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Research and learn about the 2013 Subaru Forester - this page has many pictures and images of the outside of the 2013 Forester

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some of the photos on this page are 2012 models, the same as 2013
more to come- check back often

front wiper deicer, part of the subaru all weather package
The All Weather Pkg includes a heated lower windshield that deices the wipers. Standard on Limited, Touring, optional on Premium models. It also includes heated front seats and outside mirrors

2013 subaru forester, deep cherry pearl color
2013 Subaru Forester, new color for 2013 deep cherry pearl
2013 deep cherry peaqrl subaru forester side view
new color for 2013- deep cherry pearl, shown with optional body side moldings
2013 subaru forester touring, deep cherry
top of the line 2013 Touring model has silver roof rails and other upgrades. Deep cherry color shown
2013 forester xt turbo, ice silver. with the XT rear spoiler
2013 Forester XT turbo, ice silver. with the XT rear spoiler that is standard and only available on the XT.  With optional rear bumper cover


2012 forester touring with sport mesh grill, wheel arch moldings
2012 Forester Touring with optional sport mesh grill, wheel arch moldings

2012 XT Touring- notice XT type rear spoiler, and the silver roof rails, only on Touring models

X and XT Touring models have silver roof rails and turn signals in the outside mirrors. XT turbo shown- note the hood scoop

PZEV (partial zero emission vehicle) is required in CA, CT, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NM, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA

2012 Subaru Forester front grill
2012 Subaru front grill, same as the 2011. Marine Blue shown, with fog lights

2012 Forester Premium, dark gray metallic


graphite gray Limited
2011 Forester with fixed antenna. See how a cargo box fits on the roof
Forester Premium, Limited and Touring models have a fixed antenna that bends just enough so a roof top cargo box fits

2011 Subaru Forester Premium, Limited, Touring fixed position roof antenna
Forester Premium, Limited, Touring model fixed position antenna is wired for satellite radio. It does work with a rooftop cargo carrier.-
2013 forester xt touring model side view
2013 Forester XT Touring model side view
XT turbo subaru forester touring
2013 Subaru Forester XT Touring. ice silver

new for 2012- ice silver metallic

ice silver metallic, Premium shown

2011 XT Touring, Marine Blue Pearl, new front grill

XT Touring with redesigned for 2011 rear spoiler on XTs only and not the same spoiler optional on X models,  and silver roof rails. Marine blue pearl.

2012,  2011 XT Touring, Marine Blue Pearl

back up camera... standard on Touring, optional on all Limiteds, and on the 2013 Premium with the stereo upgrade or TomTom navigation
camellia red


close-up of the new silver roof rails, on Touring models only. Marine Blue shown
2011 Subaru Forester XT Touring  turbocharged model-  new Marine Blue color shown
top of the line Touring models have silver roof rails. XT Touring has a rear spoiler only on the XT.

XT Touring shown with the rear spoiler on XTs only and not the same spoiler optional on X models, silver roof rails, with optional back-up sensors visible on the rear bumper
great visibility out of the back of a 2011 Forester
There's great visibility out of the back of all Foresters. If you properly 
adjust the large outside mirrors there are no blind spots at all

the outside mirrors are large.
They're hinged, and defrost with the All Weather Pkg

black unpainted mirror on base X. All other models are body colored
only the forester touring model has turn signals in the outside mirrors 
Touring model with have turn signals in the outside mirrors. Dark Gray shown
black unpainted door handle on subaru forester
black unpainted door handle, on X model. All others are chrome. Marine blue shown

chrome door handle, on all except X model

only the Touring model has the new silver roof rack rails. Yes it was raining. Cross bars are optional on all models- either areo (150lb capacity) or HD round
black roof rack rails on the subaru forester
black roof rack rails on X alloy wheel value package, Premium, and Limited
Cross bars are optional on all models- either areo (150lb capacity) or HD round
standard exhaust tips on 2011 Subaru Forester X, Premium
All models have dual exhaust. Standard exhaust tip on X, Premium
Limited and Touring models with dual tailpipe tips
Limited, Touring models have exhaust tips (1 shown) that look a lot better than the plain standard one. The exhaust tips are optional on other models

redesigned 2011 Forester front grill
front grill
Forester X windshield
Windshield- X model with no dark tinted upper band, or wiper deicers
Forester windshield with dark tinted upper band and front wiper defroster
Windshield- Premium, Limited and Touring have a dark tinted upper band. Shown with All Weather Pkg heated wiper deicer on Limited, Touring, optional on Premium

Subaru Forester, without fog light
without optional fog/night driving light- base and Premium models
2012 forester close-up of the fog light
fog/night driving light, standard on Limited and Touring, optional on base, Premium


 2.5L engine, redesigned for the 2011

2.5L engine was redesigned for 2011 model

2.5L engine oil filter is on top of the engine

2.5L oil filter 

XT model engine cover

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