these are photos of the upgrades and optional features on the 2012 Subaru Impreza
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subaru 2012 impreza 2.0i sport 5 door
5 door with rear spoiler, aero splash guards, side moldings, rain drip moldings, strake kit

2012 Impreza 5 door hatchback roof rack carrier base kit
2.0i 5 door with optional roof carrier base kit

exterior options on 2012 impreza sport 5 door wagon


A- strake kit, available on Sport model only
B- aero splash guards, front, available on Sport model only
C- body side moldings, available on all models
D- front underspoiler, available on all models
E- mesh grill with body colored frame, available on all models
F- front hood protector, available on all models
G- sunshade, available on all models
H- side window visor, drip moldings (dealer installed only)
I- aero cross bars, available on Sport model only
J- rear spoiler, available on all 5 door models

2012 subaru impreza sport optional aero splash guards
2012 Subaru Impreza Sport optional body colored aero splash guards by the front wheel.The strake kit is right in front of the rear wheel and ties in well with the aero splash guard kit.  Also shown are optional side moldings available on all models
closeup of optional aero splash guard on 2012 subaru impreza sport, front shown
closeup of optional front aero splash guard,  2012 subaru impreza sport only. The splash guards on all other models are different... see below
rear aero splash guard on 2012 Subaru Impreza Sport
optional rear aero splash guard, available on Impreza Sport only. All splash guards are body colored.

body side moldings, marine blue pearl shown
close-up of rear strake kit
close-up of strake kit, only available on Sport. It goes in front of the rear wheels and looks especially good with the aero splash guards
optional strake kit, available on Sport models only
another view of the strake kit. Itsavailable only on Sport models and goes in front of the rear wheels. It matches up well with the aero splash guards

rear aero splash guard, optional on Sport only. They are all body colored.

front body colored 'aero splash guard', optional on Sport only (notice the gray Sport alloys). Splash guards are different on other models, see below..

this is the splash guard optional on all the models except the Sport models which get the 'aero splash guards'.
Rear shown. All splash guards are body colored.

front splash guard available on all models (ex Sport which get the aero splash guard). Ice silver color shown

close-up of a rear splash guard optional on all except Sport models. They are all body colored. 
subaru optional splash guard, shown on dark gray 2012 impreza 5 door
optional splash guard, shown on dark gray 2.0i 5 door
2012 impreza rear splash guard, 5 door impreza hatchback
optional rear splash guard on Impreza 5door, they are worth having
optional rear spoiler, 2012 Impreza 5 door only
optional rear spoiler, on 5 doors only. 
See more photos on the exterior photo page #1 (linked above)
front under spoiler on 2012 Impreza Sport
optional front underspoiler, available on all models. Its body colored. Sport shown. Looks great on the Sport with thge strake kit and aero splash guards 
2012 Impreza fog light
shown without optional front underspoiler (see image on left). 
Subaru 2012 Impreza front windshield wiper deicer defroster
the All Weather Package (awp) includes hi/lo heated front seats, defrosting outside mirrors, and front wiper deicers. Its standard on the 2.0i Limited and Sport models and optional on the 2.0i Premium.
The lower part of the windshield has a heating element under the glass to warm and defrost the area where the wipers sit.
Heres a photo of the wiper deicer working, you can see the frost is melting around the wipers because thats the area of the glass that heats up.

optional mesh grill

available on all models, side window visors, dealer installed only
window rain drip moldings on 2012 Subaru Impreza
side window rain visor, dealer installed only, available on all models

optional side window drip moldings, shown on a black sedan. Only available from the dealer, not from the factory

rear view of the side window drip moldings on a 4 door. These are only available dealer installed, not from the factory
set of 4 all weather rubber floor matsd, 2012 subarunimpreza
optional- the set of 4 rubber all weather floor mats 
subaru impreza all weather rubber floor mat
optional all weather rubber floor mat, driver's mat shown

5 door with cargo tray and rear seatback protectors. Yes thats the mesh cargo net at bottom of photo 
2012 Subaru 5 door Impreza cargo tray, seatback protectors, cargo net
5 door cargo area with optional cargo net, cargo tray,  rear seatback protectors
rear seat seatback protectors available on 2012 Impreza 5 door models
close-up of the optional rear seatback protectors. They're pretty sturdy. Available on 5 door models only

optional rear cargo tray and rear seat back protectors, and cargo net by the gate.

optional 5 door cargo tray, with cago floor shown in the raised position so its almost levelk withg the rear gate for less lifting 

optional cross bars on Sport model. Shown looking forward from rear of car


all models except base have USB and auxiliary jacks
2012 Impreza with optional 100w power outlet
100w power outlet, for laptops and cells phones

center armrest console tray, shown with a phone, and optional ashtray
optional ashtray fits in the center console, 2012 impreza
optional ashtray fits in the cupholder, also good for spare change etc
2012 impreza trunk bumper protector
Kicker 10" subwoofer and the removeable fold-out rear bumper protector, its easy to use. Not the same bumper protector as the permanently installed 'rear bumper applique'
2012 Impreza kicker 10 subwoofer
Kicker 10" subwoofer fits in the trunk, shown with removable bumper protector
2012 Impreza bumper protector covers the bumper
the removeable bumper protector in use, it drapes over and protects the bumper 

no fog light... fog lights are optional on 2.0i and 2.0i Premium models. They are standard on 2.0i Limited, Sport Premium, and Sport Limited.
2012 Impreza fog light
This is the fog light on 2.0i and 2.0i Premium, and standard on Sport models. The 2.0i Limited model's standard fog light has a chrome trim ring.
subaru 2012 impreza with optional fog lights, the switch is on the dashboard
if the fog lights are optional, the switch is on the lower left dashboard, not on the turn signal stalk.
chrome trunk trim, optional on 2.0i Impreza sedans
chrome trunk trim is optional on all sedans, standard on the Limited
2012 Impreza sport front underspoiler
optional on all models-  front underspoiler, mesh grill, hood protector, fog lights
more soon 
optional leather shift knob, 2012 Subaru Impreza
leather shift knob is standard on the Limiteds, optional on all other 2012 Subaru Imprezas with CVT transmission

optional side sill plates. all 4 door sill get a metal sill plate.  Front door sill plates are embossed with Impreza.  Passenger door sill plate shown.

front passenger door optional side sill plate shown 

the side plates, drivers door...

rear door sill plate is smaller, not embossed
2012 Impreza with roof rack cargo carrier box
2012 Sport with aftermarket cargo box
Impreza 2.0i sport with roof rack cargo box
camillia red 2012 Sport with cargo box