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Toyota buys more of Subaru; new sports car...
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Author:  Admin [ Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:07 am ]
Post subject:  Toyota buys more of Subaru; new sports car...

If anyone has to buy Subaru, Toyota would be the best choice!
Here are the news releases.
from SoA Subaru of America

Dear Colleagues:
This morning at 7 am, FHI held a joint press conference with Toyota Motor Corporation
(TMC) and Diahatsu Motor Co. Ltd to announce a further strengthening of the ties
between the three companies.
Specifically, TMS and FHI have reached an agreement to the transfer to TMC of 61
million FHI shares owned by FHI. This announcement is the latest development in a
relationship that began in 2005 and following this transfer, TMC would own 16.5% of
FHI issued shares.
The strengthening of this relationship forms part of FHI’s mid-term business plan and
provides a number of benefits to FHI and the Subaru brand.
 Investment in a new manufacturing facility at FHI’s Gunma plant
 The development of a new compact sports car to be marketed by Toyota and
 Providing FHI with the resources to focus its R&D efforts on core Subaru
At this morning’s press conference, TMC expressed its respect for the autonomy and
corporate identity of FHI and its core technologies.
We at SOA welcome this positive declaration of TMC’s belief in the Subaru brand and
are excited about the prospect of an all-new Subaru compact sports car powered by a
horizontally-opposed Boxer engine coming to the US in late 2011.
As with the previous 8.7% shareholding by TMC, we do not expect this announcement to
affect the day to day operations of SOA and its dealers.
Tomohiko Ikeda, Thomas J. Doll
Chairman, President and CEO, Executive Vice President & CFO
Subaru of America, Inc

The press release:

Tokyo, Japan, Apr 10, 2008 - (JCN Newswire) - Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) and Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) announced today that they have agreed to expand their cooperative ties with new arrangements related to research and development and product supply.

Specifically, the three companies - aiming to strengthen their competitiveness by achieving mutual synergies through the apt application of each company's technological know-how - decided that:

1) TMC and FHI are to jointly develop a compact rear-wheel-drive sports car that will be marketed by both TMC and FHI.
2) TMC is to provide FHI with a compact car on an original-equipment-manufacturing (OEM) basis.
3) Daihatsu is to supply FHI with minivehicles and an FHI version of the Daihatsu "Coo" compact car on an OEM basis.

The compact rear-wheel sports car to be jointly developed by TMC and FHI is envisioned to offer a new "fun to drive" experience based on an all-new vehicle platform powered by an FHI core-technology horizontally-opposed engine. Market introduction is targeted for the end of 2011. Production is to take place at a new plant to be built at FHI's Gunma Manufacturing Division in Japan's Gunma Prefecture. TMC will consign production to FHI.

The compact car that TMC is to provide FHI on an OEM basis is aimed at letting FHI supplement its product lineup, with supply expected to start around the end of 2010.

The OEM supply of minivehicles for the Japanese market to FHI by Daihatsu is expected to allow FHI to focus its R&D and production resources on its main products. Such supply is planned to start in the second half of 2009. This arrangement is also expected to enable Daihatsu to improve its business efficiency, such as through increasing its cost competitiveness due to increased production volume.

Also, so that FHI can further enhance its product lineup, from this October, Daihatsu is to supply FHI on an OEM basis 6,000 units annually of its "Coo" compact vehicle produced at Daihatsu's Head (Ikeda) Plant in Osaka Prefecture.

Today's announcement is the latest development in a business relationship that was established in October 2005 and in which TMC and FHI have applied their mutual management resources in R&D and production. This relationship has also already resulted in, among others, consigned production at Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. - FHI's North American production base in the United States - and OEM production by Daihatsu of an FHI compact car for the European market.

To further promote smooth business relations, TMC and FHI - while maintaining the management style and corporate identity of FHI - have reached a basic agreement on the transfer to TMC of 61 million FHI shares owned by FHI, pending approval by Japan's Fair Trade Commission. Following this transfer, TMC would own 16.5% of FHI issued shares.

TMC, Daihatsu and FHI intend to continue conducting wide-ranging discussions toward strengthening one another's long-term competitiveness and carrying out comprehensive cooperation for their growth worldwide.

Outline of transfer of FHI shares to TMC

Author:  Admin [ Sat Jan 03, 2009 8:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Toyota buys more of Subaru; new sports car...

12/28/2008 Subaru 2 door delayed - Reports are Subaru and Toyota have delayed the production of their jointly developed sports coupe announced earlier this year. The 2+2 coupe has been pushed back at least 18 months, to 2012.

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