Photographs of the 2008 and 2009 Subaru Tribeca, inside and outside

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2008 Blue Tribeca
2008 Tribeca, newport blue (standard model shown, note no roof rails)

2009 Tribeca Specs Page, 2008 Tribeca Specs Page, 2007 Tribeca Specs

2008 diamond gray Tribeca Limited
2008 Diamond Gray Limited

An unofficial Tribeca research page by Joe Spitz who is solely responsible for all content
This site is not authorized or sponsored by SoA or any dealership

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Door sticker with build information, this one was built 05/07 (upper right)

quartz silver

satin white pearl

2008 and 2009 with new for 2008 tail lights, higher license plate recess 

2008/2009 Tribeca, newport blue (standard model shown, note no roof rails)

Left: 2008/2009, Right 2007
2008 quartz silver Tribeca
2008 and 2009 bquartz silver Tribeca
SE package includes 18 chrome alloy wheels
optional 18" chrome wheel from the 2007 SE package also fits 2008 and 2009
the view through the back-up camera
View through the back-up camera, standard with Navigation. The bike is app 8 feet away. Green lines indicate approximate vehicle width. 
puddle lights under each door
optional puddle lights, under each door

new for 2008: larger rear side window minimizes blind spots.
2008 Tribeca 3.6L engine cover
2008 and 2009 Tribeca 3.6L engine cover

logo on engine cover

new 3.6L engine with engine cover off, showing black composite intake

controls by driver's left knee; Top left: dashboard lights
Middle: mirror selector and adjustment direction joystick
Bottom left: front wiper de-icer button; Bottom right: VDC off (back on at 30mph)

steering wheel stereo controls
rear ac vents on 7 passenger
4 rear ac cold air vents standard on 7 passenger

iPod plug, in center console with 2 power outletss
Gray leather with Memory seats
Gray leather with memory seat (Limited, memory driver's seat only)
Tribeca front seat all the way back
front seat to brake pedal legroom goes from 14.5-23"
depending on seat position, shown at 23"
Tribeca rear seat legroom
rear seat legroom goes from 9-18" legroom depending
on front seat position. Shown at 18" 
(the box under the driver seat is for the navigation system disc)
Subaru Tribeca cargo cover
optional retractable cargo cover, is removable, With optional cargo tray
Subaru Tribeca cargo cover, retractable
optional retractable cargo cover, is removable, with optional cargo net

optional stretch-to-fit vinyl cargo cover hooks on each corner
2008 Limited aero cross bars, optional
2008 and 2009 aero cross bars, optional on Limited models. 
XM Satellite radio
XM satellite radio 'sat' button is on the left. 
(Note the 'load' button left CD slot indicates this is a Limited with CD changer)
Subaru Tribeca standard stereo CD player
Subaru Tribeca standard stereo has single disc CD player
(note the blank button left of the CD slot. If it was a Limited it would be a CD changer with a 'load' button)
Subaru Tribeca XM radio button
satellite radio button is on left
2008 Subaru Tribeca has new rear speakers in the upper rear ceiling
2008 Subaru Tribeca has new rear speakers in the upper rear ceiling. You can also see the small rear light, and the rear ac vents which means this is a 7 passenger
standard heater controls without heated seats
standard dual zone climate control heater controls without heated seats on cloth models (note blank outside left/right buttons). Button above left is front defrost, above right is rear defrost and heated outside mirror button
XM radio display
XM radio display
XM d\raio antenna in upper right windshield
Dealer installed XM and Sirius radio antenna in the upper right windshield 
is much smaller than it looks in this photo. 
Note: factory installed XM gets a roof top fin antenna.

optional back-up sensor beepers
rear bumper cover
optional rear bumper cover
Subaru Tribeca interior courtesy lights when the back doors are open
courtesy lights under the front seats help getting in the back doors.(Limiteds)

courtesy light and back of Navigation CD player under the driver's seat
view from the rear view back-up camera
View from the back-up camera (with Navigation).
The bike is app. 5 feet from the car.

The 2008 and 2009 back-up camera is in upper corner of the license plate recess 
is slightly smaller than the 07.
overhead console with sunglass holder, sunroof control, red light for night mapo reading (by passenger)
Limited model with overhead console with sunglass holder, map lights, sunroof controls, tiny red spot light for night map reading (by passenger)

new for 2008: right side middle passenger slides forward for easy 3rd row access
gray cloth
gray cloth

gray cloth close-up
rear seat adjustment handle
middle seat adjustment (on 7 passenger only)  safety handle to move the middle seat all the way back takes 2 hands, one to lift the black bar, the other pulls the yellow plastic handle right. Gray cloth interior shown

rear seat armes with cupholderst, gray cloth shown

Subaru B9 Tribeca cargo area
B9 Tribeca 7 passenger, all seats up
Subaru B9 Tribeca cargo with seats folded down
3rd row seats down, middle row up

3rd row down, middle row right seat down
Subaru B9 Tribeca middle row
right and center middle row seat down
2006 Subaru Tribeca, gray cloth interior
gray cloth interior
Subaru B9 Tribeca middle row 3 seats each can fold down or recline
middle row right seat down
Subaru B9 Tribeca has many ways to fold the seats down.. this one or that...
many configurations for folding the seats
Subaru B9 Tribeca seats fold flat
middle row down. It could be slid futher forward for more rear row room. 
In the back of the seats are the child seat tethers