Photos of the new 2006 Subaru Impreza

side view of the 2006 WRX wagon

2006 WRX STi specs
Impreza Outback, Outback SE, and 2.5i specs
Outback, Outback SE, 2.5i photos


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front of WRX

front of WRX


2006 WRX wagon
rear of Subaru WRX STi
rear of 2006 WRX STi

STi front corners have intake

WRX Limited sunroof is 25.5 x 13, inside opening
photo of wagon (view from rear)

front of the WRX Limited sunroof has a small pop-up air deflector

WRX Limited sunroof has a sliding interior sunshade
WRX Limited sunroof has a sliding interior sunshade
2006 STi roof vane spoiler
new on 06 STi: roof vane spoiler has body colored supports, 
the spoiler itself is black
rear vane spoiler, body colored supports, black spoiler
2006 WRX STi rear diffuser
2006 STi, new rear undercarriage diffuser
heated seat button on WRX Limited
heated seat buttons on WRX Limited: rocked forward is high, 
backwards is low (flat is off)
Subaru Impreza passenger on-off light
The front passenger Advanced Airbag Sustem senses occupant weight and seat position and will turn on or off accordingly (shown right after turning the car on). 
The light and clock are on the dashboard
2006 Sport bucket seats
new for 2006 WRX Sport buckets
(not on WRX TR or STi)
Graphite Gray shown

Impreza WRX TR seats
2006 gray leather interior
WRX Limited with gray or taupe leather
gray leather on WRX Limited
WRX Limited has gray or taupe leather

WRX: new for 2006 17" Alloys with red painted calipers
with Subaru in white letters (front wheels)

painted calipers on 06 WRX


2006 WRX engine bay and front end
2006 WRX engine bay and front end
side gound effects on 2006 Subaru Impreza
WRX side ground effects

WRX Momo steering wheel
Sti 2005 Momo design steering wheel
STi Momo steering wheel

WRX center console with cupholders, 
climate control, CD changer (2005 shown)
05 WRX center console
WRX and STi standard climate control, CD changer
2005 STi center console
Sti console, note the DCCD by the front cupholder,
(optional STi titanium shift knob)
2006 STi headlight aiming wheel
2006 STi headlight aiming wheel replaces rotary knob used on 2004/05 models

new STi  DCCD buttons
STi DCCD buttons and shift pattern on center console

2005 Subaru WRX STi door panel
new for 2005 STi panel cloth armrest
2005 STi Immobilizer keys
Immobilizer keys for WRX and Sti
The car won't start without a properly coded one
new 05 Subaru WRX tailpipe tip

the rear spoiler is well attached (older model shown)
new auto dimming mirror with compass and Homelink
optional auto dimming mirror with compass and Homelink