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1969 subaru 360
1969 Subaru 360 4 door van with Joe Spitz. it's pretty small!

Subaru 360 van 'Deluxe' logo on back
Subaru 360 van 'Deluxe' logo on back

the 1st US Subaru was a 360. The white 1969 360 5 door van (left) is only 117.9" long

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360 minivan logo

The first U.S. Subaru is the 360.
This very small rear wheel drive minicar had a 2-stroke, 25 horsepower 356 cc engine (thus the 360 name), weighed under 1000 pounds, got 66.3 mpg, went 0-50 in over 37 seconds. and cost $1,297 + prep.
It came in a few models: 2 door sedan, then the "Young S" 2 dr sedan, minivan (that's me in the white 5 door van below), a truck version, and even a mini race car too. There may have been as many as 10,500 (8,300 sedan, 2,200 van) of these imported through 1969, though they weren't exactly a best seller.
Check out my classifieds page to buy or sell one. Consumer Reports rating: not acceptable.

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360 minivan on a flatbed car hauler
the 360 Subaru van gets loaded on a flatbed to be displayed at ski show
subaru 360
the 360 Subaru van gets loaded on a flatbed to be displayed at ski show
close-up of the subaru 360
off to be displayed at a ski show in Seattle, 2011


MSRP: 2door sedan $1,297, ($1327 including prep)

Wheelbase 71"
Overall length 118"
Overall width 51"
Overall height 53"
Turning circle 28 ft
Tread, front, 44.9" 
Tread, rear 42.1" 
Ground clearance: 6.3"

Engine:  21.7 ci, 2 stroke, 2 cylinder, air cooled
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Steering: rack and pinion manual steering
Compression 6.7:1
Carburetor Solex type, Hitachi 
Horsepower 25@5500,  25.4 ft lbs torque
Final drive ratio 5.89:1
Fuel capacity 6.6 US gal
Curb weight 925.0 lb
Weight front/rear 41/59
Tire size 4.8x10
Maximum speed: 69.3 MPH
0-50 37.5seconds
1/4 mile 28.5 seconds
3-50mph (floored) 26.4 seconds
Braking 39.4 ft at 31 mph

360 van VIN plate
360 door VIN indentification plate

Subaru 360 van
Subaru 360 van 
dash instruments
dash instruments. 16,488 is a -lot- of miles on this litle car...
360 van front door
360 Deluxe van front door, it's a suicide door. Note the 2 stickers on the door, see below.
360 van front
Subaru 360 'Deluxe'. The front vent simply opens to the inside. 

notice the front vent simply opens to the outside. Shown open
360 van radio model inrformation
sticker from the radio


subaru 360 sedan
360 sedan
subaru 360 sedan

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