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Outback with 2 sunroofs
Dual Sunroof on all Outback Limiteds 
The front roof pops up, the rear slides back

Subaru Legacy Outback on this page
2000 options, prices, specs
Using the keyless entry and alarm

WILDERNESS TIRES, and the Firestone recall. The Wilderness tires used on the 2000-01 Legacy Outback are NOT the same as the Wilderness Light Truck tires used on SUVs. Subaru uses a passenger tire made with a different process than the truck tire. You don't have to worry. If you have questions please contact your local tire company.

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Subaru Outback, wintergreen 2000. by Joe Spitz, new and used Subarus for sale, Seattle, Washington
2000 Wintergreen Outback wagon

 April 2000, Institute for Highway Safety rates Legacy a 'BEST PICK'  in the front end offset crash test!  See for yourself: Legacy test.

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2000 black Outback Limited

About the Legacy Outback

For the history of Subaru please visit my homepage

Introduced as a separate version of the Legacy in 1996, the Legacy Outback is designed to provide a car based alternative to the traditional truck-based sport ulitity vehicle (SUV).

With 7.3" of ground clearance the Outback is designed to combine a high riding, "rugged road" capable vehicle with excellent emergency handling and traction, and the safer, more comfortable ride of a car.

Subaru 2000 Timberline Green Outback Sedan. Visit for all your Seattle Subaru needs
2000 Timberline Green Outback sedan

The Outback's all-wheel-drive system is full time and instantly reacts to changing road conditions.
The beauty of all-wheel-drive by Subaru of Canada explains it well.

Outback history

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Glossary of Terms.
2000 Outback review from rideand drive
2000 Legacy, Outback from Edmonds
All-Wheel Drive how it works and why it's good to have
Legacy Outback with some performance specs. from the Carplace.
Outback dimensions 2000  Outback Cargo Dimensions.
Note the rear strut suspension on the 2000 is less intrusive so cargo space is increased.

A: 42" width between wheel wells on floor
B: 30" height at rear gate
C: 47.75" width between top of wheel wells
D: 68" cargo length with rear seats down
E: 44" cargo length with rear seats up

photo is a Limited Outback with beige interior


start 2000 Outback
2000 Outback 
Re-designed Third Generation Legacy Outback, Outback Limited, Outback Sedan Limited
for options, prices and specs on older Outbacks visit my archive page

This all new Legacy Outback is more powerful with a much smoother ride, slightly larger and safer, plus easier to drive.


  • All Outbacks have the more powerful Phase II 2.5L SOHC Boxer engine first used in the 1999 Forester and Impreza RS. This 2.5L has 20% more torque at 1250 RPM, 30% more at 2,4000 RPM and a whopping 50% more at 3,250 RPM!
  • All 2000 Legacys meet California Low Emission Standards! Drive a clean car!
  • Stiffer components and subframes for improved safety and handling
  • New less intrusive multi-link rear suspension for wider cargo floor and smoother ride.
  • Larger brakes
  • 16" alloy wheels
  • Larger outside mirrors that fold away
  • Power driver's seat, 8 way, with adjustable lumbar and manual tilting seatback
  • Easier to use passenger seat adjustment handle
  • Viscous limited-slip rear axle with the all-weather package
  • 4-beam headlights
  • Daytime running lights. If you're in the car with the engine running you can turn off these lights by pulling up the e. brake
  • In-glass antenna on Limiteds (left rear) 
  • Bigger fuel tank, 1 US gallon bigger to 16.9
  • Liquid filled motor mounts for less engine vibration
  • Non platinum 30,000 mile spark plugs (60,000 miles platinum plugs were used in previous years)
  • Body-side cladding
  • Ground effects
  • yes, there's more..
Visuals , Dimensions and Comfort
  • All models slightly longer and wider than previous models with a more angular look.
  • No more hood scoop (was on 1997-99 models) 
  • Wheelbase increased .8", overall length increased  2.9", overall width .8"
  • New dashboard with more driver orientation
  • Eye-level gear indicator (automatic only), new switches and controls 
  • 2 front cup holders: one to right of stereo, one in center console
  • 2 rear cup holders
  • New front grill, headlights, lower body-side cladding, roof rack
  • New colors plus the same blue
  • Break-away mirrors are back
  • Woodgrain trim is standard, 
  • Sunshade in the center of the windshield behind the rear view mirror
  • Outback 2000 dashboard
    2000 Outback Limited dashboard. 
    Note the cup on the right, the gear indicator between the tachometer and speedometer (auto. trans only), the gated shifter ...


