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2006 Dimensions
For complete specs please visit the appropriate model's page
all information subject to change and correction
length/wheelbase (inch)
ground clearance
head room front
leg room front/rear
cargo capacity, cubic foot (cf) volume

173.4/99.4  (exc STi)
STI: 173.8/100
2.5i: 5.9"
Outback Sport: 6.3"
WRX 6.1"
Wagons 39.7
Sedans:  38.6"
Wagons: 42.9/33.7
Sedans: 42.9"/33.7"
2.5i sedan 56.7"
2.5i wagon 58.5"
Outback Sport 58.9"
WRX sedan 56.7"
WRX wagon 58.5"
STI 56.3"
wagon: seats flats 61.6cf, seats up 27.9
sedan 11.cf
Forester 176.6/ 99.4 X, Prm, LL Bean 8.1"
XT 7.9"
with moonroof 39.1"
43.6"/33.7" including roof rack cross bars: 65.0" seats flat 68.6cf, seats up 30.7, with moonroof 64.5cf,28.9cf
Legacy sedan  & wagon
sedan 185.0 /105.1"
wagon 188.7/105.1
2.5i, GT: 5.9"
specB, 3.0R 6.3"
sedan: 39.5"
with moonroof: 37.6"
wagon: 40.5", 
with moonroof: 39.1"
sedan, wagon: 44.1/33.1 sedan 2.5i 56.1", 
specB, 3.0R 56.5
wagon 58.1"
sedan trunk 11.4cf
Outback wagon & sedan wagon 189.0/105.1
sedan 186.2/105.1
2.5i, Limited, 3.0R: 8.4"
XT: 8.7"
40.5", with moonroof: 38.7" Wagon, sedan 44.1/33.9 wagon 63.2" including roof rack, cross bars wagon: seat down 65.4cf
seat up 33.5cf
Tribeca 191.5/108.2 8.4" front row 38.9"
middle row 38.2"
third row 36.2"
front 42.3
middle 34.3
rear 30.9
67,7" including optional  cross bars 74.4cf with 2nd and 3rd row flat
Baja, all years
(discontinued 2006)
193.3/104.3 7.3" 38.3" 43.3"/37.3" 65.1" inc roof rack cross bars 17.7cf bed capacity



ae you confused by the models? here is a brief side-by-side comparison

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What is a Legacy?
A Legacy is a platform and they make 2 car lines on this platform: the Legacy and the Outback. 

There are various models or each. 

This can be a bit confusing and hopefully this chart will help define the features on the various models so you can pick the one that suits you the best.

CONVENIENCE: all models have
power windows
power locks
power mirrors
air conditioning
CD stereo
alloy wheels
trip computer
roof rack rails, (exc sedans)
Keyless entry with alarm
Rear wiper/defroster (wgn)
Floor mats
Variable delay front wipers
Rear wipers
Vanity mirrrors, dual
4 cupholders
Center console power outlet
Courtesy lights (glove box, door, console etc)
SAFETY: all models have
all wheel drive
Airbags: full dual front
Airbags: dual front side 
Airbags: front and rear Side Curtain
Daytime running lights (drl)
Anti-lock brakes, 4 wheel, 4 disc, 4 channel
Re-inforced doors and roof
Crumple zones
5 headrests
5 shoulder and lap seatbelts
Child LATCH seat system
Active headrests
Safety brake pedals
a few of the reasons to choose one model over another
Legacy 2.5i 
body: wagon or sedan
models: 2.5i, 2.5i Limited

Practical car with excellent fuel economy and many standard safety features. Just check out all the airbags, dual exhaust, fog lights etc.
Lots of standard features included at a price that is competitive and a solid value compared to other cars and SUVs that add for all the extras and safety upgrades.

The SE package adds sunroof and power driver's seat
Note: the 2.5i SE is the only model available (2.5i only available to rental fleets.)

Legacy GT
body: wagon or sedan

models: GT, GT Limited, Limited spec.B (sedan only)

The sport model with larger vented front and even vented rear disc brakes, quick ratio steering, steering wheel shift buttons, 17" alloy wheels with low profile tires, sport design seats, electro luminescent guages! 
A clean look with areodynamic side ground effects.
Fast with tight handling that does double duty- handles like a sports car and carries people or stuff in the back. 

The spec.B: only 500 produced, with Bilstein suspension, navigation, 18" alloys, custom brick leather interior and more

Outback 2.5i
body wagon, sedan 
wagon: 2.5i, 2.5i SE, 2.5i Limited
sedan 2.5i Limited 

Practical and fills many roles: an alternative to the SUV with 8.4" clearance and very rugged road capable independent suspension. Higher seating position, does almost everything SUV does but with better economy and safety features and emergency handling! Outbacks are not at all tippy like most SUVs

SE adds navigation, climate control CD changer etc. Available 12/05

Limited adds leather, sunroof, cd changer, climate control...

Outback XT
body: wagon
models: XT, XT Limited

The performance Outback, like the Legacy GT but not quite the same handling because this is still an Outback with 8.7" ground clearance.
Sport design seats, steering wheel shift buttons, 17" alloys. Power and horespower in a wagon that competes very well against high priced sport SUVs!

