2013 subaru sping love event

Stop by your local dealer to see the new 2014 Forester and pick up a free package of spring planting seeds- basil, tomato,
bell pepper,  cucumber and oregano, while supplies last

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seed packets during subaru spring loves sales event march 2013
dealer give-away, while supplies last- a packet of seeds just in time for spring

free packets of seeds from subaru during their march 2013 spring love sales event
the packet of seeds includes basil, tomato, oregano, cucumber and green pepper. While supplies last.

subaru advertising window clings for the 2013 subaru spring love event, march 2013
Subaru advertising window cling, Love Spring Event, March 2013
2013 subaru spring love event mirror hang-tags
Subaru Spring Love Event, rear view mirror advertising dangles

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