2014 Subaru Forester exterior photos and images

2014 subaru forester limited, marine blue pearl shown
2014 Forester, Marine Blue Pearl

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2014 2.5i and 2.0XT foresters side-by-side
side-by-side Foresters: 2014 2.0XT turbo is on the left, 2014 2.5i is on right
2014 subaru forester optional sport grill next to the standard grill
2014 Subaru Forester optional sport grill (left) next to the standard grill (right)
2014 forester 2.0XT touring turbo, ice silver
2.0 XT turbo, ice silver shown. notice the machined alloys
2.0XT forester front grill, venetian red color shown
Venetian Red, 2.0XT Touring model shown
Venetian red 2014 forester, 2.0XT turbo shown
2.0XT Touring, venetian red
ice silver 2014 forester 2.0 XT turbo
side view 2.0 XT turbo. ice silver shown
burnished bronze 2014 subaru forester
burnished bronze 2.5i Premium (no rear spoiler)
side view burnished bronze forester
burnished bronze Premium

side view venetian red 2014 forester
Venetian Red 2.5 Touring
jasmine green 2014 forester
jasmine green Premium (alloys, painted mirrors, no fog lights or rear spoiler)
dark gray forester limited, with optional splash guards
Forester Limited, dark gray, with optional splash guards

2014 subaru forester dark gray metallic
dark gray Premium (note- alloy wheels and no spoiler)
dark grey metallic subaru forester 2.5X premium
side view, dark gray metallic Premium, no fog lights

2014 subaru forester limited, marine blue pearl shown
Marine Blue Pearl Limited with rear spoiler

rear view subaru 2014 forester 2.5x limited with standard rear spoiler
Limited and Touring models have the rear spoiler standard. Limited shown, marine blue pearl
2014 forester 2.5i base model
base 2.0i model, stamped steel wheels, no dark tinted privacy glass

ice silver 2014 forester 2.5x premium side view
ice silver metallic Premium (alloy wheels, no rear spoiler)
2014 black forester


2013 and 2014 forester front grills, side by side
front grill to grill 2014 (left as you view it) and 2012/13 (right) Subaru Foresters


2014 forester premium and limited back-to-back
2014 ice silver Premium (no spoiler) backed up to a dark gray 2014 Limited (with standard rear spoiler)
dark gray 2014 and 2013 subaru forester premiums, back-to-back
2014 on left, 2013 on the right, both dark gray Premiums
compare 2013 sage green forester and 2014 jasmine green subaru forester side by side
2013 sage green on left, 2014 jasmine green on right
2014 and 2013 subaru forester, marine blue pearl nose to nose
2014 Limited (left) and 2013 Premium (right) Foresters front grill-to-grill, both are Marine Blue Pearl
marine blue pearl 2014 and 2013 subaru forester back to back
back to back, 2014 (on right, with rear spoiler) and 2013 (on left) Foresters, both marine blue pearl. The 14 is a Limited with the rear spoiler.
2013 and 2014 subaru foresters, dark gray metallic
dark gray metallic 2014 (l), and 2013 (r). Both Premium models
forester optional front Sport Grill
optional front Sport Grill and front bumper underguard
subaru forester optional front sport grill
optional Sport Grill

forester front grill
the standard front grill


2.5i models

2014 forester burnished bronze
burnished bronze Premium
rear view 2014 burnished bronze forester
burnished bronze
burnished bronze premium 2014 forester
burnished bronze

optional front sport grill and front underguard
burnished bronze with optional Sport grill and front bumper underguard
2014 venetian red forester
venetian red touring
red subaru forester touring
venetian red touring
side view red forester
venetian red
side view jasmine green subaru forester
jasmine green Premium
2014 jasmine green subaru
jasmine green
jasmine green subaru forester rear view
jasmine green Premium with optional rear spoiler, splash guards

2014 Forester XT turbo dual exhaust tips. marine blue pearl shown
XT with dual exhaust tips

black 2014 forester
black 2.5i touring
black 2014 forester
black 2.5i

rear view black 2014 forester
side and back view black 2.5i touring

front view, grill 2014 black forester
grill on a black 2014 2.5i forester

optional front sport grill, 2014 subaru forester, dark gray shown
optional Sport Grill

