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images and photographs of the 2012 Outback 2.5i and 3.6R base, Premium and Limited models
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rear view mirror with rear view back-up camera display
Back-up camera. the auto dimming rear view mirror with compass and Homelink also has a back-up camera (by Gentex Co)  .
It's only available as part of the optional moonroof package, so yes you have to have the moonroof.
If you get the Navigation system, the backup camera displays in the Navigation screen

NEW FOR 2012- optional factory installed DVD players in the head rests. Includes 2 wireless headphones, remote, and AV and aux wires. see more photos below

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optional moonroof, packaged with auto dimming rear view mirror with compass and homelink and rear view baclk-up camera

the moonroof has a small air deflector

close-up of optional body colored body side moldings

rear cargo luggage cover, shown without cargo tray.

rear bumper without the optional bumper cover
optional rear bumper cover
optional rear bumper cover, its a step pad on bumper and prevents scuffs

rear cargo cover and cargo tray,optional on base models, standard on all others

fog lights- optional on base model, standard on all others. graphite gray shown
rear splash guard, subaru outback
optional rear splash guard

closeup of rear splash guard- they're small
2010 optional small splash guards
optional very small splash guards, front shown.
subaru wiper deicer defrosts the front windshield wipers- part of the All Weather Package
the All Weather Package - the lower windshield heats to warm and defrost the front wipers. Part of the All Weather Pkg that also includes heated front seats and defrosting outside mirrors.
outback all weather rubber floor mat
optional all weather rubber floor mat, driver's shown. sold as a set of 4 only
subaru all weather floor mats, sold in a set of 4 only
the full set of 4 all weather rubber floor mats
Outback with optional window rain drip moldings
optional window rain drip moldings help stop rain dripping into slightly open windows and looks good too. Lets in fresh air but no drips!  Dark gray acrylic with chrome trim. Only from your Subaru dealer, not from the factory

keep the window open a bit to let in fresh air- for the dog, for the kids, for the smoker? These side window moldings keep the rain out - they're functional and look good. Only from your Subaru dealer, not from the factory
subaru outback mobile internet fit nicely in a corner of the cargo area
Subaru's Outback hotspot mobile internet fits neatly in a 
corner of the cargo area and plugs into the power socket. 
Subaru 110 volt, 110 watt 2 prong outlet, just like at home
optional power outlet - forget those car chargers! This inverter does it all
optional 11v power outlet is very convenient
new 110v 100 w 2 prong outlet is optional on the back on the console. 
Just like at home Click the image for some ideas.
2011, 2010 Subaru Outback standard door courtesy lights
front door courtesy lights under the front doors are standard on all models. They help on dark nights.  These are not the optional 'puddle lights'
Puddle lights- outside under the car
optional Puddle lights, 1 LED light under each door, under the car to help you see what's there.  great on dark nights
2010 Subaru Outback with optional wheel arch molding- they look good and pretect the car
2010  and 2011 Outback optional wheel arch moldings- 
they look good and protect the car. Graphite gray shown
close up of wheel arch moldings on 2010 outback
close up of wheel arch moldings
closeup of optional wheel arch moldings on 2011 Outback, sky blue
closeup of optional wheel arch moldings. sky blue shown
2012 Subaru Outback optional wheel arch modling, ruby red shown
optional wheel arch molding. ruby red shown
closeup of subaru illuminated sill plate
close up of the illuminated side sill plates with 'Subaru' lit in blue
full set of 4 cargo nets
the full set of 4 cargo nets, with compartment seperator (aka dog guard)
2010 Outback optional front hood protector
optional front hood protector
optional trailer hitch (1.25)
optional trailer hitch (1.25")
factory installed trailer hitch
optional factory trailer hitch 1 1/4", comes wired, with insert

optional rear corner moldings
close-up of fog light
close-up of fog light, standard on all models except base 2.5i
Limited shown with front bumper underguard
2 factory installed rear seat dvd players
optional Subaru rear seat DVD players installed in the back of the front headrests.
subaru outback factory dvd players in the front headrests
the 2012 Outback optional headrest DVD players for back seat-
7" LCD. Plays DVD, VCD, audio  CD-R/RW and MP3 CD.
insert dvd into subaru outback dvd player
circled- where to put the DVD
subaru outback factory dvd player in  headrest
tilt the DVD player out and insert the DVD into the bottom
subaru head rest dvd player, outback
where to plug in the AV or aux wires (supplied)
outback factory DVd comes with 2 wireless headphones, remote control, 4 AV and aux plugs, instruction manual
includes 2 wireless headphones, 1 remote, an instruction booklet, and 2 AV and 2 aux wires (not shown)