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1997 Impreza

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Impreza outback sport
1999 Impreza Outback Sport


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About the Subaru Impreza

The basics..

Introduced in 1993, the Impreza has consistently been top rated and there have been few really major changes.
The Impreza is Subaru's small car and comes as a 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan or 5 door wagon.

Subaru Impreza 4 door sedan, white Impreza sedan

Among the changes: front wheel drive models were dropped, high and low end models were introduced and then dropped, the sporty and small production 2.5L RS was introduced in 1998, and since 1996 the Outback Sport Wagon has become very popular (as has the larger Legacy Outback).

The Impreza fits many budgets and lifestyles. In the same size class as the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Ford Escort etc, the Impreza offers Subaru's dependability, is the one of the few compact wagons available and is the only such vehicle to offer all-wheel-drive.

Outbacks? Many folks confuse Outbacks. There are 2 Outbacks. Both started in 1995.
The Outback Sport is a version of Subaru's Impreza line.
The Legacy Outback is a version of Subaru's larger Legacy line.

Both Outbacks are excellent cars and usually one test drive will tell you which model will fit your needs best.

I have tried to provide the initial information so you can determine your interest in Subarus from the comfort of your home or work.
If you're interested in a new or used Subaru or other used vehicle please contact me. Thank you, Joe

Subaru 1998 rally blue RS
1998 Rally Blue 2.5 RS-  Subaru says they are making about 700 with this color.

start 1998 Impreza

1998 Impreza L, RS, Outback

WHAT'S NEW for 1998 

  • The Impreza RS model is all new! 
  • All Imprezas get a new dashboard just like the Forester's.
  • The Brighton model has been discontinued.
  • All models have de-powered 2nd generation dual Air-Bags. Production of the new airbags started in June 1997 with Vehicle ID numbers W*400001, W*500001, W*800001.
Available in 3 models
  • L with 3 bodystyles - a 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan and 4 door Sport Wagon 
  • Outback Sport Wagon
  • 2.5L RS 2 door coupe 
Wheelbase/Length: 99.2"/172.2" 
Overall width/height: L and RS: 67.1"/55.5", Outback Sport wagon: 67.1"/60.0" 
Towing capacity: 1500lbs 
Ground Clearance: Outback Sport wagon 6.5"
1998 Impreza prices
prices include transportation, plus state taxes, license fees, factory and dealer installed options

Impreza L Coupe: Manual Trans: $16,390.  Automatic: $17,190.
Impreza L 4 Door Sedan: Manual Trans: $16,390.  Auto. Trans: $17,190. 
Impreza L Sport Wagon: Manual Trans: $16, 790.  Auto. Trans: $17,590.
Impreza 2.5L RS Coupe:  5 speed $19,690. Automatic:$20,490.
Impreza Outback Sport Wagon: Manual Trans: $18,490.  Auto. Trans: $19,290.

1998 Feature
1998 L
coupe, sedan, Sport wagon
198 Outback Sport Wagon
1998 2.5 RS
VIN: 5,6,7th digits are 'M67', 10th digit is "W" for 1998

Only 1695 RS's were sold in the USA in 1998. 

