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Know someone in the market for a car?
Receive a $50 gift certificate for 
"Dinner on Me".
It's as easy as that. 

Have you seen my web pages but you're not looking for a car?
Maybe you know someone else who is?

Read what my customers say about me

email: Joe Spitz, call (206) 769-7821
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Joe Spitz
Carter Subaru, 175/Aurora Ave. N, Seattle

 how it works...
please read..

Tell whoever is looking for a new or used Subaru (or other used car) to contact Joe Spitz and when they buy from me I will personally send you a "Thank you" gift certificate for a dinner on the town..

It's as easy as that, and I promise an comfortable car shopping experience.
Read more below...

1. They have to buy from me (Joe Spitz) and tell me who you are so I can send you the check. 

2. One check per customer. I must be told about the referral the same day as the sale, either before or after the sale but it must be the same day. 

3. There are no strings or gimmicks to this. You send me a customer and when they buy from me I send you a check. It's that simple.

NO: You can't refer yourself or your spouse, please don't call days or weeks later asking for a check to be sent to someone and yes the car must be purchased from Joe Spitz.

Please call for appointments or check my work schedule before coming in. 
Thank you, Joe Spitz

Service department is AAA approved and open 6 days a week. 
Our customers are guaranteed a free loaner car.
Buying from Joe Spitz is easy.

Yes, this really is out of my pocket so they must buy from me :)