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Feeler for '96 SVX with 15K (still smells new!)
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Author:  wizard2277 [ Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Feeler for '96 SVX with 15K (still smells new!)

I have 2 mint SVX's: one a '97 Polo Green with
12K miles and a '96 Red with 15K miles. The
green one is my "baby", but I'm considering
selling the '96 that has 15,500 original miles.
It's in perfect shape (except for a droopy
passenger sun visor) and the interior still
smells new.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I
should be asking if I were to list it on a
site such as Ebay?

If you have any ideas, suggestions, offers,
etc., email me at:
Further details and pictures can be
found in the "For Sale" forum at the SVX
World Network (

I am doing the following listing from memory
as I am at work and the car is at my house.
I can provide any missing details if there is
some interest.

State SVX is in: Southern California
Year: 1996
Model: SVX Lsi
Paint Color: Red
Interior Color: Tan
Miles: 15,147
Location: San Diego, CA
Options: Stock
Modifications: None
Major service: Not needed
Engine Condition: Excellent (using synthetic oil)
Maintenance Records: Available
Transmission condition: Excellent
Glass condition: Excellent
Type of tire and remaining tread: Original tires with great amount of tread left
Type of wheels: Stock alloy
Interior condition: Excellent (has droopy passenger sun visor)
Body condition: Excellent
Known defects or problems: None
Comments about the car: This is very close to being a new SVX. I bought it several years ago with 9800 miles and have driven it approximately
100 miles per month since.
Asking price: This is what I'm wondering about. Are SVX's approaching collector/antique status?
Pictures: (External links are OK): Can be provided

Thanks for your help,

C. Coulter

Author:  wizard2277 [ Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Feeler for '96 SVX with 15K (still smells new!)

If you have any interest in this low-mileage SVX, it's currently
listed on eBay at: ... 0265463986

This auction ends Tuesday afternoon.

If you would prefer, you can contact me directly at:

Thank you,

C. Coulter :)

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