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2010 Subaru Family- random musings from a car guy
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Author:  Admin [ Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  2010 Subaru Family- random musings from a car guy

The 2010 Subaru Family grows up, random musings from a car guy..

The new Outback and Legacy turn 20, they come of age in 2010. Born in 1990, they move from town to town until they sprout at 20, reborn with dramatic newness.

They almost got it all - the blessed unattainable Subaru Grail of SUBEEQ- Safety, Utility, Beauty, Engineering, Economy, Quirkiness

The Outback 2.5i- the hill country beauty with full lipstick red lips and muddy mountain boots. The belle of the backwood ball with nicely turned ankles and strong shoulders, the center of the foot stomping hoedown in fresh laundered and stitched white sundress, with 29mpg, comfort, neat new engineering and upgrades, and just enough of the old Outback family heritage of bad teeth to stay in the genetic fold. She almost got it all except for a few minor flaws, things she can work on like tiny
1980s cupholders, cookie-cutter rear styling, and missing memory seat. The future will be kind to her, she will age with grace.

Outback 3.6R is your best friends sister, the tall willowy it gal with a thick New Jersey accent and clumsy in sexy high heels, Cher in Moonlighting.

The Legacy 2.5i is now finally a full grown sedan in a grass-munching herd of sedans. Filled out and all growed up from its youthful scrawny frame, it remembers the past
and knows things it can't express and keeps secret the things you tell it. The 2.5i hangs out with downcast eyes at the edge of the dance while sister Outback swirls
around giddy and un-self concious. The 3.6R triplets are strong and confident, a bit boastful like cocky 20 year olds can sometimes be. They're fraternity friends who are a bit
needy and don't like to be alone. The go fast Legacy GT siblings went wide and missed it, burly broad shouldered question marks with weak knees stumbling in skinny
Keds. They don't go to the dance, the two GTs have their own party and no one shows up except their three uninvited 3.6R cousins who squabble because there's really
only enough spiked punch for one or maybe two at most, and besides only the Limiteds showered and dressed up. Invites to the Legacy party will be at the printer soon?

The 10 STI waits in angry adolescent silence. Where once it was the grinning Big Daddy in warpaint yelling at it's own birthday party and thundering heavy bass Led Zepellin
at full throttle volume now it's unsure, tentative. Time in the gym may boost its ego (adding gold pinky rings won't) and it waits, hopeful and deserving of parental love.

The Tribeca, born with a since cured weak heart to needful parents 5 years ago and mis-named a 7 passenger (should have been 5+2), can't figure it out, is depressed about its rough childhood and jealous of the new Outback, and just doesn't want to come out anymore.

The Forester thinks it can do it all and quietly hide behind its meek manner and thick black plastic Buddy Hollys. Shhh. I'm dozing. By a stream. Far away. But whisper
the magic words and I can be there prancing like Trigger the Wonder Horse...

The Impreza Doublemint twins - Premium and Outback Sport - born in the mid 90s, always popular, never needing much attention from teachers - were good students,
capable, never a disruption, counted on to help set up the party tent and take it down after. Now late teens concerned about losing their place as the smallest in the family
in the next few years to another baby, they were last seen snogging behind Uncle Clem's barn, thinking about doing it but maybe not.

The WRX likes to dance and strut late into the night.

Author:  Mylläri [ Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2010 Subaru Family- random musings from a car guy

Where do you come up with this stuff? :lol:

Author:  Admin [ Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2010 Subaru Family- random musings from a car guy

Not sure, I blame bad TV nothing to watch couldn't sleep ... doesn't everyone count Imprezas late at night?

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