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you are here 5/24/06

Comments, success stories welcome.
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Thank you, Joe Spitz

a few letters
thank you to all who have written.

Joe  -  I just sold my '97 SVX through an ad placed on your site!   Thank you very much for providing the site and helping me to find a buyer for my car.  I appreciate it a lot!  Happy Subaruing!  Best regards, Jim 10/03

Thanks for making the free classified ad available.  I had many responses and sold the car in just a few days. Mark H. 9/03

Joe: Thanks for the opportunity to get the word out on my 97 SVX.  I just sold it, so I am sans SVX until the new one comes out on the market.  Be well, Ernest  8/03

Thanks for the free classifed site. The response to my ad was unbelievable. I made the deal within 2 days of placing the ad! Thanks again. JM 2/03

Hey it worked ... got 4 emails on the Outback but then sold it to someone who saw it parked in front of the house :) G 12/02

Joe, had my SVX for a long time, it was hard to let go. Thanks for the help, it went to a good home. Christina Nov 02

Joe------ Sold my 1992 4 days after ad was placed! Thanks B&L 8/02

Joe,  I've sold the 1995 Subaru that was listed in your website classifieds. Thank you for the making the site available.
regards,   LS, 7/02

Thanks, Joe. I appreciate the service. Ph. 7/02

I deleted the ad.  A good site, thanks for the help.  CE,