these are photos of the Exterior of the 2013 Subaru Impreza

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2012 Impreza 5 door -
          deep cherry pearl color
Impreza 5 door. deep cherry pearl color is very dark and in the sun the dark red glitters, but at night or when it rains, the color can appear almost black.

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new pzev emissions logo, seen late february 2012
PZEV logo
2013 satin white pearl subaru 5 door impreza with optional rear spoiler
2013 satin white pearl Subaru 5 door Impreza Sport with optional rear spoiler
rear view 2013 Impreza Sport 5 door wagon with optional rear spoiler
rear view of the 2013 Impreza Sport 5 door wagon with optional rear spoiler

satin white pearl 2013 subaru impreza 5 door sport with optional rear spoiler
satin white pearl Sport with optional rear spoiler
subaru 2013 impreza hatchback Sport model
white Sport with optional rear spoiler spoiler
2013 subaru impreza 5 door with optional rear spoiler
close-up of the 2013 Impreza 5 door optional rear spoiler
marine blue pearl impreza sport hatchback
Marine Blue Pearl Sport- The Sport models have the roof rails, gray alloys. This one has optional body side moldings
2012 Impreza deep cherry        pearl color
deep cherry pearl
satin white pearl subaru imprerza sport hatchback
satin white pearl Sport
2012 Impreza 5 door hatchback roof rack carrier base kit
2.0i 5 door with optional roof carrier base kit
impreza 4 door with optional mesh grill
2.0i 4 door with optional mesh grill
2012 Impreza station  wagon 5 door hatchback sport, ice silver
ice silver Sport with body side moldings, aero splash guards, strake kit
camellia red subaru impreza sport
camillia red Sport
white subaru imporeza sport 5 door with roof rails
Impreza 5 door Deep Cherry Pearl Impreza rear view
deep cherry pearl 5 door rear view

deep cherry pearl
New for
                  Subaru 2012- deep cherry pearl color
5 door, deep cherry pearl 

4 door Limited sedan. The Limited has chrome trunk trim, optional on other sedans. Ice silver shown.

2.0i base or Premium sedan with standard body colored trunk trim, ice silver shown 
                  Impreza 4 door sedan ice silver matallic
2.0i base sedan. 
4 door
                  sedan 2012 Impreza
sedan, 2.0i base with 16" wheels with plastic wheel covers
                  Impreza limited 4 door sedan cvt transmission
2.0i Limited sedan with 17" silver alloys

ice silver Limited sedan

Sport, ice silver
Sport, ice silver
2013 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium 5 door, ice silver
2013 Impreza Premium 5 door, ice silver. Its hard to see in this photo, but this car has the standard 16" alloy wheels, its doesn't have the optional 17" wheel upgrade
side view, 2013 subaru impreza 5 door hatchback, silver color
2013 Premium 5 door, ice silver shown

top- 2.0 models have chrome trim center grill bar
below- Sport models have brushed center grill bar

Sport, white shown
rear view,
                  satin white pearl subaru impreza
satin white pearl sport

satin white pearl

satin white pearl

Sport model front grill has a brushed silver center bar

base 2.0i sedan. Notice the wheel covers? 

Camillia red Sport

camillia red

Sport Premium

camillia red Sport

dark gray Sport

dark gray Sport

camillia red 2.0i Premium or Limited

dark gray Sport with optional rear spoiler

Sport with optional rear spoiler

Sport with optional rear spoiler

5 door with gate open

2.0i Limiteds have chrome door handle strips, Ice silver shown

Limited 2.0i models door handles have a chrome strip. Marine blue pearl

sky blue 2.0i Limited door handle

all models have body colored outside handles except 2.0i Limiteds with the chrome strip. Ice silver shown
                  Impreza with roof rack cargo carrier box
2012 Sport with aftermarket cargo box 



the 2.0L engine

notice the hood prop

headlights, fog lights, grill with chrome bright bar. 
(5 door Sport models have a brushed silver bar)
Only 2.0i Limited have fog lights with chrome trim. 

2.0i Limiteds is the only model with the chrome trim fog lights

2.0i and 2.0i Premium 4 and 5 door without optional fog lights
                Impreza fog light
Sport standard foglights, optional on 2.0i base and Premium sedan, don't have the chrome trim. Sport shown without front underspoiler

chrome trunk trim is optional on all sedans, standard on the Limited sedan

regular gas, 14.5 gallons
oversized mirrors are attached to the door.With the lower windshield there is space for a small window (that window used to be called a wing window or vent when they opened). 

body colored outside mirrors on all except base 2.0i which are black

putting the mirror on the door created space for another window.

4 door sedan trunk. The trunk supports are enclosed.
 more to come
2012 Impreza 5 door, ice

2012 subaru 2.0i Impreza
        5 door hatchback,
5 door, dark gray