2012 Subaru Share the Love Event

Subaru's share the love event 2012

this is the 5th Share the Love Event. It runs from November 21st, 2012 - January 2nd, 2013


the 2012 Share the Love Event #5 runs 11/21/12 - 1/2/13. The first was in 2008.

Buy your new Subaru, then select the charity for Subaru to donate $250 to.
To select the charity, either call 1-800-SUBARU3, (800 782-2783), go to www.subaru.com/share-the-love, or mail in the form provided by your dealer.
Sorry, its not tax deductible.  If you don't choose, Subaru will distribute the amount equally.
Selection period closes January 31st, with the donation made to the charities by March.
A Thank You letter will be mailed after the entire program has ended.

The charities this year are
Alzheimer's Association,
The ASPCA - American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,
Meals On Wheels,

See your dealer for free bumper stickers, keys fobs, and a special Share the Love lifestyle icon

This is the 5th year Subaru has done this. 
The minimum amount per charity is $250,000,  and the maximum is $5,000,000 total for all 5 charities.

Last year, in 2011 the charities were American Forests, ASPCA, Make-A-Wish Foundation , Meals On Wheels , Special Olympics

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Subaru Share the Love Event
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