Lance Arnstrong: Subaru's spokesman.

Driven by what's inside

Lance  is a highly focused and motivated athlete, winner of 7 Tour De Frances. In 2003 Subaru signed him to be their spokesman for 5 years..

"Lance Armstrong is a perfect fit for Subaru," said Fred Adcock,  Subaru Exec VP. "He's a rugged individualist.  He's authentic and passionate about what he believes.  He's engineered like no other to perform like no other.  And, like Subaru, Lance is driven by an indomitable spirit.  He is driven by what's inside."
Subaru. Driven By What's Inside replaced "The Beauty Of All-Wheel Drive" tag line introduced in 1995.

in 2003 Subaru came out with a music CD

it featured a variety of artists and styles

2003 was the year the Baja came out. The Baja was made until 2006.

Radar Love by Golden Earring was done in 1973


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