    • Larger outside mirrors
    • 3 rear seat shoulder belts with headrests.
    • 3 rear seat headrests
    • Rear window glass lower for improved small child visibility
    • Front seat belts now have electrical pre-tensioners and force limiters
    • Optional integrated rear child seat (replaces middle headrest)
    • Child seat rear strap tether clips
    • Gated automatic transmission shifter enables you to shift by feel, plus there's a eye level gear indicator in the dashboard. 
    • Strengthened and improved vehicle structure for improved safety and handling
      • Called "Rings of safety", Subaru combines the car's upright pillars (A,B,C, plus D in wagons) 

      • with the cross section frames.
      • Thicker side, roof, and floor rails for improved protection and more solid road feel 
      • Side and roof rail thickness has been increased from .8mm to 
      • Dual front door guard safety beams
      • Single rear door pipe and plate beams
      • Strengthened rear wheel well arch supports
      • Strengthened door latches 
      • Strengthened radiator support cross frame, center drivetrain tunnel and front floorpan toeboard.
    • Oil : 1st oil change 3months/3,000 miles. 
    • 3,750 oil change interval or 7,500 interval under easy drving conditions
    • 7,500 miles: rotate tires
    • 15,000 miles: replace filters check hoses, belts, brakes etc
    • 30,000-60-90,000 miles: 15,000 service plus replace spark plugs, all fluids etc
    • 105,000 miles: timing belt
    The SSV Outback has been discontinued after only one production year.
    2000 PRICES

    Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices including destination ($495), plus any optional equipment, tax, and license fees.

    all prices correct to the best of my knowledge and subject to change and correction without notice
    2000 Outback prices
    Manual transmission
    Automatic transmission
    Legacy Outback
    Legacy Outback with Integrated child seat 
    Legacy Outback with Cold Weather Package YBU
    Legacy Outback with Cold Weather Package
    with Integrated rear child seat
    Legacy Outback Limited Wagon YBY
    Legacy Outback Limited Sedan
    Specifications,  2000 Outback, all models
  • Engine: Phase II, 2.5L  SOHC 4 cylinder boxer
  • Horsepower: 165 hp at 5600 rpm, 
    Torgue: 166 ft. lbs at 4000 rpm 
    Fuel system: multi-port sequential fuel injection with distributorless electronic ignition
    California Low Emission Vehicle (LEV), all 2000 models
  • Fuel economy city/highway: 
  • Manual transmission: 21/27
    Automatic transmission: 22/27
    Fuel tank capacity: 16.9 U.S. gallons
    regular unleaded gas, low fuel warning light 
  • Emissions: All 2000 Legacys are 'LEV' Low Emission Vehicles that meet California standards. Drive a clean car!

  • Brakes: 4 channel Anti-lock - Heavy duty, dual caliper piston 10.7" front disk, 11.3" rear disc.

