2014 Subaru Forester photos page #4

Jasmine Green Metallic 2014 Forester
Jasmine Green Metallic 2.5 Touring at the NW Garden Show in Seattle, Feb 20-24, 2013


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rear view 2014 forester touring with rear spoiler
2.5 Touring, jasmine green, with standard rear spoiler. Photo at Subaru display at the 2013 NW Garden Show in Seattle, February 2013

2014 subaru forester, burnished bronze metallic color
Burnished bronze, taken at the 2013 NW Garden Show in Seattle

front and side 2014 forester touring, bronze color
side view burnished bronze metallic, Touring model with turn signals  in the outside mirrors
front of 2014 forester touring
burnished bronze 2.5 Touring, taken at the 2013 Seattle Northwest Garden Shown, Feb 2013


side view 2013 subaru forester toruing model, bronze color
Touring model, side view
2014 subaru forester touring
taken at Subaru's display at the 2013 the NW Garden Show, Seattle, Feb, 2013

rear spoiler, 2014 subaru forester, bronze color
Touring with rear spoiler, standard on all except 2.5 base model, photo at Seattle NW Garden show
2014 subaru forester 2.5 touring, jasmine green color
jasmine green 2.5 Touring at the Garden show
close-up of the rear spoiler on all 2.5 Limited and Touring models. Bronze color shown
rear spoiler is standard and included on all 2.5 Limited, Touring models

2014 subaru forester left outside mirror, burnished bronze
only Touring models have turn signals in the outside mirrors

rear view, 2014 subaru forester
introduced at the LA auto show, November 2012
2014 subaru forester
at the LA auto show, November 2012

front view 2014 forester limited
at the LA auto show, November 2012
2014 subaru forester limited dashboard
X Limited at the LA auto show, November 2012
2014 Forester XT turbo steering wheel with eyesight
steering wheel of an 2.0XT turbo with eyesight. You can see the Eyesight control buttons (middle buttons) and SI-drive (lower buttons) on the right spoke

2014 subaru forester- early publicity photo
2014 Forester, courtesy SoA
2014 forester xt 18" alloy wheel
interior, 2014 forester limited
Limited, gray interior shown
2014 forester rear power gate button
2014 subaru forester cvt with low modeg
CVT with L-D for  'Low mode' and Drive. Low is basically like 2nd or 3rd gear. Only the XT has Paddle Shifters with full transmission control!