Exterior photos of the 2012  Subaru Legacy  2.5i, GT, 3.6R

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ice silver metallic subaru legacy
new for 2012- ice silver metallic pearl.
deep indigo pearl subaru legacy
new color for 2012- deep indigo pearl

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some of these photos are 2011 or 2010 models if they look the same

2012 Graphite Gray Premium- notice the 16" alloys, no fog lights.
2012 legacy gt turbo sedan, white shown
2012 Legacy GT (turbo) An uncommon model. with optional rear spoiler. white shown.
front view 2012 subaru legacy gt turbo sedan
front view, Legacy GT sedan, white shown. 18" alloy

Legacy GT Limited, satin white shown. 2011 shown
2011 Legacy with rear spoiler
2011 with optional rear spoiler. Single exhaust means is a 2.5L 4cylinder

2011 2.5L Premium- 2.5L clues: the 16" alloy wheels.
2011 Ruby Red Subaru Legacy
Ruby Red, 2.5i Premium,  PZEV, with optional rear spoiler and optional chrome trunk trim

Carmel Bronze Pearl. Ivory interior. 2.5i Premium shown with 16" alloys

more photos will be added 
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subaru legacy deep indigo pearl rear view
new color for 2012 deep indigo pearl. premium shown

satin white 2011 Legacy GT, standard with 18" alloys, hood scoop

satin white 2011 Legacy GT, standard with 18" alloys, hood scoop
subaru legacy sedan trunk
Legacy sedan trunk opens wide
Subaru legacy trunk
Legacy sedan trunk, with optional trunk cargo tray and with a seat folded flat


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