2014 subaru 2.5X Limited, blue color shown
Marine blue pearl Limited
blue 2014 subaru x forester limited with rear spoiler
marine blue pearl

side view subaru forester, 2014 model year, color blue
Limited side view. all Limiteds and Touring models have a rear spoiler

side view subaru forester limited
rear spoiler, Limited, marine blue
2014 subaru 2.5L forester limited and touring with rear spoiler
from the rear- blue limited
rear view, blue base 2.5i forester, no roof rails or dark tinted glass
base 2.0i model, stamped steel wheels, no privacy glass
2014 2.5i forester base model, marine blue
2.5i model. This is the base model with stamped steel wheels, no roof rails, no privacy window tint
ice silver forester 2.5 x premium
ice silver Premium (no fog lights)
ice silver forester, rear view
ice silver Premium (no rear spoiler)
ice silver 2014 subaru forester premium
ice silver Premium

silver 2014 forester 2.5i touring
2014 ice silver 2.5i Touring model
2014 premium forester, dark gray
dark gray Premium

dark gray 2014 forester premium
dark gray Premium
front end 2014 forester premium
front of a dark gray Premium (no fog lights)
forester premium (no rear spoiler), dark gray
Premium, no rear spoiler
14 forester limited with standard rear spoiler, rear view, dark gray shown
dark gray Limited with standard rear spoiler, optional rear bumper cover
Forester Limited with optional rear bumper underguard
optional rear bumper cover and rear bumper underguard. burnished bronze color

2014 forester 2.5i, white

2.5i forester base model, no roof rails, color is white

white forester 2.5i, the base model, no roof rails

many more to come
check back soon

2.0XT turbo

silver forester 2.0xt
ice silver 2.0XT turbo
rear view 2014 forester 2.0 xt turbo
rear view XT turbo, with optional rear bumper cover
headlights- 2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i and 2.0XT
side by side 2.0XT on left, 2.5i on right. Both are ice silver
2.0xt forester with dual exhaust, venetian red shown
dual exhaust on the 2.0XT. venetian red shown. 2.5 model have single exhaust
2.0XT Touring subaru forester grill. venetian red color
Venetian Red 2.0XT Touring front
side view, 2.0XT forester, colorm is venetian red
side view of a red 2.0XT
xt turbo forester, venetian red color
2.0XT, venetian red
2.0xt subaru forester
venetian red 2.0XT
2014 subaru forester xt turbo with dual exhaust
2014 Subaru Forester XT turbo with dual exhaust and optional rear bumper protector


2014 forester 2.5i 17" stamped steel wheel with all season tire
2.5i model has a 17" stamped steel wheel
close-up of the 2.5i forester stamped steel wheel center cap
close-up of the center cap on the 2.5i model stamped steel wheel
2014 forester 17" alloy wheel, on 2.5 Premium, Limited, Touring
17" alloy wheel on the 2.5 Premium, Limited, Touring

14 forester 2.0 xt 18" machined alloy wheel
XT Premium and Touring 18" machined alloy
2014 forester premium with rear gate open
ice silver premium with gate open (the manual gate). the height is 70.5"

2014 forester 2.5i black unpainted outside side view mirror. approach lighting is optional
2.5i model has black unpainted outside side view mirrors. Approach lighting is optional
forester mirror, body colored- premium and limited
Premium and Limited models have body colored painted outside mirrors
. Approach lighting is optional
2014 subaru forester touring outside mirror with integrated turn signals. burnished bronze color shown
only Touring models have turn signals in the outside mirrors

2014 forester outside mirror with approach lighting
the new for 2014 optional approach lighting is a little LED light in the 2 outside mirrors that illuminates the side of the car and the door handle. It comes on when the car is unlocked or a door is opened.
In this image the interior map light is on for reference, but you can see how the door and handle is lit

forester approach light in the auto dimming outside mirrors
here's the approach light on during the day. Its small but very bright. The outside mirrors also automatically darken when the bright lights from another car hits it
2014 forester passenger side dimming outside mirror with approach lighting
the passenger side outside mirror showing the approach light.
This mirror also auto-dims when bright lights hit it from behind

14 subaru forester auto dimming outside mirror with approach lighting
close-up of the approach light (not lit) with a Subaru Logo! its a small but very bright LED

auto dimming outside rear view mirror is all new for Subaru on 2014 Forester
the entire center is dark! all new for Subaru. The center of the dimming outside side view mirror with approach lighting darkens automatically when the rear view mirror detects a bright light approaching from behind at night. In this photo the white arrow points to the darkened area, the black arrow points to the mirror's edge which doesn't darken
2014 subaru forester with rear view back-up camera
the rear view camera, standard on all model except base, is to the left of the rear license plate

