interior photographs of the 2014 and 2013 Subaru BRZ
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2014 Subaru BRX steering wheel with new blue center logo
2014 BRZ steering wheel with new for 2014 blue center steering wheel logo. Automatic transmission Limited model shown.


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brz 2013 interior
2013 Limited, manual transmission. Note the steering wheel emblem is black. 2014 emblems are blue.

2014 and 2103 subaru brz rear seat
rear seats. There's not a lot of room. They fold flat.
brz logo

2013 Subaru BRZ VIN door plate
the VIN plate is on the driver door jam
2014, 2013 brz instrument panel- tachometer, fuel, tempearture gauges
instrument panel, shown with speedometer in miles (at 0mph)
BRZ interior
Limited, manual transmission

brz premium- cloth seat
Premium- cloth interior
BRZ Limited drivers seat
Limited- Leather with Alcantara inset seating surfaces
brz driver wing window
great visibility through the large outside mirrors. They're heated on Limited models
2013 and 2014 subaru brz right wing window
large outside power mirrors are standard.
brz center console with cupholders
center console- Premium with automatic transmission
2013 brz center console, premium shown
Premium has manual heater controls. All 2013 and 2014 BRZs have navigation/GPS

console- subaru brz- subaru brz limited console-center console, subaru brz- brz- limited model console with heated seats
  photos of the center console- Limited model, manual transmission, with heated seats buttons

brz console- premium, no heated seats- brz center console- brz console close-up photo-
center console- cup holders shown in both positions. This is a Premium - notice no heated seat buttons, manual heater controls, with automatic transmission
subaru brz center cupholder
center console cupholder in the rear position- notice the phone in the phone slot
brz center cupholder is adjustable
center console cupholder in the front position. shown with a phone in the phone slot
console with cupholder removed
center console cupholder is removable and also fits in either front or back. Notice the power outlet
removeable center console cupholder- subaru brz
the center console cupholders - the phone slot is empty
brz shift knob,  manual transmission, 6 sppeds,
close-up of the manual shift knob.
brz- automatic transmission shift knob
close-up of the automatic shift knob
auto transmission shift knob subaru brz
close-up of the automatic shifter
brz optional rear subwoofer
optional rear subwoofer
brz- automatic transmission- vsc, traction control settings settings
automatic transmission has Sport and Snow shifting modes. VSC vehicle stability control setting,
brz manual transmission, vsc and traction control settings
manual transmission with VSC vehicle stability control setting,

brz steering wheel, leather with red stitching
2013 steering wheel- leather wrapped on all models. This is on a Limited- note the pushbutton start and climate control on the right)
2014 subaru brz steering wheel with new for 2014 blue center logo
2014 BRZ steering wheel with new for 2014 blue center logo. Notice the tops of the automatic transmission Paddle Shifters. New for 2014, the automatic is only available on the Limited

subaru brz trunk fold-down strap, 2013 model
rear seats fold down- pull the straps on both sides
golf clubs in the trunk of a subaru brz
room for more than one set of clubs
tilt and telescoping brz steering wheel
telescoping steering wheel
subaru brz steering wheel telescoping
all models have a telescoping steering wheel
turn signal and headlight controls, 2013 subaru brz
  Limited turn signal stalk has headlight and fog light controls- Headlight Auto (dusk-to-dawn), parking lights, and headlight on/off. (fog lights optional on Premium).
brz headlight controls- premium model
Premium turn signal stalk has headlight- Auto (dusk-to-dawn), parking lights. Shown on Auto
windshield wiper control, subaru 2013 brz
wiper controls with variable interval setting

close-up of tachoeter with miles or kilometers
center tachometer- redline at 7400rpm. Shown with 8 miles on the car, and at 0 mph. There's a button to change the speedometer to KM/H, but the odometer remains in miles because this is a US spec car.

close-up of tachometer
with the speedometer on Km setting, notice the odometer still shows 8 miles.. this is a US spec car.
brz- HID headlights with power adjustment roller switch, trunk release,
by the driver's left knee- dashboard light rheostat, headlight aiming control, and trunk release. To disable the trunk release, push the button inside the trunk on the left
2013 subaru brz trunk release disable button
to disable the front trunk open button, push this button, its inside the trunk on the left

BRZ premium illuminated igntion key cylinder
Premium with illuminated ignition key cylinder
BRZ Limited ignition key plug
the ignition key normally is here, except on Limited models with pushbutton start. This is a Limited model

2014 and 2013 BRZ Premium with key in ignition cylinder
2014 and 2013 BRZ Premium with key in ignition cylinder. Limited has keyless pushbutton start
2014, 2013 subaru brz limited pusbutton start button
2014, 2013 BRZ Limited pushbutton start button
subaru brz trunk key
the trunks have a key slot. Premium shown
brz trunk key lock cylinder
Limited model's emergency key shown in trunk lock cylinder
2013 subaru brz keys, premium model
Premium model keys - 3 come with the car- two keys have remote lock/unlock.
2013 subaru brz limited bluetooth keys
Limited models have keyless access with pushbutton start
side view, subaru keyless access key with metal emergency key
The Limited keys- press push to release the metal emergency key that slides out-
brz limited bluetooth key lock/unjlock, pushbutton start
another photo of the Limited keys
limited bluetooth with key with slide-out metal key
Limited key with emergency key
23013 subaru brz floomat- embroidered
standard floor mats-they're embroidered
subaru BRZ Premium door have reflectors
The Premium model doors have reflectors. Limiteds have courtesy lights

brz door courtesy lights
limited model door have courtesy lights. Premiums have reflectors

brz premium model sunvios, not illuminated
Premium vanity mirrors in the sunvisors are not lit

brz limited illuminated sunvisor
Limited sunvisors have lights- not available on the Premium

close-up of the Limited's illuminated mirrors

another photo of the Limited model sunvisor, Limited only

brz premium heater controls, manual 4 speed fan
heater controls on Premium. 4 fan speeds. The stereo's USB and aux control is also shown, with cover closed
brz limited automatic climate control, 7 speed fan
heater controls on Limited. automatic climate control, 7 fan speeds, dual front zones, digital temperature and mode display. Notice the pushbutton start.
BRZ Limited has climate control and pushbutton start
Limited model - climate control. shown off
seat belt holder positioner, driver's seat shown
to make reaching the seatbelt easier, there's a seat belt holder, driver's seat shown
subaru brz, optional trunk cargo area tray
the optional trunk tray, helps keep the trunk clean, shown with rear seatback flat
subaru brz with optional rear trunk cargo tray
trunk tray is a good option
2014 BRZ owners manual