Options and Upgrades Photographs on the 2013 and 2012 Subaru WRX and STI

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2011 WRX wagon lightning red optional body side moldings, rear bumper cover, exhaust finishers
Options on this car include body side moldings, rear bumper cover, exhaust tip finishers on a WRX 5 door.  Lightning red color shown, (not available on the 2013).
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Please check back. Most of the 2011, 2012, and 2013 options are the same

optional rear bumper cover available on the 5 door. Ice Silver was a new color for 2012
Footwell light- subtle ambient LED light in footwell
footwell lights- very subtle LED light in footwells. Shown with metal pedals. Standard on STI, optional on WRXs

wrx 5 door plasma blue silica with optional exhuast tip finishers
optional exhaust tip finishers, rear bumper cover on Plasma Blue Silica color 2013 5 door WRX.

 wrx 4 door sedan rear spoiler, optional on base model
rear spoiler, optional on base wrx sedan
10" kicker subwoofer, option in Subaru WRX, STI 5 door hatchbacks
optional 10" Kicker subwoofer. shown with optional cargo net and rear bumper cover
subaru wrx, sti sedan optional roof vortex generator
the optional roof mounted vortex generator, new for 2013 wrx and sti 4 door sedans only
optional vortex generator, new for 2013 wrx and sti 4 doors
new for 2013- optional vortex generator, available on WRX and STI sedans. It attaches to the roof
2012 WRX with navigation
2012 and 2013 WRX with touchscreen navigation gps. This system was new for the 2012 model

optional catback exhaust. 2011 WRX 5 door shown
optional side moldings. silver Premium 4 door

Optional exhaust finishers, catback exhaust on the WRX 5 door Lightning red shown (na on the 2013)

optional catback exhaust on WRX 5 door - see standard exhaust photo on the right.

standard exhaust on 2011, 2012, and 2013  5 door models- see optional catback on left
kicker subwoofer
5door with optional Kicker subwoofer and cargo tray. available on 4 and 5 door. 

aftermarket splash guards
2011 WRX  5door with aftermarket exhaust and red covered tail lights
optional- cross bars with bike attachment on roof, bodyside moldings, and exhaust tip finishers. Also aftermarket red painted taillights and upgraded exhaust (hard to see in this photo)  2011 WRX 5 door shown
2012 wrx sti 4 door trunk cargo tray
optional 4 door trunk cargo tray
wrx sti all weather rubber floor mats, set of 4
optional rubber all weather floor mats helps trap water and dirt, easy to hose off.. Carpeted mats are standard
set of 4 rubber floor mats optional on wrx sti
front all weather floor mats (not shown, the 2 rear that are part of the set)

optional turbo boost guage attachs to the top of the instrument panel
wrx boost guage
close-up of the optional turbo boost gauge