors

subject to change, correction
galaxy blue silica
all new color for 2013 Galaxy Blue Silica
subaru sterling silver color
all new color for 2013
Sterling Silver Metallic
color- Subaru BRZ-  Lighning Red
lightning red
Subaru BRZ color- WR Blue, world rally blue
WR Blue
BRZ color- satin white pearl
satin white pearl
subaru brz color- dark gray metallic
dark gray metallic
subaru brz color- obsidian blacl pearl
obsidian black pearl



colors announced 2/22/12
All Premiums have black cloth and all Limited have
black leather with Alcantara
Two all new colors available- Galaxy Blue Pearl and Sterling Silver Metallic

The Scion FR-S will be available in Raven, Asphalt, Hot Lava, Argento, Ultramarine, Firestorm, and Whiteout.

subject to change and correction
WR Blue Pearl
Galaxy Blue Silica
Lightning Red
Crystal Black Silica
Sterling Silver Metallic
Dark Gray Metallic
Satin White Pearl
Premium with black cloth
Limited with black leather/alcantara A

speed tests

speed tests

a few speed tests from various websites and car magazines

from Edmunds.com Inside Line,  dated 3/23/12

0-30 mph- 2.7 seconds
0-45- 4.8
0-60- 7.3
0-60 with 1 foot of rollout- 7.0
0-75 10.4
1/4 mile- 153.3 at 91.1 MPH
0-30 mph, trac ON- 3.0
0-45 mph, trac ON- 5.2
0-60 mph, trac ON- 8.0
0-60, trac ON with 1 foot of rollout- 7.7
0-75 mph, trac ON - 11.1
1/4-mile, trac ON- 15.7 sec @ 90.5 mph
Braking, 30-0 mph - 28ft
60-0 mph- 114ft
Slalom, 6 x 100 - 69.1 MPH
Slalom, 6 x 100 ft. ESC ON- 66.6 MPH
Sound level @ idle- 44.3 dB
@ Full throttle- 81.6 dB
@ 70 mph cruise 69.0 dB
Engine speed @ 70 mph- 3.050 RPM
Motor Trend, July 2012 issue 

2.2 seconds
2.3 seconds
passing 45-65
quarter mile
14.8 sec @ 94.3 mph 14.9 sec @ 94.4
Braking, 60-0 mph 118ft
Top gear revs @ 60 mph 2650rpm

Car and Driver, June 2012 issue

0-30 2.3 seconds
0-40 3.3
0-50 4.7
0-60 6.3
0-90 13.2
0-100 16.4
0-110 21.2
0-120 26.6
5-60 8.0
quarter mile 14.9 seconds @ 95mph

70-0 165ft

Interior sound
idling 42 dba
full throttle 85 dba
70mph cruising 73dba


brochures and pamphlets


front of BRZ pamphlet brochure available at dealers late February 2012
front of the 2 page pamphlet available at dealers late February 2012. actual size 8.5x11"

rear page of 2 page BRZ pamphlet available late February 2012
above - rear page of 2 page BRZ pamphlet available late February 2012
early 2013 brz dealer brochure
above- early BRZ dealer brochure
2013 brz brochure
above, early BRZ dealer brochure. Note under Braking it has 15.0" rear discs, that's not right. It should say 10.5"

early 2013 subaru brz auto show handout, front cover, actual size
early 4 page handout given away at auto shows. front cover, actual size 8x6"
free brz auto show handout, rear page
back page of the auto show handout

