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Insitute For Highway Safety crash tests

1999 Outback SSV, Special Service Vehicle
Outback SSV. Made for one year only. See the 1999 section for all the info on this public safety model

Legacy Outback Archives 1995-1997

options, prices, specs for the Legacy Outback
Outback history - 1997 - 1996 - 1995 - comparisons

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Outback (1997 Mica Ruby)
Mica Ruby Outback

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Outback front end
note the Hood Scoop on 97-99 models
About the Legacy Outback...

For the history of Subaru please visit my homepage.

The Legacy Outback is a car based alternative to the traditional truck-based sport utility vehicle (SUV).

With 7.3" of ground clearance the Outback is a high riding, "rugged road" vehicle with excellent emergency handling and traction and the safer, more comfortable ride of a car.

The competition for the Legacy Outback are the truck based SUVs: Explorer, Grand Cherokee, 4xRunner, S-10 Blazer, Pathfinder, Rodeo/Passport...

The Outback's all-wheel-drive system is full time and instantly reacts to changing road conditions. On dry, wet, dirt, or snowy roads this means superior traction at all speeds, so whether merging on the freeway or pulling across a street intersection, in a Subaru you know you'll always have maximum traction. And it really is fun to drive in the snow.
The beauty of all-wheel-drive by Subaru of Canada explains it well.

Subaru's all-wheel-drive is more efficient than the 4x4 system used in Sport Utilities (Explorer, 4Runner, Blazer etc) which is only for slick roads and must be activated manually when needed.

Outback History

Outbacks? There are 2 Outbacks.
Legacy Outback on this page.
Outback Sport is a version of Subaru's Impreza line.

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Me sitting in the back of a 98 Legacy Outback. There's a lot of room!

That's me in the back of an Outback and there's lots of room.

There's almost 44" from the back of the rear seats to the gate.
There's 67" of flat cargo length with the rear seats folded down.

Enough for the dog... and more.... like camping....  and that's why Subaru is the #1 selling wagon in the U. S.. 

1997 Limited OBs- White, Rio Red,  Sydney Blue, Black
1997 Limited Outbacks: from the right- white. rio red, sidney blue, black
1997 Legacy Outback

New for 1997 Legacy Outback:
New model for 1997: The Outback Limited with leather, weatherband stereo with electric antenna, special Limited badging, special colors. Includes the Cold Weather package (heated seats, mirrors, block heater).

New: 2.5 L now has 165 hp on regular unleaded gas instead of 1996's 155 hp on premium fuel.
New: Manual trans now comes with the 2.5L, but no hill holder clutch is available anymore!
New: hood scoop standard on all models.
New: colors.

  • All-wheel drive is standard on every Subaru
  • Engine: 2.5 liter DOHC fuel injected 4 cylinder 16 Valve boxer engine , 165 horsepower, 162 Ft lbs torque
  • Ground clearance: 7.3 
  • Towing capacity:  - 2000# towing capacity 
  • Power steering -variable assist rack and pinion 
  • Wheels/tires: M&S 205 / 75R 15 Michelin tires, 15" alloy wheels, 5 spoke 
  • Brakes: 4 channel Anti-Lock Brakes. Heavy duty 10.7 vented front disc with dual caliper pistons, 10.5" rear disk.

  • Overall Length:185.8"
  • Width: 67" 
  • Height: 63"

  • Turning radius - 37 ft 

    Cubic foot capacity all Legacy wagons
    Outback: rear seat up: 36.5 
    Outback rear seat down: 69.9 
    L, Brighton, GT: Rear seat up: 36.1 
    L, Brighton: rear seat down 69.6 
    GT wagon rear seat down: 68.6 (sunroof)

  • manual transmission (no hill holder clutch available) 21 city - 27 hgwy 
  • automatic trans 21 city - 26 hgwy

  • 15.9 gal. fuel tank
  • reinforced doors, roof, steering column, 
  • front / rear crumple zones, 
  • 5 mph bumpers, 
  • rear seat headrests 
  • Child-proof door locks 
  • Limp Home" electronic engine management system. 

