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2006 Outback overhead airbag on-off warning light
All models have Advanced Airbags. The front passenger airbag on-off and seatbelt warning lights are in the overhead console
2007 Subaru Legacy spec.B, only 3000 produced
2007 GT spec.B. 1/ 3000 made, all are Diamond Gray. Shown with optional rear spoiler
2006 Legacy 2.5i SE wagon, atlantic blue
Legacy 2.5i SE Special Edition wagon

the GT model has a hood scoop for the intercooler

Diamond Gray GT sedan
2007 spec.B  has special charcoal leather with dusk blue alcantara insets
2007 GT spec.B  has charcoal leather with dusk blue alcantara insets, and memory driver seat 

2.5i gray cloth interior with manual seat height adjustment
2007 GT with perforated gray leather
 Legacy GT and Outback XT sport buckets in gray perforated leather
Outback and Legacy Perforated leather
Outback XT and Legacy GT perforated leather


2007 spec.B logo
2007 spec.B logo on right rear

Legacy GT logo
2007 GT logo on right rear

2007  Legacy console with Navigation
2007 console with Navigation
VDC off switch
switches by driver's left knee
top from left: dashboard light rheostat, mirror selector, (right is nothing)
bottom from left: heated front wiper de-icer, (center is nothing), VDC off switch (spec.B )

GT and spec.B console with heated seats controls on lower left, SI Drive knob at top

2007 GT spec.B seatsLegacy 2.5i Limited heated seat controls
Left: new position for 07 heated seat controls on GT, spec.B, Outback XT
right: heated seat controls on Legacy Limited  (cupholder shown) 

2007 Legacy GT spec.B center console
2007 GT spec.B center console with SI Drive knob and Navigation
notice the 07 spec.B has charcoal leather with blue insets

2007 Legacy GT spec.B SI Drive knob
2007 SI Drive knob on Outback XT, Legacy GT and spec.B 

Subaru silver trim
silver trim
2007 Subaru interior wood trim
wood trim on 07 Limiteds is slightly darker and shinier for 2007
2007 Limited have wood trim


2007 Subaru Legacy GT instrument dashboard panel display
2007 Legacy GT and Outback XT instrument panel display has electro lumescent guages. Shown with transmission in 'manual mode' and in 1st gear indicated by the '1' in the center.
2007 Legacy 2.5i instrument panel
2007 Legacy 2.5i instrument panel. Shown with transmission in 'manual mode' and in 1st gear (the red '1'), and with driver's door open. The green light in the upper left is the headlight indicator. When the headlights are off, the DRL light is on (daytime running light)

2.5i center display includes clock ('set' buttons), Trip Computer ('disp') with Instant and Average Fuel Economy, Outside Temperature and Elapsed Time
Subaru GT center info disply
new for 2007 GT center display has clock only, the info display is moved to instrument panel

new on 2007 GT: info display is in the center of the tachometer (left instrument panel). Cycles through Instant and Average Fuel Economy, Outside Temperature and Elapsed Time. Also includes open door light. Shown with ET elapsed time, outside temp, and the [ I ] is SI 'Intellegent' mode.

2007 Legacy GT economy guage
2007 Legacy GT has a new for 07 economy guage in the speedometer

new for 2007 auxiliary stereo plug is in the center console by the power outlet
Subaru Legacy , Outback optional armrest
optional pop-up armrest down (taupe interior)
Subaru Legacy, Outback seatback and side cargo nets
rear cargo area showing seatback and side cargo nets

GT turbo motor with intercooler in the middle (toward back)
new auto dimming mirror with compass and Homelink
auto dimming mirror with compass and Homelink, also available without Homelink

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