Outback LLBean
body: wagon or sedan

Luxury with a 250 horsepower 6cylinder. Smooth ride, nice high Outback seating position, dual power seats etc, VTD all wheel drive system, LLBean perforated leather interior, wood and leather steering wheel with audio controls built in, 17" special gray finsh alloys, tire pressure monitoring system (and only a few subtle LLBean logos).
The 6cylinder is quiet and smooth, the LL Bean is more refined than the Outback 2.5i

Outback 3.0R VDC
body: wagon

The top of the line! 250hp 6 cylinder. Fully equipped. Upgraded VDC all wheel drive traction control system, wood and leather steering wheel with audio controls, upgraded 7 speaker MP3 stereo with subwoofer amp, 17" alloys, tire pressure monitoring system, Homelink, Navigation


Pricing Note: California Specification  4cylinder Legacy and Outback 2.5i, SE models are slightly higher so please check the specific model page.
For all prices/costs see the model page.
Prices don't include extra options

subject to change, correction
model name
Legacy 2.5i SE
Legacy GT 
Outback 2.5i, SE, Limited wagon, Limited sedan
Outback XT 
Outback LLBean wagon
Outback 3.0R VDC
Outback LL Bean sedan
List MSRP prices
SE 5spd $23,820
SE auto: $24,820
Limited auto $27,120

SE 5spd $22,620
SE auto $23,630
Limited auto $25,920

Limited auto $31,820

Limited 5ps $29,420 
Limited Auto $30,620
spec.B $34,620

5spd $25,420
Auto $26,420
SE auto $27,920
Limited 5spd $28,220
Auto $29,220

sedan auto $28,020

5spd $29,220 auto $30,420
Limited 5spd $31,620
auto $32,820
engine 2.5L 4cyl, 175hp 2.5L 4cyl 250hp turbo 2.5L 4cyl 175hp 2.5L 4cyl 250hp turbo
3.0L H6cylinder, 250hp
transmission 5spd manual
opt: 4spd auto
5spd HD manual
opt: 5spd auto
5spd manual
opt: 5spd auto
5spd HD manual
opt: 5spd auto
5spd Automatic
Economy MPG
tank size 16.9 USG
low fuel light on at app  2.5 gals left
MPG : manual 23/30
auto 22/30
fuel: regular
MPG: all 19/25
fuel: premium required
MPG: manual 23/28
Auto 22/28
fuel: regular
MPG: manual 19/25
Auto 19/24
fuel: premium required
MPG: 19/25
fuel: premium recommended
dimensions all seat 5 people
Overall Length: wagons 188.7", sedans 186.2"
Wheelbase (all): 105.1"
Width: Legacy (all) 68.1", Outback (all) 69.7" due to body cladding
Height: Legacy 2.5i/GT wagons (inc roof rails) 58.1"; Legacy 2.5i/GT sedans 56.1"; Outback wagons (all) 63.2" (incl roof rack & cross bars); Outback Sedan 59.1"
Headroom: all wagons 40.5", all wagons with sunroof 38.7", all sedans 39.5", all sedans with sunroof 37.5" 
Turning circle: all 35.4ft
model reminder
Legacy 2.5i SE
Legacy GT
Outback 2,5i, SE, Limited wagon,
Limited sedan
Outback XT
Outback LL Bean wagon
Outback 3.0R VDC
Outback LL Bean sedan
Body trim, the look of the car...
aerodynamic side ground effects, all one color
(a sleek clean look)
Lower body cladding with enlarged front and rear fenders, 2tone with some colors.
(cladding, fenders make the car look larger, more rugged, and they're a decent ding protector as well)
ground clearance
Limited model adds leather, sunroof, CD changer, dual zone climate control, power driver's seat, larger  front disc brakes, fog lights leather, sunroof, dual zone climate control, power seats leather, sunroof, dual zone climate control, CD changer, body colored door handles and mirrors,
leather, sunroof
it is all standard
it is all standard
it is all standard
Power seats 2.5i: manual height adjustment driver seat.
SE, Limited adds power driver seat
manual height adjustment driver seat.
Limited adds 8way power driver and 4way passenger 
S: 8way driver
S: 8 way driver and on Limited 4way passenger 
S: 8way driver and 4way passenger
S: 8way driver and 4way passenger
S: 8way driver and 4way passenger
Fog lights
Turn signals in the outside mirrors
All Weather pkg:
heated front seats, heated outside mirrors, WS wiper blade de-icer, Limited Slip rear axle
Limited only but
does not have Limited slip rear axle
S, incl immobilizer key
S, incl immobilizer key
S, incl immobilizer key
S, incl immobilzer key
S, incl immobilzer key
S, incl immobilzer key
Tire pressure monitoring
2005 model name
Legacy 2.5i, SE
Legacy GT
Outback 2.5i, SE, Limited
Outback XT
Outback LLBean
Outback VDC
Outback 3.0R sedan

the end