  • Steering: engine speed controlled variable assist rack and pinion

  • Wheels and tires : 16" alloy with 225/60R-16 Firestone Wilderness mud and snow tires

  • Dimensions wagon/sedan: 
  • Ground clearance: 7.3"
    Wheelbase: 104.3"
    Overall length: wagon 187.4", sedan 184.4"
    Overall width, all models: 68.7 (78.2. including mirrors), 
    Overall height: wagon 62.2" with roof rails, 63.3 with roof rails and crossmembers 
    sedan 58.3"
    Turning radius: 36.7 ft 
    Angle of approach: wagon: 18.3 degrees, Angle of Departure: 21.0 degrees, Ramp Breakover angle:  17.3 degrees
    Angle of approach: sedan: 18.3 degrees, Angle of Departure: 22.9 degrees, Ramp Breakover angle:  17.3 degrees
  • Curb weight: plus options 
  • Outback: 3415 manual, 3480 auto
    Outback Limited: 3,500 manual, 3,565 auto
    Outback Sedan: 3,485
  • Suspension: heavy duty raised, with front and rear stabilizer bars.
    • Front: MacPherson struts
      Rear: single upper, dual lower links with coil spring and shock absorbers
  • Towing: 2000 pounds

  • Safety:
  • Crumple zones front and rear, drop down motor design.
    Rear seat shoulder harnesses with 3 headrests (except with optional child seat)
    Double front door beams, rear door beam 
    Height adj. front seatbelts with electrical pre-tensioners, force limiters
    Dual airbags (plus front side airbags on Limited model only)
    Standard 2000 Outback features
    All models: Outback Wagon, Wagon Limited, Sedan Limited
  • All-wheel-drive 
  • Air conditioning
  • Power driver's seat, 6 way, with adj. lumbar support
  • Power windows 
  • Power door locks 
  • Power mirrors 
  • Keyless entry system 
  • Cruise control 
  • 4 beam projector auto-off headlights 
  • Daytime running lights
  • Fog lights 
  • Driver's seat lumbar support 
  • Roof rack with cross rails
  • AM/FM/Weatherband/Cassette, 4 speakers
  • Rear defroster, with wiper/washer on wagons 
  • Interval front wiper plus low/high speeds
  • Aerodynamic ground effects
  • Cloth interior with 60/40 split fold flat rear seats
  • Rear seat armrest - sedans only 
  • 4 cup holders
  • Tilt steering column
  • Tinted safety glass 
  • Center armrest with storage 
  • Door map pockets
  • Overhead maps lights, dome light
  • Rear cargo light (wagon) 
  • Woodgrain trim
  • Tachometer
  • Cargo 12 volt outlet
  • Rear cargo cover
  • Rear cargo tray, rubber
  • Rear bumper pad
  • Limited Wagon adds:
  • All weather package with heated seats, defrosting outside mirrors, windshield wiper de-icer, viscous limited slip rear axle
  • Side impact airbags, front seats 
  • Dual sunroofs (front pops up, rear retracts)
  • AM/FM/Weatherband/Casstte/CD, 8 speakers with bass, midrange and treble adjustments.
  • In-glass antenna
  • Leather trimmed seating surfaces
  • Leather Steering wheel
  • Leather shift knob
  • UV tinted glass
  • Variable delay front interval wipers
  • Dual illuminated visor mirrors
  • Front door courtest/puddle lights
  • Gold accented alloy wheels
  • Body color door handles and mirrors
  • Outback Sedan Limited (SUS) adds:
  • Automatic transmission is standard
  • All weather package with heated seats, larger defrosting outside mirrors, windshield wiper de-icer, viscous limited slip rear axle
  • Front seat side impact airbags
  • Sunroof with sunshade: tilts up and retracts
  • AM/FM/Weatherband/Casstte/CD, 6 speakers with bass, midrange and treble adjustments.
  • In-glass antenna
  • Leather trimmed seating surfaces
  • Leather Steering wheel
  • Leather shift knob
  • UV tinted glass
  • Variable delay front interval wipers
  • Dual illuminated visor mirrors
  • Front door courtest/puddle lights
  • Gold accented alloy wheels
  • Body color door handles and mirrors

