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Note: Discontinued model. 
1999 is the last year for the Subaru right hand drive postal vehicle. 

There are no new ones left for sale.
The only way to get one is used. 

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I do NOT have any new ones for sale, any used will be on the classifieds page linked above.
Also look in your local papers, contact local rural mail post offices.

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Note: 1999 will be the last year. There are NO new ones for sale.
Check out my classifieds page where you can read or post an ad for one.

The Subaru Legacy right hand drive, postal all-wheel-drive wagon. Built in Lafeyette, Indiana.

Call 1-800-SUBARU-3 if you want to tell Subaru to make it again.

The steering wheel and all controls are on the right so the carrier sits on the same side of the car as the mailboxes.

The rear seats fold FLAT so the cargo is convenient and easy to reach! And there is a barrier when they are flat so in emergencies everything shouldn't slide into the front!

All-wheel-drive is the smart safe way to go. On slick rain wet roads or on snow,  the Subaru has great traction and it doesn't drive like truck!

1997, 1998, 1999 Specifcations
note: I don't have any for sale. This is an archives page

PRICE: $17,690 (MSRP including destination).

Yes, this is the total price, of course plus your local taxes & lic. fees and any optional equipment you want.  The price has not been raised since 1997!

1997: 2.2 Liter 4-cyl. engine, 135 Horsepower, with electronic ignition, multi-port fuel injection
1998: 2.2 Liter 4-cyl. engine, 137 Horsepower, with electronic ignition, multi-port fuel injection
1999: 2.2 Liter 4-cyl. engine, 142 Horsepower, with electronic ignition, multi-port fuel injection

Fuel economy:
1997-1998: 23 city, 30 highway, 15.9 Gal fuel tank,
1999: 22 city 29 highway, 15.9 gal. fuel tank

Overall length: 184.4"
Overall width: 67.5"
Overall height: 57.1" without roof rack
Cargo area height: 33.9"
Weight: 3025 pounds (plus optional equipment, cargo, people etc)
Towing capacity: 1500 pounds

3 years/36,000 miles bumper-to-bumper. On the Postal vehicle there is no powertrain warranty.

Maintenance: 3,750 mile oil change interval,  7,500 mile tire rotation, 15,000mile/yearly air filter replacement, 30,000 mile tune-up and fluid replacement interval, 60,000 timing belt replacement

front and rear crumple zones,
reinforced doors and b-pillar,
drop down engine motor-mounts,
A-pillar side-to-side bar (steering wheel attachment) for protection from side impacts in the front
Dual airbags

Standard equipment: 1997-1999

It is available in 3 colors
1997: White, Spruce Pearl (a medium green), Mica Ruby Pearl (a medium red). Medium light grey cloth interior.
1998: White, Spruce Pearl (a medium green), Mica Ruby Pearl (a medium red). Medium dark grey cloth interior
1999: White, Spruce Pearl (a medium green),  Deep Sapphire Pearl (a dark blue). Medium dark grey cloth interior

There aren't a lot of extra options since it comes so well equipped, but you might consider....

The above option prices are for factory installed options. Dealer installed prices may be higher due to parts and labor costs. For more prices, go to my Legacy page now and look under options for the L model.

Georgia Rural Letter Carrier Purchases 5,000th Right-Hand Drive Subaru Legacy Wagon
February 28, 1996 - CHERRY HILL, NJ - Rural letter carrier Carolyn Reid, from Eastman, Ga., now delivers mail in her new 1996 Mica Ruby Right-Hand Drive Subaru Legacy Wagon. Her recent purchase marks the 5,000th right-hand drive Subaru Legacy Wagon sold to rural letter carriers throughout the United States.
Reid, who has been a rural letter carrier for fourteen years, is no stranger to Subaru vehicles. She previously drove a 1993 Subaru Legacy. When asked what she thinks about her new Legacy Wagon, she responded, "I love it! I wouldn't have it any other way!"
(this item from press release)
The Subaru Right-Hand Drive Legacy Wagon is produced in the U.S. at the Subaru-Isuzu Automotive plant near Lafayette, Ind.

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