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subaru 2012 sti, rally blue
new for 2012 and unchanged for 2013- STI 4 door sedan with new alloy wheels (standard 4 door only, not Limited) and headlights with new for 2012 silver inner surround

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redesigned alloy wheel on 2012 sti 4 door sedan
the  STI sedan alloy wheel was new on the 2012 model
close-up of the newe 2012 STI 4 door sedan alloy wheel
close-up of the 2013 and 2013 alloy wheel on STI sedans. It was new on the 12s. STI Limited sedan and the 5 door still gets the BBS
Tangerine orange limited edition 2013 STI 4 door sedan, available spring 2013, black graphics shown
black graphics on the 100 limited edition 2013 tangerine orange Subaru STI sedans, available May 2013. photos c SoA


2013 subaru wrx and sti, tangerine orange color, only 300 sedans, spring 2013
300 total- 100 STI and 200 WRX tangerine orange sedan will be available May 2012. photo c SoA


optional vortex generator, new for 2013 wrx and sti 4 doors
new for 2013- optional vortex generator, available on WRX and STI sedans. It attaches to the roof

2012 STI 5 door, white
5 door, white


spiler on 2012 STI 4 door sedan limited. red
STI Limited. Lightning Red. Limited has the BBS wheels. Lightning Red was dropped and not available on the 2013 WRX and STIs.
Limited Subaru 2012 plasma blue sti 4 door sedan
rear view of 2013 and 2013 STI Limited sedan. Plasma Blue color shown.  Notice the BBS alloys- on Limited only

3/4 view of sti sedan, blue
sti limited sedan, plasma blue. notice the new for 2012 silver headlight surrounds, unchanged on the 2013
side view of subaru sti limited sedan, plasma blue pearl color
limited STI sedan, plasma blue. Limiteds have the BBS alloys

2012 wrx sti 5 door ice silver
2013 and 2012 ice silver 5 door STI
subaru sti 5 door side view 2012
side view, silver Subaru STI 5 door hatchback
rear view subaru wrx sti 5 door
rear view STI hatchback, 2012 and 2013
3/4 rear view ice silver 2012 subaru sti hatchback
STI 5 door hatchback
closeup of sti headlight with silver surround, new for 2012
2013 and 2013 headlights- the silver interior surround was new on the 2012s and replaced black on the 2011s
subaru sti grill, 2012 model shown
front grill of a 2013 and 2013 STI
sti 4 door with new for 2012 headlight
front of a 2013 and 2013 STI- wr blue shown
front view, 2012 Subaru WRX STI, white
white 2013/2012 STI 5 door
rfear spoiler 2012 wrx sti 4 door sedan
tall boy spoiler on the STI sedan- rally blue shown
2012 wrx sti
STI sedsan side view, 2013 and 2012 models
2012 WRX STI Limited 4 door sedan, lightning red
STI Limited 4 door sedan.  Lightning Red was dropped after the 2012 model
Subaru 2012 sti 4 door, red
side view, lightning red STI Limited sedan. This red wasn't available on the 13
front view red 4 door 2012 subaru wrx sti sedan
2012 lightning red STI sedan, front view
rear spoiler, 2012 sti sedan 4 door
2012 lightning red 4door has the tall boy spoiler
3/4 view white sti 5 door, 2012
corner view, white 5 door STI 2013 and 2012

rear view, white 2012 STI 5 door
back of 2012 STI
kicker subwoofer
a 5door with optional Kicker subwoofer and cargo tray.
2012 impreza sti dashboard rev alarm
All STIs have a rev alarm. Shown in this photo set to beep at 4100rpm, with the red dot light on indicating
revs about 4100.  Its easy set/change by tapping the odometer button and cycling through the options

aftermarket Rally Armor mud flaps on a 2013 Subaru STI
aftermarket Rally Armour mud flaps

2012 plasma blue sti sedan, 2012 sti, small

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