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a few letters
and  thank you to all who have written.

Dear Joe, someone saw my SVX on your site and bought it! Thanks a lot.  I'm requesting that you remove my ad.  My e-mail is Frue*, a 92 SVX in San Jose. Thank you.  6/24/01

Joe,  Thanks a lot for running my WTB ad--I got about 5 offers, and I ended up  buying a beautiful Ls-i near Seattle (only $6100, with 72500 miles!).   Keep up the good work, Garrison   5/31/01

Thanks Joe!! I wrote you last week to lower the price on my 1994 SVX. I dont know when you updated it, but the moment you did.... the car sold. Just so you know, I ended up selling my 1994 SVX with 118K for $6,400. I already miss the car, but thanks for listing it for me. Best regards and lots of thanks. VB, May 01

Dear Joe, Thanks so much for running the following ad! The first person to come and look at my car bought it. And thanks to you, I didn't have to spend a penny for advertising. Sincerely, Mary. NY. April 01

Joe, I just bought the '92 SVX LS-L listed on your page from Greenville, SC. The ad was completely accurate - this SVX was pampered. The previous owner took excellent care of this subaru and kept a record of everything that had been done to it. This is the 2nd SVX in the family and we are very happy to find another one in such great shape. Your page has been an excellent resource
and I just wanted to thank you. Thanks, Matt.  March 01

Hi Joe, Please delete the posting for my (former) SVX described below. Although I sold the car via a local paper, your web page and posting did generate 2 inquiries within 3 days!  Thanks much for your assistance.  March 01

Hi Joe, I too wanted to thank you for facilitating my finding a terrific SVX.  I'm the 'wanted posting' side of a successful Canadian transaction recently completed thanks to your site.  Not only have we found a special automobile, but have met some great people in the process.  As much as I hoped for success, I didn't think the limited Canadian market would bring me results - what a nice surprise!  Keep up the good work - it's worth it!  Jan 01

Many thanks for your help and your service. We sold our SVX within a few days of hitting your website to someone with a wanted posting.  Our car has gone to a fellow enthusiast nearby who will give it a good home.  So, you can pull the add.  Thanks again and best wishes from Canada. Jan. 01

Hi Joe, Thanks to your usefull website and selling service I found a buyer in Salt Lake. Appreciate your help and rapid responses, Mike,  Utah. Jan, 01

Joe, Happy Holidays. The car was sold after just a couple days listing on your site. Thank you very much for the services you provide. Fred, New Jersey. Dec. 2000

Joe, Thanks to your site I sold my SVX. I only wish I had more to sell. You can remove my ad. Keep up the good work. Maybe someday we'll see another car like the SVX come out again. Thanks, Brad   Dec. 2000

Joe,  I am happy to report that we have sold the car and you can remove it at your convenience.  Thank you very much as our buyer found us through your site!  November 2000

Hi Joe, Wanted to inform you that we have sold the car.  Thanks so much for your ad space.  We received 7-8 responses in a week.  We know someone else preparing to sell their 92 SVX. We'll tell her about your site. Thanks again. October 2000

Hey Joe,  I found that needle in a haystack!!!!  Thanks to God, you, and your super fine web site. What a car! 1992 SVX Touring; 46K, mint-concourse, from a good Christian family. Flew to Portland on Saturday morning and drove it back that same day to California. Thanks so much, with deep gratitude. Eugene.  October 2000

Hi Joe. Thanx for letting me post my Want To Buy ad on your website. It worked. My car found me. I want to whole heartedly agree with other comments I read on your site that it is a really neat thing you created for us SVX fanatics. You can delete my ad whenever you get around to it. Andrea from Marlton. August 2000

Thanks Joe, for your wonderful web site. I sold it to a young man in Sunnyvale. So you can take my car off the for sales list. Its a great service your doing. Thanks again. Wendy, Torrance, Ca.  July 2000

Dear Joe, I want to thank you for advertising my 95 SVX. I sold it last week. You may remove the ad from your site. Again, thank you for your assistance. Best Regards, Nancy.  April, 2000

Hi Joe, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I just sold my 1994 SVX through a contact generated by your web site.
Thanks again for all the help you offer and please keep up the good work!  Joe B., April 2000

"Dear Joe, I came across your page while searching for more info about the Subaru SVX. I was planning to buy a car when I graduated college, but hadn't decided what I wanted to get. On your page I got a lot of info about the SVX and found some for sale. After talking to several of the people that you had listed I decided on the 1993 Anniversary edition SVX. I talked to the couple selling the car and they are wonderful people. A few weeks later my best friend and I flew out to California and bought the SVX and drove it back to OK. It drives great, hands down the best car I have ever driven before. The perfect combination of power, comfort and raw driving fun. The point I am trying to get to is to thank you for your page. All the information you provided was instrumental in my decision to get the SVX, and the "wanted" page helped me find the one that was right for me. Thank you. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Ray. March, 2000"

"Joe, We hated to see it go, but we sold our SVX a couple of weeks ago thanks to your web page. Best Regards".
C.& K. R., February 2000

"He said he got my info off your web. He was in Oklahoma. Thank you". Anne, 2/2000

"Hi Joe, Thanks for your help in selling my '95 SVX. It sold in about 2 weeks to a man in Virginia. Best of luck to you, Andy, 2/2000"

"Hi Joe, I've sold the SVX, thanks for your help".  Rick, 1999

"Joe - Please take our car off your SVX for sale list. We sold it thanks to your site  We appreciate your help and will recommend
it to others. Please take it off quickly as we have gotten 2 calls since this deal came through".  MJ,  1999

"Well, I must confess that watching the distinctive taillights of my SVX driving off into the darkness brought me to tears.  I didn't realize how attached I had gotten to that car!  Be careful what you wish for...  Thanks for all of your help, I sold my car to a guy in Cleveland that saw it on your web page, and I really appreciate this forum to post and sell SVX's. Thanks again. Ben " 1999

"Joe, Thanks for the help selling my SVX;  it was a wrench to let it go (It was my second SVX), but I had to do it to trade into an Audi TT I had a chance to buy. The new owner drove down from Indiana (I'm in Atlanta, GA), after meeting my terms over the phone, sight unseen.  He was very happy - it was *his* second SVX as well - and everything worked out great.  I really appreciate the help, and the web space.  Couldn't have done it without you. :)". Sean, 1999

"Joe, Through the electronic wonders of your web page, my 1992 SVX has sold. It was sad to let go of the car, but it has found a good home.  I think you provide a nice service to people who are focussed on these cars, as owners, buyers or sellers.  Keep up the good work, and many thanks. Andy" 1998

Thank you to all who have written.

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