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jasmine green impreza with ivory interior
new color for 2014
Jasmine Green, with ivory interior


2.0i base and 2.0i Premium model turn signal stalk with headlight control. You can leave the lights on, they turn off when you remove the key from the ignition 
Limited and Sport turn signal stalk has  headlight 'auto' dusk to dawn setting. You can leave the lights on, they turn off when you remove the key from the ignition. Shown with fog lights in off position. Fog lights are optional on 2.0i Premium, standard on Limited and Sport. 

wipers, 4 variable speed settings. 5 door shown with rear wiper/washer.

all models have 2 front visors with mirrors. The mirrors are not lit

stereo and handsfree bluetooth controls,
sarting with 2013 models, its standard on all models

Premium steering wheel is vinyl with Bluetooth controls on the left, and cruise control on the right. The base 2.0i doesn't have cruise control
cruise control, on all except the base 2.0i model

steering wheel- Limited, gray leather wrapped, with audio, bluetooth, and cruise controls

all except base model have Paddle Shifters for up/down transmission control

tap the left (-) paddle shifter to go down one setting, tap the right (+) paddle to go up on setting
telescoping steering wheel, standard on all models. Shown 'in'

telescoping steering wheel extended out from the dash

base model has 'L-D' CVT control. L is basically like 2nd gear. The base models don't have Paddle Shifters and you can't select the specific gears like with Premium or Limited.
2012 subaru impreza intrument panel in L low gear
instrumenjt panel- notice the L at the top of the center info display. this car is in Low mode
Premium and Limited models have 'M-D' CVT controls for manual or automatic Drive controls. When in M mode, use the Paddle Shifters to for up/down transmission control. 

2.0i- the heater has 4 speed fans. 4 speaker stereo.

Premium- 4 speed fan as the base. Upgraded stereo with 6 speakers, handsfree cell phone bluetooth, wireless audio streaming, steering wheel audio controls, USB, aux plug.

Limited heater controls and stereo. The heater is a Climate Control with 7 speed plus auto fan. Limited stereo is a 4.3" LCD, HD radio (see HD button lower left)

all models have storage in the center console. Not quite big enough for a CD case. Limited shown with Climate Control and upgraded stereo

Navigation is optional on Premium and Limited. Limited shown with climate control 

Premium and Limited models have a USB and aux jack in the center console. Power outlet is standard on all models. Aux jack is optional on the base 2.0i.

 All models have an info display with outside temperature, clock, and a trip computer with distance to empty, average MPG, instant MPG, time elapsed since the car was turned on, average MPH. Its recessed and very easy to read.

map lights, moonroof controls, microphone

console, with navigation

manual transmission. All models have 2 center console cupholders
impreza 2012 standard CVT shift knob
the standard vinyl CVT shift knob

Leather wrapped CVT shift knob is standard on Limiteds, optional on all others

center console shown with cell phone in the holder
HVAC cabin air filtration system showing a dirty filter being removed from behind the glovebox
HVAC cabin air filtration system showing a dirty filter being removed from behind the glovebox. Replace the filter every year or so

drivers seat is height adjustable- seat shown in the lowest position. Look at the console and seatbelt latch

height adjustable from front seat shown in the highest positions. Look at the console and seatbelt latch

new- front seat headrest are now tiltable for improved comfort and safety

headrest tilted forward.

Sport models have 4 floor mats- the front are embossed

Sport logo in the front floor mat

console with sliding armrest is standard on all except base models (its an option). Shown  pushed forward. Sport Premium shown

console armrest in the back position.


gray cloth, Premium

gray interior

rear seat on Limited sedan with standard rear armrest/cupholder. Only Limited models have the armrest or rear cupholders

rear seat on Limited with the center armrest up


Premium,  manual transmission


base or Premium rear seat without armrest

gray leather, Limited with navigation


ivory leather, Limited

Limited with ivory leather,

ivory Limited

ivory Limited.

ivory Limited. Notice the overhang over the trip computer- it will really make it easier to read by reducing glare

front headrest tilted forward

new feature the 5 door cargo floor can be attached to the hooks so its level with the rear gate sill. Shown kin the lower position

new feature the 5 door cargo floor can be attached to the hooks so its level with the rear gate sill. Shown in the raised position so almost level with the rear sill

cargo floor in raised position, shown with optional cargo tray

new and improved the child seat LATCH tethers are now on the back of the rear seats on the 5 door for easier use

new longer armrest, storage with bottle holder

drivers door armrest power controls and mirror joystick

Sport Premium cloth