Photographs of the 2005 Subaru Outback, page 2
2.5i, 2.5i Limited, XT, XT Limited, LL Bean, VDC, and 3.OR sedan plus links for prices, specs, options

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alloy on 05 3.0R VDC sedan, wagon
17" alloys on the 3.0R
LL Bean allloy wheel
LL Bean has special gray colored  17" alloy
Shift knob on VDC console
optional Momo shift knob on 3.0R
woos tewering wheel with audio controls on 3.0R
wood steering wheel by Momo on 3.0R models, 
note the audio controls on the VDC
turn signal in the mirror
turn signal in the mirror of the VDC, LL Bean, 3.0R
Subaru Legacy , Outback optional armrest
optional pop-up armrest down
Subaru legacy Outback optional pop-up armrest up
optional armrest in the up position
LL Bean logo on the back of the Subaru
LL Bean logo on the back of a Willow Green wagon
Subaru LL Bean Beige and mocha perforated leather and logo
beige and 'mocha' leather. 
Note the LLBean logo on upper back and perforated leather seating surface