2014 forester without fog lights
2.5i, Premium without fog lights

2014 subaru forester limited foglight
front fog lights, standard on Limited, Touring. Optional on X, Premium. marine blue shown
2014 forester 2.0XT fog lights with chrome surround
2.0XT fog lights have chrome surround
14 forester single exhaust tip
single tailpipe on 2.5 X, Premium. The single chrome tip is optional on X, Premium
subaru forester with chrome exhaust tip
Limited and Touring have single exhaust, with chrome exhaust tip. Optional on X, Premium
dual exhaust on 2014 subaru forester 2.0xt turbo
dual exhaust

2014 subaru forester headlight with LED ring
2014 Forester headlight without LEDs (eyesight tech pkg). 2.5 model with silver inner surround.

subaru forester toruing with LEDs on. XT shown with black inner surround
LEDs turned on. XT shown with black inner surround.

2014 forester standard headlight, limited
2.5i headlights have silver interior bezel, XTs models have black
2014 subaru forester 2.xt touring HID headlight with LEDs
2.0XT Touring with LEDs (so this car has the eyesight tech pkg), and fog lights on. Ice silver color
2014 forester touring with LED running lights DRL, burnished bronze color shown
only the Touring model with HIDs has the LED lights, part of the optional Eyesight package. The LEDs are on with all lights except daytime running lights.. 2.5i shown with silver interior bezel. All 2.0XTs have black interior bezel
2014 forester touring with led light ring. Included with optional eyesight/tech package
2014 Forester 2.5 Touring with arrow pointing at the LED light ring (not on). Included with optional eyesight/tech package. Jasmine green color shown. If no LEDs there is a chrome piece instead
2.0 XT headlight with black interior bezel
2.0XT headlights have a black interior bezel (shown). The 2.5 model have silver. This one has the chrome ring instead of LEDs.
2.0 XT forester black headlight surround
XT headlights have a black interior surround
. Touring shown without LEDs (requires optional Eyesight package).
all 2.5i forester headlights have a silver interior surround
all 2.5 Forester headlights have a silver interior headlight surround. XTs are black.
2014 subaru 2.0xt turbo headlight
all 2.0XT headlights have black inner bezel. Shown without optional Eyesight /tech package with LED
2014 forester taillight

2014 forester xt tail light
tail light

2014 forester limited and touring chrome bright window trim
bright window trim is on Limited and Touring models. X, Premium have black trim
2014 forester black window trim, x, premium model
X, Premium have black window trim. Limited, Touriing models have bright window trim
2014 subaru 2.5 X 4 cylinder forester gas door, regular gas
all X models use regular gas
2014 subaru forester 2.0XT turbo gas door- Premioum fuel is recommended
2.0 XT turbo models- Premium gas is recommended
2.5L 4 cylinder engine, subaru forester
a single driver side hood strut opens the hood- see the white arrow
2014 Forester 2.0 XT turbo engine, with intercooler
2.0 XT turbo engine. the turbo intercooler is on the top of the engine. There's no hoodscoop
14 forester 2.0xt turbo intercooler airflow
yellow arrows point toward the intercooler air intakes. There's no hood scoop

2014 subaru forester optional side window rain drip moldings
optional side window rain drip moldings. more photos on options and upgrades photos page 3
forester toruing door handle with keyless access pushbutton start
the driver's door handle on a Touring model with optional Keyless access. Burnished bronze color shown
passenger door with keyless access technology package, burnished bronze color
Touring with optional keyless access front passenger door handle. Burnished bronze shown
optional rear bumper cover
optional rear bumper cover
more soon

forester does not have an upper windshield tint band
notice there is no upper windshield tint band on any 2014 Forester. It can easily be added aftermarket

subaru large size panoramic power moonroof
Panoramic moonroof on all X CVT, Limited and Touring
chassis plug, 2014 subaru forester
chassis plugs are in front of the rear wheels, shown without plug
forester with chassis plug inserted
with plug inserted
each forester comes with 2 chassis plugs, shown
the chassis plugs

2014 forester, optional splash guard mud flap, front shown
optional splash guards mud flaps. front shown
optional subaru forester mud flap splash guard, rear shown
optional rear splash guard, rear on a dark gray car shown