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2004 silver subaru outback with 2 kayaks on the roof racks
2004 silver Outback with 2 kayaks on the roof racks
]new for 04 Outback tailgate logo
new 04 rear logo .. chromed replaces 00-03 yellow
noew for 04 outback logo on the side
04 new side logo, chrome look replaced gold colored
new for 04 wheel
new for 04 Limited wheel
new for 04 woodtrim red-ish color
new Red Burl colored wood trim
new for 04 mud flap with black lettering
new for 04 all black splash guard (mud flap)
04 H^ wagon 35th anniversay logo by left front tire
Outback H6 and Legacy L 35th Anniversary decal logo by the left front tire

close-up of the new Onyx Metallic lower accent 
available on the 04 Black LL bean only
new Onyx lower accent on 04 Black LL Bean
new for 04 Onyx Metallic (medium gray) lower accent is on the black 04 LL Bean 
Available on the 04 Black LL Bean only 

close-up of the new Moonlight Metallic lower accent on the LLBean (note logo on rear, new for 04)
04 white LL bean with new lower accent color
new for 04 Moonlight Metallic lower accent on a white LL Bean wagon 
white sedan in background
new for 04 VDC sedan with Moonlight Metallic lower accent
2004 white VDC with the new Moonlight Metallic lower accent color


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