2010 Subaru Outback Photos EXTERIOR PHOTOS, page #3

This is outside of the 2010 Outback, page #3
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2.5i Outback, cypress green shown
2.5i- 16" steel wheels with full wheel cover, no privacy tinted glass, no fog lights etc
2010 Outbacks have lower body protective cladding
all models have unpainted lower cladding. It protects against road debris and chipping, and adds a sturdy look. Shown with the small optional splash guards
how to tell the models from the front
2010 Outback 2.5i- no fog lights or front bumper underguard
2010 Outback 2.5i- comes standard with no fog lights or front bumper underguard
2010 Outback Premium  has fog lights
2010 Outback Premium, comes standard with fog lights but no front bumper underguard
2010 Outback Limited has fog lights and front bumper underguard
2010 Outback Limited comes standard with both fog lights and front bumper underguard
no fog lights
2.5i comes without fog lights but they can be installed as an option

hood struts open steel hood, 2010 Subaru outback
hood has struts, 2.5L 4 cylinder shown
2010 Outback 2.5i, no foglights. cypress green shown
2.5i without fog light, cypress green
3.6R Outback with dual exhaust tips
3.6R dual exhaust
single exhuast on 2.5i, Premium 2010 Subaru Outbacks
2.5i and Premium with single exhaust, driver sold only
2010 Outback Limited azurite blue shown
azurite blue
azurite blue Outback, rear view
azurite blue
rear view, harvest gold 2010 outback
Rear, Harvest Gold
front view, Outback Limited, 2010 model, harvest gold
Harvest Gold Limited
2010 Subaru Outback, satin white, rear view
rear with optional rear bumper cover step pad - it protects the upper bumper surface
cypress green 2010 outback, rear view
rear view- 2.5i shown without dark tinted glass 
cypress green 2.5i with 16 steel wheels and plastic wheel covers
cypress green 2.5i with 16" steel wheels and plastic wheel covers
2010 outback 2.5i base model, cypress green color
cypress green 2.5i with plastic wheel covers

engine bay has lots of room for easy access with ther 2.5L 4 cylinder

3.6L 6 cylinder comes with an engine cover to pretty it up a bit.
framed doors with bright chromed trim
framed doors- a first for the Outback, and they all open very wide,
it's easy to get in and out
close-up of lower body cladding on 2010 Outback
lower protective cladding
2010 Outback cross bars swing into place
the crossbars swing or swivel out to the opposite side. 100lb capacity
(see photo to left)
2010 Outback cross bars locked into place
crossbars in place, 30" spread center to center, 100lb load capacity
2010 Outback cross bars when not in use
crossbars folded in
2010 Outback cross bars swivel out of the way when not being used
crossbars folded in when not in use.
2010 Outback cross bar locking plug
crossbar attachment plug at the end of a crossbar locks it in place

pull on the top of crossbar to release the attachment plug and crossbar
2010 Outbaclk cross bars plug into these holes depending on being used or not
holes in the roof rails that the crossbar attachment plugs fit into. The upper hole is when the crossbar is lined up with the roof rail so not in use, the closer (lower) hole is what the opposite crossbar latches into when they are used as crossbars.
roof rail warning label, always use the cross bars.
2010 Subaru roof rack cross bar warning label
Above- this is on models with sunroof, recommending you use the standard cross bars
Below- this is on models without sunroof, always use the cross bars. 100lb load capacity
warning label 2010 Subaru roof rack cross bar roof rails
 outback front tow hook
the front hook tow... yes this car was dirty

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