  • Dual front air-bags.
    incl. $495 delivery, plus tax/license fees
    1997 Outback


    1997 Outback Limited

    $24,690 (uncommon model)

    1997 Outback Feature
    1997 Outback
    1997 Outback Limited
    Power windows, locks, mirrors
    Air conditioning 
    Cruise control
    Tilt steering wheel
    Dual front cup holders
    Height adj. driver's seat
    Hieght adj. fronm shoulder belts
    Interval front wipers
    Rear wiper/washer/defroster
    Mud flaps
    Floor mats
    Roof rack
    Fog lights
    Rear bumper scuff protector
    Rear cargo mat
    Passenger visor vanity mirror
    map lights, dome light, rear cargo light
    1997 Outback feature
    1997 Outback
    1997 Outback Limited
    Outback Limited special gold badging, stripes
    Cold weather package: heated front seats, defrosting outside mirrors, engine block heater $400.
    Leather interior: seat surfaces, door panels, shift lever, steering wheel
    (seating surfaces and door trim only!)
    4 speakers
    4 speakers, with weatherband receiver and electric antenna
    Tweeters $100
    CD player, in dash single disc $400
    CD Changer 6 disc under-seat $695
    Keyless entry (made by Code Alarm) $225
    Dual Illuminated visor vanity mirrors $125
    Rear spoiler, trailer hitch, rear dust deflector, front bug guard, 
    1997 Legacy Outback colors
    with Slate Metallic lower accent
    Grey cloth interior
    Outback Limited 
    with Slate Metallic lower accent
    Grey leather interior
    Deep Sapphire Pearl (blue)
    Sidney Blue Pearl
    Mica Ruby
    Rio Red
    Spruce Pearl (green)
    Mica Black Pearl
    Glacier white
    Glacier White

    All new for 1996: First year for the Outback as a separate model really distinct from the L model.

    New for the 1996 model was the front Outback bumper with larger integrated fog lights, raised suspension with 7.3" ground clearance, bubbled roof, larger front disc brakes, the new for 1996 2.5L engine, new Outback seat material, height adjustable driver's seat, cold weather package etc..

    1996 Outback Specifications and options

    see 1997 specifications for all other information.

    Warranty: transferable 3 yr/36,000 miles bumper-to-bumper, 5 yr/60,000 Powertrain
    Manual transmission: $22,490 including destination/delivery
    Automatic transmission: $23,290 incl. destination/delivery
    Manual transmission
    2.2 liter, 135 hp, sequential multi-port fuel injected, single overhead cam  boxer engine with Hill-holder clutch 
    economy: 23 city, 30 highway regular unleaded fuel recommended 
    15.9 gal. fuel tank 
    30,000 mile tune up spark plug change interval, 60,000 timing belt replacement 
    Automatic transmission:
    2.5 Liter 155 hp, dual overhead cam, sequential multi-port fuel injected engine (new for 1996) 
    economy: 21 city, 26 highway, Premium unleaded fuel recommended
    15.9 gal fuel tank 
    Towing capacity - 2000# 
    30,000 mile tune up 
    60,000 timing belt replacement and  spark plug change interval 
    Standard features:
    all-wheel-drive with 7.3 ground clearance 
    Power rack and pinion steering, variable assist
    Power windows, locks, mirrors 
    Cruise control 
    Air conditioning 
    Fog lights with stone guards (new for 1996) 
    Auto off headlights 
    Alloy wheels, 5 spoke 15" 
    Brakes: anti-lock brakes, 4 channel  with 4 wheel discs: 10.7" vented front with dual caliper pistons, 10.5 solid rear 

    Overall Length:185.8"
    Width: 67" 
    Height: 63"
    Turning radius - 37 ft

    Dual airbags, anti-lock brakes, front and rear crumple zone, door beams, re-inforced roof and steering column pillar

    More Standard features 1996 Outback:
    Bubbled roof (raised roof line) new for 1996 
    am/fm/cassette with 4 speakers, 80 watts 
    cup holder (2 in front) 
    front interval wiper 
    rear wiper, washer, defroster 
    tilt wheel 
    tinted glass
    roof rack 
    mud flaps 
    floor mats 
    chromed tailpipe tip 
    height adj. driver's seat with lumbar
    height adj. front shoulder harness 
    front headrests (no rear headrests in '96) 
    rear bumper cover
    rear cargo mat 
    cargo area cover 
    cargo area acc. plug 
    cargo light
    front acc. plug (ashtray/lighter was optional)
    storage bin above spare tire
    Options for 1996 Outback
    Tweeters (2 for $100) 
    Single CD in slot beneath stereo ($420) 
    CD Changer under front pass. seat ($595?) 
    Keyless entry -unlocks all doors at once ($225) no alarm was available 
    Ashtray and lighter ($80)
    Cold weather package ($400) heated seats, mirrors, engine block heater 
    lluminated visor mirrors ($100) 
    Dual overhead map lights ($100) 
    Rear spoiler - color matched to body ($290) 
    Leather interior ($1295)
    1996 Outback Colors
    All with lower grey accent and grey cloth 
    Mica Ruby (medium red) 
    Glacier White 
    Deep Saphire (dark blue) 
    Spruce Pearl (dark green) 
    There was no Limited model in 1996.
    There was no factory sunroof in 1996.
    end 1996 Outback

    start 1995 Outback

    front corner of 1995 green Outback showing fog lights The front of the 1995 Outback Notice the projector beam fog lights, 2 tone paint, and normal ground clearance.

