Photographs of the 2009 Subaru Outback 2.5i, 2.5i SE Special edition, 2.5i Limited,  XT Limited, 3.0R LImited
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PZEV (partial zero emission vehicle) required in CA, CT, NH, NY, MA, MS, RI, VT, WA, OR
 always under construction

09 2.5i Limited, harvest gold, with the dark tinted windows and 17" turbo style alloy wheels

09 2.5i Limited, harvest gold, with dark tinted windows and 17" turbo style alloy wheels.
All Subarus have tinted windows, some models have dark (or privacy) glass

09 2.5i Limited, harvest gold, with the dark tinted windows and 17" turbo style alloy wheels
optional front bumper underguard
optional front bumper underguard on 09 Outback

The 08 Outback is built in Lafayette, Indiana with parts mostly from the US and Japan
Outback cargo cover stores under the floor
the cargo cover fits under the rear floor for storage, all models since the 2005my


2007 Outback 2.5i has 17 alloy wheel with tire pressure monitoring
2009 2.5i SE 17" 7 spoke alloy. 
All Subarus have tire pressure monitoring (TPMS). 
new for 2008 Outback XT and LL Bean 17 alloy wheel
Now on 09 2.5i Limited the 'turbo design' 17" alloy wheel previously only on XT,  3.0R LLBean 

Outback 2.5i 16" black steel wheel comes with full wheel covers

Outback XT logo
Outback XT logo on right rear, diamond gray shown

Sportshift  'Drive' mode. This is the normal 'drive' position

The SportShift lever in 'Sport' mode. 

2.5i, normal 'Drive mode, the light is on next to 'D'

2.5i models have an intermediate 'Sport' automatic mode, note the word 'Sport'.

Once in 'Sport' mode, tap the shift lever  up or down to use 'Manual' mode and manually control the gears. This car is shown in first gear, the up arrow indicated you can shift up to 2nd gear. 
Note: on the XT and LL Bean there is no 'Sport' automatic mode, there's Drive and 'Manual' mode
2007 Subaru Legacy GT instrument dashboard panel display
Outback XT instrument panel display has electro lumescent guages. S
hown with transmission in 'manual mode' and in 1st gear indicated by the '1' in the center.

Outback XT and 3.0R Limited info display is in the center of the tachometer (left instrument panel). 
Toggle switch is on the steering wheel cycles through Instant and Average Fuel Economy, Outside Temperature and Elapsed Time.
Also includes open door light. Shown with ET elapsed time, outside temp, and the [ I ] is SI 'Intellegent' mode.
Subaru GT center info disply
XT and 3.0R center display has clock only, the info display is moved to instrument panel

2007 Legacy GT economy guage
Outback XT and 3.0R have an economy guage 
in the speedometer

new style 2008 child seat anchors
child seat anchors are under a flap, warm ivory shown

child seat log indicates where the anchor is, gray shown
child seat anchors on 08 Outback
new style 2008 child seat anchors, flap opened
08 Outback paasenger seat net
The Limited and higher trim passenger seat has a cargo net on the back. Dark gray shown.

front variable and rear 2 speed wipers 

The radio is XM or Sirius satellite ready and has an auxiliary plug in the center console 
2.5i or SE shown with silver trim and manual heater control knobs.
2007 stereo with satellite and auxiliary function
Stereo has 'SAT' satellite & 'AUX'  plug (iPod) functions
radio is both XM or Sirius ready

The auxiliary plug is in the center console with the power socket

2006 console with Navigation
Navigation system is optional on Outback LL Bean and XT
07 Outback Basic doesn't have rear power outlet
09 Outback 2.5i  doesn't have rear power outlet like the other models.. 
That's the door to the storage lying in front of it.
VDC off switch
switches by driver's left knee
top from left: dashboard light rheostat, mirror selector and controller, (right is nothing)
bottom from left: heated front wiper de-icer, part of the all weather package, (center is nothing), 
VDC 'off''switch. All 09s have VDC.
2007 Legacy GT spec.B SI Drive knob
2009, 2008, 2007 SI Drive knob on Outback XT and 3.0R Limited
08 2.5i Limited radio and climate control
chestnut wood trim on Limited with dark gray
2006 Outback overhead airbag on-off warning light
passenger airbag on-off and seatbelt warning lights in overhead console on all models

2.5i model info center has clock ('set' buttons) and Trip Computer ('disp') with Instant and Average Fuel Economy, Outside Temperature and Elapsed Time

full set of cargo nets
full set of optional cargo nets: rear, seatback, and both sides
optional medal STi foot pedals
optional medal foot pedals

On left: 3.0R or XT with heated seat switch in the corner and SI Drive.
On right: Outback model with mini-storage where SI Drive is on 2.5i


Outback XT, gray leather interior
Outback XT sport buckets in gray perforated leather
warm ivory close-up
Warm Ivory cloth is lightly patterned

warm ivory and new for 2009 off black carpeting SE shown with seatback map pocket

warm ivory and new for 2009 off black carpeting
2009 Outback, warm ivory with off black carpets
09 2.5i SE shown with back seat folded down, showing the lighter carpet on the seat back that was used in all previous years.


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