2.2 L 4 cylinder aluminum alloy 16 valve SOHC boxer engine,
Sequential Multi-port fuel injection, 
istributorless ignition 
Horsepower: 137 5400 rpm 
Torque: 145 @ 4000 rpm
2.5 L 4 cylinder aluminum alloy 16 valve DOHC boxer engine (same as in Legacy outback, GT) 
Sequential muliti-port Fuel injection, 
Distributorless ignition 
Horsepower: 165 @ 5600 pm 
Torque: 162 @ 4000 rpm 
Platinum tipped spark plugs
Steering: Variable assist engine speed sensing rack and pinion 
Turning circle: 33.5 ft
front: 10.1" vented,
rear:9.0" drum
Front: 10.1" vented,
rear:9.0" drum
4 channel ABS
Front: 10.7" vented disc with dual caliper pistons, 
rear:10.5" solid disc
4 channel ABS
15" steel
195/60R15 87H
15" Alloy
205/60R 15
16" Alloy, Gold colored honeycomb
205 / 55R 16 89H
Manaul Tranmssion 
Fuel Economy 
Curb Weight 
15.9 US gals fuel capacity
23/30 mpg
Coupe: 2720 lbs
Sedan: 2690 lbs
Sport wgn: 2795 lbs
23/30 mpg
2835 lbs
22/28 mpg
2825 lbs
Automatic Transmission: 4 speed electronic ($800) 
Fuel economy - same as manual 
15.9 US gal. fuel capacity
Model reminder : 1998 Impreaza
Want to buy a new or used Subaru?
Call me, or check out my used car page
1998 L models
coupe, sedan, sport wagon
1998 Outback Sport Wagon
1998 2.5 RS
Dual air bags, 
side impact door guards 
"A pillar" side-to-side column 
5 MPH Impact Bumpers 
Front/rear crumple zones
Power Windows, locks, mirrors 
Air Conditioning 
Tilt Wheel 
Front Passenger vanity mirror 
Cup holder in dash 
Center console with cup holder
AM/FM/Cassette, 80 watt, 4 speakers, clock
1998 Impreza model reminder
1998 L 
coupe, sedan, Sportwagon
1998 Outback sport wagon
1998 2.5 RS
Rear defroster
w/ wiper on Sport Wagon
S with wiper
CD player, $420
Individual options and prices
Floor mats: $64., Mud flaps:.$99., Tail-pipe extender: $31, Cargo net: $39. Roof rack, Upgraded speakers: $195., Tweeters: $100.
Fog Lights, projector beam: $245.
Keyless remote entry - $225, with Alarm $350
Cruise Control: $350.
1998 Outback Sport standard features in addition to features listed above

Raised Ground Clearance to 6.5"
Anti-Lock Brakes (4 wheel, 4 channel, front disk, rear drum)
15" wheels with raised white letter tires
Durable-Weave Texture Cloth
Rear Bumper Scuff Proctector step pad
Cargo area fitted protective liner
Special Outback Ground Effects
Cargo area accessory outlet (uselful for any plug-in device,-- cell phones, pumps, lights, stereos, coolers, emergency equip, etc)
Two-Tone paint, lower grey accent
Fog lights
Mud flaps, floor mats, roof rack, tail-pipe extender, 

1998 RS standard features include
in addition to standard features listed above
16'' gold alloy wheels, 
Heavy Duty brakes: dual caliper pistons, vented front discs, rear discs  (same as on Legacy Outback, GT)
Sunroof - electric, pops up and slide back
Hood scoop and grills
Rear spoiler 
Leather steering wheel, shift lever
Fog lights (projector beam style)
Ground effects package 
Sport bucket seats
Special RS floor mats
1998 Impreza model reminder
L coupe, sedan, sport wagon
Outback Sport Wagon
Popular equipment  groups: Group 1: mud flaps, roof rack, floor mats, tailpie cover 
Group 2 including floor mats, mud flaps, tail-pipe extender: $179.
Options: factory installed list prices
CD player: $420
Tweeter (2 extra speakers) $100.
Keyless entry $225, with alarm upgrade $350
Leather $1,295
GuageYou can install the gauge package from the Forester in the 1998 Impreza because they use the same dashboard. The gauge goes where the dash-top clamshell storage box is and includes a digital display compass, altimeter, barometer and clock, and looks pretty cool. I think it is pretty cool but do you need it? Maybe if you are "directions challenged" or just like gizmos..
1998 Impreza Colors
1998 L colors
Coupe, Sedan, Sport Wagon
1998 Outback Sport wagon colors
1998 RS colors
Glacier White / beige cloth 
Acadia Green/ beige cloth 
Black Diamond / beige cloth 
Brilliant Red / grey cloth
Glacier White
Black Diamond pearl 
Brilliant red 
Acadia Green 

ALL with slate metallic lower accent, grey cloth

Rally Blue Pearl 
Black Diamond Pearl 
Brilliant red 
Acadia geen 

All with grey woven cloth

end 1998 Impreza.