    New model for 1995. The all new Outback was an 'Active Safety Group'  all wheel drive Legacy L wagon with the 2.2 liter engine,
    2 tone with gray lower accent trim
    15" alloy wheels
    upgraded woven cloth (like the 1996 Outback)
    projector beam fog lights
    height adjustable driver's seat
    roof rack
    floor mats
    mud flaps

    It had the standard L model suspension with normal ground clearance. It did not have the bubbled roof, larger 2.5L engine, raised suspension with ground clearance  etc. That all came in 1996.
    Visit Legacy Archive Page for more detailed information on the Legacy that became the 1995 Outback.

    1996-1999 Model SUV and 4wd Comparisons including Subaru Outback and Forester

    1998 Outback
    Engine Overall length x width x height 
    in inches
    Ground Clearance 
    in inches
    cargo capacity in cubic feet 
    rear seat up/down
    Turning Radius 
    in feet
    Subaru Legacy Outback wagon
    2.5-L 4 cyl 
    165 hp 
    185.8 x 67.5 x 63. 7.3 36.5/69.9 37.ft
    Isuzu Rodeo 4wd 3.2 V-6 205 hp 184.1 x 70.4 x 68.8 7.1 
    or more depending on tire size
    33.0/81.1 40ft
    Ford Explorer 4.0 V-6 160 hp or 
    4.0 V-6 215 hp or 
    5.0 V-8 215 hp
    188.5 x 70.2 x 67.7 6.7 42.6/81.6 40.ft
    Chevy Blazer  4.3 V-6 190 hp 183.3 x 67.8 x 64.2 7.5 37.3/74.1 50 ft
    Toyota 4Runner 2.7 4 cyl 150 hp or 3.4 V-6 183 hp 178.7 x 66.5 x 69.3 9.8 44.6/79.7 39 ft
    Nissan Pathfinder 3.3 V-6 168 hp 188.5 x 70.2 x 67.7 7.2 42.6/81.6 40 ft
    Jeep Cherokee 4dr 4wd 2.5 4 cyl 125 hp or 4.0 I-6 190 hp 167.5 x 69.4 x 64.0 8.1 32.9/69.0 38 ft
    Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 I-6 185 hp or 5.2 V-8 220 hp or 5.9 V-8 245 hp 177.2 x 70.7 x 64.9 8.3 40.9/79.3 39 ft
    Mercedes Benz ML320 3.2 V-6 215 hp 180.6 x 72.2 x 69.9 8.4 44.7/85.4 na
    Lexus RX300 3.0 V-6 220 hp 180.1 x 71.5 x 65.7 7.7 39.8/75.2 na
    1998 Forester comparison
    Engine overall length x width x height
    in inches
    Ground Clearance
    in inches
    cargo capacity in cubic feet
    rear seat up/down
    Turning Radius
    in feet
    Subaru Forester 2.5 4 cyl 
    165 hp 
    MPG- auto trans: 21-26
    175.2 x 68.3 x 65.0 7.5 33.2/64.6 38.3 ft
    Toyota Rav-4 
    4 door, 4 wd
    2.0 4 cyl 127 hp 163.8 x 66.7 x 65.2 7.5 26.8/57.9 38 ft
    Suzuki Sidekick 
    4 door 4wd
    1.6 4 cyl 95 hp or
    1.8 4 cyl 120 hp
    158.7 x 64.4 x 66.5 7.5 21.0/45.0 35 ft
    Kia Sportage 4dr 4wd 2.0 4 cyl 130 hp 170.3 x 68.1 x 65.0 7.9 25.8/55.4 na
    Honda CRV 2.0 4 cyl 126 hp 177.6 x 68.9 x 65.9 8.1 29.6/67.2 na
    Jeep Wrangler 2.5 4 cyl 120 hp or 
    4.0 I-6 181 hp
    153. x 66.7 x 71.1 8.5 11.5/38.9 39 ft

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