more to come. expect frequent changes and updates

is there a good article not listed here? Please let me know. Thanks


> "Take a first look at the U.S. production model of the 2013 Subaru BRZ, January 14-22 at the Detroit Auto Show. The full specs are out, adding many standard features to the lightweight design. The new 2.0-liter SUBARU BOXER® engine features 200 horsepower and sits lower and farther back in the engine well, enhancing the torque and handling while offering greater fuel efficiency and power. MacPherson struts, a double wishbone rear suspension and 17-inch wheels give the ride a smooth finish. The U.S. model also comes with limited-slip differential, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights, GPS navigation system and Bluetooth hands-free technology standard. The 2013 BRZ is expected to be available stateside this spring."  from  subaru.com
> "Subaru's long-awaited BRZ sports car made an appearance at the 2012 Detroit auto show, and despite its small exterior size, there's room inside for taller folks — as long as they steer clear of the rear seats. Subaru's cars lack a consistent face, and the BRZ introduces yet another look featuring a large front intake with black plastic trim on the upper edge. The hood is extremely low — lower than the top of the front fenders at some points — and the wedge headlights lend a dose of aggressiveness. Still, something isn't quite right with the car's stance; it looks like it's sitting a little high on its wheels, with too much of a gap between the tires and fenders. I have no doubt the aftermarket tuners will rectify this in short order. Subaru added some appliques on the BRZ's front fenders. Some automakers do a nice job with these, like BMW with its M cars, but the BRZ's have a dull, tacked-on look that diminish the design. The tail matches the front-end's aggressiveness with a large rear diffuser, dual exhaust tips and an available rear spoiler.The BRZ's small, low footprint is deceiving because the cabin easily accommodates 6-foot-plus adults. Very long front-seat travel helps in this regard, and the steering wheel tilts and telescopes. Granted, with the driver's seat all the way back rear-seat legroom is nonexistent, but the backseat is marginally useful to start. With the rear seats folded, Subaru claims there's enough cargo space to carry four extra wheels and a jack for a day at the track; I suspect those rear seats will stay folded more often than not.
The front bucket seats are relatively wide so the side bolsters don't hold you too tightly, and the dashboard sits like a ledge in front of you. There are some unique interior bits like toggle switches on the center control panel, and materials' quality is decent overall. The stick shift moves with a direct, mechanical precision.  At a time when most cars — sports cars included — have grown larger and heavier, it's refreshing to see something like the BRZ enter the market. With a curb weight of just less than 2,800 pounds, the car keeps the weight down, which should pay dividends all-around as far as the driving experience is concerned." the Chicago Tribune article
> "Powered by new generation FA-Series 2.0-liter Boxer four-cylinder, generating 200 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque, the production BRZ boasts one of the lowest centers of gravity of any car in the world and is also among the lightest two-door coupes on the market, weighing in at a relatively bantam 2,762 lbs. That makes it some 300 lbs less than the Lotus Evora and a whopping 500 lbs less than the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. With a choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmissions (the latter with sport and manual paddle shifts), plus pedals optimized for heel and toe downshifting, along with an optimized front strut suspension and independent rear, the BRZ promises to be one of the most fun to drive cars available in American when it goes on sale as a 2013 model." the article

Check out the Motor Trend article for much early information.

> Road and track http://www.roadandtrack.com/tests/drives/2013-subaru-brz
It’s rare we get to test a new sports car aimed directly at those who want a sports car but don’t have Porsche money in the bank. This one is, of course, the long-anticipated Subaru BRZ, as in Boxer, Rear-wheel drive Zenith (as in peak, not the television set). Jointly developed with Toyota (and to also be sold as the Scion FR-S in the U.S.), the BRZ was mostly engineered by Subaru and mostly styled by Toyota, with companies tweaking the other’s efforts to personalize the machine somewhat.
> Automobile http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/driven/1112_2013_subaru_brz/index.html A half century or so ago, the car market was blossoming with sports cars. These were generally simple machines that were often unreliable and impractical -- and very often not particularly fast. They came with funny little names like MG and Triumph and Sunbeam and Alfa Romeo and Datsun, and their owners weren’t much concerned with zero to sixty. Or top speed. Or peak lateral acceleration. No, the cars had a simple task: to put a smile on your face.
> Autoweek http://www.autoweek.com/article/20111202/CARREVIEWS/111209982 The Subaru BRZ represents nothing less than the return of inexpensive, fun, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports cars.
> Motortrend http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/coupes/1112_2013_subaru_brz/  We were given a few 15-minute stints with two U.S.-production models: a high-spec BRZ Limited equipped with the optional six-speed automatic transmission and a base model BRZ Premium with the standard six-speed manual.

 the end .. for now...