a day in the life of Skunk ...

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Skunk t-shirts? pictures here

it starts early one morning

Shhshhh .. skunk sleeps dreaming skunky dreams

(note: no skunk was harmed or went hungry in the making of this story.  no living entities or companies were consulted or are involved or responsible for this.  we like skunks and support their right to live in full harmony with non-skunk creatures.  You are here:  http://www.cars101.com/skunk/skunk.html  v 11.22.09


morning. skunk has coffee, reads the news and checks online too.

skunk heads out for the day dragging his bag. his family waves bye-bye

skunk drives to meet his troops. traffic is bad. (yes skunk has a valid license)

skunk doesn't like stop and go traffic

skunk decides to play,  while the car is safely stopped of course

back seat skunk-aroboics

skunk car surfs, dances, struts his stuff

skunk busts a move. traffic is still stopped

skunk briefly thimnks if traffic doesn't improve he's not sure what he'll do..

sigh... skunk drives on. he's almost there

skunk gathers the troops. here he is on patrol with detergent troops

hunting, hunting everywhere scouring for dirt

no fern left unchecked.  hot work for skunk

tired, skunk and troops take 5

his family visits, they all pose for a photo

Oh no it's lunch time and skunk forgot to bring anything.
skunk goes arboreal searching for food.

ah-ha- skunk makes a find. Alas its empty

skunk goes even higher this time

skunk searches for another lunch . it too is empty.

resourceful hungry skunk goes healthy at the market

skunk runs into an old friend by the bannanas 

good thing skunk brought money

skunk needs a phone

there are many phones to choose from

skunk tries one

skunk visits another store but the lines are too long

skunk back at home after a long day, checks out the latest cars online

skunk browses around

a cool beer Ahhhh. it's almost dinner

ahh--- nothing like a chaser

skunk likes corned beef

tired skunk and friend snooze after dinner

sleepy time again

the end