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State cars
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Author:  Admin [ Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  State cars

State car of __ is __ . A road trip game..

How about...
The state car of DC (a black Town Car), Michigan (any domestic SUV), Texas (F350 dually 4x2), Wyoming (F350 dually 4x4), Utah (a minivan), Florida (Miata or is it Buick), LA a world unto its own (Prius or anything more than $125k), Nevada (anything without payments since the slots get it all), NYC (yellow cab), Ohio (anything with rust), Arizona (anything from the NE, oh but is that Florida) .. but the real question is is where does Subaru fit, who gets the Subarus?

In the NE area New Hampshire could claim the Forester but wait.. so can SF.
The WRX is a hot car in S Ca but they already got the Prius and anything really extravagent so how about Atlanta gets the WRX?
According to car writer Jeffrey Zurschmeide, Oregon gets the Outback. Now hold on a minute here Mr. Zurschmeide, there's many who think Washington State should get it, after all you can't locate your Outback at a Seattle mall without checking bumper stickers and for heaven sakes there are 14 Subaru dealers in the greater Puget Sound area alone - that's got to count for something.
But Oh Wait, what about Vermont, home of the snow and brave and Howard Dean? Shouldn't they get rights to the Outback? I mean, Howard Dean, Vermont, Subaru- like maple syrup and pancakes?
So, not so fast on claiming the Outback for Oregon, it may be a split decision though in a pinch you can have the Outback Sport.


But here's what Jeffrey Zurschmeide thoughtfully wrote, and he does have good things to say and is worth reading ' This month, auto examiners across America will be choosing 50 cars that best represent the 50 United States of America... It took about 2 nanoseconds to come up with the quintessential car for Oregon. Of course, no one could take the diversity of our great state and come up with just one car that perfectly expresses every Oregonian and the State itself – but in the end, the choice was easy: The quintessential Oregon car is a Subaru Outback....'

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