    Options for the 2000 Outback
  • Automatic transmission $800 (std on Sedan)
  • All Weather Package: heated front seats,  defrosting outside mirrors,  windshield wiper de-icer, viscous limited slip rear axle $500. (standard on Limiteds)
  • Integrated built-in child seat $200. (not avail on Limited)
  • Security Upgrade: $185
  • Rear Gate Bar: $65
  • Trailer Hitch:$289
  • Engine Block heater: $60
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass (late introduction, cannot be added onto early production vehicles) $183. 
  • Battery Warmer: $47
  • Rear Dust deflector: $100
  • Woodgrained door switch panel $100.
  • Dog guard $160
  • Illuminated vainty mirrors ( std on Limiteds, cannot be added onto pre 6/99 vehicles) $122
  • Trailer hitch $289.
  • Rear window dust deflector $100
  • Cargo net $40
  • Rear spoiler (Limited sedan) $325.
  • Front stone/bug guard
  • Stereo Options
  • CD player  $350. (std on Limited)
  • 6 disc in-dash CD changer $510
  • Upgraded speakers $195 (std on Limited)
  • Tweeters $100 (std on Limited)
  • Subwoofer/amplifier $260

  • Premium Sound Package 1B (std on Limited): Single in-dash CD player, tweeters, upgraded speakers, subwoofer. Price $695 after $210 package discount 

  • Premium Sound Package 2 (std on Limited): 6 disc in-dash CD changer, tweeters, upgraded speakers, subwoofer. Price $795 after $270 package discount 

  • Premium Sound Package 3 (Limited only): 6 disc in-dask CD changer, subwoofer/amplifier: Price $635 after $135 package discount. 
  • 2000 subaru outback, winestone, side view
    Winestone 2000 Outback Limited

    2000  Legacy Outback
    Black Granite Pearl, Titanium Pearl lower accent Winestone Pearl,
    Titanium Pearl lower accent
    Timberline Green Pearl,
    Titanium Pearl lower accent
    Deep Sapphire Pearl,
    Titanium Pearl lower accent
    Wintergreen Metallic,
    Titanium Pearl lower accent
    White Birch, 
    Titanium Pearl lower accent
    beige cloth
    beige cloth
    gray cloth
    beige cloth
    gray cloth
    Outback Limited Wagon
    gray leather
    beige leather
    beige leather
    beige leather
    Outback Limited Sedan
    gray leather
    gray leather
    gray leather
    gray leather
    end 2000 outback

    Using the Subaru keyless entry with optional alarm

    Subaru remote keyless entry and alarm1. Locking. Push the large button. This locks all the doors and will set the alarm (if equipped and in setable mode)
    2. Unlocking. Push the small button once to unlock the driver's door and disarm alarm, if set. Push the small button a second time to unlock all the doors.
    3. Honking horn? The horn honks once for lock and twice for unlock. This is optional. To turn it off or to turn it on unlock all the doors and hold *both* buttons down ubntil the horn honks. The horn will always honk 3 times if a door is not fully closed and you want to lock it.
    5. Alarm.

  • Valet mode or alarm off: alarm light (red dot center dashboard dispay) rapidly flashing 3 times means the alarm is in "Valet"mode and is not setable. The light will stop flashing when you start the car.
  • Arming the alarm: to make an alarm in valet model arm-able, unlock all the doors and hold the small button down on the remote until the light stops flashing. Now when you lock the doors the alarm will be set and the light will flash on and off, on and off.

  • 6. Alarm goes off? Push the small button on the remote or if you don't have the remote put the key in the ignition and turn it on and off three times.

    Ordering a car, a brief note on availability and ordering:...

    "Dealer trade" or "locate". These mean a dealer will attempt to find a vehicle in another dealer's inventory and then trade with that dealer. The vehicle will usually be driven from the other location and will have appropriate miles. This can take place within days if a vehicle is already in stock someplace.
    Pre-sell: You wait for a vehicle the dealer already has ordered and is expecting to be delivered into their own stock.
    Order: If a vehicle is freshly ordered, Subaru will give an expected delivery date but this is not an exact. Usually a vehicle arrives at a dealer within 5-8 weeks, but delays can happen at any point along the assembly and shipping process, so be patient. The dealer wants you to get your car as quickly as you want to get it!

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    Thank You, and Happy Car Shopping. Joe