Photographs of the 2007 Subaru Outback Basic, 2.5i, 2.5i Limited, XT, LL Bean, wagon and sedan
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2007 Outback LL Bean
2007 LL Bean

new model for 07: Outback Basic has 16" stamped steel wheels instead of 17" alloys
2007 Outback 2.5i sedanOutback wagon, LL Bean model shown
side views of the 2007 Outback 2.5i sedan and LL Bean wagon. (note the different wheels)
Outback sedan, Newport Blue, with rear spoiler
2007 Outback sedan, Newport Blue, with rear spoiler. LL Bean shown (note hte LL Bean alloys)
2007 Outback 2.5i LL Bean, 4 cylinder with navigation
new model for 2007: Outback 2.5i LL Bean with Navigation is a 4 cylinder with taupe cloth. 
Note the LL Bean alloy wheels. (diamond gray shown). 
Also available with leather, sunroof etc in the 2.5i Limited LL Bean.
2.5i LL Bean taupe cloth interior
new model for 2007: Outback 2.5i LL Bean with Navigation. Taupe cloth interior with navigation, climate control etc
2007 Subaru interior wood trim
2007 Limited model wood trim is darker and shinier than 2006
2007 Limited have wood trim
Outback Basic doesn't have heated seatsOutback 2.5i has heated seats
The Outback Basic on the left doesn't have the heated seats, the 2.5i does on right does.
Silver trim shown

2007 GT spec.B seatsLegacy 2.5i Limited heated seat controls
Left: new position for 07 heated seat controls on Outback XT, Legacy GT, spec.B
right: heated seat controls on Outback 2.5i  (cupholder shown) 

2007 Outback Basic has 16 stamped wheels
New model for 07, Outback Basic has a 16" stamped wheel and no Tire Pressure Monitoring
Subaru Outback LL Bean alloy wheel
Outback LL Bean 17" alloy is light gray colored
2007 Outback 2.5i has 17 alloy wheel with tire pressure monitoring
The 07 Outback 2.5i has 17" 7 spoke alloys wheel
Outback XT alloy
2007 Outback XT 17" alloy is silver colored

All 2007 Outbacks except the Basic model have Tire Pressure Monitoring  (TPMS)


Outback XT logo
2007 Outback XT logo on right rear
tire pressure monitor valve stem
TMPS has a metal valve stem

new radio for 07 is XM satellite ready and has an auxiliary plug in the center console (silver trim shown)
2007 stereo with satellite and auxiliary function
new for 2007 stereo has XM satellite & auxiliary plug (iPod) functions

The auxiliary plug is in the center console with the power socket

2006 console with Navigation
Navigation syatem is optional on Outback LL Bean and XT. 
(Legacy spec.B shown \with silver trim)
07 Outback Basic doesn't have rear power outlet
07 Outback Basic doesn't have rear power outlet like the other models. 
That's the door to the storage lying in front of it.
VDC off switch
switches by driver's left knee
top from left: dashboard light rheostat, mirror selector, (right is nothing)
bottom from left: heated front wiper de-icer, (center is nothing), VDC off switch (LL Bean and XT)
2007 Legacy GT spec.B SI Drive knob
2007 SI Drive knob on Outback XT, Legacy GT and spec.B
2007 Subaru interior wood trim
wood trim on 07 Limiteds is slightly darker and shinier for 2007

2006 Outback overhead airbag on-off warning light
passenger airbag on-off and seatbelt warning lights in overhead console on all models

2.5i model info center has clock ('set' buttons) and Trip Computer ('disp') with Instant and Average Fuel Economy, Outside Temperature and Elapsed Time

2007 Subaru Legacy GT instrument dashboard panel display
2007 Outback XT and Legacy GT instrument panel display has electro lumescent guages. Shown with transmission in 'manual mode' and in 1st gear indicated by the '1' in the center.
Subaru GT center info disply
new for 2007 XT and GT center display has clock only, the info display is moved to instrument panel

new on 2007 Outback XT, Legacy GT: info display is in the center of the tachometer (left instrument panel). Cycles through Instant and Average Fuel Economy, Outside Temperature and Elapsed Time. Also includes open door light. Shown with ET elapsed time, outside temp, and the [ I ] is SI 'Intellegent' mode.

2007 Legacy GT economy guage
2007 Legacy GT and Outback XT has a new for 07 economy guage in the speedometer

full set of cargo nets
full set of optional cargo nets: rear, seatback, and both sides
optional medal STi foot pedals
optional medal foot pedals
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Outback XT, gray leather interior
Outback XT and legacy GT sport buckets in gray perforated leather
Outback and Legacy Perforated leather
Outback XT and Legacy GT have perforated leather