1997 Impreza

silver Impreza coupe with spoiler Impreza coupe with spoiler

1997 Impreza: Brighton, L, Outback Sport models
All models have standard All-Wheel-Drive
Brighton: 2 door coupe
L: 2 dr coupe, 4 dr sedan, 
Sport wagon, Outback Sport wagon

All-Wheel-Drive systems:

  • Manual trans: 50/50 front to rear power split with viscous coupling locking center differential
  • Automatic trans: Electronically controlled all wheel drive continuosly varies front/rear torque split. The automatic trans. has a 'power' mode which automatically raises shift points from 'economy' mode for more sporty driving when throttle is used aggrssively.
1.8L 4 cyl 16 valve SOHC boxer engine, fuel injected, 115 hp, 120 torque.
2.2L 4 cyl 16 valve SOHC boxer engine, fuel injected, 137 hp, 145 torque

Dual air bags
5 seat belts
Meets all 1997 Safety Standards

Power Steering: variable assist rack and pinion
Brakes: power front disc, rear drum (anti-lock on Outback)

Wheelbase 99.2"
Overall length/width/height: 172.2/67.1/55.5
Curb Weight: 2600-2795 coupes, 2690-2770 sedans, 2795-2875 wagons, 2835-2915 Outback
Road clearance: 5.7" all exc. Outback which is 6.5"

1997 Impreza feature
1997 Brighton coupe
1997 L 
coupe, sedan, Sport wagon
1997 Outback wagon
Engine: Manual trans
fuel economy city/highway
1.8L engine
24/30 mpg
13.2 US fuel capacity
2.2L engine
23/30 mpg
15.9 US fuel capacity
2.2L engine
23/30 mpg
15.9 US fuel capacity
Engine: Auto trans.
fuel economy city/highway
2.2L engine, 15.9 US gal. capacity
23/30 mpg
front 10.1" disc, 9" rear drum,
no anti-lock available
front 10.1" disc, 9" rear drum,  with 4 channel anti-lock
Standard features, all 1997 Impreza models
Air conditioning
Auto off headlights, halogen bulb
Rear seat heat ducts
Independent suspension
Remote hood release
Tilt steering column
Dual front cup holders
Center console
Interval front wiper
Rear Defroster (wogon wiper)
Stereo: Brighton - AM/FM/Cassette, 40 watt, 2 speakers. All other models AM/FM/Cassette, 80 watt with 4 speakers.
Standard features 1997 L and Outback Impreza models
Not Available on Brighton models, or as noted
Power windows/locks/mirrors
Height adj. front shoulder harness
Passenger vanity visor mirror (not illuminated)
Remote trunk release (coupes, sedans only)
Fold down rear seats (wagon, Outback only)
Rear Spoiler with integrated brake light: (coupe, sedan only, optional on Brighton)
1997 Impreza Outback Sport Wagon standard features
(in addition to what is standard on the L model - see above)
Anti-lock brakes
6.4" ground clearance with heavy duty suspension
Fog and night time driving lights, projector beam
2-tone paint, with lower gray accent
Front hood scoop
Special woven cloth 
12 Volt power outlet in the cargo area
Rear cargo mat
Rear bumper cover
Oval raised white letter tires
1997 Impreza features
1997 Brighton
1997 Impreza L
coupe, sedan, wagon
1997 Impreza Outback Sport
Tires 1.8L engine: 175/14" 14' steel wheel with hubcaps
2.2L engine: 190/60 15" steel wheel with hubcap
190/60 15" steel wheel with hubcap 205/60 15" steel wheel with hubcap
Options - except where standard
CD player $420
CD changer (na on Brighton) $595
Tweeters $100
Upgraded speakers: $195
Floor mats: $64. (std on OB)
Mud flaps:.$99. (std on OB)
Tail-pipe extender - $31 (std on OB) 
Cargo net: $39. 
Roof rack (L wagon, std on OB), 
Fog Lights: $250 (std on OB)
Rear bumper cover/rear cargo mat (L wagon only, std on OB)
Cruise control $350
Map lights $100
Keyless entry $225, with alarm $350
Leather: $1295.
1997 Impreza
1997 Brighton
1997 Impreza L
coupe, sedan, wagon
1997 Outback Sport wagon
Brilliant Red
Glacier white
Black Diamond Pearl
Acadia Green Metallic
Mystic Blue Pearl
Brisbane Blue Pearl
end 1997 Impreza

RS Production numbers to the best of my knowledge.
1998: 1,680-1,695 total.  Manual: app 995 units, auto trans  app 685 units, unknown 15, Rally Blue color 700 (?)
1999: 5 spd 1,950, auto 350
2000: coupe 5spd 2,350, auto. 530,  sedan: 5 spd 1,625, auto 1,600