from the LA auto show debut

side view 2015 lightning red wrx 4 door sedan
2015 Subaru WRX side view. Lightning Red shown
a page of photos taken at the WRXs debut at the LA Auto Show November 20, 2013

Click for the 2015 WRX and STI spec page, or the  2015 STI debut photo page with photos of the "Launch Edition" and Limited STI at Detroit's NAIAS January 2014

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2015 subaru wrx mini brochure cover photo
12 page 6"x8" mini brochure available December 2013

wrx logo, ice silver 2015 subaru wrx 4 door sedan
front WRX logo

2015 wrx front grill
front grill
2015 Subaru WRX alloy wheel
Dunlop Sport Maxx tire
2015 wrx side view, lightning red color
Lightning Red- all are 4 door sedans, there is no 5door hatchback 2015 WRX
ice silver 2015 wrx 4 door sedan
Ice Silver sedan.
trunk, 2015 wrx sedan
trunk. All 2015 WRXs are 4 door sedans. There is no 2015 hatchback or wagon
2015 wrx engine
engine compartment. Notice the struts holding up the open hood
(no hood prop)
2015 wrx logo
front logo, left side, lightning red shown

side view 2015 wrx, introduced at LA auto show
side view, lightning red 2015 Subaru WRX sedan
front grill 2015 wrx

front LED, 2015 WRX, at LA Auto Show, November 2013
front headlight 2015 wrx, lightning red
open trunk, 2015 subaru wrx
open trunk, with rear seat folded down
ice silver trunk, 2015 subaru wrx 4 door sedan
ice silver 2015 WRX trunk
outside mirror, 2015 wrx
outside mirror

hood strut holds the hood open, 2015 wrx
hood prop holds open the hood
2015 wrx steering with flat bottom
steering wheel with flat bottom!

2015 wrx steering wheel with paddle shifters, si drive
CVT model steering wheel, with yellow circles showing paddle shifters and SI Drive
cvt transmission with si drive
close-up of the SI drive, CVT only
2015 wrx 6 speed manual transmission stick shift knob
WRX gets a 6 speed manual transmission
2015 subaru wrx cvt shifter
the WRX has an optional CVT
2015 wrx dashboard
center console
2015 wrx console, climate control
2015 wrx with keyless access, pushbutton start, navigation
new optional Pushbutton start button on left replaces key. With navigation

2015 subaru wrx center console, cvt automatic  transmission
new CVT transmission. Shown with pushbutton start and navigation
front passenger door, 2015 wrx 4 door sedan, lightning red
front passenger door

interior, passenger seat, 2015 subaru wrx
front passenger seat
front seat, 2015 subaru wrx, gray leather shown
front sport bucket seat
adjustable front headrests, 2015 wrx, gray leather shown
headrests are now tiltable- shown tilted forward
2015 Subaru WRX  4 door sedan rear seat
rear seat
rear seatback folded down, 2015 wrx
rear seat with passenger side folded down
wrx rear seat cupholder in the back of the center console
close-up of rear cup holder